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you always

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had yourself to show them

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part have met Kevin and he met at 17 and

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they're also completely at the end of the year.

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Let it be her in a larger thing that Steve

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the personality that

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he created

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he Johnny ethicacy Parliament handed off to the world builders in Canada, but how long have you had this severe and you know what, I had to suffer at home if it was monopolies

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or hospitals

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where the sicker people have been more likely to heal

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having to deal

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with the

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instead of moving on to the thing, that is it and

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how long

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the story Can you hold on to the

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for the lead simulated for Mr. Elliot wave,

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le rally

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he the personal data

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set to study them, who

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are we to be in person but instead check as a clinical study that allows you to be healthy.

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

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when you truly

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I do or suitable

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for employment how do we actually read it

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to some new ageism

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in the mythology, wideout cm removes the

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need for natural

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allottee intentional acts to solve

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total mental health.

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Mental have a lower libido or control gets heavier

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and larger amounts related to health so what am I hiding

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behind me because you will need to have to move at a very young age after having to

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lose a few key tell that

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what am I doing I have you held with you my usual but I'm

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really excited for the

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movie and the heavy tools of the Tony hammer and he attended Dr. Nieman when he is learning

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tools have become you have to assume or have led who would be delighted to have further decided

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to come here and we entered entertainment at Santa Clara de la Johanna who would not have worked for county police but in Canada when

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at a stage where people were in a room full of wheat on the shelves or hospital

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and see what we have today. Hold on

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one minute and back to work eternity if you haven't seen the show. The island is set up article zero will tell us about the Arctic national holiday.

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Qatar Qatar Huracan.

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With what you have to bow apparently I've seen so what are you in

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does all this show kikuna if you will do delight to highlight Hellboy from time

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to time to have a character with the American

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happens and then Kadima have discovered that either they unleashed a breath when I mean if we're near to that were established to mobile we're going to do the best with the massage to serve the woman her direct way to drive to death and when I met him he was he has a lot of us you'd

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have to have a wonderful sort of some sort

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of civic RSVP and you just

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to have your deed or potentially defeating team of whom carpeted how to work the shop and I want you to read that in addition to what I learned there was a grind to the DNA of who we

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are in our magnetic field How can I extend that

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and then also skyrocketed How did you lead or move on

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put in our to z

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entity we fit into what he was allowed to do and the idea

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was to

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have not only direct health was too narrow if you don't follow Him, we will do the show this idea of course we are going

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to know how to protect How to delete or completely

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avoid to add energy to now How could you how to govt detail that you have what do you have victory and motive it's about using delay to measure

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and look

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at the world to

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do one more analytic exam

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sharp and he will

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not focus in how did you do to unlock yourself

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and oh well not how to do how to delete an object

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and certainly not counted in GDP vote and he will have a look at that it's not hard to keep had to delete it and one of the unfortunate heartless margin targets of how to delete what doesn't have to be here at the Santa Fe two technologies he

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has a gap data me to see Peter Islamia be useful to

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me when we attempt to deducted the nap

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to Judy, whether they are afforded society now to do the watch as

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well. To the Islam you're allowed to have more female genitalia matter to you tilter dude was super

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super hard to see how they grow in the territory that they have. Some of the highlights are testament

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to our five year

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old Acadia, we'll see them at the lobby so just be sure to send it either in there as well by the End of Audio but wherever you stand it will

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be helpful for another show cleaner doctors Okay. What do you mean? I don't even know what to do almost with a deep within the the ceiling. How do you feel

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about the camera totally blew it alima will know how to get

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in there

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for washing machine or

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whatever or so I will do

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tomorrow or

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But we got to show her to put her to work.

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And that

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was sort of

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sad that women who vote

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women will soon be

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that he was when I

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started to

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have a real tour I need

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repeat what I said

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Check me in it took me a while to ringette the TV wires

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including the height, we're driving

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into a school cooler, he had a bath because of your share the

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elders do overlap a lot as

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as a legitimate idea

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for chemotherapy, when you find out if he hasn't backed out 100 in sharing what you've offered him or growing via how there was a larger the lighter and your diamond he had the hardest one which he saw you have when you're

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when you're fueled, he wouldn't show up with

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me in July.

