Mohammad Elshinawy – My Son, Do Not Strut

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's ownity is discussed in various ways, including avoiding danger of arrogance and being a "brighter person". The concept of being Yokward-ish and returning Islam to the United States are also emphasized. The importance of men being accepted and rewarded is emphasized, as is the need to be mindful of behavior. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a garden and a car.
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In the camera heated and terrain over here on a sculptural

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fusina with a DR Marina

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Mayor de la data for mo de la la la la la la la la la la la

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la sharika Hashanah Mohammed Abu whenever you hora pseudo yeah you hola Dena America por la hapa to party e wallet mo to Nayla one to Muslim moon. Yeah yo Hannah suta hora como la de la comida hidden wakulla caminhada Weber semi humare gelang casier Amanita watamu la la de de la una Viva La hum. in Omaha Canada a Kuma Viva La Vina America por la la la ku colons Edita use la cama de como el silicones, and overcome menu for a la hora de la casa feliz and alima all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we turn to Allah for protection from the evil whispers we can ourselves and from the consequences of

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our evil deeds.

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For remember Allah guides when can ever lead astray and remember our lovely industry none can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion with Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was indeed in truth, His Prophet, and his service and His Messenger Humala, there was a sense of a mercy to the world.

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Oh, you want me man? Oh, you I believe. commit yourself to the topo of Allah to remaining conscious of Allah, diligent and obedient to Him as best as you can, and do not be caught off guard by the end of your life caught off guard by that, except while in a state of complete and total submission to Allah state of Islam.

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To begin moving towards the conclusion of the advice of Luqman Hakim Luqman the wise or the Allahu anhu to his son.

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We concluded last week with him telling his son after enjoining him to prayer and the promotion of good and the prevention of evil and patients throughout. He said to him Allah to fire Karina, do not turn your cheek away from the people don't turn away from the people your face, your cheek and arrogant. And we spoke last week about how this can happen. After promoting good and preventing evil and leaving resistance or receiving backlash it could develop in you a superiority complex

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when addressing the people.

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But I wish to revisit the second half of the implication here, do not turn your cheek, turn your cheek away from the people or turn to the people with your Jeep while being addressed by the people. So not just when you're giving advice. But when you're being addressed or advised by others.

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This is extremely important that the believer a lot of their agenda wants us to try our very best when we deliver advice we deliver it in the best form.

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But when you are receiving advice, you are open to receiving advice in any form. That's the way it should be. No matter who it comes from and how it's packaged. Even if it's in a way that's inappropriate, you should then look for the benefit. In those words. That's what you should be focused on. That's what you should be looking for.

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Because people, even sometimes your opponents among people can see in you what you can't see about yourself.

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That's why they say if you want to find your flaws, ask a wise elder or an honest friend or a staunch enemy. Because the enemy may hate you so much that he investigates after you to point out your flaws for you. Whereas you don't look for your own flaws though your enemy looks for you. So you can actually capitalize on that by using them, whoever they may be as your mirror. And in general, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the movement the believer is the mirror of his brother, not just your enemies, of course, they should. A mirror shows you the spot you can see on yourself your blind spot. And so you should seek from people an opportunity to find

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out about yourself, your blind spots.

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Even if those people are younger than you even if they're less knowledgeable than you even if they're less practicing than you even if they're inferior in any way to you. And it's amazing how our lives are just humbled is prophets like Mussolini's Salaam by transcending him someone inferior to him like a hard them to teach him when he doesn't know. And you find some fun like, today, man alehissalaam being taught by a bird was inferior to him.

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things in my house will be relevant for everybody. I have come across some facts that you you don't know about. I know things you don't know.

