Murtaza Khan – Surah An-Nasr – The Victory

Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, who continues to be a discussion these final few ayat of the Quran of Jews Amma, whereby the Surah or NASA, one of the only real Medina and Surah has in his collection of 3637 sources is the only Clary Surah being a Medina and Surah like shortall Bayona. Inside is Jos whereby the surah is giving a Bushra giving a glad tidings to the believers and specifically to the Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah Allah seldom because of the previous sort of sort of caffeine speaks about belief and disbelief about what is the right concept of a bear that in

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that he subhanaw taala so the end result has to be presented to the believing individuals, the unknown Quran Badal Bashir, what are the the Quran in between giving you glad tidings and warning you wherever the Quran warns, or tells us to stay away from the corner stay away from the file stay away from sins. It gives us the glad tidings about Srila Deen nucleotide is the believing individuals. And that enticement is the nature of the human being Allah Allah Mahalik Voila, painful habia there is no Allah spent I know what he has created is the most subtle, the most aware. So he knows that a human being needs when according to English language, a carrot and a stick incentive

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needs to be given that there is not all doom and end for the believing individuals. There needs to be blessings giving inside this dunya to encourage a believer to continue the journey that I am on the right path that's amongst them Moran you guide us keep us upon the straight path in Surat almost stuck even all of us know what the straight path is, is asking Allah conda keep us steadfast. Let us continue that journey of being on the path of an Islam because this is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that he guides an individual to and Islam and more specifically a roadmap begin to dissect it more closer proximity towards the Quran and the Sunnah of the teaching the prophets of

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Allah and you sell them. So this sort of gives that Glad Tidings either Janice robola, he won't forget that when the the help and the victory of Allah Subhana Allah comes, because this is what the believers need inside their lives, that this is towards the end of the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so Imams duty inside his work, and it can't be aluminum, boron, like the moms are corny, or zirconia is aluminum to volumes. They discuss about what is the final Surah of the Quran. And in that is near enough unanimous agreement that the final complete Surah sent to the Prophet sallallahu sallam was Surah to NASA, these three yet this surah the final surah you only need for

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approximate 80 days after the surah sent down Surah Al Catherwood being an early makansutra In the first two or three years of Revelation, then this surah comes in a chronological order, but being sent down many, many years later, to the end of the 22nd or 21st year of revelation towards the end of the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam does some of the early makuleke Surah a toe deer this the surah of farewell, the Fae will Surah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. So this surah gives a farewell reminder to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that there is going to come the victory either What am called to be a cool feat of Siri ew Manoj Caja, it has happened. It will speak about

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the future tense is speaking it has happened. Victory is going to be given to you. And the Quran in three places or the Quran gives the believers this Bashara who will lead the or Sarah solo Bill Hooda what Dean is the author would have been equally well carry on machinery code. He is what he said is messenger with alHuda with the right guidance and the firm way of life of Islam Deen of Islam to make it prevail. To conquer to rule to overcome all other forms of they are not all formed of other religious beliefs or concepts is a promise of Allah there are three times inside the Quran inside show to Toba and unnamed sort of Toby pseudo took the turn. So give the believers the glad

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tidings and it gives the hypocrites monastic in the glad tidings that the appropriation will prevail, will rule he is Dean will conquer and rule over whatever exists on the face of the earth at that time, and in the future time as well. Then inside Surah a SFX a surah. Once again speaking about meeting the battles of meeting those individuals who disbelieve in Allah spent Allah and then for the third times I saw alpha, the 14th Chapter of Quran which has been given a title Surah alpha with a distinction that the ending of this is ends with waka fer Billahi Shahida And sufficient is Allah founder to stand as a witness that Allah Himself Subhan Allah is a witness that Al Islam will

