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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the myth of Islam and the importance of learning the truth, including the use of Shavon as a symbol of pleasure and happiness, the importance of privacy, and the use of religion to avoid negative behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for privacy and privacy in the workplace, avoiding sinful behavior, and avoiding sharing bad deeds. They also discuss the history of Islam, including deaths of Islamists and the use of animals to earn money, and the potential for political control over people's bodies. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book.
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In Alhamdulillah Muhammad don't want to start you know who want to study he want to still fiddle. Well now that we learn him in short order. I'm fusina Amin Surya, Dr. Molina Mejia de la who fathomable LA or Maynooth lil fella, the Ala Wai shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah Who, surely Shadi color Wah shadow Ana Mohammed Abu Rasool

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Johan suta, Pura vida como la the Halacha ko menacing Wahida are hella caminhadas o Jaha. Rowbotham in Houma region and caviar on one is

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what top Allah halili Tessa Aluna b1 or hum in nama gana la Kamala peba Yeah, you're Latina, DAP Allahu Akbar to potty one. attimo tuna illa Anta Muslim Moon

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your Lavina tabula indica la hora poodle Poland salida your sled La La La loco myofibrillar calm don't overcome or mejor para la hora Sudha who further further frozen our Vemma from memobottle Finance token Hadith the Kitab Allah insha Allah Allah.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a sharper and more in depth to her Aquila, modesetting betta Aquila be the atom Bala Aquila bada Ratan phenol, my brothers and sisters in Islam. In today's hautbois I wanted to share with you a few reflections from a story in the Quran. Of course the stories in the Quran are stories that Allah Himself narrates. So they are the absolute truth and not only that, they offer immense and great guidance for the believers. And the stories in the Quran. They were guidance for Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam imagine in the visa lottery, he was salam. We are following his sunnah. But he would take guidance from the stories in the Quran. So we

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are in desperate need of the guidance in the stories. And this is some reflections from the story of Adam Alayhis Salam and his two sons. Adam Alayhis Salam when Allah subhanahu wa taala created him in the Paradise he allowed him to roam freely in the Paradise and eat whatever he wants, except for one tree. Allah azza wa jal, he said to Adam and Hawa let the Kaaba heavy he shows your Don't come near this tree. It's a forbidden tree. It's haram, it's a sin. Don't eat from it. Why? Allahu Allah, Allah has made it out. All right. So eventually a che upon real Zim towards the sin. He deceives him with Che Oh, Adam Alayhis Salam would end up eating from this tree, but we need to understand

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something. Why did Adam eat from the tree? What happened? What did the CHE upon do to him? The Shaitan he decorated the sin, He decorated it he beautified it he made it look good. You see the sins are something filthy. They are despicable in nature, right? But he made it look beautiful. He beautified it how did he beautify it? Shape arm he came to Adam Alayhis Salam and he said to him Hello Do Luca Hala shows you rotten hold or multi layer blend. He said Tim Adam should I direct the and point you to a beautiful tree a tree of eternal existence. Meaning if you eat from it, you will live forever and you will never die. And he said to him out Hakuna Mala cainy, outer codominant

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Hardeen that if you eat from this tree, you you Adam, you will become an angel, you and your wife however it would become angels holiday and you will live in this paradise forever. So you need to understand something. A Shavon is always going to decorate and beautify the sin. And the believer needs to be aware of this. Adam ate from the tree because he didn't have a human being that existed before him that he can learn from his mistakes. So he fell in this trap of a Shabbat and he ate from the tree. And that's the very same thing of the nature of sins today. Today, the sins are beautified and they are decorated and they look very nice and they are attractive. And as a result when mankind

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when the human falls into a sin, it's because of how beautified it has become. Look at the sins all around us today. For example, alcohol, its name is changed. It's called spirits. See how she upon beautified and decorated this beverage, alcohols haram but it's given the name spirits, meaning if you drink from it, your spirit will be uplifted and hack you will become a peace and you'll become tranquil. This is how it's marketed. That's how shippon does with the same look at for example drugs. You all know drugs are haram. Drugs will cause someone to die causes depression. It causes all sorts of nastiness

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letters, but dogs on the street what are they called? They're called Ice you know ice. Whoo speed. There's something called ecstasy and there's something called Dust Angel. Look at these names so how beautiful they sound? Yeah, the ecstasy in the dictionary ecstasy means happiness. How can a drug A filthy nasty sin be given the name happiness when the Wii sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at the end of time you Samudra, who believes me that alcohol will be given a name other than its name. It's beautified. In other words, the sins become decorated. So you got this drug called speed. So the idea is if you take it, you become Mack. Speedy in your decisions in your life, in your affairs in

