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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 8 – Al A’raf and Al Anfal

June 13, 2016

Juz 9
Al A’raaf – The Heights

A Barrier between Paradise & the Hellfire on which those people whose good deeds and bad deeds are equal will sit. Allah’s mercy overtakes them and they enter into paradise. SubhanAllah.

In the previous Surah Allah’s mentions that whenever they insisted on turning away from guidance, we opened for them every door of good for them but it didn’t fulfil them or they were taken by death, left in complete despair.

If only the people had believed good and blessings would have come to them.

V101 – The stories of the people of disbelief come to you so you are informed of their destruction or their bad ends due to denying the truth despite the truth coming to them constantly. Their hearts are sealed.

The story of Musa and the magicians who eventually believe in Allah. The magicians throw their staffs first appearing to be snakes. When Musa (as) throws his staff it becomes a snake and eats all their snakes, they accept Islam thereafter. Allah gives aid to Islam often using those who want to destroy Islam.

The threats of the Pharoah towards the believers among his people are mentioned, always along the lines of persecution. Abu Jahl was the Pharoah of our time – the makkans would persecuted the new muslims.

A’raaf – Anfaal
Persecution of Pharoah did not work and the persecution of the Makkans will not work because they will be successful. “Spoils of War”

This Juz deals with the Battle of Badr.

Those who establish the prayer and give charity are the true believers and have a high position with their lord.

V7 – Victory is granted to the believers. Those establish truth and abolish falsehood no matter what!
Tastagheefuna rabbakum – Call upon your Lord. Muhammad (saw) spent the night praying to Allah for victory at Badr.

Why did Allah send Angels? Why so many angels (3000)? Why did they have to come for victory. Allah sent it as a glad tiding to the believers – to ease their heart. The believers saw the affect of the angels…. Reaffirm their faith and to ensure them that victory comes from Allah alone. In Badr – The victory came to those who believed. Never lose trust in Allah.

“Oh you who believe respond to Allah and respond to the Messenger when they call you to that which gives you life.”

This message – The Quran, the guidance- gives life to the heart! Stick with Allah and nothing will phase you!

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Alright, so I can go so we're gonna go ahead and start inshallah tada with the, with the next just give you guys a minute

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to get logged on and shalva.

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So while you guys are getting logged on,

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I'll give you guys just a little cool tidbit about sorted out off. Edgar Allan Poe, the the the great American poet, his longest poem was actually called an ad off. So he actually wrote a poem in the 1800s. And often it's his most famous poem, or as long as Paul knows, most famous one, but it's not obviously true to the point.

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In per se, it's not a theological poem, but it's pretty interesting that he based his

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longest poem, officers that out off so

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also just let you guys know, so we'll go ahead and start in sha Allah Menachem, the last lot of summer so now it was like lemon water. So the Edgar Allan Poe part was not tough see it, but I'm certain out off his name sorted out off, obviously, it refers to that barrier. You know, or this the heights, a lot of means the heights, it refers to this barrier between the people of Hellfire and the people of paradise. And there are a group of people, some handler that are standing on that barrier, on the day of judgment, on and off, and their good deeds and their bad deeds are completely equal. You can imagine Subhanallah the value of one house and the value of one good deed at that

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time, they are completely equal. So their their good deeds and bad deeds are completely equal. They're standing on allowed off, and they're seeing the people of Paradise enter into paradise, and they're wishing them well and making do out for them. And they're seeing the people of Hellfire and they're making sure that they're not amongst them. And they're condemning the people of Hellfire as they're entering into hellfire. And eventually allows mercy overtakes them and they enter into paradise. So an out off is that partition, right, that barrier because again, it's the consequence now, that allows mentioning to the rejection of Switzerland,

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where you have the people that have now chosen to go in their directions. And so the people of Paradise have entered in their way, and the people of Hellfire have entered into their way. So the next is just nine, which is from circle out off verse 88, to Suitland, fan, verse 40. So we're gonna have two solos also covered

