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Hasib Noor
AI: Summary © The importance of men and women in bringing a balance between the creator's words and the values of the people of their country is discussed. The Prophet Muhammad's actions, including his actions during the time of Abraham, have been used to protect the lineage of Abraham, the language of Islam, and the people. The importance of praying for equal access to education for both men and women is emphasized, as it is often portrayed in violence. The need for men to be allowed to stand up for their beliefs and achieve their own values is emphasized.
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Last panelist

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mentions a very powerful verse in the Quran which teaches us the central message in the foundation of what alone wants from humanity and the mutual roles that also kind of kind of created

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men and women in and that verse is is one of the total or last kinds of circle observers that I mentioned in there was to me and what was the Matthew what what we need and what and what we know? Well, partly Tina was part of that was slightly theano. inside the pot was saw beauty never saw the light was harsh. Irina when she asked what do you think the part was for me? No, sorry, Matt. was what have you Lena Folger home, what have you what was that getting a lot of below we would

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love We would love to watch him on our window. For men and women who are devoted to Allah, believing men and women, obedient men and women, truthful men and women, steadfast men and women, humble men and women, charitable men and women, fasting men and women, Chase men and women, men and women who remember a law often, a law has prepared for all of them forgiveness, and a rich reward. And the last time that follows this up with a beautiful verse of how to balance the roles that Allah subhanaw taala gave us by by giving a reminder by saying, Well, Matt can and mean what I mean. So you either have a lawyer who was who I'm blonde, and Yahoo, another home OCR,

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which means what a lot of this messenger have decided on a matter that concerns them. It is not fitting for any believing man or woman to claim freedom of choice in that matter, whoever just always Allah and His Messenger, then has gone far astray. The idea that Allah Subhana, Allah created us in equality, to come near to our Lord is something that was so pervasive and powerful that shook the generation that the prophet SAW a lot in cinema brought Islam to. But the reality is, as we all know,

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in our communities, the pervasive practices of our cultures have caused a wedge in this idea that truly men and women are equal to come near to their morning. In fact, even something so sacred as the spaces that we have, in order to draw nearness to our Lord has become under, you could say colonization, we've had literally been invaded by a mentality that is free from our faith. And that mentality has caused in a very honest conversation that we need to disenfranchise many Muslims, men and women from not only the faith of Islam, but what the faith of Islam wants us to connect to our audience. And that is when we have made the very spaces which are supposed to be ready for the

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rectification of our hearts in order to draw near to our Lord, something that becomes limited to only one gender, as opposed to another gives access to only one particular group over another, or become social spaces for people of a particular denomination or ethnicity or social status, rather than any open to all and a place that people can feel non judged when they enter and a place that they can come to rectify their hearts. In this discussion, inshallah, on my part, I'm going to discuss with you in Sharla, what it was like in the profits of a local audience that it was time and the role the profits on the low audio cinema taught us in the mutual equality to come near to Allah

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subhana wa Tada, that what Allah wanted us to learn, and that is why the life of the prophet SAW I said, it is an application of Revelation. So if we're looking for an ideal, you have to look at the life of the Prophet, or a software setup and the ideals that he taught. No one's asking us to write the same candle that the profit growth, right or were the exact same clothes that were in six seventh century Arabia. This is not what's intended, of course, the Prophet says that lived it was a man of his time, but gave us timeless ideals and principles. And this is the power of what Islam claims.

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What is the powerful claim that Islam makes, that our ideals and our values are, in fact timeless and have a divine source? This is first and foremost, those that ideals and values are not subject to discussion. those ideals and values are subject to application based on our time and place and location. I didn't mean to make that right. But anyway, the idea being is that the values that

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We hold the only one who can bring us true equality is actually the creator that created us. If we, if we agree that there is a lord than this Lord, it's irrational and illogical for us, for him to leave us on this earth without giving us a nice for us to balance our lives.

