Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 #6

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Prophet's call to Islam and the use of the Book of Book as a means of achieving the people of the Book. They also touch on the history of certain laws and the importance of avoiding false accusations and being a Justice Society of living. The segment also touches on the use of "has" and "has left" in English to describe actions and emotions, and the importance of showing weakness and weakness to oneself. The segment ends with a call to suggest making a donation to produce content for the series.
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Hello, everyone, I don't want to lie here. We're better counsel

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has been asking me Are you going to sleep?

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overnight? I mean, what are we wanting down the line? I mean, what are people tuned in once again, one more Sunday, we'll send them about it. Could it go to City Hall a lot more. It was so dumb, right. He was like me, he was telling him to sing. And

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I apologize for being a little bit late. We can blame off the mom clearly the culprit here.

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Now, we're very happy to have

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her here with us tonight had some technical difficulties getting started. But since I Today Tonight, when I spoke to mostly sob about what he was going to cover, he basically recited the whole, the whole Tafseer over the phone. So I said a lot like when I was like, we have no need to do anything else tonight. So we'll go ahead and get started, and shuttling Tyler right with it. So welcome back to the next we'll add 3430 we're now while we're on just six. And we are now in sort of the end of silicon Isa, and sort of in that unit, so just six stretches from verse 148, of certainly stop going all the way to certain Magadha verse 81. And you'll notice a very stark shift in terms of the tone

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in sort of the Marquis de. And I think it's always important to situate these things in historical context. Now, we talked about last week, how the Muslims had learned their lessons from the Battle of Allah subhanaw taala, reminding them that if Allah subhanaw taala is with them, then they will succeed, they will be victorious. And if they find themselves on the other side, then who will support them after a loss of power, and Sarah has, has abandoned them or forsaken them because of them breaking the covenant. Now, certain nakida is after they've returned to a loss of adults, Allah forgave them, the covenant has been upheld. And they and Allah subhanaw taala has shielded them

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against their enemies, they're in a position of power. And this sword was actually posed to her they be a post suit of who they be. So the post the tree of her day via and so you think of the orders of how to love the way that the soldiers are situated the way that the Muslims are dressed in terms of the timeline, the historical timeline, first you have the four bedroom and swithun, buckle on into it. And then you have post bedroom, so before bedtime, which is that, you know, Allah is going to take care of you so long as you uphold the covenants, no matter how numbered you are, and they succeed. And then you have posts, that a lot of reminding them to be grateful. And then you have

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postcodes when we get into it, or Milan, and then the SAT where last pass out reminds them that, you know, if, if they make those mistakes, if they if they don't obey the Prophet civil law, while he was some of them, then it doesn't matter how capable they are or how capable they think they are strength comes from that belief in Allah subhana wa tada and a lot of reminding them to come back and now post who they be, where they are in a position of power. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is notably doing something post her day via that he was only able to do post her debut, which is the ability to send letters to rulers around the world, calling them to Islam. And so there's an

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emphasis and certain nakida on how to engage specifically the People of the Book. So the the etiquettes, of calling to Allah subhanaw taala are covered in certain nakida. And also some specific calls to the people of the book and the etiquette of calling the people of the book

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that Allah subhanaw taala is giving to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and by extension, the oma of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Also, the maturity of the law now shows why because certainly SAP if you remember was dealing with the inheritance laws, some of the the realities that came as a result of being in a post buffered reality where they had widows where they had inheritance, and they had to think about these things. Marriage law primarily out of this place of emergency. Now these things are, are defined there, they've moved on from that. And now you have certain mountains out where you have a discussion on dietary laws, you have, you know, on what's

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held on in terms of food intake and consumption, you have the laws of pilgrimage, the laws of hedge, the laws of marriage further defines the Penal Law, defined the spiritual framework of those laws. And so the sooner starts off with what oh, phobia, quote, to uphold your covenants. So just as you can't uphold your covenant with a law, and then be a hypocrite with your contracts, right, so you're in a position of power, you now have people that reside under you, as a religious minority, uphold your contracts with one another, don't deceive people. You cannot say that you're upright in your contract with a loss of hundreds at it and then deceive the people. And so when you look at certain