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partially within just nine, verse 88, sorted out off to sorted and found verse 40. There's a very powerful verse that comes pretty much in the beginning of this juice. If you remember in the previous surah and sorbitol and a ham, Allah subhanaw taala says philomon assume the key Ruby for tecna alaykum Ababa Galicia Hata, either 30 habima oh two offers Nahum, Botha Illa Mobley soon as pantalla mentioned in the previous surah, that when you know that whenever they insisted on turning away from the guidance that came from a loss of hundreds Allah Allah mentions, we opened for them every door of good that they wanted in this world. So this is actually talking about the worldly

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consequence here, that we gave them what they wanted of this world, they were able to enjoy the wealth of this world and enjoy, you know, the different blessings of this world had tell you that funny he'll be mad Oh, too. But then once they became too excited and overjoyed with what they had, either those things lost luster with them. So they, you know, they realized that those things were not fulfilling that living in that in that lust was not actually going to give them what they wanted, or have not been buffeted. They were taken by death, either, hopefully soon and left in complete despair, that's inserted and inserted off verse 96, a loss of hundreds as well, n. m and

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otelco. Remember this talking about the posts now? Right? This has consequences and circumstance, loss. pantai says if only the people of the cities, these various towns that that disobeyed their profits and disbelieved in their profits, had they believed and feared their Lord, a lost love for him, but I count him in our sunlight, you will, we would have given them Baraka, we would have given them blessings from the heavens and from the earth. But instead Allah Subhana Allah says, instead, they, you know, they refused, and so they were seized, be mad, can we see one as a result of that which they earned? So it's like, somehow it's completely connected to the previous verse. The only

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word that's been added, is Baraka, that there would have been blessing in their wealth, there would have been blessing in their health, there would have been blessing in their career pursuits, blessings falling upon from the skies, blessing in their crops and so on so forth. But instead because they insisted

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on turning away from a loss of Hannah Montana, and they insisted upon that path of misguidance they had no blessing and anything that was opened any door that was open to them in this dunya. So this is sorted out often sorted and and within just these two verses, we can see how these photos are actually very closely related to one another in verse 101, Allah subhanaw taala says, till cualquiera till calahorra, that these are the cities, all of these different towns and cities that turned away from their profits. Now, of course, so they come in Amba and we relate these to you, oh, Prophet sallallahu it was sudden we relate these stories to you, and a last kind of analysis so that

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you can know of their news and the things that happened to them. And basically that their profits, their messengers came to them with proofs, they came to them with everything that you're coming to them with now, family can only help me know, and they would not be able to believe because be my capital bouwman kaaboo.

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The I'm sorry, they were not to believe in that which they had denied before to Danny kltv, la Juana COVID. Caffeine and like that last contact seals the hearts of those who reject. So the idea here is that they've turned away no matter what proofs are being sent to them, now they're turning away. And the last kind of thing, look at all of these cities in these examples that I've just given you. Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is how the hearts are sealed. When they insist upon turning away from God. This is how the hearts are sealed. However, there's always total even till here, there's always good news and bad news. There's always hope and fear and they come

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together. The next part of the surah and circle ad off actually transitions to the story of masa and for their own, but particularly musante his Salaam with the magicians that would believe in him so loss of habitat and gives us the story of Moses peace be upon him with the staff, and the magician's of Pharaoh, the Salah of for their own, and their staffs, right, and each of them coming together for this long bounce in which they would be told to cast their staffs. And this was something that would that would, you know, in the eyes of fit around, that would crush the data of musante hisab. A loss of Hannah Montana just told musante his salon to go forth and do what you're told that a las

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panatela will make something great happen of it. So what happens with Masada, his Salaam is here, he comes to this gathering with the magician's of Fidel with the Sahaba of Fidel, and we know the story that the Sahara for the island, the magician's of Pharaoh throw their staffs first. And all of those staffs become snakes in the form of an optical illusion. So they all appear to be snakes. Then Allah Subhana hota, Allah commands Musashi salam to throw his stuff. And when Mossad Islam throws his staff, it becomes a snake, and it eats all of their snakes. So what happens, all of the magicians have found, believe in most or at least, they make such the, and they say among the most, that we