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And that is why the claim that Islam makes is pervasive and more powerful, and we believe can bring a balance that even human beings can reach. And the reason why is what is look, at the end of the day, when you're trying to balance between you and another human being, there's always one that will have a higher favor than the other, always, whether it's a country trying to, you know, broker deals with another country, we're not going to mention the B word. Right? Like you have in your country, Brexit and what's happening, right, you're trying to broker a deal, and somebody is always going to get the short end of the stick. So the idea is that we believe in a faith that we essentially

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believe is the face that was sent to you. This is the faith, there is no other faith, there's only one faith God sent to humanity. This is the claim Islam makes. And in light of that, our Lord teaches us to live in equality and understanding with others who disagree with us, but to maintain the idea that we believe our values aren't aligned. And that value is from our warding creator. What gives us the ability to live as citizens will obey the laws of our country, and to stand for what is right, based on the values we believe to be divine. And something we believe to be a right as citizens of this country as well as the world this is a universal right of human, according to the

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UN UN Charter discussing this, the prophet peace be upon him then built a society which we believe to be the ideal in the values he taught. And this is why we as Muslims, we need to go back to that prophetic society. And this is the topic of the discussion, the prophetic society, what was it like in the political audience's time, and how the role of men and women were in his time and how it was balanced and how each particular gender was given its roles and responsibilities, based on what they could support the Muslim lifestyle in the Muslim society. Now, as you all know, when Islam came to Mecca, Islam was something foreign to society at that time, but it was not completely detached. The

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idea was that what the prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Hi, came with. They believed in the God that the prophets a lot of them spoke about. This is something that everybody in Mecca understood there is one Lord and one Lord alone, except that they attributed partners with this work. They felt that this board was in need of the demigods, he could not fulfill their prayers, he could not answer them so that he was in need of the idols that were sub or we should call smaller gods. And that is why we lost them. When you when you ask them who is the one who created the heavens and the earth, they will say, Allah, Allah created the one Lord, the one creator, then Allah said, it you called other

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than him.

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I love them response to that, and another trap another chapter of the Quran by saying they say Allah is what he means a lot is in need of these demigods. That's why we turn to them. He's a neat, he can fulfill our needs except through them. And what happens when they create a system

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that subjugates based on their own desires, rather than from a source of divinity, like you said, there's always an imbalance, there's always going to be imbalance if the ideals and values are in the hands of men, always.

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To the extent that what happened in the second time, the

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pagan worshipers stripped women of all inheritance, ever. They're no longer locked in here. In fact, there's a woman, if a woman's husband died, that man's husband in the heritage of her like property, inherited her like property. Now, this was the overarching agreement in society. But of course, there was the general exceptions and the exceptions were the elite, the elite women of the of the Mexican society, they could own property, they could have business as long as your tribe was powerful. So if you belonged and happened to be born to a, an elite tribe, then you were an elite and if you weren't, then well, tough luck. Tough luck to you. Right, whether you like them or you

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didn't, if the husband passed away, you would be inherited by his by that man's brother. In law, this was the society that Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Brought Islam to and I want you to think of something even more pervasive and more powerful. The fact that in that society, Islam was brought first, does anybody question why that is? Why did the Arabs? Why were they chosen for Islam to come? Can anybody answer the question? Why was the Prophet Muhammad from the from the last messenger sent to humanity of the faith from God from?

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From the Arabs? Can it be from them?

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The characteristics of good this is often said, because why the characteristics of the Arab was so normal that they were chosen from them the last messenger? Well, this is not exactly 100%. Right. This is the romanticization. And I'll tell you why very shortly. But this is very often said, they have the most noble characteristics on on the planet, therefore the profit and the last messenger was chosen from among them. This is a form of romanticization just a little bit, right. But what is another reason?

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Those who attended my class

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the arrows were lost, there is lost. So they needed the guidance, but something even more concrete and physical. Why was the Prophet teliasonera? Show the last messenger chosen from among the errors?

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pride? No, not because they were prideful. So there they solve their pride. They were sent a humble messenger. No.

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Good. So this is the last thing I want to hold off on. What why was the profits and from here I was less than good? Yes, yes. Yes.

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There was such a dark place that we all wanted to save them because they were the worst. Okay, so let's, let's do concrete things. First, the prophet peace be upon him comes from the lineage of

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Abraham. That's why he was chosen to be the last prophet. Very, very clear. The Prophet was asked by the companions have been around us and tell us about yourself. He said, I am the answer of the prayer of my father Abraham. So when you're introducing the Prophet, this is how you should introduce him, that he is from the legions of Abraham, and that is why he joined the nonprofit. So he said, We are all brothers from different mothers. So that's first and foremost, the lineage of Abraham is preserved through Ishmael it's not a in the Arabian land. And everybody else that came from the children of Israel,

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who were the grandchildren of Abraham, their lineages, dispersed, and were lost. Among the reasons why, because they were enslaved 120 years by the Egyptians, and other reasons, as well. So the preservation of the lineage of Abraham, through this marine is one main reason, another tertiary, or secondary reason, is the preservation of the language itself. Arabic is one of the most preserved languages in the world, the language that you supposedly studied. And classical Arabic is the same language of the Prophet Muhammad, and the language of the substratum and the language of the, to the preservation of the actual language, so that the meanings are preserved, as well as the text. And

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lastly, the most important of all of this, in relation to our discussion, is what she said, as well as you. And that is, they committed an action, which was one of the most atrocious acts in humanity.

