Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 #4

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The loss of individuals in the previous days of the Islamist movement and the loss of people with mental illness have caused the loss of hundreds of people. The importance of staying united to avoid future evil and the loss of resources and culture have also affected the Earth. The speaker discusses the historical and implementation of Islam, including the loss of habitat and resources, actions of the Prophet Muhammad, and the actions of the Hadaic community. The importance of forgiveness and bringing others back to society is emphasized, as is the need to learn to adapt and act in society.
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looks up in a while somebody was telling him about a car because we can come in and solve a lot while he was alone or early here or suddenly he will send them to see him and Kathy Hello. Welcome back everyone to our next episode, and 3430 and the developer I mean, we're moving on now to just for I pray that Eliza Jen has allowed you to taste the sweetness of this very unique Ramadan thus far. And I pray that you're developing a good connection to the plan to remind everyone in sha Allah tada to please tune in to all of the different series that we have, we'll be doing this nightly, and inshallah tada we also have the angel series every day as well as from D to habit and inshallah You

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can find more information at the European Institute social media handles, so I'm going to get right into it and shout out because I don't want to take away from our very special guest today, Mashallah. who's with us? Dr. Tamar gate, great hamdulillah.

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We've talked a lot and some handle on the last few observed reflected a lot on the mistakes of previous nations. And something occurred to me and as I said, when we first started the series, the beauty of the Quran is that every time you read it, something new just pops out at you if you're paying close enough attention. And typically, you know, we go from immediately Benny to slightly and sort of buckle down and the mistakes of any slight you and then, you know, mistakes in the in the way that previous nations dealt with their profits and the way that they dealt with the law, and how we learned from those mistakes. But there's something very, very specific that a loss of hundreds

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admonishes us with as we get into this just in particular, a lot setting the standard with us. And I want to start this off with Heidi from the profits of Weiss and then with the profits a little longer, it was done upset. I asked a lot for three things very relevant right now. So don't be fed up. I asked a lot for three things. I asked a lot that he would not allow this oma to be wiped out by a an army external enemy, and a loss of Hannah Montana granted him that I need to slide this to them. And he asked the loss of Hannah Montana, that we would not be wiped out by a plague this woman will not die collectively as a result of the plague. And Allah granted him that but I asked a lot.

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The third thing Allah john about someone being at home that disunity does not become the cause for their destruction and a lot did not give the prophets I send them that answer and some hamdulillah as we look at this Jews, all of the admonishing of this oma is about disunity. As if to say that the previous nations failed for these reasons, here is your nation's failure if you don't get a hold of it, and it starts from the very, very beginning. Yeah, you're Latina animal topple, la haka took it Well, that's a more tender ELO anti muslim on while policy will be heavily la hegemony and well lots of people with chronic mental law had a kind of quantum error that

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would all be back at swana until the end of the I and as few of you said and feedback that you want the verse numbers. So it's verse 102, and 103, Allah says, hold firmly to the rope of a lot all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you when you were enemies and he brought your hearts together, and you became by his blessing brothers, and you were on the edge of the fire and he saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you his verses, that you may be guided. If you look through the history of Islam and the history of the Muslim Ummah, our problems have always been internal. It's the internal divisions that allow for the external to prey

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upon us in a way that they exploit those differences and then use that against us and this is a theme throughout this just so what's your mandate as an oma stay united? And then the last panel to Allah says in verse 1041, second minko Maria de una Ito Hi, wait a moment I've been married all the way until now in one cup. What we don't get one willfully hoon. And let there be arising from you a nation inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful those are the people that will be successful, and allow us to counterattacks those once again, why not to Kunal can livina to farmaco telephone number and the merger will be

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announced, and do not be like those before, who were divided amongst themselves and they and they and they allowed those divisions to allow to misguide them after clear proofs and clear guidance had come to them so so count a lot this is, once again, your nation needs to stay united, and a lot again, puts this on us. You know, sometimes you hear these ions, these verses about how Allah describes this woman, and you assume they're in different sewers. It seems like they're all and this Job's Quintin played on a team of three deadliness tap one one I've been able to attend * now and in one cup, that you are the best nation that's been produced for the people you enjoy and what is