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conquer and rule

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This is a promise from Allah Subhana Allah and inside the Quran when he speaks about such concepts let under because Lucia in English then we've translated perhaps, but when it's mentioned in the Quran, the Allah is Hakan. That is a reality that Allah has had that will make this happen when certain things are mentioned in the Quran. So this is a grad tidy for us believer believing individuals that the end is a good ending. There's always going to be blessings of Islam, Imam Shanti decided to see he mentions woman not through Illa mean in denial, Aziz al Hakim, with victory this surah is like this verse inside the Quran. What is victory except for from Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah Aziz al Hakim, Allah didn't say a look a fool Rahim. Even this early may have spoken about when Allah Allah uses certain names and attributes in certain locations on the Quran. They should have a profound meaning to study Why did Allah use Aziz al Hakim, the old mighty the old wise woman, nostru Illa min and dilla then the MACOM there's no extension of merciful. being merciful to people being kind to people over looking over people is a point of establishment woman Nasir el Amin in Diller and azizul Hakeem victory and conquering and ruling and dominance and power is from Allah Subhana Allah, that's one of the another MUFA said he mentioned the Quran, that this concept of

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victory that we need to remind ourselves is from Allah. Allah is kind of whenever he wants, wherever he wants, with whom he wants, he will grant victory, because some of us have become so full of ourselves, that we think that victory will come via my efforts on f of a certain group of people or certain type of people, the real inner meaning of the surah many of us fail to understand and save yourself what is the concept of victory woman Nasir Illa, Minh and dilla. Allah is the One who gives victory to whomever he wants, wherever he wants. And whenever he feels Subhana Allah that this is the right time for the believers to be conquering, to be ruling to be given dominance. But until

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that moment arrives, the believers continue this struggle, because Islam isn't a political agenda that some may try to push inside society or people who speak about revival in society of these people. They weren't rude. The intent of an Islamic government or stomach scholar isn't to rule. That's not the intent. No one seeks to rule. You seek the people ruled by the book of Allah. That's what you seek people to do. That's the distinction. But that's why the non Muslims have trapped us in ways of mesmerizing our minds but make us debate amongst ourselves that these people don't have political hierarchy or they want to control and dominate. And we forget the crux of the issue. The

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crux of the issue is it in hook move Illa dilla and hokum Lilla the rule and governance is for Allah Subhana Allah is Kitab Allah Subhana Allah. So as we argue amongst ourselves, the main objective is taken away from us. And guess what happens? The main rule, the main conquering the main dominance is also taken away from us by whom, by Allah Subhana Allah until Hector Tangerina Illa de nickel until you don't return back to your deal, that if I had to sort of a Buddha would sell not Allah Allah bulan Allah has set down a disgrace upon you and will not lifted until you don't return back to your deen and inside I mentioned three or four different elements, either Tobiah tubal Aina you begin to

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deal with a new type of no middle a riba type of usury will have to be a double buckle, you take the tails of the cows, what are the two misery you become happy with cultivation of the land, meaning this word is all your end goal. And Allah mentioned water optimal Jihad ifisa Belynda then you leave striving and struggling in a way of Allah subhanaw taala then select Allah Allah come Golden Lion zero headquartered Jonah in Edina calm Allah has sent a disgrace upon you disgrace upon whom this must have OMA Hadith and as soon as a Buddha would read the checking of this hadith and expression in Hadith by late shake of a Shem shake now so did Alberni Ramadan la la, expanding upon this hadith

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that what is the current state or a current crisis of his Muslim whether he wrote some maybe 20 odd years ago, explained this hadith in Solon of RBW. If I'm not mistaken, we find the inside is surah. We find this encouragement that the end is a good ending for believing individuals, that if there's not victory inside the studio, we don't visualize it. At some moment in time, the victory is going to come either just enough slowly Wellfit when the victory of ALLAH SubhanA Subhana wa Tada comes indicated called the surah. He calls the whole sort of bites first and either Genesis Allah that is Surah, either Jaya and Asuma. This is the surah whereby the victory of Allah subhanaw taala comes,