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That if they could be saved from this kind of ignorance, that anybody in humanity can be saved. And that is they used to bury their daughters alive. They used to bury their daughters alive, thinking that it was dishonorable to have a female.

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This was a practice among people of all ages. This was one of the main practices that when Islam came a group that came to abolish to the extent of what called the low angle, and some of the earlier Muslims, he went to go free and save a number of the young children that would be killed, they will be the ones to save them.

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And this is something very pervasive that Islam came to read the idea of oppression of the woman, simply because she happens to be a woman. It's this was one of the ways a lot of times I wanted to bring balance to the society, by ridding them of this horrible practice. The Prophet peace be upon him, even in the early stages and maccha gave roles and responsibilities in light of the capacity and ability of both men and women. For men, it's very always before we started their lives into them, we all know the role of aboubaker normal life man and idea of environment, zaidan, Haditha and others who are some of the main companions and the advisors of the prophets of Allah ye instead of

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We also know of the most noble of women who are are examples and the roles that they played. None other than being the most important out of all of them. In fact, some of us, Ahava said she is the most virtuous of those companions, period.

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This is him hasn't.

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He believed that this woman is the most virtuous companion. And he went to an extreme he said, He's, she's more virtuous than even a woman.

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Okay, and that's, that's the view of the great scholar. And he said that traditionally, a lot of times, the wife of the prophets, I send them the very first believer in the prophet who supported the prophet and spent on the prophets, I send them and protected the prophets of the law, and he said them, her role is, is incomparable to anybody else. And as you all know, the rest of the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim and the role that they played it not only in the time of the Prophet, and giving him support and advice, but also after the prophet SAW said over passed away, the role of Irish on the lawn has been a central figure in Islam in scholarship, and education. To the extent

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she played a role in politics, she played a role in governance, she was the advisor to the state, when there were times of need when they needed to understand the difference of opinion amongst the companions,

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they would turn to I shall only allow john,

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as well as the daughters of the prophets of the law as a result, but there was also women in the society of the medieval period, which we need to talk about. And the idea is the Prophet peace be upon him in Medina, the first thing he did is establish the message. And the message was the center of society. Literally all of the different districts surrounded the message, the prophet peace be upon him,

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took the opportunity, number one, to establish equal access to education to both men and women. The prophet SAW myself understood that people have lives and that not everyone can come to the prophets message from the different areas of Medina. Because why Medina was not all just one place where everybody's so close to message number eight, that they pray their five prayers in the prophets message, but rather, they lived in villages throughout what's called the sanctuary of Medina. And in the middle of that century was the prophets mystery. So the processes have understood that it's impossible for every one of these competitors to reach the prophets message every single day to

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learn. So what did he do out of his genius he dedicated one day for all of the women from all around Medina to fill muster, the number we had that day is only for women, for him to teach them equal access to the restive equal access to education. And that is not only giving lectures, but also taking their personal questions, so that they can pass on this message to their families, as well as the children as well as later on being some of the greatest scholars in itself. So the message of the prophets I said, first and foremost, we'll cover this now, it did not have a barrier between men and women until 1990.

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The prophets message it did not have a barrier in that Masjid until 1995. So the idea that we're creating these barriers within our massage

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was something completely foreign to the Muslim world.

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Until the Saudi state came, and they built based on the logistical issues that they believed to be beneficial. They separated and created areas for women to pray in areas for mental break. Prior to that, there was no separation.

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In the 1980s, maybe some of you who have visited in the 1980s, women could freely go wherever they wanted it

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to be, except that I asked more than a dozen women and many of them will live in Medina to this day. They're they're learning users, even 70s, etc. So how would you all use to pray to pray?