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right and forbid what is evil. And you believe in Allah, that's verse one time and then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes to the next one and this is this is so beautiful and powerful. If you're

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Taking notes the fourth part of the lawn, which is verse 121 to 200 was revealed particularly after the Battle of it, and I should mention that all of the sources thus far are many sources their sources that were revealed and the money after the prophets lie Selim made his way up to Medina. But particularly after verse 121, this was revealed after sought after the Battle of boyhood, where the Muslims faced their first defeat, okay. And, and Allah subhanaw taala says what? ultimate aplicativo Nina makari didn't kitaen will love us I'm here on it. And remember when you Oh Mohammed left your family in the morning to post the believers to their stations for the Battle of Allah is all hearing

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and Allah knowing. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us you know, so how to remember the Muslims now have to be introspective and sometimes in defeat, you'll learn the lessons that are necessary for long term victory. Look what happened to you when you didn't follow the orders of a lot in the messenger sell ally sell them and allow reminds it wasn't about your lack of numbers. It wasn't about what you didn't have. It was what what nostalgia come along the bedroom when Tom Villa puts up Allah Allah Allah confession Quran, remember when Allah supported you in bed, when you were few in number, okay, you didn't have much in bed. But remember when Allah subhanaw taala supported you

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then. And so it's befitting the Allah calls the believers attention to a time where they broke the covenant, to make the point about about how victory comes from a loss of habitat and how help comes from Allah when they stay together upon that, which Allah subhanaw taala commanded and of course, but what happens, or the defeat of Earth came because of a few people 40 people from the mountain of archers that came down against the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in the process not only put forth their own disobedience of the messenger sallallahu sallam, but compromised the entire oma in the process, including the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And

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they all suffered as a result of it. Why? Because of the fear of the loss of dunya because they feared that the spoils would run out before they got to it. So Allah is saying, look, look at slavery, look at the nations that came before you know, it's not the law or the law that you're doing mocking the signs of a law or the verses have a lot more or breaking the covenant in the way that Benny is slightly unnecessarily broke the covenant. But when you disobeyed a lot in the messenger slice that I'm even though you had numbers you felt whereas when you were obedient and together you succeeded because of the mercy and the favor of a lobbying upon you. So Fianna photo

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Kamala has a beautiful statement here where he says that Allah subhanaw taala, connected, narrow Matala. He is a comb is going to Arda and he mentioned his narrow ma twice his blessing when you are together as if to say that the blessing of Allah is only upon us when we're united. The name of Allah is only upon us when we're united as an omen. Otherwise, we're our worst enemies. Finally, verse 144, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that what happened in Ohio is that the people gave up because they thought that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was done. And Allah says one that Mohammedan illa sukut holla at me and probably have also an ephah in motto quoted and caught up to

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Allah Akbar become Mohammed is not that a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam other messengers have passed on before him if he dies, or if he is killed, would you turn back on your heels to unbelief once again? Would you go back to that again, the summary of this and then I'll pass it to Shaykh Abdullah

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in this beautiful chapter, Allah subhana wa tada reminds us what that Allah azzawajal is with us when we are together, verse 160, Indian solo Kamala who fell out of it but if Allah is with you, who can be against you, if Allah is with you, who can be against you, and if Allah subhanho wa Taala abandons you, then who's going to be able to support you after that, and Allah subhana wa tada finally expresses his forgiveness to the believers that turned back so this was not to say that the covenant has been taken from you as an oma, but was to say that you are forgiven what Allah

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Allah has forgiven those who turned away embedded in our hood. And then finally, last counterattack tells the Prophet sallallahu wasallam also, to be kind hearted and gentle with the people and to be forgiving towards his people and not to turn away from them as a result of this so you are not at home with us to be disgraced your home and that made a mistake. Learn from the mistake stay together upon what Allah has messengers gave you and you will have success. From

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the baton again, Michelle

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Whatever my bad he actually mentioned one of my favorite verses apologize all the you know verses are beautiful but he talked about the verse of you know, when Hassan were last month Allah said wow Chelsea will be hamady, Lage and me and well that's affordable and talking about the means of brotherhood and for them to remember when they were once enemies and how because of the belief because of their, their recognition in their hearts is what kept them together by the permission of Allah. And that's exactly what I want to address in Sharla because when you look at the pages where last month Allah is talking about roughly from Isaiah 122 to 129 he's talking about the Battle of