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your matters. It will make things easier for you. That's how it's decorated. And look at the sin of homosexuality. For example, a man a woman and woman, think of it beautiful colors, rainbows. They call it love is love. This is beautifying the seamless become beautified when he made sure it's filthy, and it is disgusting. And it brings a person into lots of sicknesses and illnesses and diseases and so so the idea is you need to be careful. This happened from day one when Adam was in the Paradise, the sin right before his eyes shaved on decorated. He said to eat from it, and you will become forever here in the Paradise you'll become an angel. And Adam Alayhis Salam, April it so

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now at least we have an example of people that fell into mistakes before so that we can learn. So always be careful what you see in front of you. If it's a sin, it's a sin, no matter how beautified and decorated it is. That's the ID and also when Adam ate from the tree.

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The scholars that are mo whom Allah they mentioned that he fell into the sin because a bliss took an oath by Allah that this is a tree of eternal existence. He took an oath or call center who man and the scholars they said that Adam did not believe that someone could use Allah's Name to lie. He didn't believe it. So the day I believe he said oximeter, biller Wallah, he this is a tree of goodness. He went and ate from it because he didn't believe someone can use Allah's Name and lie. And so here are my brothers and sisters in Islam, we need to also learn, be careful, never, ever use Allah's name for a lie that you have. And Allah you want to see. This is from the highest of wrong

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and it's considered a major sin, to use Allah's Name to lie. If you've done something, don't say Allah He I didn't do it. What's wrong with you? Why are you going to use Allah's Name and ascribe it to a lie? When you say you Allah, he and you lie, you know what, initially you're saying, you are saying that Allah is a witness to such and such, you're lying. And so you're ascribing ignorance to Allah. That's what you're doing essentially, when you use Allah's Name to lie. So be very careful of this matter. If, if you are going to lie, which you shouldn't, don't use Allah's name. Don't say Allah, He removed that from your tongue and from your statement altogether. So be careful of this.

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Because Adam fell into a sin. He didn't fathom. He didn't comprehend. How can someone use Allah's name for a lie? When you're using Allah's name for a lie, you are saying Allah is ignorant, Allah doesn't know and this is dangerous. This is your underlines of disbelief. So person if he has done this, he needs to repent, and never do it ever again. So then afterwards,

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Adam Alayhis Salam and Hawa IBLEES were all removed from the paradise for this sin. We don't know why Allahu Allah, Allah and Allah azza wa jal has perfect wisdom in that which he does and decrease. So they came down to earth, when they came down to earth and they settled now, they are going to live the life of a human being that you and I know no more of a life of a human being in the Paradise the life of a human being on Earth is completely different. So now you have to eat, you have to drink in the paradise you don't eat because you're hungry. In the paradise you eat out of joy and happiness and pleasure. Right in the paradise you don't have to sleep now they have to sleep

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in the Paradise if you eat you don't have to go to the bathroom and relieve yourself. But now on earth you have to do so they were now investigating and getting used to this human body and its new features and what else it has. So now they're also in need of reproducing and having children because

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For generations and human beings out to exist on Earth. So now Adam Alayhis Salam and Hawa begin to have children, they begin to have children. So what Allah has Salam gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

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And then later on, she also gives birth to another set of twins, a boy and a girl. Now, how is mankind going to produce and generate now? Who's going to marry who? These are all brothers and sisters? So what is the answer to this level about I hear Muhammad Allah, they say, at that time, there was an urgent and a very was a necessity. And so how was the law at that time, the law was that the boy that comes out from the first pregnancy is allowed to marry the girl that comes out from the second pregnancy. And the boy in the second one, marries the girl from the first pregnancy. That's halal. But the boy and girl that came out from the first pregnancy, they're not allowed to

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married to each other. So now it's clear who's going to marry who in the first pregnancy, there was corbeil and ago, that's the son of Adam, his name was Kaabil. And there was a sister that came out with him. In the second pregnancy there was a boy his name was heavy, and ago came out with him as well. Hubby is accepting of this ID. He said, Okay, fine. I'm happy like came out here. Oh, marry this girl here. But Kobe did not accept this gabion he wanted to marry the one he came out with, because perhaps she was more prettier than the other girl that came out with heavy he's not accepting to this law. So they went to their father Adam, deal in this matter and judge between us