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mountains, that you start to see a few verses from the very beginning. Number one,

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verse five will certainly do Mohinder Lacan will tell you about Osama Dena Kitab

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Hey, what's up I'm welcome handle that today, all good foods pure foods have been made lawful for you and the food of those who are given the Scripture the People of the Book is lawful for you and, and and it is lawful for you to marry

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their women and so this this law comes down now as a result of a poster they be a society imagine a society where a loss of monetize defining the laws of how you deal with the people around you. And this is an important point because a lot of agenda is also giving this reminder that you upheld the covenant and Allah is praising the believers for upheld the covenant so verse seven Allah subhana wa tada mentions the name of Allah subhanho. It's ironic. When we thought of love, he was like a combi, he is called tomb Samaritan that will Aparna remember Allah subhanaw taala condemned a previous nation for saying we here and we disobeyed. And here are last 100 times saying and remember the

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favor of Allah upon you and his covenants which he bounds you by when you said we hear and we obey. And so what does that look like? The next verse Yeah, you and Athena Amador Kunal Ko, la mina de la shahadat, berquist how's this going to manifest now? Oh, you have believed be persistently standing firm for a lot of witnesses in justice when I entered the Magna * Shanna our home in Allah, Allah tadeu. And do not let your hatred of the people prevent you from being just do after a Buddha taqwa be just in that is near to righteousness, what type of law in the law so be on the mountaintop moon and fear Allah be mindful of Allah. Indeed, Allah is acquainted with all that you do. And so again,

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now the the mandate of being a benevolent Society of being the Justice Society of living those ethics, living that covenant that you uphold, with a law, some kind of hotel, and and not betraying it, and a lot of agenda reminds them of their fate of his favor upon them when they were vulnerable. Okay, so verse 11, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions

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to remember the favor of Allah subhanho wa Taala when a people extended their hands and aggression against you, and Allah withheld their hands from front from you. So how to love the cats at home and so beautiful along with held their hands from you, they were not able to strike you because Allah we've held their hands from you. So now you're in a position where you extend your hand in depth to the people upholding the etiquette that Allah subhanaw taala gives you extend your hand to one another, and justice extend your hand to those that live with you and those that live beneath you now, in Medina, with a sense of justice, and it all comes from this idea of Oh phobia, quote, be be

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upright and upholding your your contracts and your covenant with Allah subhana wa Tada. And you know, the later part even though same sort of money, though, which is about the table spread, as it is now Jesus peace be upon them, that that part really comes into the next level, or the next layer of certain 90 that which we'll talk about tomorrow and shot, let's add it, but what's really interesting here is uncertain, not either Alon mentions some of the good qualities of some of the people of the book that came before and how you uphold them and then some of the negative qualities and how you avoid them. And then Allah subhana wa tada and trust this former, in you know, talks to

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this woman in a way that you know, you've been in a lot now you've been through much, do not become what you hate, do not become what oppressed you, and do not respond to evil with evil. And somehow a lot this is just a complete, you know, it flows directly into what she was going to talk about tonight. And Charlottetown, which is the original story of men, the original story of man, what are you actually meant to come under common law Do you do not allow for your hatred of a people to cause you to be unjust towards them, and a loss of Hannah Montana, teaching us about hobbies and hobbies, the story of Cain and Abel from the very beginning, and how to deal with injustice towards you. So

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inshallah Tada, I'll hand it off to chef Abdullah to talk about the story of copying and have been, as it appears in short, the mind. knucklehead Bismillah Salatu, was Salam ala rasulillah, he wanna add he was a woman with my back. You know, I remember when I was a when I was a Muslim. Couple of years ago as upon law, you hear the story of Cain and Abel. And you always think of jealousy, you think of how you know a brother against a brother or brother against you know, a sister against the sister. And then it makes a lot of sense because you think of anyone that has a brother or sister. Anyone that can push your buttons is definitely your brother or your sister. Anyone that is most