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butter and he's talking about her last month Allah assisted them where he mentioned when my child at a low level should I like him when he took him out enough for lucam be and last photo has not made this as a congratulations for you and for your hearts to be content. There are lots of parallel as you mentioned earlier, woman Nasri lemon Angela Hill Aziz and Hakeem and the help of a Lhasa Potala is nothing in the law in the willingness to eliminate and delay and as he said, I came and there is no help or assistance, except from Allah, the Almighty He all wise. But what I want to capitalize on here is near the near the end of that page, a loss of kind of what to Allah transitions and talks

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about briefly, he talks about the actions that could lead to the Hellfire where he says after argument, never saw him in verse number 130. Yeah, you heard that in Amazon Alexa could rebel over Africa but I felt what took a little while I like him to flee home, or you believe do not take interest in in great amounts or multitude. Fear a lot. Perhaps you may be of the successful, what took on now and let's eat or eat that little caffeine and fear the fire that has been prepared been prepared for those that are ungrateful and disbelieving. So what took one out or let's see, or it that it has been prepared, and that some scholars mentioned that the Hellfire is present now, that

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it is here now. And then a loss of power without us as well to LA what rasulillah and the moon and fear Allah subhanho wa Taala or and obey Allah and the messenger, perhaps you will be shown mercy. But then a lot does and also if he does, he adds again, it's like he's continuing he says, What Sadie who LML faculty member have become a gentleman who has a lot to do with that little thing. So a lot of saying, as in the verse before verse number 120 132, and obey Allah and the messenger, perhaps you will be shown mercy and also Sadie and Sadie who comes from like, we say, Be Sora or to go fast or to rush haste towards mouthfeel. And what is beautiful here is as a scholar is mentioned,

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Tucker taught him and I showed my shell I mentioned that was Saturday, like a month later, you need to rush towards the actions that would necessitate or that would imply that you need muscular, and from that is far too long, what are soula who is obeying a line His Messenger, which we understand that any good deed that you do, if you're sincere it can be it can be a means of muck it up and seeking forgiveness. That's why when someone converts to Islam, this is one of the greatest expiation because you have done the most important thing being that you recognize that God needs to be worshipped, you know, by himself, and you voluntarily done that and you want to do actions and

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morality and goodness for For God's sake. So here a loss of kind of what doll is ordering now and rush towards forgiveness, meaning rush towards the actions that would bring you forgiveness. LML Felton man Robbie come from your Lord agenda, it's an article has some ela to avoid that. Linwood. This is beautiful, he said rush towards forgiveness, and, and gender and also gender, that its expansion or its size, or its width or its mass mass is like that of the art of the somehow it was as the heavens or the earth, not in actuality. But to give Tucker even mana to show you that it is vast, it is vast, and we do not know the actuality of it. As a province of aloha Nelson, I'm Sofia

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Manor in Milan. Well done, and semiotics will not be much of that gender. The reality of it is that we don't know it's what no eye has seen. No ear has heard and has not even come across the senses of men. They can't fathom it. But hearing loss is at the end of it. Or it gets a little more tempting, just as he mentioned before, that the Hellfire was present and prepared for those that are ungrateful and disbelieving. But then for the believers for them with tucking it is prepared already there for the ones that have mindfulness of Allah. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala explains where they took him. He explains who they are. He says alladhina Yasukuni is similar. It was the rocky when

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Calvin Mina lave when I asked what law you wouldn't want to see me so Allah subhanaw taala gives here daraja the project, he gives levels. So who are the most chucking Latina Yun pokuna fissara so there are three categories and some say for the first one is a levena

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You're going to feel sorry for those who spend in prosperity and in adversity you know you have a lot of money you your check is come in Mashallah things are great. Sometimes you make forget and maybe diverted and maybe distracted as a loss of kind of what Allah says Allah Haku. At accounts counselor, you were diverted and distracted from multicast or gathering things in abundance, money, stature, reputation, it diverted you from gratitude, it diverted you from giving back to those that are in need, from giving back for the sake of Allah and Dada, well, I don't have enough I can't give, you know, the promise of the lie to us. And I'm sad that charity does not decrease the wealth.