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what do we have to do? Allah azza wa jal he said what led him never Abney oedema will have if Tamada O'Bannon for 2 billion in a hottie Hema well a mute the Cabal mineral alcohol, Adam Alayhis Salam came to his children. And he said I got a solution for you all. He said Happy Go and get the best thing you have an offer it to Allah azza wa jal OB go and get the best thing you have the best sadaqa you want to give an offer to Allah? And how are they supposed to do this? Take whatever you have, go on top of a mountain and please sit at the peak of the mountain and leave it overnight what's going to happen? Allah is going to send a fire and the fire is going to burn and consume one

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of the two, whichever one of the two the fire consumes, then that person has the right to go ahead with that which he wants. So heavy went and he's a farmer. And he got the best cheap he had nice, healthy, fat cheap. He went and grabbed that and give it as a soda for Allah. He put it on the mountain kabhi he was he was a farmer,

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in crops and so on. So he went to his farm. And he picked the worst crop, the world's worst.

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He pulled it out from the earth, and He put it up on the mountain.

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Overnight, Allah azza wa jal sends a fire. And it consumes what it consumes the sheep. So that means the soda, the soda, a lot of heavy oil has been accepted. And as a result, heavy oil is now allowed to marry that girl that came out with Bobby. But the point here is this

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heavy. Why was he sadhaka accepted? Because he offered that which he had the very best off. He offered the best he had. And Kobe in South Africa was rejected, because you're offered the worst you had. So what do you learn from this? As a Muslim, you're supposed to always offer the best you have in life. When you're studying for an exam, you do the very best so that Allah azza wa jal except from you. When you do an exam, you do the exam and you give it all you have the very best of your effort. When you're giving advice to someone, you give the very best advice. When you are praying, you get the very best of select and you pray it. Everything you do for Allah offer the very best of

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the best you have. Put in maximum effort the most you can put right in every examine every study with a relationship with a friend, whatever it is, give it the best you got, because that's what most likely will be accepted. If you give the worst of the worst, you need to question yourself, is this what you want to offer Alonzo version? For example, if you pray a Russian solid, what is this what you want to give? Is this is it. This is what you're offering Allah.

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He should be very careful. When you're giving something to Allah. Make sure it's the best of the best not because Allah needs it. How do we confuse Allah

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isn't the only thing you do. You're the one that needs it and he will give it to you as a gift on the Day of Judgment. Right so photocopy let me know how they email me Taco Bell Meenal Allah, Allah azza wa jal excepted from heavy and he did not accept from kabhi. And then

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how the millimeter bone mineral Africa in America Kabbalah minute 13, heavy, he said Allah except from the righteous. So that means offering the best is a sign of righteousness. When you offer the best, you are righteous, and that's what Allah has declared. So Alhamdulillah this is a blessing to know this. Now, Kobe is not accepting. You see, we did this whole thing. And Kobe is still not accepting copy and wants to marry the girl that he came out with.

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So you know what happens next, Kobe becomes jealous of happy that Allah accepted from him, he became jealous. And this jealousy is a major sin. And whoever becomes jealous is imitating a bliss, because bliss was the first one to become jealous. And that is when he became jealous from Adam, when Allah said to the angels to make such that to Adam Alayhis Salam, he became jealous. And so the idea here is, when you're in school, there might be some of your friends that Excel and they are better than you in their studies, and they get better marks and better results. You might have brothers and sisters in your house, maybe your brother is better than you in memorizing Quran. In studying in

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learning in a certain sport. Maybe your friend is better than you in soccer, and you have no clue how to play soccer. And so what does the shutdown do, he takes advantage of this moment to make you feel jealous about this friend, hate on him. See in your heart, I wish he loses his skills in soccer. I wish he feels his next exam. I hope he gets sick and he doesn't come to school to do the exam. Be careful, this is all from the shape one, jealousy is wrong in Islam, and whoever is jealous from someone else, you're only harming yourself, and you're not harming the other person. Because the jealous person is always stressed. He's always he's nasty from the inside. It's difficult upon

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him, you're harming yourself, and the one you're jealous from, he doesn't get he couldn't care what you think about him. So don't harm yourself is it doesn't make sense that a person gets a knife and stabs himself. This is what you're doing, essentially, when you are jealous from someone, but this feeling might emit from the heart. Sometimes it's not in your control. So how do you control jealousy? And how do you suppress it? How do you control it? Very easy. First and foremost, understand that whatever people have is from Allah. It's from Allah. So if you're jealous from someone that means you're not accepting what Allah gave him. Number two, do you want like what this

