Refraining the Haram vs Performing Good Deeds

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of compliance and how it is harder for individuals to refrain from following strict rules of worship. They emphasize the importance of elevating one's spiritual meter and controlling actions of worship through one's spiritual meter. The speaker also addresses the idea that most individuals are within their capacity and that they can control worship decisions.
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refraining from the prohibitions takes precedence over

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good actions over performance of good deeds. So refraining from bad deeds are evil deeds takes precedence over performance of good deeds.

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And you will find a lot of support to this, you will find a lot to support this. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said as bowrider reports from him it is

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it harima by the canal by the nurse that in my hand him Allah, that canal button unless fear from the transgressing the bounds of a law that says the violating the sanctity of Allah subhanaw taala Mahatma lies that which he prohibited, those are the bounds of Allah, Allah inadequate American hammer, but economic diplomacy, and I came upon him Harriman, most Verily, for everything, there is a sanctuary, that a law sanctuary is what he prohibited his prohibitions so that he had him alive that can help them stay away from Herim Allah from that which Allah prohibited, you become the best of worshippers techwin but unless you become the best of worshipers.

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This was confirmed by statements from the Sahaba era and many of the Sahaba corroborated this meaning. Amartya

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Sen and Danny Kahneman haraam, Tyrone Lehman and others aka b abbiati, alphabet and Danny Kahneman harangue for me to return one you know, that is currency is the type of currency one dannic earned from Haram, that is haram once after return it

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is better than to donate to give the charity $100,000

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is better than forgiven charity 100,000. Then why? Because people often times often times they do good deeds for basically spiritual innovation, for their own spiritual well being, they feel that it is good to do good deeds, but it is not out of observance of Allah subhana wa tada and out of the pursuit of his pleasure subhana wa Tada. That is why good deeds are common property, you know, between those, you know, sincere to Allah, those that are not sincere to Allah, if you do good deeds, that is why some of the righteous predecessors used to say

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a bit rule can be a little birdie, what further what I can lay up in Manhattan in less of the so acts of goodness, are done by the good doers and the wicked ones. Acts of goodness are done by anyone, whether the artisans here or not, whether they are observing alone, sometimes they may not even believe in Allah. But they do those acts of goodness, out of moral innovation, out of self respect out of various reasons. And it is also easy to do good deeds, it's easier to do good deeds than it is to refrain from the prohibitions, prohibitions,

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the you know, greed for money, the lust and so on. to refrain from those prohibitions is more difficult event to look at the so the good deeds are common property. Everybody loves good deeds, but to stay away from the hand of Allah. Not no one does this with excellence except for us to say, like, behind him, a lot of us have the no one does this with excellence staying away from harem of Abbas Parata except a sub D.

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So it is not about you know, making an omelet every other year, and fasting Mondays and Thursdays. In fact, please see that was the statement political photography messages mentioned about returning one data from

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being better than 100,000 in charity, so he's set laser to tackle because he was cmo at Vayner vernick when I came to fabuland memorability marijuana but integer How can America

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so I'm around as he said that way is not about you know, much fasting and much barriers and mixing between the two but you know, it is about meeting every command from Allah wisdom.

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Twice a meeting every prohibition with abstention and meeting every prohibition with abstention. So that is taco taco as the observer mine everything that you do, it is not about selecting what you like to do because some people said like you're selective, so they completely have a blind eye to so many commands and prohibitions that is not submission. submission is to do as he likes not as you like. Not because you like to fast Mondays and Thursdays I feel it's healthy and videos.

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You know, makes you lose weight or something, not because you feel good about going to hombre and coming back, trip and

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change places and environment and you go there and you come back and feel a little bit good but you didn't change any. You know the same wrong things that you used to do before you went to hombre used to do the same bad deeds that he used to do before you went to heart in the back change Edie? It is not about your choosing. It's not about your preference, not about your taste. It is about a lot of choosing for you. So compliance is to comply with everything. Once you've become selective. Then you're worshiping to your own vanity and desire and your own, you know, liking and choosing you're not worshiping the Lord. Because once you commit in totality in entirety, that's why San Diego

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Latina Amano, Hulu facin Mika Foyle believe, enter into Islam,

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with your entirety. And in its entirety, whether you're a fire at your heart, your mind your body, completely conformed to Islam, with your entirety. And it could be sin in its entirety in Islam and its entirety. The entirety of Islam, not your preference of, of Islam. You know the teachings of Islam, whatever a lot demanded it take it all.

