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The importance of staying connected to one's eba and not just fasting every year is emphasized, along with the use of the word "hamza" to describe the importance of fasting every day. The speakers also emphasize the importance of prioritizing the six-day period and combining voluntary intentions with one's own to remove them from the difference of opinion. They advise against planning to space out during the fasting period and suggest bringing in ingredients from their show to make them more productive. The speakers also mention a webinar and encourage viewers to visit their website for more information.

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Everyone as saramonic Omar Abdullah here and acotar once again Bhisma now on him de la situs in our mind also the low ID he will suck me up and wanna I want to begin by first and foremost once again saying even Mubarak to all of you my last patch I bless you and accept all of your deeds and all above and beyond me luck keep you consistent upon those good deeds. And the last parts are keep you far away from the sins that you sought redemption from it all alone. And I pray that you all had a blessing to eat as well. And again, just to thank you all on behalf of you again for tuning into the meeting Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam series throughout the month of Ramadan. And of course, for an 30

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for 30 I must shake up the light as well. And all of the wonderful guests that we had at home did not earn I mean from our team. And, you know, it was just really touching to see all of the people sending in comments about how they reconnected with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam this month in particular. So inshallah Allah, I am going to be doing something soon in sha Allah on sort of the future of meeting Mohammed sallallahu sallam, I don't want it to stop there, and inshallah to Allah I will talk about some of the questions that were asked about the series, some of the questions about some of the episodes and of course inshallah tie the future of it to the best extent possible

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on Charlottetown so that'll be soon and of course, inshallah tada you know, with an oxer weighing heavy on our hearts and minds. I want to remind you to keep your brothers and sisters in your do I know that it is consuming us as it should, but I hope that it keeps us activated. So while following organizations like American Muslims for Palestine are friends of an officer, others that are leading the way in terms of advocacy, and continuing to make do out and continuing to petition and, and protest and do whatever you're doing. I just want to remind you all that staying connected to your eba is essential. There is one form of that and so we will continue to talk about chawan this

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Thursday, we will still have our webinar in Charlottetown about keeping consistent after Ramadan. So stay tuned inshallah Tata for that on Thursday, and next week, inshallah Tada, we will continue with the first and we'll be talking about Hamza or the a lot of time and one of my favorite biographies to cover and inshallah to Anna with other programs in between. And, of course, the Monday night reminders also now, back in Chatelet time so you can tune in every Monday night at this time inshallah tada for a short reminder. Now, with that being said, with the nine to Allah, let me go ahead and get started. So I wanted to summarize all of the positions or all of the questions about

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chawan. And of course, the basis of that is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he summoned Samana Milan, or came upon it, his thought was Salaam. He said that whoever fasts on Milan and then follows up on Milan with six days from chawan, it is as if they have fasted an entire lifetime, do it and the profit slice alum is explaining to us that fasting every year on Milan and chawan, the six days of chawan would be equivalent to having fasted your entire lifetime, because a good deed is by minimum multiplied by 10, by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And so a month by 10 is 10 months, six days is 60 days, right? So it's two months. And so therefore, if you

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fast 36 days of the year, or approximately 36 days of the year, it is as if you have fasted the entire year in the sight of Allah. Hence, if you do that regularly, it's as if you have fasted a lifetime. And somehow that doesn't include the Mondays and Thursdays the young wheel, which the third, if you fast, the 13th 14th and 15th of every month, which are the days of the full moon, the profit slice, I'm also said that whoever fast those days, it is as if they have fasted an entire lifetime, because that covers the month that doesn't include the days of alpha and Ashura and the mighty rewards that they cover. So this is a very specific Hadeeth with a very specific injunction,

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and a few things come up in regards to it. And it's really based on you know, first and foremost, whether or not the virtue of the six days is six days after Ramadan, or the virtue of the six days is six days within Chihuahua itself. And these are not like the days of Ashura and alpha that were taken from being obligatory days of voluntary days of fasting after the legislation a little Milan. These are six days that are directly connected to the month of Ramadan and keeping consistent after them a lot. And so what are some of the questions that come up? The first question that always comes up is do I need to make up fasts before the six days or can I fast the six days and then make up my

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fasts and this is an area of difference of opinion, as are a few issues that are going to be brought up so according to the humbleness if you have makeup days, you should make up those days first and then you should fast the six days of chawan because the problem

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Twice I'm sorry, whoever fasts on Milan, and then follows it up with six days, then it is as if they have fasted the entire year. And so you make the intention you make up your days, and you try to get your six days done. If you know especially for women that might have a lot of days to make up if it goes into little clarinda then Allah will reward you according to your intention to do so. So according to the Hamleys, you would make up your days first on the basis of completing Ramadan, and then you would fast the six days. However, according to the majority of scholars, they say that the six days of show while can be made up before the completion of the obligatory fast because the

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profit slice of them mentioned the six days of show are restricted to show up, whereas the days of Ramadan can be made up all the way until the next level lunch, meaning shot done prior to the next normal vlog. So let me give you some context, if the virtue of the six days is limited to a timeframe of a month, whereas making up the days of Ramadan, you have the entire year to do so, then you should prioritize the six days of Shoah not because they're more important, but because they're restricted, and you can get the benefit of both. And one of the evidences of that is it shoveled the a lot of time on her mentioning that she would make up days of Ramadan in Chandon, the next year

