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All right, so now I come around to La here we're about a quarter of us in here, I'm going to say problems. It's not even handed in their homeland. I mean, we're winding down by the mean, we're happy but to do talking. While most of you have said I'm about to cut article to silica Mohamed Salah Hardy, who was son of mine early, he was so happy, he was so loyal to Seaman cathedra Hamdulillah, we just wrapped up the telephone and won the 112 Once again, can't even talk anymore. Thank you all for, for supporting us. And it was really beautiful to see the outpouring of support. Like I said, this Ramadan has just been a humbling reminder of the power of the of the profit slice

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of them. When we connect to that which is meaningful and have the love. We're glad that you see European as a part of that meaningful connection. We ask a lot of parents to guide us and to guide through us to rectify us and to rectify through us along the mean. And when I say us, I mean all of us have a lot. I mean, it's the first of the last 10 nights I pray that Eliza allow us to catch Leila to cuddle. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed us to observe its with its full rights and that Allah as a result surround us with His mercy and His acceptance alone. I mean, and and hamdulillah No, no better guests than chef, Dr. Dr. Wyatt, to join us and have the dinner for the

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first of these blessed nights. We're glad to have you back chef come the dinner. Welcome back.

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Nicholas here want to compete. On Labor? Click on chef and Allah. We caught him by surprise. He forgot to tell I'm gonna call you out. Man. You forgot we had a telephone today? No, but he came on, he came through eventually. The law. So exactly. For coming through. So I appreciate it.

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I'm glad to hear

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you almost made him do a facepalm. Man, we can't

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see, his hand came out. But he didn't he didn't do we'll see. We'll see if we can get one out of him by the end of the night.

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Under the law, so let's go ahead and get started with just 21 billion die Tada. And we are in second half of suited ankle boots. I think that the focus that we're going to have, is obviously going to be on SUTA room and SubhanAllah. Yesterday we talked about this idea of false a false sense of security and things that are not real things that that people get intoxicated by. That actually mean nothing in the sight of Allah as urgent. So he talked about our own and his sense of power, how man in his sense of access our own in a sense of wealth. Well, I'm talking I'm home shaker and it did absolutely nothing for all three of them, they ended up humiliated and disgraced. Whereas this

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mother of Musa alayhis salam and the most vulnerable situation, and most artists are empowered and Eliza raises them to that highest place, and certain anchor booth which gives us the purpose of test and trial, and kind of helps us put it into context. The last part of that anchor booth is when levena Jahad Rufina. Deanna Holmes,

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we're not lot of I'm assuming that those who strive in our way, we will surely guide them to our weights. And indeed Allah azza wa jal is with the doers of good so it, you know, really sets up the next sutra properly, that, you know, in terms of Allah and soracom is one elements of that, that if you if you support the cause of Allah subhanaw taala as it was, and will support you as well as a Jew in that, and while the last I have an anchor booth is you know, referring primarily according to the festival and of course, to the idea of magenta to nefs. This, you know, the internal strive for Allah azza wa jal, and what that ends up unlocking in terms of pathways of good still connects to

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the broader sense of power being found only and striving for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So, so if the room

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is next, and the surah is one of the miracles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the way that it came down. Subhanallah I want you to think about this, that if you know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and we know that Allah azza wa jal indeed chose him as a messenger and he was divinely inspired. But if the prophets I saw love if this Quran was from him and not from Allah subhana wa Tada, why would he put the entire message at risk by making such a risky prediction, but this is nothing but divine prophecy, not risky prediction, not human faulty prediction, that the Romans who at that time, we're an empire on the decline, they've been fighting the Persians for over

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700 years, the longest battle in history, the longest war in history between the Romans and the Persians and it looks like the Romans are about to be wiped off the face of the earth. And they've been beaten back into just a few strongholds. Their holy places have been desecrated. They're really in a bad in a bad spot and of course they are associated with Christianity and the the person