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likely going to take advantage of someone is probably going to be the older brother or the older sister, I can say that because I'm the oldest so I've taken my fair share of taking advantage of my my younger brother and sister but hamdulillah so when you look at this story of Cain and Abel Subhana Allah loss of kind of without it just to get right into it. In the chapter of Matthew, the verse number 27, to verse number 31

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This is actually the story of murder. This is the first murder that takes place in the history of mankind. So when we look at the Senate or we look at the chain of narration of any action, particularly this action of murder took place between the two sons of Adam Allah subhana wa tada says about the lemon chiffon regime. What do I lay he never Ebony Adam I will happy if are about for Bannon to be lemon. I had the email when I'm used to a Bellman and on the upper to lenok. So there are lots of panel without it tells the process and what's my name and recite to them the story of the two sons of Adam and he says never as we know the word nebby comes from the messenger or we say

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the rustle or the Prophet. And now that means news as we see sorta never. But there's a slight difference that the scholar some of the scholars mentioned, when it comes to never and hover. Hover is news. Like we say kyphosis Bartok, right? It means how is your news covered his news, but it can entail or encompass news that is not that important. And maybe news that is important, but never is news that is very, very important. So automatically, he tells him he gives an imperative verb to recite to the people this news about the two sons of Adam, if Rebecca Bannon, and there are some stories that particularly from the Israeli at the stories of the earlier nations that speak about

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how these two individuals, Cain and Abel Fabi were happy that they, they gave something for a loss of kind of with data to show a camera to show a worship to Allah subhana wa Tada. And then whoever was sincere firewood come down from the sky, that was mentioned that that happened, he brought forth his his his, his his agriculture, the best of his agriculture, and COVID brought forth some grains, but they were low grade grains. So in any case, Bob, it was not as sincere as heaven. So a loss of pan without dimensions, that puts a good bit. I mean, I had him so it was accepted from one of them when I'm used to combat minute and it was not accepted from the other. So the one that did not get

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his actions accepted, who was Aubin who caught it, he said, on an echo to London neck, Allah releases his body, he said, the apple to London and what's so beautiful here is to Pinilla in the Arabic language, when you say them in front of a verb, it stresses important or it's it more emphasis right? In insana left the hosel that barely mankind is definitely at closer at loss, the apple to London, UK and also the new and at the end, London neck shows that, oh man, I'm gonna I'm gonna really do something harmful to you. And you can think about it between brothers. If there is enmity, you know, there's going to be some language, it's going to be very harsh. You know, maybe

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some of us as children, as nephews and nieces have unfortunately seen that between our uncles and our fathers and vice versa. You know, families when they get together, it can go down sometimes a lot of times. So here are lots of kind of what that is relating to local to London. And

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then having the good brother says father in the man's a couple of loman. And once again, he says fairly a lot excerpts from the book tuck in the mind for once, and it wasn't him bragging rather, it was him reminding him look a lot except for when we're talking. Try again. Try again, try your level best. Then his brother said habit he goes on to say, the imbeciles that he lay yet that can lead to any man and then be ballsy thing yet de la Cali upper to like, if you are to extend your hand to try to kill me, Matt and to be bouncing at the lake, I will not extend my hand to try to kill you. In a half La Bella, I mean, that verily, I fear Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Lord of the island, I mean,

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so he's telling him, Look, if you do this, I'm not going to fight back. I'm not going to fight back. I'm not going to try to kill you. So he says here, verily, the reason why I won't do that is because of my connection with Allah. It's because I fear someone more than you, I feel a lawsuit pending with Todd, and that is indirectly reminding him to look, you should feel love, because you're about to do some injustice. I'm literally not going to fight back and you're going to take advantage of the situation. I'm letting you know right now, if you were to try, you most likely may be successful, because I'm not going to fight back. So if you continue upon knowledge of that, man,