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meaning prior to the next Ramadan. So that is to suggest that she, of course, would have availed herself of the six days of chawan of Allah, foreigner Ashura, but she also would make up the day. And so that is the opinion of the majority that you can make up the six days, I'm sorry, you can fast the six days or show up and then make up the days that you're missing from on Milan. Now, can you combine the intentions No, because you cannot combine the intention of an obligatory voluntary deed. As virtuous as the six days of chawan are at the end of the day, they're voluntary, fast, so you can't combine the intention of two. However, you can combine the intention of chawan fasts with

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other voluntary fasts. So for example, the Monday and Thursday or if you want to fast three of those six days in the middle days of the month, the 13th 14th and 15th. Or if you want to space out the days of chawan, in accordance with Mondays and Thursdays, and that way, you can double the intention to observe those days, while also observing show why because you can combine voluntary intentions in that regard nephila intentions in that regard in the broadest sense, possible, so I'll get to the best timeline. But this is just to say that, again, according to the ham buddies, he would make up your days first and then you would fast your six days, according to the majority of scholars, you

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would you are able to fast to six days and then make up those days. So what do I just advise people and suggest to people in that regard, obviously, the the, the opinion of the majority, you know, makes it easier for people in this regard to be able to attain both and there's strong evidence in that regard. However, if you have the ability, if you only have to make up two or three days or maybe four days, and you feel like you can make up the days of Ramadan, and you can make them up immediately and then you can do the six days of show up then do so bit in the nighttime if you feel like it's going to be a burden because that would remove you from the difference of opinion in that

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regard. If you feel like it's going to be tough, and you might miss out on the six days of chawan if you try to make up the days especially if there are a lot of days, then make the priority and Charlotte's attitude to faster six days first, and then make up those days afterwards within it Tada, up until Siobhan of the next year and of course the earlier the better for you but in the nine tada depending on the proportion that you have to fast now another question that comes up is it better to do the six days of chawan early meaning as soon as she starts or is it better dollars like a mama no we've got him alarm the lung water cracking Allah to Allah and others they mentioned that

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it's preferable to fast them as soon as possible. Why because the way the Hadith is sequenced and also that you know you'll be amongst the side of equal in that regard the foreigners in that regard you'll be quick in that regard. And so you can inshallah try to do them quickly and you don't miss out on them you don't risk missing out because we know that sometimes we might plan to space them out, but then things happen and we're not able to fast them and so you will find some of the scholars mentioning that it's preferable to fast them you know in sequence or at least earlier within the that regard to really say one way or the other and so you can fast them as quick as

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possible inshallah tada if you want to develop the consistent habit of fasting now that I'm alone is over and your body is adjusted, then inshallah tada you can again combine with Mondays and Thursdays. And if you combine, you know the first Mondays and Thursdays or whatever Mondays and Thursdays you can as well as a young man below the three middle days of the month inshallah tada then hopefully you're in the safe zone in that regard as well.

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So again you know, you know sooner is better in the sense that you know you don't want to miss out and an end up you know with the last few days because it has happened to too many people right where they make the intention and then they missed a Monday or Thursday here for whatever reason and then there are three days of show I left and they they have to still fast three days to be able to partake in that reward. So definitely the sooner the better but combining is also good if you want to make it a habit Mondays and Thursdays, inshallah Tada, and the middle three days of the month.

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Again, these are broad concepts and Sha lontana. These are, you know, ways for us to continue to take advantage of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala as he's given it to us. The last advice that I'm going to give you in this regard is tried to bring about some of the Ramadan ingredients to your show while fasts as well. We all know that fasting and Shabbat is not as easy as it becomes a normal blonde. And there are many reasons that we could explore in that regard. But try to make sure for example, if you had the habit to read a judge's of or an in everyday in Milan or some other amount, then read that amount if you can inshallah to Allah for the days that you're fasting and Shabbat as

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well. Try to give sadaqa on those days as well. Make do out before thought on those days. If you can pray some tm inshallah tada on those days as well. So try to bring some of those Ramadan ingredients with the $90 to your fasts as well in chawan and I think that covers you know, most of what gets asked and inshallah tada whatever else is asked that I didn't cover on my I may have forgotten to cover inshallah, we can talk about it on Thursday during our webinar in the night Allah. But in the meantime, please do in Charlottetown avail yourselves of this wonderful opportunity. May Allah Subhana Allah accept it from all of us and they lost parents Allah allow us to use these fast not

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just to get closer to him, but to also inshallah to remember our brothers and sisters in do remember the Hadith of the Prophet slice them that they do at the supplication of the fasting person until they break their fast is accepted that that is not restricted to them alone and so in chawan right before your fast remind each other inshallah if you have people around you to make do out for an episode to make them for less to make their own for your or your brothers and sisters, to make up for your brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, who are also suffering you know, brutal attacks, Syria, Yemen, wherever they are, keep them in your drought and Charlottetown as you are about to

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break your fast and of course Allah knows when you safe equally McCann in every place in the world when you're making your app for people Allah knows and a lot encompasses what you cannot encompass and Allah remembers and knows what you at times may forget. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to do so in sha Allah to Allah May Allah subhanaw taala accept our deeds and desikan little fight and I will see you all in sha Allah to Allah at the minimum by Thursday midnight he tada just like en la feitosa