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believe in the Lord of we believe in the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of Moosa and the Lord of Houghton. So they came back to believe in Musashi, his setup, and they came back to believe in the loss of Hannah Montana, and the same magic that they were putting forth, right, actually came back to be a proof against them, but they accepted guidance. And this is a Bushra glad tidings of sorts to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that there will always be believers that will sincerely see the truth and they will seek it out, and they will come to you. And many times in Allah, you either have the deen but what to the Father many times Allah gives aid to this religion for a wicked person

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trying to do it harm. So in the case of Pharaoh and his magicians, they were trying to detract from the dam of Masai Salaam, but they actually gave the demo of Mossad Islam more credibility, because now the magicians themselves had accepted the religion of Moses. Now they also accepted Islam. So you have a really, really interesting dynamic playing out here. And this is what happened in Mecca. Every time they tried to suppress the message of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam a lot amplified it. And that's what happened with Fidel and Musa. And so a lot of telling the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that such will happen to you. But again, this is now the end of certain ad off. And this

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is the last words to the people of Mecca, the consequences. So Allah mentions the threats of fit around the threats of the Pharaoh, towards his people

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that believed, and he threatened them with persecution, because he didn't have an argument to make anymore. It really was just persecution, the language of the oppressors and the rejecters has always been persecution. It has not been reason it has not been rationally, you know, trying to rationalize anything that has not been civilized discussion or discourse. It's always persecution. So the people of Mecca, we're taking a page out of the book of film, right, and we have a pharaoh and or the Pharaoh of this almost Abu Jehan, who persecuted the Prophet

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It's lace lm who tries to suppress the profits by seller, and who tried to suppress the message. But instead the message would grow. And even his own household would eventually accept this lamb, just like in the case of Fidel, his own household would eventually accept this now. Right? So just like Asya comes from the house, down, Eric Chroma the son of Abu Jahan, would become one of the greatest Muslims, right? So the children of these people, and the family members of these people would also see the truth and there was no way to fully suppress the truth. And that's the message that's being given here, that despite the threats of fit around, the believers escaped persecution, despite the

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threats of the people of the prophets lie, some of which I had an Abu lahab, and so on so forth, the believers would escape persecution. And so somehow a lot of look at this transition now, certain out off now transitions to certain and fat, what is unfair, and foul are the believers collecting the spoils of war after the Battle of bethge

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after the battle took place, between the people of Mecca, the oppressors of Mecca and the persecuted the believers, right, so you immediately have this transition from sort of out off, which is this, you know, like the the persecution of Pharaoh did not work with Messiah, Islam and his followers, your persecution would not work. And this is, these are the consequences, this is where everyone's gonna end up. And in this world, right away, you have suits and fat, you have the sort of about the spoils of war, after the Battle of bezieht, after Allah made the victory of the believers clear.

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You know, and it's, it's amazing, obviously, there's a technical reason to being called certain unfound, which is just like later on, after the Battle of the believers now how to deal with property, and they have to deal with issues in regards to, to family and the plethora of widows and orphans and inheritance laws, and so on, so forth. Here, they obviously technically now have to deal with the spoils of war. And sort of,

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after the Battle of better, but it's also SubhanAllah. It's, it's amazing from a spiritual perspective as well. But Allah Subhana, Allah was just talking about how humiliation does not just come to the oppressors into the rejecters in the next life, but it comes in this world as well. And so here you have sort of write the surah, about the spoils, after the Battle of beddit. And the entire part of Sudan and found that we're going to cover in just nine actually all deals with about a little better. All of it deals with the Battle of better and post battle better. So the first entire section, this is the most extensive discourse on the Battle of bender. So again, the

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transition is the illustration now of the people of Mecca, fighting with the believers that they've chased out to Medina, and the promise of Allah's victory to the believers coming true, and the humiliation to the disbelievers also coming true. So the scene has been set and sorted out off of each one taking his way taking his course, victory will come now to the believers humiliation would come to the oppressors into the rejecters. And so you have it all playing out in the Battle of bedeutet. And in terms of the way that the Koran is set out, instead of adding a moron you know, we mentioned there's a part that that Allah subhanaw taala refers to victory, he alludes to the victory