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are associated with Zoroastrianism and the Meccans, the police that are oppressing the Muslims feel a sense of alliances or have an alliance to the Persians, the Muslims have a natural connection to that, you know, to at least what what is represented in the, in a very abstract sense, right, with Christianity in terms of a connection there. And a lot of though John reveals that this empire that is about to be destroyed, will actually come back and defeat the empire that is that has them on their heels. Females are a scene within three to nine years. And there's a very famous story and I don't want to go through it. Now. If you go to the first series, we talked about a while back to a

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study called the alarm because there's so much to that that yuppie that certainty. Yes, I plugged it again. But it's true, that this certainty that he had in Allah subhanaw taala is victory coming to the believers, we had no problem putting everything on the line, knowing knowing that it was only a matter of time that it was not if but when that it would come and that one would have to be in accordance with the promise of the loss of hundreds of between three to nine years. And Allah azza wa jal is giving a dual meaning here, because the victory of the Roman Empire or the comeback of the Romans when it seemed like they were going to be eradicated matches what happens with the Muslims.

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This happens in mid Mecca, and the same year that the Romans come back and defeat the Persians, which was after eight years and some eight years and a few months, the Muslims defeated the Mushrikeen embedded when it seemed absolutely impossible for the number of inhabitable men that were younger than the

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young sort of mania that organizes Rahim. And so to Allah subhanaw taala belongs the affair belongs the power of all things.

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Before and after Allah azza wa jal is always in control.

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You know, and he gives victory to whom he won, who he wills and He is Exalted in Might, the Merciful low and as evil Rahim, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, Allah, you know, you'll be full blah, who, when I came to xr naskila In the morning, it is the Promise of Allah, Allah does not fail in his promise, but most people don't know. And then Allah isms goes on to talk about another sense of false sense of security, which which I know she thought is going to reflect a bit on that I and shot lots out, but being stuck in the apparent being stuck in, you know, the exterior, and you know, what appears to be the case and not being able to see beyond the exterior. And I'm just going to give one

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reflection on that until the time that I'll pass it on to Chef, Chef Abdullah for the night. And then we'll go to shift thoughts or reflect a little bit on your monologue him and then I add to dunya

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but the verse of marriage is here too. So I just want to connect this to to this for a moment.

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Allah azza wa jal after saying they can't read but the exterior talks about some of the power of the exterior and what the power of the exterior lens to the one who designed it, right like if you know a lot, then starts to talk about the creation of the heavens in the earth and those types of things and how that gives you a deeper understanding like who do you think is the one that ends that design, create that correct created design engineer and all of this beauty and such perfection, right? But Allah has was brings it to a very personal interaction of our lives. And if there's one thing I can convey tonight in sha Allah to Allah, then I will, the very famous verse of marriage,

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woman iOttie and Haleakala, cumin and fusi come as Raj and Lita scudo La Jolla, wa Jalla Bina calm my WebTitan are often in the field it can ayat in the comment yet a factor on verse 21, and of His Signs is that he created for you from yourselves, mates that you may find tranquility in them, and he placed between you affection and mercy indeed, and that are Signs for people who reflect this verse of marriage is on every wedding card I'm sure even the Zoom weddings that are going to take place they're going to have this verse plastered on the evite this versus recite it before you know the wedding's it's recited in the kneecaps. It is such a prominent verse, And Subhan Allah Subhan

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah azza wa jal chose to situate verse 21, between two verses that actually condemn racism.