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And so we should be very careful whenever we are addressed by people to not be resistant

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and to not be focused on the betterment, the benefits, you can find them that because this is not from the people, this is actually a lot of villages who caused this person to be a conduit, a pathway for this advice to come to you. And if you reject that you're rejecting it from Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Huma Abedin asahikawa whom are Everton fee Dini? For he and Emma to Mina live here, Kathie Lee, any servants of God that comes in is approached by some exhortation some reminder and his religion, it doesn't have to be is no hiding, it could be someone pointing out to you something that will bring you closer to your

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I remind you that benefits your religion, then this is a pure gift from a law that was delivered to you in in war Kabila be shocked if a person receives this grateful how to receive and gracefully by listening to it, accepting it acting upon it, if he receives it with thinks with gratitude, what he loved, he said from a lower than him and if he doesn't

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care and a true jetten meet Allah He Ollie, then it becomes one of the arguments the proofs that I level a hold against him. Leave that behind is meant was that Allahu alayhi wa Sahaba and a reason for him to be increased in his sinfulness and a reason for him to be the recipient, the subject of even more anger a lot to become angrier with this person. So when someone comes to you with any sort of advice when they address you, even if the advice is incorrect, you still want to say is that the location from holding your duty at least and then explain yourself. So you don't discourage people from sharing advice in the future? tell them exactly locate them for your VEDA for your protective

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jealousy of Islam. And the Muslims This is a good thing. We have to promote that culture that we accept and we listen even if it's things we don't just turn away when we are addressed by the people. And and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his

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behavior and his perfect conduct shows us another implication of this word. That may not be the primary meaning while at the cutting edge, don't turn your cheek away from the people. But it could be implied also local men may have meant it as well, which is not Don't be arrogant and turn away from the people. But don't turn away from the people in a way that could be seen as arrogant.

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What do we mean by that? When you talk to people turn to them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can either tell a man inshallah theory of the perfect character, the prophets of Allah, this will have as a when he used to turn use the turn entirely. He will give you his undivided attention and turn to you fully when speaking to you. Because of the manners that are of course very challenged in our day and age, by the many different distractions in the world. And the main different distractions of our devices. Sometimes you don't even have to turn your body come on you you need to look up from your phone. That's why people say that when you respect someone get the

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phone off the table. Because even having the phone facedown on the table means what? The only reason I'm talking to you right now is because the phone hasn't rung yet. The reason is on the tables, because if it rings, I'm going to fake it, or I'm going to look at it. And so this concept of empty fat is shows people make people feel like you consider them unimportant, which is the behavior of be arrogant. And so don't be distracted. be collected in all that you do when you're in something, be in it with your entire team. Be mindful in it. Try to minimize this behavior we need to all work on it.

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Don't turn your cheek away from the people in arrogance, or even resembling the people that are arrogant.

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And then look man said to him what well SMC fill out the model. Don't turn your cheek away and don't walk on this earth like you own it. Don't walk on the earth. Monahan means like exultantly as if you're some royalty as if you own planet Earth. This is like the other verse and certainly throughout our lives though justice will attempt she believed him or her don't walk on the earth like this exultantly in neck Atlanta call Alba olanta Beluga g Bella Pula because you will not puncture the earth. You're not going to stomp through the earth. Stop acting like especially tough guy you're not going to puncture the earth, or Lanza biloba, g Bella coola. And you will never ever

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grow to be the height of a mountain. So long lot of debt telling you these two inanimate objects on top of you and under you. You are confined between these two and by them.

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You're not strong enough to put a hole in the ground.

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And you're not tall enough to match that pile of rocks over there the mountains. So walk the earth like a slave, like a servant of God walk the earth with humility

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and have to work with us to say about this. He says I used to live near the man cave as I kept borrow analogy out of the way NEMA, who are shifnal to mentor robbia He says, How do human beings walk on this earth on the face of the earth with arrogance? When they are nothing but a handful of deaths from it?