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person has? Would you like like him? Was Allah Muhammad foreplay? Ask Allah azza wa jal from his fevers and his blessings and Allah who will give you even much better than him. And then the third thing is go to this brother or to the sister of yours and say, brother, Masha, Allah, what an awesome result what an awesome girl that was. May Allah azza wa jal increasing goodness and grantee even more success. That's how you kill jealousy in your heart. Go and show him how happy you are for his success. And as a result, if you do that, when you make dua for your brother, there is an angel that makes the very same go out for you. So if Allah azza wa jal accepts that sooner or later you

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will become like him and perhaps much better Allahu Allah. But these are matters in Allah azza wa jal is Han but you're supposed to know how to approach these matters of jealousy. Jealousy is very bad. Look what it does now.

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So copies jealous from his brother Habib, absolutely jealous. So Allah azza wa jal, he says,

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Allah azza wa jal, he says, What to Allah him notably Adam will help you rebel and to obey them in a hottie email me Taco Bell, middle alpha, they call it the Aktueller neck. He said to him, I want to kill you

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see where jealousy took him. He wants to now kill him physically harm him and put an end to his life. Call it out to LA neck. So if you don't control jealousy, it continues to grow, grow, grow until you do something really bad that you will regret calling out to the neck. I'm gonna kill you. Calling the medical biller who made the pin he now set the inline vessel per layer that can it actually may be better simply near the illegally act to duck so now heavy it comes to his brother copying system. Listen, if you're going to extend your arm out to kill me, I will not be extending my arm out to kill you. I'm not gonna do it. And so what we learned here as well from the

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characteristic and the quality is

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Have a believer is that when someone wants to harm you? Yes be strong, be tough because the strong Muslim is love to Allah azza wa jal defend yourself. If a person wants to harm you hold his hand back and push it away. And sitting fear Allah, a Muslim doesn't harm the other. So that's, that's a solution for bullying. That's the solution for bullying. When students bully each other, and hit each other and insult each other and curse each other and swear at each other. Don't do the same thing. Don't if someone swore at you, and someone cost you or someone even wanted to harm you, defend yourself hold his head back push it.

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And Yanni heavy in this state, he said in your behalf of mahalo banana mean, I'm not look if I want I could have harmed you. I could have swore at you as well. I can do a deal I got a ton. But I fear Allah how social so I don't engage in this practice. If your manners are horrible, why do I have to make my manners bad as well? Law I am class and I have Muslim etiquette and I work as a Muslim. So I'm not going to allow your bad manners affect my manners. I'm not going to become bad as a result because you're bad. Leaving Don't touch him and defend yourself right? In a half Allah that's the reason because I fear Allah and a Muslim with his Muslim brother is supposed to be good. He's

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supposed to be good. Right? So as a result in your half mahalo but I mean,

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he didn't give him advice, heavy steam

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in you read one taboo or be with me, or if me Katakana means have a negative authenticate yourself of body mean, he said, I want. I don't want to harm you. And that's because if you harm me, then you are going to return back

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with your sins and the sin of my murder. Without what the federal government was having now, and you'll be from the people of the fire, you'll be a loser. And that's the nature of sins. Anyone who approaches a sin is on a path to the Hellfire unless he makes Toba and turns back to Allah subhanho wa taala. Sins are harmful in all aspects of life. They destroy a person's mental health, emotional health, physical health, they destroy his spiritual health. This was a sin does. And now he wants to commit a sin of murder and any other sin does the same thing. And today the things are plenty, right? People are people are smoking people are vaping people are watching adult adult content on

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their on their phone, through their social media. All of these are sins. There's no goodness in a sin. It harms you and no one else. So he gave him advice. He said to him, listen, be careful. You're on a path to the hellfire. And that is the punishment of those around themselves. Allah azza wa jal, he said, for the work level, we'll have to cut for Catala Hello Scobie. The jealousy grew, grew and it overtook his life and he killed his brother. He killed him. Allahu Allah him how he took a rock. He threw it on his head. He killed him.

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For Katella for us, Bahaman Aloha city. He killed his brother immediately right then and then he became a loser.