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then they begin to discuss what is the victory of Allah Subhana Allah, and I'm sure he is ready to sit he mentioned his Kulu and where men are No, sir, old form

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victory. He says not just a victory over the sword of a people is a victory of the mind, the victory of the pen, the victory of the intellect, the victory of initial Islam, the victory of spreading of Islam, that also the initial Islam, Islam will spread in society. And that's a form of victory because the Islam and yo mcmurtrey la cadena calm, what macdaddy community what are the two local Islam Medina, Miami but Islam they find at least Islam a term total submission, total peace, total tranquility, total contentment. That's what Islam is. And the other side that Islam Allah mentions is dealing with Adam, a way of life of justice, equity, of fairness, of tolerance of understanding.

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So don't fall into the garb of these people that say, when Islam said that you you amputate someone's hand or you slumped this top of someone's hand, it doesn't quite work like that. It's a long procedure, just that they boast about their the the Queen's counsel lawyers and barristers and the loads and the judges that were civilized people that we studied cases, and the Tribunal is another hearing. There's no exception, right in Islam, Islam follows a better pattern because they took the pattern of Islam. The judge will see the reason why this person stole the amount he stole the ramifications around it. And then finally, at some point, the judge may decide that this person

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needs to face this penalty, a deterrent. It's not all the time. It's not all the time they exist inside, inside society inside Islamic society. They try to portray inside the world that this is what Islam is what they try to harm the society, that you find that many non Muslims that they feel that to be under the codification of Islam, they find pleasure in that they find happiness, they find contentment, that crime rates are low this peace, this tranquility, there's just a look at it the evenness around us that the security force is supposed to be protecting us in society, they could keep it up and molest and harm and kill people. They can even dead bodies, this individual

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close to 100 people dead individuals, that is molested they are dead in a mortuary a human being can't even imagine this. That two dead people two dead dead girls and dead women, he cried out these atrocities. So is the punishment for this individual. Just a simple punishment in Islam is a great deterrent to show society, that even one case is is beyond acceptance inside Islam to send out a strong message that everybody follows the same pattern. This is a punishment they're going to face inside their society. So Allah subhanaw taala gives us glad tidings of of giving this cratonic A victory. As you mentioned the victory of Allah Subhana Allah either a general victory, or

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specifically alpha. In the eighth year of the summit calendar we find that the the conquering of Mecca was given to the prophet Elijah Sunday 20 odd years of striving and struggling till eventually coming to the point at the end. Now victory is given to him study the Sierra, look at the victory was given. There was no warfare. There was no fighting. It was just became right at the end of the of his journey that he had he had done the footwork. He had done the the the essence of the work of preaching to people if people knew what Islam was, they were at the end is a Jana Sula. In fact, we're at NASA yet Hulu Rafi de la afuera Jaya people at some of the elements of fussy dimension at

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the edge. They're watching to see what the rest of the Arabs would do. Are they going to follow suit? If the if he enters as a victorious individual we're going to follow along with the rest of these tribes. Because over these 20 odd years it shows that the dean of the Prophet Islam is the right Dean is the right way of life and protection. And as you find the similarities between Surah Yusuf use of addicts up to 12 Chapter and the Prophet ism in the Sierra, in the concept of the dominant look at the journey of users on the 12 chapter 110 verses, read the surah see the journey of the hardship of user utilization in Romania taki Allah spear for in Allah Allah you'll be more

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agile Masini whoever is patience, patient and desert and has that resolve and commitment affairs Allah, Allah never lets the other of the believer individuals go to waste. So he had that tedious journey, difficulty of the difficulty, and then at the end, he's given the glad tidings of being placed as a custodian, custodian of a mission of the Treasury, given a prominence that dominance and likewise the profit and loss from from being an orphan individual. being expelled for America being fought against being thrown out from Makkah, was a mother and O'Hara and her name 100 Ollie suffering what is torture? Till eventually returns back to Makkah. What did you say to the people