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He says, and work as a cabal, and how did he become arrogant? And he is the same person that he says to intend to Encino who Alka that's a little bit of sweat sweat caused him to think this could mean in your perspiration or it could mean that you sweat and die really fast and all of a sudden your bodies are decomposing to NC double alpha. He says v babka and he is bothered by a little bug

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woke up to Lusaka and that he can get choked up at any moment you swallow something down the wrong pipe. It's very fragile right the windpipe and the throat going down to your stomach and then you just get choke one quick detour of any bit of food or water getting into your lungs to injure your lungs. One shock or one moment of choking could be the end of you like how could you get arrogant

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and so look man who's telling you some don't walk the earth like arrogant people walk clear don't struck construct and pound and you know demands attention when you walk. And then he concluded look man continues to say in LA LA LA you hit boo Kula medallion for whom Allah does not love. People that are more 10 they struck pace with arrogant that for who and they are boastful they want to call attention to themselves. They want people to have all eyes on them. In the law Hello, you have bucola medallion for May we never be on them a lot of money. I will be generally a lot of Thailand during the Battle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he saw the odds that were in front

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of them. He lifted his sword to the forehead and said who will bear my sword today the sword of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so everyone was eager to carry it. And then he said many who had a thief he be happy, who will take this sword and live up to it and uphold it to do right.

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So people became intimidated to disappoint so they all put their heads down. They will retracted their their volunteer ship. But that will degenerate into love your love life. I will do Jana students that I will yellow Salama, and so he took the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sword. And he pulled out a red fabric, a bandana of sorts. And he tied it around his head to call attention to himself a bright color. He didn't want to shy away from anything on that day. He used the cold Isobel to milk, the the, the headwrap of debt, that one of us is going to die. And I'm not I'm not afraid to be that one. And so he took this sword and tied his this red band around his head, and he

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strutted forward structure like an arrogant person. But he wasn't doing it in arrogance. He was doing it to intimidate those who came confronting Allah and His messenger who came to defy a lot of messenger. And so the Prophet from Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to those who have it, you see how he's walking is in amisha tune, you believe to Allah who he left he has an elder, Allah hates when people walk like that, except in the likes of this

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procession in the lights of this scenario.

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And that is why I am American with the Navajo law one time he saw a man in the city among the Muslims, an arrogant man walking with an arrogant people.

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And he said to him, Mr. Alexander,

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and Avaya who have the mission in the vein of fame. Don't you know that a lot of despise that someone walked like that, except between the two ranks between the two ranks of you two front rows of the opposing armies, basically, the battle right? Allah hates it in any other situation. And so the man was taken aback, he was insulted that Maliki would speak to him like this in front of the people. And so he said to him, msre funny, like a loose translation. Do you have any idea who I am? Like, how dare you speak to me like that? Like you couldn't tell me what if either you couldn't like mine your business? How can he speak to me like that? Don't you know who I am?

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And he said to him, I do know who you are. He says, a one who cannot forget when America that your origins was a drop of scattered fluid, referring to the fluid of the man.

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He said what our hero cap g federal pudiera and your end state

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We'll be a rockin carcass, right, some decomposing flesh. What Anita Vina Houma, middle area, and between those two states, you carry filled, you have feces that you're inside of you don't you, you have stool inside of you.

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And so the man was kind of broken by these words. And he said, and our attorney, our attorney, have been modified.

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But he's as if he's saying is the first time someone has ever properly identified you. Someone has ever humbled me about my origin. To think about that you walk with this, the waste that's inside our stomachs at this very moment,

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we walk with it around. And if Allah prevents us from

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removing it prevented exit from our body, one of two things is going to happen, right? Either we're going to die, or we're going to be rushed off to a surgical table, and they're gonna have to cut us open. And our whole long list of complications are going to ensue from there. Thinking about this concept, the origins of the human being

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is a very pedantic methodology. A lot though, it just tells us

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that the man when he's trying to humble his companion, and we should try to humble ourselves. Before we tried to humble people. He said to his companion, I can follow Toby levy holla can mean to Robin film, me know prophetic to metta wacka Jolla, how could you deny the one who created you from there, and then out of a drop of fluid, a drop of * and then turned you into a man?