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He said I'm telling you the moment he person commits a sin. At that very moment he becomes a loser. You've lost everything. You've lost everything. Right? Because the most important thing is your relationship with Allah you've damaged. If the relationship with Allah he's damaged, you've literally lost everything. You've become an AHA city unless you quickly turn back and you say stuff but Allah, Allah azza wa jal, please forgive me bestow Your mercy upon me. And that is a quality Allah loves from the believer. So there's always hope to retract and to correct the ways and to rectify your relationship with Allah azza wa jal Takata, Allahu Akbar Hamina ha city Subhan Allah,

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and you see the thing is here.

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When a person commits a sin when you commit a sin, don't encourage others towards the sin. So he fought off the sin is bad enough to think of it. And then he went and executed upon someone he involved someone in his sin. And so if Allah azza wa jal has tested you with some sort of haram don't involve anyone in it. Today, it's very easy to share the same with others. And there's a button for it share. You can share her profile with a friend of yours or a haram content, picture, video, music clip, whatever it is, and you keep sending you know what happens when you do that. When you share the sin, and you You are the cause for someone else to fall into the scene to see it. You

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earn a bad deep for that. And that's a quality of a bliss, because a bliss when he was cursed, he said

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to Allah, no, we are known as mine. I'm going to deceive them all. I'm going to make them old fool interesting. So when you encourage a sin hater, you're doing exactly like what the police did. So the belief that needs to be weighed, if you've fallen into something, don't you dare share it with anyone.

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If Allah azza wa jal has tested you at, say, for example, your smoking, don't smoke in front of people, don't let them see this. Don't encourage anyone to this behavior, and continue to ask Allah azza wa jal to give you the strength that you break free from it. And you know what happened with Kobe, when he killed his brother heavy, and the Beast, Allahu Allahu wa sallam said, listen to this carefully. He said, every single murder that happens on Earth.

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Kobe gets a sin for it.

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From the day he committed that murder, he's in his grave. Now. Every single murder that is unjust on earth, he continues to get sins for it.

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The thing is, if you start a sin, every single time a person does that sin because of you, whether you know about them or not. You continue to earn a sin for it. What a horrible road to go down. Don't come near it, rather introduce a good deed. If you taught someone something good. And that goodness continues to spread in the community, if you shared something good as opposed to something bad, and that continues to go around your friends. And Allahu Allah where it ends up in the world, right because the entire world is connected today very easily. You will sleep that night and have said that are being added to your good deeds. They are beautiful it is. So you need to be very

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careful in this matter. We're coming to the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal, he says, for that alpha Allahu Lobban, so now his brother's dead, he doesn't know what to do with the body. What do I do with this body? How do I get rid of it?

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Allah azza wa jal is sent to cruise.

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Why to cruise? Why not an eagle? Or a vulture or a lion or something else? Could you say anything else? Why Hola. See the lob. It is it suitable for the crime. All comes from the word Hurry, hurry, it means something strange. And that sin of murder was something strange it was never seen ever before among mankind, and also the Holub the crow is black. And black is an evil color. It's the color that Allah azza wa jal will change the faeces of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment. What the SWAT do your faces become black, they're the faces of the disbelievers and those who rejected and Islam. So this crow is black. And it's called strange, because the crime of murder is something

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strange that had never happened before. And also it is black in nature, it's filthy. And that's the nature of all sins. They are all black and filthy. And I said to you, every single person commits is making a black.on His heart as indivisible Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, you know, you see if you had white clothes, the boys they are wearing, why would you take a textile and start putting dots on your coat? Like if you scribbled on your white clothing, it'd be much better than putting one.on your heart a black dot, which is a sin. Because on the Day of Judgment, it's not your clothes that are going to be judged. It's the heart that is going to be judged wa salam F sudo as Allah azza wa

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jal says, so we need to be very careful. So now this body, what is he going to do? These two crews fought each other. One killed the other. The one that survived, dug the earth, and buried the other one and close them. He said the away letter just to call them if the heather got up. This is when now heavy. Bobby Lee said

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I should be like this girl I should do like this group, where you're so lucky. So he ducked the earth, and he buried his brother for us by Homina nadie mean, he became from those who regret he became a regretful and that's exactly what happens to a person when he falls into a sin. He starts regretting. Look, look, look, these people that commit the crimes today, shoot each other, stab each other, sell drugs to each other, hit each other, all of them number one, losers number two regrets what are they? Why don't they walk among the people have freely an open and I'm here, why they hide like rats in a in its cave that you have behind? Because they are regretting that you're worried