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of budget. But this is the first full explanation of it. Because in sort of early on, Ron, you're not talking to the audience is not the people of Mecca. Right? And sort of an ad off you have a different situation altogether. So the audience is partly as well the people of Mecca that rejected and so this is a full explanation of how the help of a loss of Hannah Montana came to them in various ways. So if you start to if you start to read through sootel and fall it starts off with Yes, I don't I can infer that they ask you Oh Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the boundaries of war about the spoils of war, and a loss of Hannah Montana says, Call it and family law

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he would also say that the bounties belong to Allah and the messenger federal law. Well, honestly, who that of a nickel? Well, I'll tell you a lot what I Suda in Quinton, meaning Allah subhanaw taala says, so say that the decision concerning the bounties, the spoils of war belongs to God and His Messenger. So be mindful of your Lord and amend that which is between you and obey Allah and His Messenger if you are indeed believers if you should be believers. Why is Ulla mentioning this because if you remember, when Allah mentioned a place of victory and a place of success, a lot of Warren's about the things that would destroy a community once a community has attained a level of

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success. So here in the Battle of bed that Allah subhanaw taala reminds while flossing will be happy learning Jamia why not a fatwa aku wife Quran Allah tala la COVID Quantum Adam Levine Apollo become a specter manera Mati here, Juana. That's all I need a moron right. Hold on.

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To the rope of Allah, don't be divided, remember the favor of Allah when he kept your hearts together. So keep your hearts together, fix the things between you don't fight over the bounties of this world, right? Stay upon the things that granted you victory upon the firt in the first place and you will find the aid of Allah to come perpetually. So if you stick to the things that earned you the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and the help of a lot and better than the help of Allah will continue to come to you so long as you remain on that course. So this is the trend now, that set

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in sort of to unfurl the spoils of war. And Allah mentions the quality of the believers in them a lot meaner and Allah Deena either Luca La la la, la la, la je that's kulu boom, well either to do to LA him IR to that Tommy mana wanna be him yet our Cologne, that the character of the believers, the believers are those who when God is mentioned either Luke it Allahu Allah, Allah is mentioned YG let's call them their hearts tremble. And when the verses of Allah are recited to them, it increases them in faith, why not become your teleca alone, and because of that they place their trust in Allah. So again, the effect of the poor on them, certainly sad mentioned people who have locks on

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their hearts, so they can't even comprehend the poorer. Now we're talking about the believers, that the poor and causes them to tremble, and it causes them to renew their faith in a way to wit, and in a way in which they also find it easy to place their trust in Allah. Because once you recognize that this is divine revelation, and you know, that it's coming from Allah, so certainly divine help will come from the one who revealed this divine revelation. So they find it easy to place their trust in Allah, when they connect themselves to the word of Allah subhanaw taala, which really shows you the role that the plan is to play in the lives of the believers, especially in times of adversity, and

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in times of tragedy. And if you also connect this apella and this is just the last verse of certain our off the previous scuba, which is in this just the last verse of certain hour off is a verse of such that it's a verse of frustration. And just and the second verse of the next surah describes the way that the believers react to the revelation. So it forces them in complete awe and humility, and it forces them in prostration and in glorifying their Creator and in glorifying their Lord. So you find that connection here and sorted and found Alina up Mona Sala will mimar as of now and Foucault and those who established the prayer and from what we provide for them they spend they give charity

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let me know and I have Carlos practices those are the true believers that home Darrell Johnson and the labia mama spirit on what is when carrying, they have degrees of high position with their Lord and the forgiveness of their Lord and noble position and a noble position with a loss of Hannah Montana. And Allah says to the prophets lysozyme kemah Raja carob will come and be Tikka bill Huck are in a hurry for a convenient mini mini nella carry one last pants I says it's just as when your Lord brought you out of your home for the Battle of bed that in truth, which indeed a party amongst the believers were unwilling. So Allah mentions that some of the believers they were unwilling to go