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Okay, so the first verse, verse 20, woman, tea and Hanukkah come into robbing somebody got into a special on 10 session, and of His Signs is that he created you from dirt, and then suddenly you became human beings dispersing throughout the earth. But you all came from to rob from dirt and then a lot of justice and from the signs is that he takes two people that are both made of dirt. And the only thing that would give anyone superiority in the sight of Allah is their Taqwa is there is their sense of piety, and Allah azza wa jal

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But gives these two people the responsibility to show Rama to show mercy and compassion to one another as a means of elevating themselves in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala as a means of seeing that place of Baraka, and Allah says, and that's a sign for people who think. And then Eliza just says women a yachtie Hulk was somehow it when all the work de la for Elysee natty combo. And why did he come in the field. radica ayat in Al Amin, and of His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your skin colors indeed is that for indeed and that is a sign. It is I really mean for people have no need to add any not for everyone will adding

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in people of knowledge for people who think deeper. So how to love the verse of marriage is situated between one that reminds us of our common origin, physical origin. And then another one that tells us we are enriched by our differences in our physical appearances and the types of knowledge that Allah azza wa jal makes accessible to us through different languages and cultures. And the verse of marriage is situated between those two Ayat somehow somehow we miss it. And this is a strong a strong lesson when he talks about looking past the exterior in marriage, either attack Klement Aldona Dena, who were who Luca who the prophets, like some sort of someone comes to you, whose

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religion and character are pleasing to you, both things that would only be enriched by culture, and language and differences of skin color, and those types of things such as Oh, we do, and you should marry that person if you don't. And there will be fitna corruption that was spread through the earth, and people would resort to other means of satisfaction and pleasure, and it would cause community issues. You know, this is a very powerful lesson for us to take on a personal level, that we really need to embrace the diversity of our OMA and not just pay lip service to it. But see past the exterior of people, their languages, their skin colors, their cultures, and never fall into the

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original that that original racism will shape on that I'm better because I'm created this way and he's created that thing that way and see past that exterior shot let's go and pursue instead Dean and hook with one another. And we should be advocates for that in our inner circles in our communities. And in general to make sure that we teach people to think deeper when they look at each other as well. We are creations of Eliza and we should think look deeper. When we look at one another with the Knights Allah inshallah Tada with that, I'll hand it off to chef now. Abdullah tablature. Medical African medical circle here. Nice point, nice point Bismillah wa salatu salam ala

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Rasulillah. While he was filming what I'm about, shall I'm going to be talking about beautiful subject matter that deals with Allah subhanho wa taala. And our outlook of him and how we should, how we know subconsciously how to perceive him, but it reminds us to look at ourselves. So in the chapter of Rome, the majority of the chapter, a good amount of the chapter of Rome in the beginning, is an account to the disbelievers or to the ones that don't believe in the bath, don't believe in the resurrection, that there will be a next life that we will be raised up after we die. And what's beautiful about this chapter is that you know, throughout particularly first number 10, all the way

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to the 50s. That Allah subhanho wa Taala is constantly ensuring the fact that he has the ability of All Things do not ever domesticate the power of Allah do not think that the power of Allah is confined to something, because whatever thing you think about is that which was created, and that's what I want to talk about today. It's a beautiful verse. But the introduction to that are a couple of verses. If we look at verse number 1040 and 50 Verse number 10, gives an interlude. Allah subhanaw taala says, After I've been dodging Allah Who ever got from a URI to submit it to Jeremy, Allah is the one that originates the creation, and He will repeat it, return it, and or he will

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repeat it and then to him, it will be returned. So all of us His creation, He is the one that brings it in originated, he is the founder. And this is what I mentioned before when we learn the names and attributes of Allah and internalize them. This is when as a professional I know some duckula said the Hello gentlemen, I saw her whoever acts upon them, internalize them understands them when he said that Allah has 99 names and even though we know that there may be many more than that, but he says that whoever I saw her whoever was to understand them and act upon their implications in their life, the whole agenda, they enter agenda Inshallah, within Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on, in

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verse number 40. As we talked about, he says, Allah who led the Halacha come through Morocco confirm to me you need to come to me up come. Allah subhanaw taala says Allah is the One who created you then provided food for you and then will cause you to die, then again, he will give you life. Is there any one of you or any one of your partners that do