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You know. So parallel is a beautiful thing, that when we give in times of need, as a promise, a lot of it was something mentioned as a virtuous thing when you're Shaheed so he, when you are at the here, when you don't want to give what you force yourself to give, because you know that it's something that's better of the intangible. And so here you are healthy. So here is a summary when calcium enolate. And that's the second category, cow limb is like someone that suppresses something. And what's beautiful here is that Islam is not unrealistic. You know, sometimes we fall victim to say, you know, I want practical Islam, you know, I want something practical. Well, the lack of

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understanding Islam or being told by someone that has fit, fit fit of their religion is that's where the flaw is, it is not within the city itself. It is within the practitioners of the city. So when we say casamino faith allies acknowledging that we will get angry, every single human being, we will get angry, there will be a level of anger. But what the Calvin does is he or she controls it and suppresses it, as some scholars mentioned that this Calvin is like, boiling inside that does not it is not shown through the actions, because you have held yourself. Now we are at home and we you know, throughout our lives, with our family members, with with friends with you know, things we may

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see on the television, when you have the ability and the strength to display or exhibit that anger, you suppress it. And that is what is beautiful. And that's the Jihad oneness that is fighting the soul for that which is better for us. That's the second category. What I mean I didn't notice, as we know a last name is allowed, as we say Nussle, a lot Salama, what I feel we always hear all the time. So that's a good context that we asked a lot for, to make us, give them give us some time to make a sound and good health. But the origin of the word alpha or alpha yopu comes from making something easy as a loss of kind of what the artist is in the chapter and who the laughs What would

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have been my roof

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last month as collateral, or loss with assets in order to do the good or take v. I feel to be easy. Take the easy route when dealing with people.

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Take the easy route when dealing with people that you are easy with them. So when someone pardons you, they're taking the easy route with you, even though they have the strength to overpower you. So a lot of people are fooled he pardons us and some scholars make the differentiation between the alphabet and little frog is that after was that it is as though it never took place. A little firm and law firm cut under the sun is still there, but he covers it up Suhana. So those are the three. It says what I feel that I didn't ask didn't last this long. You should be machine. Let's notice one thing here is that a law says, and he says the ones that spinning ease and hardship and the ones

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that suppress their anger, the ones that have been in ease and hardship and they suppress their anger, and the one that pardons people, but he doesn't say and the good doers, then watching. He stops and he says we'll love who you hibou and some scholars mentioned you hibou because it San is the highest level as we know in the hobbit jabril was sent on top of the law catalog to worship the laws that you see him and though you do not see him, he sees you you're aware of his presence, everything that you do, is in light of the Presence of Allah. It is as though you see him like when you see someone that you want to impress many of our children wants to do that. It is as though you

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know Allah is watching you to the degree that you see him and that is a Morrison and even linguistically Hassan that comes from to beautify something, the actions that you do, as we translate it as excellence, not perfection, not perfection, not perfection, excellence, because excellence expresses yet I'm doing my best. doing my best. Help me. I'm trying my best. That is the morson you may not make your five prayers you may have been made may haven't been able to make 200 yet, but you're saying yet because you have good expectations of Allah and you try your best hoping in Allah. That is the mercy and some scholars mentioned these three categories that were mentioned.

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are the ones that the mersin will reach. That is the characteristics of the Morrison. And moving on to the next verse briefly, I'm not going to cover all of it. But last month I mentioned one of the Drina either if I do fashion over anymore and for some decorilla the ones that they if they've done bad deeds, fashion, and excessive, have bad deeds, just bad deeds, someday they regret over them or unfussy them or they've oppressed themselves, knowing that sin is an oppression of themselves. What do they do that good luck, they remember Allah, they remember Allah subhana wa Tada, I don't want to take too much time. But in conclusion, and finishing that verse, which is the verse number 135,

