Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 8

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 8 – Al A’raf and Al Anfal

June 13, 2016

Juz 9
Al A’raaf – The Heights

A Barrier between Paradise & the Hellfire on which those people whose good deeds and bad deeds are equal will sit. Allah’s mercy overtakes them and they enter into paradise. SubhanAllah.

In the previous Surah Allah’s mentions that whenever they insisted on turning away from guidance, we opened for them every door of good for them but it didn’t fulfil them or they were taken by death, left in complete despair.

If only the people had believed good and blessings would have come to them.

V101 – The stories of the people of disbelief come to you so you are informed of their destruction or their bad ends due to denying the truth despite the truth coming to them constantly. Their hearts are sealed.

The story of Musa and the magicians who eventually believe in Allah. The magicians throw their staffs first appearing to be snakes. When Musa (as) throws his staff it becomes a snake and eats all their snakes, they accept Islam thereafter. Allah gives aid to Islam often using those who want to destroy Islam.

The threats of the Pharoah towards the believers among his people are mentioned, always along the lines of persecution. Abu Jahl was the Pharoah of our time – the makkans would persecuted the new muslims.

A’raaf – Anfaal
Persecution of Pharoah did not work and the persecution of the Makkans will not work because they will be successful. “Spoils of War”

This Juz deals with the Battle of Badr.

Those who establish the prayer and give charity are the true believers and have a high position with their lord.

V7 – Victory is granted to the believers. Those establish truth and abolish falsehood no matter what!
Tastagheefuna rabbakum – Call upon your Lord. Muhammad (saw) spent the night praying to Allah for victory at Badr.

Why did Allah send Angels? Why so many angels (3000)? Why did they have to come for victory. Allah sent it as a glad tiding to the believers – to ease their heart. The believers saw the affect of the angels…. Reaffirm their faith and to ensure them that victory comes from Allah alone. In Badr – The victory came to those who believed. Never lose trust in Allah.

“Oh you who believe respond to Allah and respond to the Messenger when they call you to that which gives you life.”

This message – The Quran, the guidance- gives life to the heart! Stick with Allah and nothing will phase you!