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that you're terrified for every moment they're going to leave. And if they don't repent, that worry and terror will follow them in agreement on the day of judgment for takuna minnows have been known as Allah azza wa jal said. So we need to be very careful. Finally, Adam Alayhis Salam

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A towards the end of his life now because his son came back. And his father was angry for what he did and he killed his brother. He is go by, and now Adam Alayhis Salam has reached the point of death, it is time to go. So Adam Alayhis Salam gathered his children. And he said to his children, in the ash, the human female agenda, he said to them, I am desiring a fruit from the Paradise, go get me something from the paradise. Because Adam lived in the Paradise he knows that tasty has missed it for many years, because it's been on Earth, there's no access to fruit from the paradise. Is it possible for his children to get fruit or not? It's very impossible, are they going to go? But

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you know what they said? They said, Okay, we're going to get the fruit from the paradise. And they walked out from the house, and they ruined the Earth to find some fruit of the paradise. What we learn here is, you all have parents,

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obey your parents, listen to your parents, even if the task seemed impossible. Here, this is an impossible task. Where are they gonna get him fruit from the palate, but they didn't stand in front of their dad and say, Dad, what's wrong with him? Are we gonna get fruit from the paradise for you, in front of your parents don't show these banners. Because these type of manner is a sin. Rather, you lower your head, and you lower your voice. And you say to your mother, and your father, house, no problems. My mom, my dad, I will listen, I'll get you out there. Like, I'll get you what you want.

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Listening and obeying your parents is a form of worship, and it earns you great reward. It's a worship unlike anyone else. So be careful of this matter. And be aware of this matter. Now, especially when your parents say to get up and pre read your plan, revise your cancer, help your brother your sister, listen, especially if it's a possible task. Anyway, they're going around looking for this fruit. And as a result, what happens? Allah azza wa jal sends down angels. And these angels, they come down with shroud shroud is the thing they wrap the dead person with, and perfume from the paradise. And they see the children of Adam, they say, and the children of Adam

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didn't know who these people are, because the only people on Earth are the children of Adam says do you, they said we are angels, and we are coming to take the soul of your father go back Colossus they've yet to get any fruit. So they rushed back to their father's house, the mother, he said, the angels entered in human form, of course, and Adam knew, he knew that these are angels, and he knew that these are angels. And what became worried she became scared. And she said, Where are you going? Where are you going to leave us because until now, no one has naturally died yet. So Adam Alayhis Salam said to her, well, Halle beanie will be nonetheless it can be. He said to her, leave Arcia

00:32:57--> 00:33:41

Hawa leave me between me and the angels of my Lord. He was now prepared and ready to go to Allah and to meet him. And such is the case of a believer, if you live a good life upon Iman upon Islam worshipping Allah azza wa jal, always purifying your heart throughout this still fall through adobo, solid, and being a good Muslim with good character, etiquette and manners. Then when this time comes, you will look forward to death, not looking forward to the pains of death. But looking forward to meeting Allah azza wa jal, which is a matter that comes after death, like family history. But imagine a person that lived a life of corruption and rebellion and transgression. Right and

00:33:41--> 00:33:51

filth and garbage and sin after sin after sin had he won't look forward at that moment. angels that are black face, blue eyes will come to him

00:33:52--> 00:34:04

and they'll rip his soul out and that's the end of his life. So ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us a life upon goodness and upon righteousness and political the other will still for Allah Allah Allah confer still fuel in the Horn of rural Rahim.

00:34:09--> 00:34:28

Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi Abaddon Warband has also lost a limb or Allah Allah He did very well especially and Mohammed dylib Abdullah Sasha did hold your Shiva Kumar Kumar who tell me I'm getting better if he had been FC within NaVi Malaika in most of battle could say why Yeah, because of Akkad has been quiet in Muhammad.

00:34:30--> 00:34:59

Musa Lunarlon Nebia your Levina Manu solo Lu Ali Iasa limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad Kamal Selita La Bella hemo Anna Ali Ibrahim and Nick Homido machine Allahumma barik ala Muhammad, Allah Ali Mohammed Camelback de la Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in nica hamidou machi the Rebbe Allah in Allah has more of an add on so anyway Eater is a barbell and honey fracture it will carry over a year ago Camilla come to the karoun Let's go to Allah and Allah Lehmann Julius could come Oscar Ruhollah Ania

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Here's it Kumala Nicola Akbar Allahu Allah momentus not only