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were often what are you going to do with us? Did you think the progress was like us some some ferocious

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vicious people, vile people. We don't forgive we don't forget. That's not the theme of the prophet Elijah, as many of us have forgotten. You know many of us are small, trivial things. We don't forgive people. We don't overlook them. You know, they harm the professor. They they basically killed his wife Khadija make you live in a barren Valley. They struck his cheek broke his canine tooth, they trapped 70 of his companions and executed and killed them. What did he say to them that the three Balika will Yom Yom rolana como or Hamura II mean, same was abusive La Silla. What his brothers brethren came back to him. What did he say? Did he say all my brethren you you harmed me?

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You done this to me? You done that to me? He said letter three Valley Coolio no reproach, no blame upon you. These are the same words that the prophets have said to his comrades, to his fellow tribesmen, he said, no blame upon you. And he did. He said to them. It Habu, the ultimate tilaka, go you're free. You're free individually look at a reference he gave to Abu Sufian. This leader who's animosity to the Prophet. So he said that whoever comes to the door of Abu Sufyan is safe, is safe. Why to give him that distinction that rank because who saw it was chakra while Macomb is a person of prestige of dignity. So let's give him that bit of dignity that respect that he wants. There is no

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harm. That's what Islam says no harm, stepping down. This is called an egoistic behavior inside our society. The ego the nuts is what destroys the individual when they because the ego is also a deity that some of us that we worship. People just think that deities as a gravestone or statue, studied the world at the moment, those people have an egoistic behavior. They don't worship stones and rocks and statues and graves and shrines, their worship themselves, because they believe they owe powerful, they will Mighty, the untouchable and approachable and questionable individuals. So that's what they what they do in such society. That's the reason they do it. Because they believe within

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themselves. They're powerful individuals. But they fail to understand the message of what is real victory. This is an victory. This is a temporary victory. There's an element that discusses that is Sora. What is the real victory that's given to the believing individuals that some of the elements go to the View, let's just ignore this victory even at the conquering of the Kaaba. The real victory is a victory of oneself. One nuts one within oneself, that's the real victory and the victory of returning back to LA Spandana. Writer nurse yet Hello Duffy delay of words for sub they Hamdi Rebecca was stuck through. So somebody Ranima saying that the fussy ignore the victory, what gives

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you victory and a stiffer Toba? That's what gives you victory at inner but in Allah, saying ignore the concept of victory of being powerful and dominant. Yes, it's important, but it's an inner meaning inside the surah Why is Allah saying that after his victory has been given to you and has been given to you seek the forgiveness of Allah? Why after Salah do we say a stop for Allah three times? Because the human being is always going to be deficient. The mind may wander, the heart may wander, life may wander and as we began a woman natural Enderman in dilla retrieves it from our own selves. The Quran says one more Ramita is Ramita well attended Allah Rama on the day that you threw

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it wasn't you yeah rasool Allah Allah so that you threw on that day, Brother We threw and the dust and the particles went into the eyes and the faces and it blinded them. Hmm. Allah's Candela in the Battle of her name. In our debit computer threat to comb, you began to be proud of your numbers and your your entourage, we're not going to be overcome this date not non Muslim Muslims say that we're not we're not going to be overcome. So Allah place this form of loss for them to awaken them to remind us believing individuals could no shame in Allah. Everything is from Allah subhanaw taala we have to just make our efforts that we need to do. So how you find an estate for what Toba? And I'm

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sure he decided to see. He diverts totally and says that this is the third that we need to do inside our life is what is in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah to Silla, I personally think this is trivial. Why in this location, we begin to discuss about the concept and the forms of his tickford Because we don't have the right form of his despite what Tober you're not calling upon Allah subhanaw taala appropriately, you know, asking to look from data appropriately. So your DUA May Allah forbid. Not that we hope that for any individual may not be responded by Allah Subhana Allah, because there are there are prerequisites of every Imam Abel am a Josie and Saudis works of,

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of Dora speaks to a Dora the Scylla derives a sword a sharp sword, a sharp sword will always smite will always strike will always

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Cut. So how comes out door doesn't strike? Because it begins to discuss that is to do with that zero is to do with the arm.