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that's really bad. That's terrible. That is the oppression at its finest. And he says a awful lot of that. I mean, and what just think about Rob, Rob is the whole of the Europe beak. He is one that brings you from one stage to another. That's where we get the word tarbiyah from a lot brings from one stage to another. And also I mean, it is a sign. It's a sign of something, a sign of the Creator of the heavens in the earth and humbly liable. I mean, an item is assigned to show you that there is something that made it and it knows who its maker is. So when he says Rob Bella, I mean, I fear him I feel a loss, it kind of went down and that is the motive behind me not even trying to trying to

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fight back. And then he says in the UI do unto me What if make if it's a cool moment of having now without it good

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Does that mean? Then he says, then he goes on to say, any little interview with me with me. He says, and if you I want for you to be of those that are you do unto me that I want the my sin for you to take on my sin. How is that? Because the fact of the matter is, is that the sin of global killing happen, he's going to take that sin. So the fact that Adam or the fact that habits did not fight back, that's what it means by infamy, meaning that the thoughts Lee, the fact that you killed me as a sin, what if Nika you're the other sin is some scholars say from the sins that you've made before, or the fact that you were not sincere and the to cover up the fact that we tried to both come close

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to Allah, and it wasn't accepted. So both of the sins are going to going to happen to you for tech, Unum and us having now and you will be from the people of the fire with that he could dissolve on me. And that is a reward for the wrongdoers. So you notice here, he tells him about a law, he said, Look, I feel a loss of contact, that's why I'm not doing that's why I'm not gonna fight back. So it's not gonna be an even fight. Right? And he says, Just think about it, you're gonna kill me and get the sin, I didn't even fight back. And also what I'm trying to tell you to do good, it locks us in the team. You're not even thinking about that. Because you have previous sins to your subpanel

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law, we think about the sins that we've if we just take a second and think about the sins that we've committed, what about the sins that we don't even remember, we committed Subhanallah you know, the promise of the lesson and makes a beautiful do and I didn't share that video since a long time. But he says, Well, I'm at Tottenham, where I will be coming shortly my town and my stuff will kill him and tell him in the movie. He said I asked you for the good of that what you know and I seek refuge from from the bad of what you know and I asked you for forgiveness from that which you know, I asked for forgiveness from that which you know, how many sins that we have committed that we totally

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forgot about Subhana Allah. So when seeing here he tells him to quit him in us having now because the thumb is even my rule sets upon Allah. He said the person the Mothman younger than the newbie he can know who he is for the job if he looks at it sounds as though he is at the bottom of a mountain. You have on your filing that he fears that it will land upon him. But the fragile the wrong door look younger, younger, less newbie, he can do bad. Yes, it'll be a hacker. He said he looks as this it looks at it seems as though it's like a fly on his nose. He just does this. I don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on to say after this when he said

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the tournament was happening not with Attica does that volley mean this is a reward for the wrongdoers for thorough white light who enough suhu Atlanta he's a patella for us Birmingham City. So his his knifes, but what it called him pushed him to do the action for katello us about hamilcar City, and he became from the losers so he proceeded on to kill him. We all have choices in our lives. We have a choice when we want to do something evil or wrong to our brother or sister. We have a choice and we want to commit a sin and that's why we are different than animals. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, But Allah who forgot Of course it in. Then after he killed his brother provides a law

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who got avenatti ever had to fill out Valeria who gave a UID so attacking for byculla who would have been then a law sent akro listen closely a law since a CRO Subhana

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Li Yuria who to show him k for you Addy. So he How will he cover or cover the private parts of his brother Some say so is his private parts as mentioned with Adam and Eve now and the soap the private part because say so a comes from Sue May your suit another la he meaning that what is not good to look at what you don't want to look at? What is not for you to look at being the private parts here. So when he saw the Crow, he said call a la let's just do an akuna Mr. has a local law before where he so he I just was I not able to be like this crow tour I could do by myself and cover the private parts of my brother meaning because when he saw the Crow, yep, has some say he was digging in the