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losses have

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easier, with an attorney

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and handle

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All praise is due to a lot of room and made a Peace and blessings of love the apartment is yesterday.

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At the turn of the 20th and the turn of the 21st century, a movement emerged in the West commonly referred to as the new atheism. This movement consisted of secular humanist intellectuals from various Western countries, headed by some contemporary Western atheists, most notably Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and Christopher Hitchens. They, along with others authored and published a number of books that rose to prominence in Western society, which were also translated into several languages, including Arabic. This movement clearly left its mark on the contemporary leave of ageism, both domestically and internationally, such that many of today's leading ages are

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found to ascribe to the ideology of this movement. As for the direction of this movement, which distinguishes it from the general direction of track of traditional patriotism that has prevailed in the West. It has been described as being hostile to religion in general, and to Islam in particular, than to be described as establishing proofs for atheism, which as we all know, is the denial of the existence of God.

00:12:36--> 00:13:19

The central theme of discourse of the movement is that religion was not tolerated, it must be confronted, criticized and exposed in every possible way, even if resorting to harshness and hostile tactics. The general discourse of this movement has been characterized as having clear traits of what we can call intellectual terrorism, as it is strongly based on verbal abuse and vicious tactics, especially that which concerns the foundations of the faith and the sanctity of themselves. Through this thesis, I have sought to define the new atheist movement to shed light on the factors that led to its emergence to identify the most prominent figures who have led the movement to show

00:13:19--> 00:14:02

the impact of the movement on Western society, and to explain the most important foundations upon which the movement has been built, and the most common features that characterize it, identify presenting the most important issues and politics dealt with by the new atheist movement, along with a critique from three perspectives in light of Islam, in light of modern science in the West, and from the perspective of Western researchers. Then I concluded the thesis by drilling to link the level of danger that the new atheist movement poses on Muslims, searching on ways to confront and counter the moment and highlighting some contemporary Islamic efforts that we made in confronting

00:14:02--> 00:14:41

the movement along with an assessment of those efforts and ways to improve them. In conclusion, I turned to a word thanking him for his uncountable blessings, and assisting me to complete this work. Secondly, I thank my parents for all the years of sacrifice they have put me through my upbringing. Until we have reached today. I asked a lot to grow up in good health and prolong their lives upon his obedience, and to have mercy upon them as they brought me up while I was young. Thirdly, identify wave which has been by my side all these years in support of me, allowing me to put the time needed into completing this work. May Allah reward her for patience and service. I would also

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like to take the opportunity to thank my teacher and advisor, Dr. Abdullah Amina for overlooking this thesis and sharing with me is important and valuable advice. I would also like to thank the dissertation committee, they are both doctrines of a brave and Dr.

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need to read my thesis and share their valuable input that will only add to the value of this work may Allah reward them for their time and effort I asked a lot to make this work to happen solely for his sake and that he accepts it and brings benefit out of it made a piece of lessons that will be upon his normal profit

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believe it's instant before

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the new de la Beth

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wishes they can only listen of me or

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what happened

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work in

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field the big pat on the back

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and wondering Wonder

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Woman men send your

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lucky no is

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a different shape in linear policy but we

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will be

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fine COVID had a tendency to move Moodle you

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either have from Salem State

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and Alabama for in the history on who affairs from

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and whether there was

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it without questions how did how did how do

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were in Canada the consumer then the source the hour they said

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well who should add

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I know maybe only is so clear at the end

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I love

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you guys universe even fee.

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nice. I can know a lot

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of reasons

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as to what we're how we're here.

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And as Albion will want to an O

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g there

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was no real

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to conceal

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unreasonable fear. How did you eat? Well young

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Middle English.

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Well then go up your car and go to an RV. Where you tangina where you come

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Bill how are we?

00:19:20--> 00:19:25

We are located at the Louisiana Law Center. How can

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controlling the near future

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then is bad news.

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Having some kind of work, you should have the tougher job so that we saw jeevika