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whatever Roger mentions is a beautiful point that the first portion of the verse of number 134 we mentioned the three categories and then mentions the mercy of some may classify as four is that this deals with the individual with other people, that you give charity to other people, someone may make you angry, right. And you suppress that anger and a higher level than that is that you pardon that person. And all of that is an example to expand a little layer, extended a layer and then the second category of the next verse of 135 deals with how you deal with yourself you commit a sin you stop you recollect you remember and you do something about it. So me the last panel without and make us

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within these times we're facing as he mentioned with the community even over so zoom, we still maintain the community and do things that bring us together as we are doing now May Allah make this a blessing gathering inshallah

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I want to get like the life history from the law. So in sha Allah tala, our special guests for tonight, we have with us Dr. Tamra, great humbled, lovely blessed to have her as the founder of a BA and inshallah Tada, she will give us the beautiful time that we're looking for with this just

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no pressure

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that I found that I hadn't set out to sit on on the house on mbsa number one is how the shrine Mashallah very beautiful words that you all were sharing and this concept of unity and coming together and how this particular is it is really calling out to

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all of us to think about the other

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and to be concerned with how we are, how we are living in community or not in community either way. And at the end of the suta

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we have some very clear and direct instructions around I would say how to be a person who has the energy to be able to come back to community in a healthy way. Uh, let's find out I'm in verse 191 192 9394 95.

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We're alesse pantalla is talking about lithonia scoring a lot the M and what are the mileage You know, this is a very famous vs. We I'm sure we've heard them a lot. Their LS pantalla is saying the one who remembers Allah standing or sitting or lying on their sides.

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Any of these different positions of worship these different positions of the kid, and then we have two different types of forgetfulness. And among that we that spiritual were two different types of forgetfulness that I referred to in the Koran. Actually, there are three but one is forgetfulness, the one who's forget who forgets by abandoning, so we abandoned yellow tea from shallow we don't become of these people, but one who abandons good works. That's a type of forgetfulness. And another type of forgetfulness is when we don't remember information.

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But the vicar, Lydian, escuela Yamanaka Odin, while as you newbie him, this is every position of the human being. So the human being might be standing, the human being might be sitting, the human being might be lying down in all of these positions, unless God is calling on us to be of those who are those who remember how to get and of those a difficult one if you have to, somehow to and of those who contemplate, contemplate the universe, contemplate the earth, contemplate where we are and what we're doing. And what this does is it pulls us back, and it puts us into this space where three things happen. One is we understand who we are in relationship to the rest of the world, who we're

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supposed to be people of remembrance. One of the early scholars said that for the one who wants to really know put on based on this verse, they should recite it standing, recite it sitting in this position of study, and recite it standing in a position of prayer.

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It sitting in a position of study

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excuse me and recite it lying down in a position of relaxation. Because the put on is that which we establish and stand and we stand for and we live for the put on is that which we study and that which fills our mind. And the Quran is what gives us rest put on is what it gives us the ability to stand back up again, if you will, and move out into this world where we go out and interact with people and pull community together. We are we become a very Ark, our lack of community has a lot to do with being sensitive, getting upset, all these sort of very shallow things that that tell us that should tell us that we are people without ibotta that we are people who are missing out on Iboga.

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And if you look at these verses, and you continue, you see that there's this beautiful I've been in an SMS and I'm gonna do a unity live, man. Yeah, hello our Lord. Indeed, we have heard a caller calling to faith calling, calling to come come and believe. And, um, you know, we have become, and now come and bleep. So we believed. And so we heard we acted, then we say, Vanessa robina

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Excuse me?

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Forgive us our sin MacGuffin, I'm gonna say actually, not often, and I brought three things we need to be forgiven, to be pardoned, and to be raised up with the people of piety. If you look around and find that people of piety can learn how to live like them as well. And in learning how to live like them, if we live like the people of piety, then we live like the companions of the Prophet Li send them. There's a beautiful dog.

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I probably won't remember it right now, but in its meaning, it says Allah grant me the mercy that you granted those who lower their gaze in front of the prophets nice enough. So Who are they? These are the companions. These are the people of abroad. These are the people.