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Anything of that Glorified and Exalted is He, above all the associate with him. So Allah is just reminding you of what an Arabic is called a Ruby. But what's very important, when we say Ruby, it comes from Rob and Lord to acknowledge that Allah is alhaja, Rasik and moudaber, that He is the Creator, He is the sustainer, or provider and he is the one that has control over all affairs, ultimate control. When we say that Allah is the Lord in our Lordship, that demands from creation, something. So what he is doing here is he is confining. He is really just reminding us of His qualities of Lordship, which demands from us something, but the quality of lordship here is the fact

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that he brings things to life. And he takes that life away, when and where and how He wills. And as a matter of fact, after he takes that life away, he creates another life. And that's the afterlife and Allah subhanaw taala mentions here, just parts of the ecosystem and it's totally amazing how he mentioned certain phases of the ecosystems in here he mentions how he brings the clouds and the clouds send down the rain as he says in verse number in verse number 48, Allah Allah Usila Ria, for to de Rosa haben, forever Soto minutes we also have a summer ek for your show, Allah Allah is He Who sends down the wind so that they may raise clouds and spread them along the sky as he wills and he

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continues to say, and then break them into fragments until you see raindrops come forth from their midst.

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Then he has made them fall upon whom of His slaves He wills low, they rejoice then right after that, he says Subhanallah and barely before that, before the rain came to this barren land, just before it was sent down, they were in despair. So then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on in verse number 50, to talk about look at the effects of the Mercy of Allah as the mercy of this wind. And these clouds, they bring down the rain and they bring forth vegetation before that you were in despair, but when Allah brought it down when he chose to, on his terms, we see the mercy of Allah and that's why Allah subhana wa Allah says funboard fungerer Illa fit Rahmatullahi kg for your heel all about the motet.

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So look at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he brings life to that which was dead, and he uses this acid panela for us to use the analogy. How can I say that Allah has limits if he says he brings a life back to the dead or resurrects the dead. If we look at the Earth in and of itself, we look at how Allah subhanaw taala brings it makes a land barren, then brings water and brings forth vegetation as though nothing ever took place before that. But what I want to capitalize on is verse number 54. And Allah subhanaw taala gives a beautiful, beautiful example. And it really ties into the verse where last month Allah says we're fee unfussy comb Flf tubal stone and in your own cells

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do you not see Do you not see the signs of Allah. So here he says in verse number 54, after others tangerine, Allah Allah the Halacha come in garfein from gentlemen back the garfein Pooja sama. Gentlemen back the coverting blackfen was Shaybah. Allah smart Allah says, Allah is the one Allah is the one that created you, and instead of weakness,

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then gave you strength after the weakness, then after the strength gives you weakness and gray hair SubhanAllah. The first weakness is when we are in the womb of our mother or when we are born. They're not in a machine, and we don't know anything. But if you think about it with your own children, it wasn't you that totally enabled them to crawl to walk one day you walk in the room, and then you're jumping for joy that your child is crawling, and then your child is walking and then they're speaking, that is the beauty of the word of Holic and a rubber and LPD alcholic, the one that brings things into existence, none of us creates, we only manipulate forms of creation, we only

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take elements that are on this earth and manipulate it in ways to form anything that we want. But the raw material, the wiring was already here. That is from a Holic. No one can take that title, nor no one anyone can take those properties. And he has a rub or rub as we know Rob Bell Alameen, from the word we see tarbiyah he takes you from one stage after you're created and brings you to the next stage crawling, walking literally or figuratively. He takes you from that stage, you do not have the ultimate authority to say you know what, I want to be 15 Tomorrow, and I'm 14 It's only been three months, Allah Subhan what Allah has such situated in a way that he is the one that brings you from

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one stage to another, or Rob, he is the Lord and Allah subhanaw taala also is an idea and that's where Allah subhanaw taala that's what he says he will have the Halacha Coleman bar he brought you as a baby. And after that weakness brought your strength as in your adolescence, your manhood or womanhood at that age where you're strong intellectually in