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And so we must always remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being who he was.

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The greatest of humanity said to us in Allah to Allah. Oh Ha illa Anta wallbottle Allah, the Most High instructed, inspired in me to relate to all of you, that we must all be humble and no person should brag in the face of another person, and no person should feel they have a right to transgress against any person for life. Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla you want to wear nice clothes, you want to wear nice shoes, feel free. But don't ever think that you have any edge on any person by virtue of that any person has any less significant w because where they're from what they wear, how much they have.

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Because a speck of that will prevent us from going to paradise. That's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said nice clothes, my shoes good Allah beautiful. He loves beauty but arrogance, which a speck of it will bar you from gender is to be little people and reject their advice to reject the truth they come with.

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And if that is not enough to scare a person that remember this last Friday before I sit down, I will rely on dr Mohan said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Bane June Once there was a man yem schiefer Latin he was walking dressed in a nice suit basically MTV shows up dressed in a nice coat and I suit

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more jevelin bien FC conceited with how nice he looks. Mirage chillin rock so roxo having combed his hair so he has his hair set up nowadays you say with some jello or something or a nice haircut. He has a sharp His hair is sharply comb nicely gold, conceited because of the suit he has on ya tied up machete

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strutting in his piece struggling in his walk in herself her love will be suddenly a lot of villages. Casa de means cause the earth to swallow him. The scholars said this is this is not mean that the person was swallowed off the face of the earth when he died. This means that all of a sudden he found himself in the earth in his grave. And then a very specific punishment for struggling on the earth for acting like you can puncture the earth as the verse mentioned, will be applied to women is great. All of a sudden he found himself under the earth, cause a whole lot will be for who as a general general feel out of the ELI O'Neill piano and so he continues being yet a

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gel gel. Even the words in Arabic

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resonates from what's happening here. He's being shaken he's being shaken down into the earth further and further referring to the torment he received. He continues plummeting, plummeting plummeting in the earth, until the day of judgment will overlap.

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So May Allah protect us and you from the ugliness of arrogance, and from the stroke of arrogance and the blindness that comes with arrogance, and the torment and destruction that is the end result of arrogance. Allahu momina Buddha already had that was tough for a while.

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Attempted Ilaha Moscato Salaam Allah millinery Avada Allah you

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Hey Lola hula sharika hoshido Mohammedan Aveda who whenever you who are solo

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we will return to the last statement the last verse in the divisive lokman about the Allahu anhu in a coming quotable inshallah to Allah

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to address the item at hand that we had pre alluded to or begun discussing last week, which is the next door property for a building now going under contract. Many of you know the story of this Masjid and that a lot though agenda driven us out of our message with a fire

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to grab the semester four times its size, and a parking lot told four times as many cars but due to the distance of people's work places and the tightness of their of their lunch breaks 120 cars by Allah's Grace is not enough to fill the masjid or serve the community. And those that need to pray your mind needs to come with their family members of praise Omar and Bismillah, much more than just the gym operators.

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And so closing on this property next door means a number of things over them and in sha Allah to Allah over 200 cars will be able to attend the Juma prayers here. And may Allah accept from all those that can help make this possible love them. I mean, it was not in our plan, it was not in our decisions, the man listed the property and so we are stuck with a rock and a hard place we either purchase it now or only Allah knows what the next tenant will have. And so after bargaining him down from over a million dollars to $700,000 now, we have just gone under contract to provide him and he's giving us an interest free payment plan over 10 years that inshallah pizzeria that will become

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an endowment that will become, will pay itself off once the down payment discovered this $300,000 that we have to have before the end of December. This is what our contract is with him before the end of December, we'll complete the $300,000 that we need to close on this property.