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That the prerequisite of making will do in a state of seclusion devotion, commitment using the right Alford the right words, the right pronunciation, the right asking to Allah and Allah helps you to strike the sword.

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And that's what many of us are we failing that the prerequisites are missing for even a victory that we dream about that we aspire about. We have not fulfilled the prerequisites. This concept of stiffer and Toba and placing oneself in a state of humiliation in front of Allah subhanaw taala Hatami Tamia Rahmatullah speaks about what is a Buddha? Oh Buddha is to disgrace yourself in front of Allah Subhana Allah to subjugate yourself to make use of the lowly in a state of a bear that in front of Allah Subhana Allah and even a basically sorta mm sue these are these tafsir he speaks about that when when the Imam when the Khalifa is given victory, and some discussion about the

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authenticity his narration that the Imam is to read eight units of prayer when victory is given to the individual shukran dilla thanks and gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah woman natural Illa mean in Delilah Aziz and Hakeem that this is a victory which has been granted by Allah subhanho wa taala. Even emitter theories that is the seed he mentioned for yesterday for us to have boo the Amira Jaysh. Either footie Hala, who is recommended for the leader of the Army, that when when lands and pull down, countries and nations are opened up for the individual, this individual and you Salovey or Wilma yet Hello. The first thing a person should do when they enter into this land is environment

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is to offer the prayer, a sugar dinner he Subhanahu wa Taala so we find the importance of making this Toba and return back to Allah Subhana Allah as a numerous element the Passito hetta, you find honorable kappa be understood the meaning the deeper meaning of the Surah So you ask the Companions around and what is the meaning of this surah Sakalava don't know enough room law. This is a victory for Allah. This is a success of an Islam. He said all of this is good. Then he asked even adverse towards a man Quran asked him what is the meaning of the surah he said this the meaning of the surah is is the demise is the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said that's exactly how I

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understood the surah that now that your journey has been completed, victory has been given to you prepare yourself for an era and as you find other places that the Quran will ask you to highroller chameleon Oola will only be man a dungeon that the accurate better for you, then this dunya your task, your mission has come to an end. You know everyday we should think our mission has come to an end. But even more so people who hit the age of concede was 1650 and 60 years of their life going beyond that they should have this mission inside their mind that this is the end of my life. Even though all of us should be prepared every single day. But when you get to that age, person should be

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prepared. This is the end of my life, as I say let us to tie up the loose ends. Whatever needs to be given to people of wealth for property, whatever its own, wherever tie up these loose ends, and then begin that journey towards Allah subhanaw taala that's the wise individual. That's what a wise individual who sees that, especially as it is COVID who sees the depth of people around them and loved ones around them. person picks up on that and sees that look, these are loose ends.

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Not necessarily at the age of that a day could happen to any one of us. So only to be preparing ourselves to just return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala in Mombasa decided to see he mentioned that his surah is giving to glad tidings or two topics I've mentioned inside this inside this surah the first be the glad tiding that this either Janos will lie well fat isn't just for that moment in time it's forever. It's when tell the Quran is lifted from this dunya that the victory and the hope of Allah subhanaw taala will come that's a Mirage is deceived. In a Jana Shula will first discuss what is alpha beta and NASA will fit a long discussion he has inside his seed was a distinction. But most

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of them I say both of these are similar. Allow min Allah help and support from Allah Medina victory on a victory of McCann, a victory of Islam and a second Beshara inside the Surah The second is not a glad tiding it's the first sign of the beginning of the day of judgment. The first time the beginning of their judgment is the device is the death of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that's the beginning of the day of judgment. That's all well ishara as well enough Ashraf to serve Allah mal collected science of the day judgment that's the first sign when he when the program was lifted from this dunya in the coming years when we're in Dhamma you tune in the coming YouTube alcopop look at