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ground looking for food. That gave him the idea. Oh, I can dig in the ground to bury my dead brother. And this because there was no previous killing before this. So he didn't know what to do. And some scholars say he panicked. He didn't know what to do. So when he saw the crowd dig in the ground, he decided this is what I'll do. I'll dig in the ground and I will bury him. This is the first burial from a murder of his own sibling. In a lossy pan with our says when he says How can I be like the CRO for

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Kalia waiter. I just do an economist has a lobby for it. So he asked me

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mean a nasty mean? Then he came became from the people have regrets and as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and another October, he said regret is seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned here the verse that we all know from this, the ruling was established under human control enough simulating us in office and field, in the metadata then NASA gymea. Anyone from the data from this, we have made obliger we have predestined, we have set as law that anyone that kills a person unjustly It is like he has killed all of mankind. And whoever saves the life of one person is like he saved all of mankind. And the rest of the verse

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continues. But in conclusion, we're looking at these verses 27 to 31. If anyone wants to know the story of the first murder that took place, it was between two brothers, it's important for us to remember that we should show righteousness to our relatives, because they are the closest ones amongst us. And they can easily turn badly. If it turns the other way. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us and our families will allow us to beat him Mohammed Wiener and he was he was like last year. And there's so much that's intertwined with what you talked about today. And the fact that you talked about the hypocrites in the jealousy of the profit slice of them and the jealousy of the love

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the profit slice of them, and how a lot bestowed his favor upon them. And upon the profit slice of them and his own map, and the jealousy that came from that and a loss Princess's focus on the covenant with him. And it's interesting because right before your section, what you just covered is a section of most Isla Moses peace be upon him and his people being told to go into a puts go into Jerusalem. And I'll save that for the generation that came after them. And it wasn't because of anything but but their own. Not upholding what Allah subhanaw taala had commanded them to do at the moment. And that's an important, you know, point. That's an important connection that we see made

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throughout the sutra. And somehow the fact that that came, by the way to the believers when they were held back and heard they be so it's like it wasn't their weakness of faith that they turned back from idea. Not it's following what a lot tells you to do. So it wouldn't just just like the people who say some were told to go into Jerusalem and the people of Muhammad's life Some were told to go back to Medina, it's about upholding the covenant of a loss of parents and the favor that comes with that. We have our dear brother in law, Mufti Abdullah man where he talked to us in Charlotte's Island and let's hear the jobs that you have for us me alone. My timer on for seven

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minutes cuz you said I have seven minutes Oh, you have time.

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So this would not have mattered if

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we started the six of us today and I find that I want to start with the first verse of the six jewels, the sixth chapter, on the first verse where Allah says, law you have below a Giada, Cody lemon Boland, McKenna, lo, semi Malema. Find this verse to be very powerful and something would chuckle below, don't just mention as well. This is verse number 148. Show Homer so the man told me to pull a sucker and I can talk I'll tell other verses I have numbers which I never do. So I'm gonna do that today. Since verse number 148, Allah says, Allah does not like that evil should be expressed, spoken about. You should not let us not like sins to be expressed, except by him who is

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oppressed. So if you're oppressed as an oppressed person, you can speak about the oppressor so that you can warn others and allies all hearing and all knowing now this word over here is called job law below job and Allah does not say liable law suit. Allah does not like sins because human as human beings we're all going to commit sins that's by nature, we human beings, we will commit cents, but unapologetically committing sins and then doing the act of jihad of jihad. That's where the prophets of Solomon's words come, and they should ring in our ears were the prophets of Salaam. He said, Could lomatium wife 11 Mujahideen? Every single one of my followers will be forgiven, like every sin

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they do, every one of them will be forgiven