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out in the Battle of bed, and Allah subhanaw taala says yuja de Luna will have the burden to be back man to be in kenema. yourself Horner lllt we're home you're on Allah subhanaw taala says they argued with you concerning the truth, after it has been made clear to you, as if they were being driven toward death while they were looking on. Meaning they had such a lack of fear. Now notice he or they had such a fear of the people of Mecca, and such a lack of trust in Allah. Notice here Allah says they're still believers, but there was weakness in their faith. So Allah says a party of the believers, they were hesitant and they were unwilling, but they still had these these, you know,

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they still had some level of faith to where they're classed as believers. So you can't say they're not believers all together, you don't make you know, to feed on them and say they're not Muslims or non believers. But their unwillingness showed a lack of trust that the other believers had, that went out in the Battle of bed. And Subhanallah This is where we find Allah mentions the promise of a loss of Hannah Montana and verse seven, that you would have these two parties and that a loss penalty would give victory to the believers. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, You hit Cunha, while you will plead on Botha, Allah Subhana Allah says that he should establish truth and abolish

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falsehood whenever carry homogeny won't even if the criminals despise that, that truth would be established and falsehood would perish, no matter what. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says it yesterday funaab back home, if testily funaab back home when you called upon your Lord seeking help test to be thrown out of the home, the profits by some spent the entire night before bed, did in

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Laurie's in his tent, making the route to Allah subhanaw taala calling upon Allah saying yeah hi yah Can you remember how you as a young the ever living the ever sustaining was illustrated highlighted really in the first few just the first few chapters? So the prophets lie some called upon Allah all night long. Yeah, hi Yah, are you ever living in or ever sustaining to give help and victory to the believers as they were facing this onslaught from their persecutors and Allah subhana wa tada says, festa Jabara and he answered you, any moment can be elephant, Milan, Milan, Makati moto defeat, that I will reinforce you with 1000 from the angels motor defeat, they're following one another, you will

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see the angels descend upon you gibreel at his salon, and the army of the angels descend upon you, to help you to assist you in that in that regard. Some of you might ask, you know, well, why did Allah subhanaw taala need to send angels and the last time that I mentioned that he you know, in the next couple of verses, Allah mentions that he sent even 3000 angels that your army was 1000 the army against he was 1000 so less than 3000 why 3000 they outnumbered you three to one. The believers were 313 the the people of Mecca were 1000 so last pants I sent 3000 angels to support them. Someone might ask well, what's the point of Allah subhanaw taala sending angels Why didn't Allah Subhana

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Allah just give them victory? Why did the angels have to come and allows the parent to assess one on Jana? hula hoop Illa. Bushra. Allah did not send that except as a glad tidings to you. What the popma in a vehicle overcome and so that your hearts could find ease. Imagine as they looked, as the prophets lie, some look, then he sees gibreel he's on the angel Gabriel and the angels coming to the Battle of bedeutet. And he tells his side that the angels are fighting alongside you go forth, the angels are alongside you. And the believers are seeing the effect of the angels on the battlefield. So it's Pamela this assured them woman must throw a lemon in the law. That victory only comes from

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Allah subhanho to Allah in the lies even Hakeem, Verily Allah Subhana, Matata is Exalted in Might and all lies. So Allah sent the angels as an answer to their supplication and to show them, you know, to show them the way that Allah subhanaw taala keeps them firm in all of these different ways. And Allah Subhana time mentions in verse 12, if you feel obligated and that you can see if Allah subhanho wa Taala inspired through the angels and the mera kaam, for therby to levina. I know a lot of parents are inspired to the angels, I am with you so strengthen those who have believed in angels go forth and strengthen those who have believed stands with them, stay in their heart, stay with

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them and make firm their hearts by being alongside them and fighting alongside them. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions that fear would be cast in the hearts of the persecutors and that they would be easily defeated as a result of coming out and facing the believers. You know, with the arrogance that they had in the boastfulness after running them out of Mecca, they wanted to massacre them, and they even had extra horses and extra camels with wine. So that after the massacre, they can celebrate, but a loss of Hannah Montana mentions that the belief that the victory came to those who believed and humiliation came to those who disbelieved even as they even as they came out so