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So when it's time of prayer time, as the Prophet said, women's line, start from the back, men start line start from the front, and then we give one or two lines for space, and we pray.

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That makes logical sense. So what about the role of love that small space we believe to be a piece of paradise? The prophets I sent him sent between my home and my pulpit is a garden from the gardens of Paradise. It gets packed in there. Now, as you all know, it's interesting there sometimes, right? So the idea is I said, Okay, what about there, they said back then it wasn't that crowded. So we just prayed wherever you wanted.

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And they would have equal access to say, Santos

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until 1995.

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The Prophet I suppose them would also dedicate advisory roles to women in his time, among them also a mother only saw

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among them his own wives, obviously, and among the women that would come and want to give advice to the prophets. I said of many

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Have you recorded via the law on Hmm. And they would come to eyes and say we would want to speak to the Prophet about this issue or that issue. And the prophet SAW someone would smile and say the women of the assault have more courage than the women of Mecca.

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The women of the assault have more courage than the women of Mecca. Why? Because they were known to be very outspoken. So when the Mexicans came, they're like the women in Medina are ruining the women in Mecca. Why? Because they made them outspoken as well, so to speak back to their husbands and they were, they meant it as a form of sarcasm in the process. I sent him a smile, and he did not rebuke the idea that women are outspoken in the society. The Prophet is often said, I've also had a number of women who participated in battle. alongside those who are sensitive, one Sahaba, who was one of my favorite companions, period, she's the dopest human being, okay, this woman was the cause of

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saving the life of a solo cinema directly. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Battle of Mosul. He was literally encircled by the enemy. And they threw him in a ditch, they launched a volley of arrows that were literally going to kill the prophet and homicides alone. And the companions dove over him, to the extent that the arrows landed on their back, and they look like porcupines from the arrows landing on their back, and they're saying our body but not the body of our messenger. So along the process, I said, when he got up, there was a man from Mecca by the name of kamiah, who struck the process of allamani Silla in his army and cracked his, his headpiece, and then hit his

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skull, and it breached the skull and cut his face.

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And the armor pierced his skin, and it it literally pierced and got stuck into his cheeks and broke his molar tooth, it softens that out with that powerful hit, almost killing, it was almost a blessing. And then the men hit the prophets, I said, and while he was defending himself on his shoulder, causing damage to the process, as a soldier for a number of months, that he couldn't walk properly, you would pray sitting down, does third hit as they were about to strike, a soldier dives in front of the Prophet and takes a massive hit to their shoulder, to the extent that it literally cuts a giant chunk off of the shoulder off permanent damage. And then they fight off of the Prophet

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if it wasn't for that soldier died in front of the Prophet, the Prophet would have done.

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There is no other companion that had this much courage in the entire Islamic history, that they literally were the cause of taking a blow that would have killed the Prophet. And they took that blow themselves. They fought the person off. And as the battle ended, the prophet SAW a lot instead of being the humble man that he was that he saw,

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and the humility that he had, he wanted to show his gratitude to this companion, and he said, Listen, where's the companion that went and defended me in this time of me, I wanted to give you my fence, so come forward. And when she came forward, it was a woman by the name of Homer Ma, and you'll say about lovely alongside

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a warrior female companion that stood next to the Prophet Mohammed Salah setup, and because of her, the Prophet slicin will say,

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and this woman also fought in the battles after the process of his death, she lost two of her sons in the Battle of your mama, she lost her arm in that battle as well. During the life of the Prophet, you go to the prophets, I said him, he knows probably this is just a normal thing of day to day lives as well. She would tell the Prophet they also a lot women are talking bad about me because of my shoulder, because it's deformed.

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So the prophets I send a smile instead of tell them that my shoulder in general is more beautiful than your shoulders and

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that my shoulders in the Hereafter is gonna be more beautiful than the shoulders that you guys have in this world. Because of what she what she did in terms of defending the prosecutor's office. So

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when it comes to the prophets of Allah, instead, it was a message in itself. It was a space that welcomed anyone to come in, it was a place of the rectification of parts. So the prophets I sent him I said, a powerful Howdy. He says that, no email, a lot of massaging alone, do not prevent the female companions. For the female servants of a law of God from the massage or the the places of prayer have a loss of kind of autonomy. And all the longer will you became a halifa. Because of obviously, the culture of Islam becoming more widespread persons were accepting Islam, Mormons were accepting Islam, people from all over the world, Africa, as well as the rest of the Arabian