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the Quran is unique, accurate. Francis Inaka al Kitab carefully Kpop calf is speaking Maha Baba speak to someone

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Allah Allah speaking directly to whom is speaking to the Prophet Allah says Inaka may you tune? Why no may you tune, you're going to die, and everyone else is going to die. This Hip Hop should be for us. No one is going to live for eternity, or be eternal or be immortal. All of us have to leave this dunya supposed to leave the studio in a state of an estate Third, we're Toba Villa subhanho wa taala. And we find that some of the relevant mention that this is the father Toba, it changes affairs. How do you change your condition? How do you change your life? How do you change your perception is by making Ollie stiffer. The person can just have Rilla sub a mirage of a battery

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wired up for me tomorrow. He's to seek forgiveness 70 times a day and in some duration 100 times a day. Who is that? That's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam 100 times a day used to seek forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and even his surah Allah mentioned to over the Quran, that to the end of his life Subhana Allah will be handed as head to Allah, Allah, Allah and a stop Furukawa to Willie he used to become excessive in making this drama of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala that's what really changes you. For Colchester funeral have become endo Kanak of Farah your silly semiotica mid Aurora in such Surah Noor same messages given for call to stop through a Baku endo

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Kanika Farah YOLO noted seek by forgiveness endo Canada Farah, your silly Somali comida ah Hello send down the rains. The blessings upon you doesn't really discuss that the concept is deferred brings about the blessings whereby it is a plague is a drought this these afflictions adversities hardship difficulties, what should we do? We should call upon Allah. We should make Toba Illa Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and likewise even the end of the surah whereby speaks in no Kana to webOS contos cathedra Kabu LittleBird the body as you began with Allah, Allah gives glad tidings to the believing individuals. And Allah subhanaw taala accepts the Toba I told of the Muslim individual man

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um you harbor as long as that the soul doesn't come to the top of your your throat and then then you begin to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, that then you then you believe way your Akula it now you will be her and some people in every single sign of Allah shown to them now you may not be here, they don't believe in them. And we are Muslim received these signs. That's what we should be always in a state of an interval at Toba and asking Allah subhanaw taala that someone really spoken that average individual, we are so bogged down in concepts about other people. We don't specialists. We don't remember we're not fuqaha but we're so bogged down in these intricate matters, which has to do

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with specialist individuals. I hate to use that word but we've wasted our life. We've wasted our intellect in this worried about these things that don't really concern us and it will essence in truthfulness, Allah would ask us about them. When asked us about this, Bala when asked about where is your Toba? Where's your stiffer? Where's your Santa and Aboriginal ways? Where are you from turning away from Muhammad from karate towards and move ahead towards an Helen towards repentance? Where are you from? That that's what Allah is going to ask us. That's what we fail to understand inside Allah because this is what the society around us teaches us, as we mentioned, to go away from

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Prime concerns. prime concern is cool and Fusa como Alikum, Nara, save yourselves and your family members from the fire. And if Allah bestows the ability, then you begin to encourage other individuals, but don't become one who stands upon humanity stands upon people, judges upon people. It's not upon us to judge the perfect some had every right to judge. There's so many individuals he paused and He forgave the Overlook. He understood the psyche of the people around him. That's what made him a great leader inspirate inspirational leader to his people. And of course, they saw that that's at the end of the semester. They said that we you are noble brother, a noble son, and noble

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Klansmen. You're nobody now you are part of us. He was always part of them. He was part of the Quraysh The only thing that made a distinction without Emmanuel Cooper. We are as we can say, part of the society. The only thing that makes a distinction is an Imam will prefer that's what makes the distinction otherwise living inside the society a person should be there giving glad tidings of people the deen of Allah calling him to the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah 100 years old Tofik inability to remain true to the covenant teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

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