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And I pray that this is the last major historic step in the building of this facility. And we can move on to what we are most invested in which is building the people inside of the facility. May Allah make that the reality of the moment. But speaking of historic moments and historic expansion, a person could not help but draw a parallel This is exactly how and we feel honored This adds to the excitement of it of this big day in Sharla pulling these two properties together and opening them on each other. When the Prophet from Allah Radha he was elementary Medina was a historic day. It was a humongous day everyone is celebrating and everyone is singing and a flat think about it like a flat

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the camel of the Prophet for the love audio Salaam is surrounded by crowds of people and he's telling the people get out of its way a love will inspire it's where to stop and it stopped at a particular place and the people are around the deeper wondering where's this place going to be at the community is going to be centered around and Allah had it destined that it's stopping the place that became a mystery the number we the prophets must have a fabulous allow. Eventually the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walks over to one of his companions who owned a garden next door to the masjid.

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The parallel is very interesting. A garden right next door to the masjid. And he asked him how much would you sell this garden for? They want to buy it from this man collect the money to buy it from this man to expand the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and so as one of the young scholars he says you can only imagine like the man was was probably confused by the question like what do you mean? How much am I selling this for? Like you can just almost see him there for Plex like out of luck. We give you our lives we promise that if you come to Medina, nobody's gonna touch you. We will all die down to the last men before we let anyone hurt you. We gave you our blood basically, on demand whenever you see racing for gender, I'm going to hold back one of my garden

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even if the dearest garden to me and so the man said, O Messenger of Allah LAN of mobile termina who Illumina

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we will not accept payments for this garden except from a loss of high level without and it became a walk for the muslimeen it became an expansion of the mezcal who would Who would ever think like that now 14 141 years later,

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we would be sitting here saying man, how fortunate this man is.

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Every record, every bowing and every with every act of frustration like every dollar that is made every demo on tear that falls in that message and what message it is not any message. This is the message of the Prophet for love. aliotta love all of that. This fortunate man is gonna find that in front of him on the most difficult day on the Day of Judgment.

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And so these are the opportunities at times a person makes it they make it with Allah, they become a celebrity.

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Without large diligence, because of one transaction, there was just like, you know, a man will be a lot of data. And if you think about when the prophet SAW Selim was also in Medina, and the Muslims could not find access, easy access to water. And so he said to the people, who would buy the aroma, who would buy the well of Roma, which was owned and then partially owned by a Jewish man, and it was very difficult for the Muslims to find water. So he said, who would buy this well, for Kunal, then who who mean Hakka del muslimeen, and their share of it would be like any other Muslim share, meaning to buy it to give it up, and we all get to use it.

00:25:38 --> 00:25:44

And so earthman enough, and as you all know, he steps up and he buys this well with a fortune of money.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:01

Speaking in materialistic terms, of course, and without asking to be celebrated without asking to be recognized without asking to be honored. He buys it and he just walks off, can you imagine, like with his own bucket, and he just gets to the back of the line like everybody else above the line.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:12

And then imagine, since that incident, a year pass, two 510 years pass, 100 years passes, 500 years passed,

00:26:14 --> 00:26:31

847 years pass, 1000 years pass, 1400 years pass, and then you go today to Medina, and you go to a neighborhood college very high is 30. And you find this sign that says, This is the world

00:26:32 --> 00:26:39

and you can drink from it. That was purchased from a Jewish man, by automatic nothin about the love of Thailand, voila.

00:26:40 --> 00:27:13

So May Allah allow with this pressure and this deadline, an ability for us to rise up and imitate a bit of their love for Allah and their ability to sacrifice and and they're fortunate decisions that we continue to celebrate until today. May Allah allow us one of them and allow us to be acceptance worthy in his eyes, and be of those that are worthy of his pleasure, a lot of money and May Allah reward them in ways that only he can to kind of hold on a lot of masculine or feminine. Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah wa Sallim wa barik Ala Moana became common. A lot of Muslim Muslim and non Muslim as well Mina Mina, Allah head injuries ambushed in yellow banner, which I'll have to check

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