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These are the people who knew how to adapt and act of the province. These are people who responded to the call the call to faith, Salat in Ramadan. This is Ramadan. And every single one of us are being called the angels are calling us the month is calling us this time is calling us. The Koran is calling us I'm a new I'm a new I'm a new believe. And every verse in the Bible levena Amina ramadasa had to always come together because the way we live is a reflection of what we believe. And the last verse in this little section that I'm thinking about today is is bring circles us right back to this concept of how do we live together in society? First a job and a home a boom and Neela will do I'm

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an I'm an M income men the Canon olsa Indeed Allah subhanaw taala

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and their Lord respond to them Never will I allow to be lost the work of any one of you whether male or female. So whatever you're doing, whatever is exhausting, whatever is hard, whatever is easy, whatever you're putting extra effort in, and not a single human being CS this verse comes and reminds you you heard the call an Amen and how the okay and no and no.

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And then you got and then you responded to that call in watts and iPods and Vicodin to

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indicate in the remembrance of Allah spawn tada in standing in our standing we remember Allah in our sitting remember, when we're lying down remember list hounds Allah in our ability to contemplate the earth. And then in our movement in our action in protecting ourselves from the heaven and excuse me from the Hellfire and gaining access to the heaven that

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should have the right talked about. And we reach them to this place where we have comforts just in case you're in a place today where you've been treated unfairly which so many people are today to be treated unfairly in this life is a part of living the law that we're human

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the law or the law silent on it doesn't lose doesn't

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allow it to be lost the deeds of any one of us so think what you did today. But did you did you wash a dish? Did you read extra Quran? Did you call somebody who you should have called? Did you forget to do things that you should have done? All of this is held for us it doesn't matter who we are all of this has held for us. And to circle back finally to what we began with tonight. And magical memebox that's how this out you won't be allowed any of this

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work to be lost whether you are male or female, you are one of another. So here we are not just as tribes and nations but together as men and women coming together for living Hydra What do you mean dare him? What is a B? McCarty? Sorry wakasa lokalty Lu out whatever you do what do you do? Did you go on his show? Did you not look on her? Did you leave your house? Have you seen your house? Did you go out and fight Did you were you fought against whatever you did? Alice fantana will forgive you and totally sure.

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So sorry, I lost my train of thought

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well, I'm

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gonna leave you put in thank you we put into the agenda under which is rivers I find this image very beautiful, this idea of garden with rivers flowing underneath it, because they're their rivers that cause great beauty. And I mean, we don't know what agenda looks like, but they just for me in my head, they it's very much a welcoming sound and a welcoming smell and a welcoming. It's like saying all Come on, let's go let's all go and have fun with these beautiful rivers in these beautiful gardens as we are all together in that space. So Ramadan Yasmina, standing, sitting, lying down to remember all this data recites put on have the word the names of all this pans out in our hearts and

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in our tongue on our tongues and not let any moment of this month escape us.

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We cancel out a lot one thing that

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to bring it all back for everyone, by the way is that sort of the Fatiha is that there are certain bacala ends with the dura. So early on one ends with a supplication, supplication, supplication encapsulates all of the these first three chapters of the Quran teaches us as we said, this is now the mandate to the oma to our nation to stay together, busy with a lot, not let the shape bond make us busy with ourselves. stay busy with a lot of ersan and Shambala talks about with other people, and forgiving one, we're not expected to forgive spending charity when we're not expected to spend, and then have a son with a loss of habitat even when it's just ourselves excellence with a loss of

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habitat with ourselves that we seek forgiveness. You know, whenever we do something wrong, even if we're not caught, even if no one else saw, we have a stand with a lower, we're thinking about the sight of a loss of habitat. And then finally, those beautiful verses that doctor Tamra left us off with which were the 10 verses of the prophets I seldom would recite when he woke up to 3pm. And so when he would wake up to pray to the prophets, I seldom would recite those last 10 verses of Milan. Does that mean Oh, hold on Dr. Tamra for joining us as I will officially come and Chatelet tada for the rest of you. Please do keep us in your job and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow inshallah

00:33:06 --> 00:33:09

tada as well. So now you can look into why he left accounting.

Ramadan Series 2020

Juz’ 4 with Dr. Tamara Gray

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