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Peninsula. To the extent that all day long he made a statement. He said, I wish I could prevent women from going to the masjid because of how much people are now very free in the in the

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Society. But he said, I will never do that, because I heard the prophets I send them say, Do not ever prevent women from going to the restroom. It stopped the halifa from ever kind of enacting this kind of policy. Now when it comes to our time today, we have to realize that there's a serious problem that we have a serious problem. And that problem is that there was a cross cultural infringement of the role of domestic because of a historic reality in the time that is not no longer our time, colonialism destinated our education systems, colonialism in the countries that we originate in our grandparents came from decimated the religious structures, and many of the times

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they killed many of the greatest scholars by the colonizers. The idea was that when it was a time of pressing in dire need, the scholar said that the massage and are no longer safe place and safe zones. And the idea proliferating that women should not come out to these places, let the man go only.

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And this idea was specific for his time and place, an idea that I don't understand, you ask me why I'm trying to give you the religious justification. I don't know the justification, I did not live in their time. There is no justification religiously, other than not judging a historical context, that is not mine, a postmodern idea that we can judge everyone that came before us based on an ideal that is not our ideal is wrong, is wrong. But honestly, carrying on this practice that still exists to our day, this is what we can criticize. In fact, what it has led to is many massage, and maybe even your own city, and maybe UK in general, do not even have a space for women. And this has caused

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the disenfranchisement. And literally, you could say systematic ignorance in a number of society, increasingly women, to the extent that you have seen the picture, maybe we do see shows sometimes, and it's kind of social media, where a sister wants to pray in the masjid. And in the snow, people prevent her saying that we don't have space for you. And this is how this is not allowed. This is how long this is like, against literally the words of the Prophet. So I said, Forget the words of our Prophet who was a mercy to mankind. This is quintessentially against the very foundation of our faith, which makes them open to anyone that is in need.

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So the idea of First and foremost, preventing women from coming to the masjid in our time is absolutely something that needs to be revised, absolutely needs to be revised. This is something that is carrying on from a time that is not our time. And I have a personal practice. And that is I will never speak in a machine, which does not allow a woman to come

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ever. And our scholars and our moms need to take a stand writing a sign on promise that there is no message that should exist in this country, under our jurisdiction, except that they should have space for women. This is step one. Okay, step two is moving towards the prophetic model. And the prophetic model is, the more barriers you put in front of people, the more disenfranchised they get. Now I have a clear understanding that your realities and cultural realities and your country might need to also

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cater to women who want their own spaces, for example, women with children, women who just you know, they would like to be in a separate roof, why believe in catering to that, but not at the expense of disenfranchising a whole generation of Muslim women. That should not be the case, this is a solution. The solution is to go back to the prophet SAW something similar to build a prophetic Society of having spaces that are equal for all as well as those who want to come to find spirituality, I want you to honestly just picture this, you might not understand this, because we're just we're born into so many of us here. But I tried this in America, as I was in the border they

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mentioned which was a university message. And for some reason, I don't know why. But the guys had had an opinion with regards to the curtain between the women's side and the men's side. I said, Listen, then your business Stop touching the curtain.

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Are you going to hurt or are they going to the curtain let the current reload? Because it would be constantly move then, like why don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you? Right? And they did not understand this concept of how difficult it is to be a Muslim woman in western the Western society. So I said, Listen, let's play Let's play a game because you guys don't understand. Everybody go behind the curtain. Okay, we put them behind the curtain and I went to the front of the machine and started speaking to them. While they could not see me behind the life, like it's a problem, a kind of video from a country. Right and they had to listen

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To me, and they cannot ask questions and they cannot have access to the email. And then I came and spoke to this How do you feel? Is it miserable as it would you want to come here again, like that is the problem as a thank you for being honest. But women continuously do because they came to find a closest to their Lord not to be not to be aggrandized by another man.

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You don't understand, when you become accustomed to this, and we bring non Muslims to our massages, and they sit in a room, everyone's facing one direction. And there's a speaker of some guys yelling something, right? And it's just something strange in this society. When you literally go to your university, go to your workspace, and you say, hey, Jennifer, how you doing? How's your day, and when you come to the message, there's a dichotomy in your relationship with the opposite gender. This was not the message of

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the prophets, I said, will speak to the women while he was giving us hope, I will speak to the man that would address them with a woman for the love of Allah would stand up in the machine of the prophets like sentiment, and literally expose her face and say, oh, Prophet, would you want to marry me or not?