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spiritually even. And then after that, after that strength buff, and in the light fear Allah subhanaw taala where we mentioned is the life is the death of the old age where you reach the age and some policy other other normal armor, where some may say is that the level of senility where you see now, but not in all ages that but Subhan Allah the age to where, you know, the strength that you had the properties that you had, were not as those as we say, in the good old days, right? We look at our photos, you say, Whoa, those are the good old days, those are the day I was able to run a mile two miles, three miles, three miles play football, whatever the case may be. Allah subhanaw

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taala is the one that brought you from this stage to that stage. And then he confirms by saying what shea butter and gray hair, then the very end of that he confirms it and affirms his ability. When he says after after learnerships on a gene.

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You have omega shot or who were the early moon or the year, he creates what He wills

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and he is the All Knowing and the one that is able to do all things. He creates the creation, everything that is here, he created it. He has knowledge of every form of creation. And on top of that, he has the ability to do with that creation as He wills guess what we are included? Because we don't know when Allah is going to take our life. Just one example. And that's why the beautiful verses when my father Allah have taka dari, they have not given Allah spent Allah is due right, his other his his level of respect the level of respect that he deserves, and we will never be able to. But what's important here from these verses is that we do not underestimate Allah, not only in our

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hearts in our belief in our our Araki though which we should not, but in our actions, our expectations, we should have good thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala in his ability and always trust in Him and spread that type of attitude to people that the ability of of a lot is endless, never domesticated never limited. And we should try our best to show that in our actions. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that are mindful of His Names, beautiful names and attributes, but they are endless and they are personally

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liable to click on and while we talked about exterior and not under estimating, not not looking past and it's a perfect segue inshallah Katana Tobin

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Hyundai lo Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Early he was talking to you on the way down my bad. First actually before getting into the Tafseer of the AI or the to Deb book, The pondering over the meaning of the AI and reflecting over the AI that I'm going to

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talk about tonight and shall log data as well as for HANA data to make us from amongst those who observe later to cuddle with truly men seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala is reward and it is very important for us as

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you know, that we really contemplate the

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deep meaning of Les little Cudahy Hiram and Alfie Shahar and I'm only taking this opportunity since this is the first of the last 10 nights with late Anna but

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let us just think about it. For most of us in the United States, the night is approximately eight hours and some change. So literally, we're talking about in most places and just bear with me here 500 minutes, okay 500 minutes, is equal in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada in terms of reward to 1000 months.

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And I think that sometimes we have to really break it down for us to value the time. So that means that every minute of these nights, if the night happens to be a little cutter, that the reward for worshipping Allah Subhana Allah to add in each one of those minutes is is like two months. I mean, are we really internalizing the fact that we should not be wasting minutes? A second is like a day in that case. And so it's very important that you know, we don't let this time go by that the difficulties that we may face the the pressure that we put on ourselves to perform in these 10 days, we won't regret that later.

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It's it's similar to how people go on hajj and they just put forth I mean, they go all out, you know, after a day or two they recover and then you know, I forget about the effort that was spent but Allah azza wa jal now you do as you're on my CD, Allah doesn't cause the, the reward of those who do good to be lost. And so it's very important that we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add it to help us and worshipping Him and these last two nights, and part of that worship is to double Quran, Allah azza wa jal you know, says in the Quran so Allah yet

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The FMA at a depth Verona Al Quran Do they not ponder over the Quran so this is one of the greatest forms of a bad in fact is that we read the Quran and that we ponder over it and that is one of the reasons why I think that this this way of approaching the Tafseer of the Quran or reflecting over the meanings of the Quran, the way that has been done with the Quran 30 for 30 This is something inshallah this should be a staple, you know, moving forward making the Quran in its its knowledge accessible to people who are going to add, and so I wanted to start off with that, before getting into the reflection in sha Allah. It's interesting that everybody kind of focused on sort of a room

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even though this juice covers the last part of ankle boots, it covers all of sort of tool covers all of sort of look man all of sort of decision and the beginning part of Eliza