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every one of them and then there's an injustice not accept. And that's when we have to hear what did what who except who or prophet of Allah. He says al Mujahideen except for the Mujahideen. Again, the rules are the same as Jehovah Sahaba said, No, sir Allah. What is Jihad mean? And then he gives an example one example of jihad, which is Kalani says Jihad has three types. But one example he says Jihad means job means to express something to do or something open. That's what jeraldo means. We're in nominal mutuality. And yeah, I'm in La Jolla. lately. I'm in some wakasa Hola. Yes, Sudan amyl Tilbury. Ha, take a look at that. What are the batteries through Hola, bah, bah, boo, boo. Boo

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sitter Allahu anhu says that an example of jihad of publicizing your sin is that you commit a sin in secret right? Of course when you commit a sin. Privately Allah is still watching you but a lot now has covered your sins. Allah has hidden your sins from them.

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Public when the Lama had a debate over what is the Greatest Name of Allah? Imam Shafi being the point he is, he says, well, la de la Alamo kabhi Casa de la de la.

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Connie Nishan de fille and Amina Muhammad and hashtag it Jimmy on the one. He says, Well he for me, I find, I conclude that one of the greatest mammals of Allah is the fact that he hides our sins, because if he did not hide our sins, there will be no one to even meet and greet each other. No, Aileen makabe has sorry Atilla other Salah, no one will even want to see each other. Our seller for Celine had a great habit. When someone would give them respect say Salaam to them. Give them an idea. They would say Alhamdulillah Allah de Alba, Jamil will start on minicabee All praises to Allah, the One who has expressed and made public the good that I do. Yes, martial law. your team's

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doing amazing stuff. Allah bless you and your team for everything. And I'm unfortunately I'm part of it. But this is what people are seeing. But all I praise you, I thank you for showing the white turban on my head and covering the things that I've done in my life. And they would say that every time someone a meet them, right, so the problem he's saying that an act of jihad is someone who does something wrong at night, in private. And then he wakes up in the morning and he says, You know what I did last night, I did this. And I did that. And I did this. And the modern day way of doing jihad, just to make it easy is a few clicks on social media, just a few clicks to three types of jihad

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dimensions. One is doing a sin publicly, because sin should be done privately if you did a sin you should not do in public. But the first type is doing it publicly. The second type of jihad is after doing it privately telling others about your sin. And the third type of jihad is alcoholism is not just telling people but boasting and taking pride over the sin you've committed. All three are easily done in a social media platform. So that is why we should be very careful. The problem is saying, don't do jihad. If we did a sin we committed a sin. And this is why it's called is the fifth baccala we're taking lightly the settler of Allah, Allah hid our sins, we should keep it covered. We

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know if Allah starts exposing us. That is where God says, Man casada evil Harlan Mazziotti well, majority uncle Babu, Finance Minister. He says a person who begins the habit of showing their sins and boasting about their sins. Allah gets angry, God gets angry at that person. And that NEMA that you had that Allah was hiding your sins. Allah uplifts that bill and now your sins become public.

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Woman busted at the satara BIA hire in Nairobi Amina nurse in a person who is shy about something he did shake out. Blood just mentioned about that statement about how a believer sees that it's sin right? A person who is shy does something but flusso bad Hi I'm Robbie shy from Allah wa meanness and shy from people men Hello Eileen ebct here, Alice first fever upon that person is Allah starts hiding their sins. So my message to the audience today is yes, we're human beings. Yes, we will commit sins. So let's not let's not do the act of jihad. Let's not start let's use a show social media platforms and different platforms platforms that we have for different things other than this

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and unfortunately many of much of the oma is indulge with this and I told you whom I will talk about another thing that's mentioned in this and sort of have two minutes and again these two eyes are tied to the word is there is a yeah has gotten a bad man in the middle so I can OBS as you can see, I can pause I can like there it's there somewhere I think I number 18 or something there