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confident and Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala, you know, again, admonishes the believers not to allow themselves to lose trust in God, or to inherit the diseases that would cause them to turn away from a loss of Hannah Montana, and Allah subhana wa tada lectures, the people of Mecca. So it really is befitting here because most of Medina and focuses on the people of Medina, but here in this in this surah. Here, you still have a lot of verses that apply to the people of Mecca, even though it's in medinipur. And even though it's in the ad in Medina, it's revealed in Medina, to show them what happened to them, that that humiliation that you were promised and sort of our off after you reject

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it, as you were told not to insert that and Iran has come to you and sort of unfair. I know I probably lost you guys there a lot Weren't you in an eye on that and you know, he gave you the blueprints or he gave you the path to success and you chose failure and so on sorted out off, the consequences were mentioned that you would be humiliated and see now you're going to have

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you're going to have in this in this verse, a loss of Hannah Montana mentioning

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

the humiliation or this sort of the humiliation that actually comes to them that manifests itself in the in the Battle of better and the loss of Hannah Montana saints.

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To the believers once again, yeah you will Edina amanotes g Boolean law whatever so the either the outcome, the man, your Econ, oh you who believe, respond to Allah and respond to the messenger when they call you to that which gives you life.

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This is powerful stuff. This is really really powerful stuff. connection of the three school does so little and Allah says that people who turn away from Allah, though the goodness of this world or the blessings of this world are open to them, the luxuries of this world are open to them, because they don't have any Baraka and in blessing, those things become curses for them, and sorted out off the next sort of lost hands. Allah mentions that when there's Baraka when there's blessing and that which comes from the heavens and the earth. Everything is good. And here Allah subhana wa tada mentions and sort of that and fan answer a lot and His Messenger when they call you to that which

00:25:55--> 00:26:23

gives you life. This message gives you life. This scripture gives you purpose. This guidance is what gives life to your heart. And that's where no matter what happens to you in regards to this world, no matter what the circumstances that you face in this world are as a result of upholding that guidance and that belief, so long as you have a sense of purpose, nothing will faze you, nothing will faze you seeing 1000 people here when they came to to fight.

00:26:25--> 00:26:29

Okay, so I got my son I told you guys that something crazy would happen and

00:26:30--> 00:26:37

eventually managed to hold them off for eight days but he came so shallow I'll let him in the next time but anyway,

00:26:40--> 00:26:41

I lost my train of thought.

00:26:42--> 00:27:13

So long as you stick with the law and you have a sense of purpose, nothing fazes you, the sight of 1000 people coming to wipe you out, does not faze you the sight of the sight of the Battle of bed that does not faze you, the sight of a Donald Trump does not faze you the sight of anything does not faze you because you know that you have a sense of purpose and you know that you've been called to that which gives you life. So that gives you the best of this world and the best of the next we asked a loss of Hannah Montana to grant us that sense of purpose and to grant us life through that

00:27:14--> 00:27:52

hamdulillah we were able to catch up now. So tomorrow inshallah Tata will go to just 10 and hopefully no more interruptions in Charlottetown hopefully from now on until the end will always be consistent around this time 4pm Eastern inshallah tada barring any any, any any events that that would make, that would cause the time to change. If I could encourage you guys in sha Allah, it's still early enough in Charlottetown to get other people involved in this program. I'm personally enjoying putting together this program in Chatelet time so if I can encourage you guys to get other people involved in sha Allah to take notes to share notes you know inshallah tada make your own

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notes. This will give you sort of a you know, a Guide to Understanding the flow of the portal and even outside of Ramadan inshallah so it's not just limited to Ramadan even outside of Ramadan to be able to see it all together to see the poor and the way that it flows. It's perfect structure. So we ask Allah to make us people have thought ANZAC and are famous for tuning in. see you all tomorrow on shallow Solomonic