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and there's a common theme I need that brings this this juice together This juice is rich Subhanallah with so many points, that I was confused about what to offer reflection on and so I came across a statement of a shift shack completely Rahim Allah to Allah and as well by Yan

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speaking about the ayah Yeah, and I'm one of our here on mineral higher to dunya or Houma Anil F Yachty, HomeHub. If you don't, right, so in this ayah, which is the seventh I in sorted room, Allah Subhana Allah says they know, some via some external aspect, really a superficial aspect of the dunya. Right, well whom annual accuracy Whom have you known, but when it comes to the hereafter, they are in utter, you know, negligence, they're heedless, when it comes to the hereafter and so Allah azza wa jal here is clearly referring to those who have rejected faith. However, there are many Muslims who may to some degree or another, embody some of this characteristic of those who

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reject satan. So it's very important that we're aware of this quality so that we avoid it and inshallah we'll be able to see how it ties into other is but let me go to the statement and completely by him Allah Tada. He said about this is he said, young people couldn't be Muslim and he had as a man and you yet Deb Bara is a room heavy to Deb Brancati Iran. He said it is wedgie. It is an obligation for every Muslim of this time. And he wrote this book approximately 50 years ago, right? So he said it's it's an obligation for every Muslim of this time, meaning his time but now even see, in this time as well, our particular you know, contemporary times. He says it's it's an

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obligation for every Muslim to ponder over this idea. A lot. Give it a lot of thought. And then he says, Well, you Bay you know, my Dalit? I lay he the coolie Minister power, but ya know, hula, Hula, hula leanness, and he and it's also an obligation for us to convey you know, what, what we come up with, upon pondering this AI to the people in general. And, and that is, as he goes on to explain that this is makes it clear that this world has a VA hit and it has a bottle. Okay? So, it has a an external shell, if you will, it has an outward aspect, and then it has a reality. Okay, so when he talks about the inner aspects, he's talking about the reality of this life. The outer aspect of this

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life is that people have to find a way to live and survive and shelter and food and clothing and you know, the things that they need, in fact, that has an ambassador Rahim Allah Tada, when he was talking about this, I, he said, they have gotten to the point some of them he's talking about their infatuation with dunya and it's, it's glitter and it's sternal matters. He said that one of them could put a deer him on his finger and flip it around and tell you how much it weighs. Well, you see, no minister, Lottie Shea and he but he he doesn't know how to pray properly. Right? So you know you you get to this level where it's, you know so much about the dunya but not anything that is

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preparing you for the next life and that is as an mp3 Rahim Allah, Allah says,

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May Allah spent Allah mercy on him. He says that this is the actual what the dunya really is to understand that it is a pathway towards the hereafter. Okay, and so that this dunya is about working in

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It's about planting. For the hereafter it is about doing the acts of obedience that will draw you closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So those people who know a lot about the dunya, but they don't know anything about Allah subhana wa Tada. They don't know anything about who he is, what He has commanded us to do, what he has prohibited us from what draws us closer to Him, so that we can do those things, what pushes us further away from him so that we can avoid those things? Right? If if we know all of these details about the material sciences and engineering and technology and so forth, but we're not conscious of who Allah subhana wa Tada is and what our real purpose in this

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life is, then we're taking a portion of that well whom and add to that to whom life you know, and they are heatless about the hereafter. So it's very important that as our prophets Elijah was salam taught us to say

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in a famous do i do i did Eben Amato the low tide and Homer said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would rarely stand up from a gathering with his companions, except that he would make this dua, Allah MK similar name and Hasidic Mehta who to be hearing in Alabama, I'll seek to the end of the day. But the part that I want to get to is where he says, well, that said, you see butter Nafi Deena, do not make our masiva our calamity, our affliction, oh, Allah. Don't make that in our deen. Another words, life is going to have its test. We're going to be tried, we're going to be tried with the loss of wealth we're going to be tried with the loss of health we may be tried with loss of