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will be to the people every time a sign from a messenger comes to them. They market it stays up. And in another verse in sulamani, that Allah says what you knew there now the tomato salad, it the hoo ha ha ha who's one one? arriba he says and when you call towards Salah, you you mark it you take it lightly. You don't You're not serious about the Sala. And I just want to mention one thing about admitting that he mentioned about this. He says, what does that mean? What am I saying you take it lightly. He says surely Islam says the first after before horseshoe and before standing in front of a lot before all of that. He says I'm on a low who'd be accoglienza even Allah Subhan Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah. He says inside Allah. Allah did not just tell us to cover our bodies and cover a subtle, he didn't say that. He said Allah said, who do Zina to come in the masjid. He said beautify yourself, adorn yourself every single time you're about to pray in front of Allah. So knowing that it's for your time, the whole time, a certain amount of time, extra time. We know we have an appointment with Allah. How are we going to be dressed on our interview for our med school? How am I going to be

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

Dressed from an interview from my first job making just jump out of bed and go. In our cellar facade in the past predecessors knew that this is an appointment with a law. And that's where they would never be late to that appointment for years would go by, they would not miss the first step. And how they would dress, they would dress in the best clothes, they mean daddy around who had one garment that was worth 1000 dinar. And he would say to people, a lot be a HUD government agenda to double fees on it. My lord is the most worthy of Me beautifying and adorning myself for and that's why they would adorn themselves standing in front of Allah. Let's not take Salah who's the one I make it a

00:30:40 --> 00:30:48

joke lightly, just get out of our bed, get to the masala throw it down. You know, we wish I'm not saying everyone should start wearing this clean, crisp white a mama. But

00:30:50 --> 00:31:13

I tried our best to do what we can that this is an appointment with Allah how sometimes I'm not gonna put him on the spot. But when we go to weddings, we spend two, three hours before to make sure we look good for others, we should try to look good for our rub. And the ones who don't do a lesson don't do that. Because that is who's liable lawmakers among those who don't make the acts of our Deen lightly and don't publicize their sins because that is taking the setup the out of a loan, it does

00:31:15 --> 00:31:24

take more than seven minutes. I mean, I think that you were probably on track. Sure. But then once you started talking about Jerry mama that just extended it

00:31:26 --> 00:31:27

boasting about your term.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:30

What's the next

00:31:31 --> 00:31:34

next? this whole time You didn't even talk about? Me?

00:31:38 --> 00:31:39

You have such a large,

00:31:41 --> 00:31:42

large audience you're

00:31:43 --> 00:31:45

gonna run away. So that's why I left it alone.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:02

We appreciate you coming on and the staff is doing so well. Of course as a part of the team and benefited from his daily reminders, part of the from D to habit series and also what he was doing during the COVID

00:32:03 --> 00:32:34

outbreak with many of our other scholars and follows. But he's one of the founders of mustache What is your daily program? And how can people tune into it? Well, we have a remote immersion program from six to seven you know they can go on with data and you can check it out. It's six to seven there's a class every single day for free from six o'clock to seven o'clock. So now you from looking at a program today and then we have read before our reflections with you from 930 to 10. We had one but you know people who are watching your pain are doing a great job. They're good enough. They don't need to do more than that. That's an overkill. They need to do more than that.

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00:32:37 --> 00:32:51

I appreciate all of you tuning in tonight as well. Sorry we started a few minutes late and then Chatelet Tada. We will continue this wonderful series. inshallah with our wonderful scholars tomorrow night at the same time and shout once

00:32:52 --> 00:33:12

again for tuning in. Please do keep us in your job and if you feel inclined to Charlottetown please continue to consider making a Ramadan donation tip this summer bond to help us continue to produce content in sha Allah tala for the benefit of everyone. And as Aquila Hayden was said on Monday, come to light here

Juz’ 6 with Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Sh. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro, joined by special guest Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed, explore gems from the sixth Juz’ of the Holy Quran.

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