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So now,

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the profit stress to the refraining from the prohibitions, because it is harder on people to refrain from prohibitions, because it's harder on people to refrain from prohibitions. But some scholars said quite the opposite.

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He said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, stay away from from ambitions.

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Because that requires inaction.

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And whenever I command you to do something, do it as much as he could.

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Because that requires action.

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And for inaction, you don't need any prerequisites. You don't need any ability power, energy. Do you need energy for inaction? No, you need energy for action.

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And you don't so you don't need power energy tools means capacity to stay away from the prohibitions of Allah.

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But you do need all of the above for actions. That is why according to the Minister

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that's why you know how this 414 is the means. That's why solemn is for the capable.

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That is why Salah, prophesied, he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him Sunday parliament, apparently that they will found a john price standard and if you can't pray cific and if he can pray laying down on his side. So action requires that energy. So that's why the profits of the law Yes,

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sir, do have those actions as much as you can.

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There is no conflict between the two meanings. Action requires energy, it is physical power, it is financial means but to stay away from them, heroin requires so much willpower or other willpower,

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submission to sleep that is the stay away from them.

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It does not require much physical or monetary capacity

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to stay away from the heart. Right.

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So the actions that require physical and monetary capacity the profits are someone told you to do as much as you can, but you have no excuse. When you have weak willpower. There's no excuse.

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It is more weakness. It is a weakness that you need to elevate that you need to work on. It is more of a spiritual weakness that you need to elevate. If you find yourself unable

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are incapable of refraining from the prohibitions. Know that this is not about capacity here. capacity is when you say, Well, you know, I come home late. And I, you know, once I have dinner and so on and sleep, after I show for Uber, I sleep and I can pray the main prayers, and I work hard during the day can fast Mondays and Thursdays. And, you know, I don't have much savings. I can't give charity only give my account

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all of this Yes, that's fine, that's fine, that's fine. But you can say, Well, I just can't stop watching pornography.

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You may think it is the heart. It could be hard to stop watching pornography event to, you know, pray to workers in the middle of the night, or the fast Mondays are people fast Mondays and Thursdays on watch porn.

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It is harder, they're not because it requires much energy capacity, physical or monetary because you have weak devotion, weak dedication, weak commitments, weak religious commitment, you're not committed.

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That's why your spiritual meter is low, you can't resist those acts, you know, the prohibited acts.

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one may say, but which one of the two groups is more beloved to Allah greater in the sight of a love abandoning the prohibitions or performance of absolute

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performance of actions? Yes, because love is that action is there anything greater than that?

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Prayer is an action,

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you know, fast things. And so that group, that group is our beloved to a lot and abandoning the prohibitions, that group is meant for itself. You know, you pray because that is a direct means to get you closer to Allah.

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You don't drink, because that will cause you harm that will cause you know, societal problems and issues. And that will keep you from the payer.

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sokar How

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are you believe do not come close to the prayer while you're intoxicated. And then you can comprehend what you say. So, pharma is prohibited because it keeps you from the prayer then which one is greater the performance of prayer or the selling of the performance of pray is greater. So that group is greater than the other group, yet the profits of our sub folders stay away from the prohibitions, all of it, because inaction does not require physical or monetary capacity. So everybody could do it. Once you have the religious commitment, the willpower, you will be able to do it. Don't be you know,

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don't be weak. Don't be too soft with yourself when it comes to the stain from the prohibitions, but when it comes to actions, then there is room for concessions and dispensations Rufus Rufus whenever we can, when we can.

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But does this apply? Does this applies to infer or it applies to the actions that are similar

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primarily applies to certain primarily, but keep in mind that it also had to do it if you can see if you can. But in general, the fara is the loss of panoramico obligatory on us human beings are within the capacity of the vast majority of us, the vast majority of us. So do it, do it as much as you can primarily applies to that certain primarily applies to the CERN because most of the fluoride are within the capacity of most of us, or most of us.

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So man, I hate to come and fetch tenable, why am I allowed to come be fair to men Hamas dotato.

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From does not mean that you're

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the negligence of the fella in the for the acts of worship that will draw you closer to a master battle within your capacity. Do you know how much is within your capacity, a lot is within your capacity. That a lot is within your capacity. Look at the people around you. Look at how they wake up in the morning at five o'clock to five o'clock.

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walk the dog before they go to work. And we sometimes find it hard to wake up too fast you know. So, it is within the capacity of human beings to get themselves out of bed to walk the dog before they go to work.

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Right. So, so there is a lot that is within our capacity if we just tap into the resources that we have, as human beings, that is the one power and strength that we have psychological strength that we have as human beings.