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loved ones and so forth. People are going everybody This life is a trial we're going to be tried in different ways. But don't make my musi but in the dean, don't cause me to reject faith or to doubt my faith or to love what you hate your opinion, or to hate what you love. So don't make my masiva in my deen and then he goes on to say well attach your eyelid dunya agbada Hamina wollam Avila in Mina and do not make this dunya the

00:32:12--> 00:33:03

agbada Amina the greatest of our concerns and not the extent of our knowledge, right. So the idea is it is okay to know from the dunya in fact, the Muslims will humbly lie I have contributed much to civilization as we know it today. Right? But they were not people whose knowledge stopped at the dunya and in fact, it is upon us to learn from the sciences of the dunya that which will aid us in the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada worshiping Him better. And so this is not a call to leave off the knowledge of the material sciences or anything like that. But it's a it's a call to balance Allah subhanaw taala is showing us and if you skip 10 eyes so that's the that's the seventh eye and

00:33:03--> 00:33:39

sort of tool if you go to the 17th eye and you'll see the succession I really hope you go back and read this he says for Super Han Allah He Hina tomb suna well Hina to be home. So to get rid of the muffler, the heedlessness, the negligence, glorify Your Lord in the morning and in the evening. So this is a call to both the salons and federal insalata of Madrid, as well as a call to the Epcot subequal Messiah. Those do eyes that the prophets Elijah was someone was specifically make in the morning and in the evening. And I hate to make a Yaqeen plug but I'd have to say that we do have a great do I book

00:33:40--> 00:33:57

that was published right before Ramadan. Or maybe it was the day that Ramadan started. So I'm not mistaken, that will help people go through the idea or the eyes of the Prophet saw some of the prayers that the prophets Elijah was sending would make some of them that he would make in the morning in the evening.

00:33:58--> 00:34:00

I know that my time is up Subhanallah

00:34:03--> 00:34:07

it's it's going it's going on very long. I'm going to have to

00:34:08--> 00:34:54

I just want to tie this into some of the other sources so that people can go back so if you go back to the 64th, I have a Lanka boot. Allah Subhana Allah says, well my head he inherited dunya when I had he had higher to dunya in LA whom will live this life. The life of this dunya is nothing but distraction in play. This is what it boils down to. Well in the doubt on filata he'll hire one No Can we move? But then next life the hereafter is real life. This is the real life if they only but knew if you look towards the end of sorta look man, you will also see that Allah Subhana Allah is telling us to fear the day that a parent will not avail his child his child will not avail his

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

parent that the Promise of Allah subhana wa Tada is true. So prepare for the hereafter.

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

they're sorted to such that you can see many eyes. And I'll end with this point in Sharla. And I had to skip over a lot Subhanallah because when we talk about the hereafter, we're talking about one of the major objectives of the revelation, right? I mean, we're talking about one of the three major creedal objectives of Allah Subhana Allah revealing the Quran, belief in him Subhana wa Tada and worshiping Him alone. The belief in the prophets and belief in the hereafter. I mean, these are the three main categories of creed that are found in the Quran, I want to end with the the ayat and soret Eliza, which is right there at the conclusion of the Jews, right? Yes, it did. So Allah

00:35:43--> 00:35:48

Subhana Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says,

00:35:49--> 00:36:36

he says, Yeah, you have to be coolly as well as you can. incontinent to read the Al hieght dunya. Was Xena to have a tally? Oh, say he says to the Prophet, sallahu wa salam, say to your wives. If you want the life of this dunya and you want its glitter and you want its embellishments, then come you want the luxury of this life, then come, I'll give you a suitable compensation. And I'll let you go graciously. Another words And subhanAllah to give it some context, I mean, the muscles are going through some difficult times the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not live like royalty. Some of his wives were coming from very, you know, prosperous households, like I should have the low tide and

00:36:37--> 00:37:17

the deep for the low tide and who I mean he was he was a wealthy person. In any event, the point is that the profit idea selected was Sam was was instructed by law school heads out to let his wives know at that particular time he had in the prophesy someone was married to four women at that time, right he was married to somebody a little tiny house. So the n m selama are the Allahu taala. And so he gave them he was instructed to give them this choice. If you want the dunya then I can let you go. I'm not going to hold that against you and you, you be compensated by me as a las pantallas instructed every person who goes through a divorce every man is supposed to compensate his wife was

00:37:17--> 00:37:22

something according to his means. He says but if you want well in content, we're in control.

00:37:24--> 00:37:27

To Allah Hua suta, who had dealt with Acura

00:37:28--> 00:38:10

in the Lucha idol and Mussina team in Kona, as on an Alima. But if it is Allah azza wa jal that you want, it is the prophets Eliza and the hereafter listen to that if you want the hereafter, if you want that final abode in the Hereafter, and you want to live well in the next life, if you want Genda in the next slide, then Allah Subhana Allah has prepared for the good doors for most of you all, a great reward. Now, look, I just want to very announce our end up here, I promise and the prophesy Selim took, as he was instructed by law when he went to action on the low tide and her with this ultimatum, this choice. He said, I'm going to say something to you didn't recite to her the

00:38:10--> 00:38:26

iron right away. He said, I'm going to say something to you that Allah Subhana Allah has commanded me with and I don't need you to answer right away, go back to your parents and consult them and then we can come and then come back to discuss it with me this is how it comes into rewire of Sahil Hardy and so I show the low tide and

00:38:28--> 00:38:58

she she says, Okay, what is it so the prophesy some read the eyesore and he said, Look, if you want this life, then I'll let you go. And if you want the next life, you want to learn as messenger, then, you know, then then Allah subhana, Allah is prepared for you a great word. She said, What is there to talk to my parents about? I'm choosing Allah, I'm choosing you in the hereafter. Subhanallah I will say this, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, all of us, every single Muslim,

00:39:00--> 00:39:14

will be given an ultimatum in this life, we'll be given that choice. And some of us more than others, and some of us more frequently than others, will be given the choice will be tested. Do we want Allah

00:39:15--> 00:39:59

and we want the hereafter? Or do we really want this? Dunya? Are we going to compromise our faith? Are we going to compromise our values? Because we want to get something out of this dunya we'll be given that choice and we need to make the choice that I should not be alone China and her me she is our mother all the time and she is the scholar of this ummah. Subhanallah and she made the choice for Allah in the download ACULA This is the choice that we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to allow us all to make. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to add not to put our calamity and our affliction in our deen We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to not make this dunya the extent of our knowledge and not the

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Greatest of our concerns. Allah Who Adam was Allah was salam robotic, Amina Mohammed. I mean, Zack, I think I don't think anyone's mad at you go in a few minutes I'll share exactly.

00:40:11--> 00:40:12

Just the

00:40:13--> 00:40:53

the drive that you mentioned in the book controller. It is yeah, it's actually I believe it's, I believe it's the last do i in the book. So just so that we're clear, the way that the book is set up, it starts off with the eyes of the subaqua Noma set Yeah, I need to do as the prayers that the prospects on we're making the morning in the evening it's followed by prayers that deal with specific occasions and then it finishes up with some comprehensive prayers and I believe that this is the last one in the book law. Kick them so we'll post it in the comments again shot one can go back and download it and you can of course go to the website you can use to.org and find it there

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and Sharla Tada Zach molfetta on shift Tata herself Abdullah tonight we'll start the session on the bad man shall I just the short reflection 20 minutes in Sharla night reflecting on the qualities of the servants in the Most Merciful and that will be at 2am and shot was either eastern time so we'll see you then inshallah. And please do encourage everyone to donate tip Institute over these last two nights and keep all of us have been in your eyes these last time that's just as important as donation. Please remember us by name and sha Allah.

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