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This is a halys. The prophesised Cinema was very kind to her and did not say no, he simply carried on with what she has to say, and a man stood up, I want you to understand this. A man stood up and said y'all Salaam area.

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And the prophesied seven says, Do you have any money? He's if I old, something's like, Okay, that's it. She's like, the problem was I asked for her agreement. And they agreed, and that's it. They were married. And everybody else had a party that day.

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Look at the openness of society.

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Look at how the process has been facilitated for men and women to even marry from the machine environment. To the extent that one, you know, person, I'm not going to tell you his age. Okay. They came up to me and says, Can you believe that maybe a young man will look at a young woman while they're in the machine if we don't have a barrier. And I said, God forbid, people get married based on somebody they find compatible, and the prophets I said, invested, because that's exactly what happened in this time.

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So this idea of we're stopping harm from occurring, is completely antithetical to the idea of the Prophet wanted to build as a community, before building, the Prophet sallallahu audience said, I'm facilitating for that. And we need to facilitate it ourselves as well. No one can come tell you that their opinion of an Imam over the opinion of us there are opinions, I will not hide these things from you. There are opinions from a number of classical scholars who spoke for an opinion that possibly giving the benefit of the doubt was appropriate for their time. And as I know, the longest said, live in a time, that is your time, because they do not live in a time that is your time.

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So our revision of our tradition, is not reformation. It's actually going back and we call it revitalization. We're going back to the establishment of the prophetic convention of the prophets. I said, this is not the seed creating a new wave, all of a sudden UK and you guys are never gonna welcome me again. Okay. The idea is, we're going back to the message of the prophets of aloha audience. And we will end with inshallah discussing a few things that were very important in the time of the Prophet sustanon, when it dealt with giving women access to Islam, number one, the access to education and counseling, a young woman, a young woman, would go directly to the Prophet

00:33:39 --> 00:33:42

solo, or you send them hold him by his hand,

00:33:43 --> 00:33:58

and say, oh, Prophet, I have a question to ask you. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would say, go to any paths of the paths of Medina, and I will come to you there and answer your question. The Prophet solo audio center, when it came to the idea of

00:33:59 --> 00:34:17

giving space for women to have a voice, they would literally voice their concern right in front of everyone without any discretion, to the extent that almost all of the law and who applied a woman by the name of Sansa as the one who was in charge of the Islamic financial structure, she was a woman minister.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:21

She's the one who dealt with the marketplace of Medina

00:34:23 --> 00:34:39

because of the practice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam giving this kind of access, as well as the final issue, obviously, the hijab because we have to talk about it. Right. I wanted to be very clear to you on something that was not revealed in Islam until the 18 years.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

18 years. Meaning what? How much of the 23 period if you do make it into a pie, do we focus on something that was later developed and put into his mouth? Literally, we could say the last four to five years in the profits licenses.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

Life. And this teaches us something in a sample to delbridge in the show, which means gradation, revealing something and discussing something that's more important and prior before discussing other issues,

00:35:14 --> 00:35:52

that he just did not come until the fifth year of digital and that is literally 18 years. Unfortunately, our community has an unhealthy infatuation with women's dress, unhealthy infatuation with policing the parties of women, unhealthy infatuation with concerning yourself with something Allah revealed to you before your real to women. And what is that before even that new job was revealed the very first stage of what we call that new job for men and women because a job is a concept for both genders. The very first thing you just watch, lower your gaze.

00:35:53 --> 00:36:24

This was the first stage of a job. If you find the opposite gender attractive, lower your gaze. Notice the qualification I just made to you if you find the opposite gender, what what attracted lower your gaze yourself. This is the first stage of the hijab, the second stage came with men and women who used to they used to make Lulu from this same exact basin of water

00:36:26 --> 00:36:39

in Medina for five years, meaning what their hands on their arms and their legs will be exposed. So lots of pilots out I told the prophets I send them that let them have their own private areas for them to do so.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:53

Right. And then the idea came of the hijab and the fifth gear digital, when women are told to cover the shape of the body in whatever way Allah did not saying the full on where to

00:36:55 --> 00:37:17

find for me in the form the prophets I said, I never said that as well. What Allah subhana wa tada gave his conditions. And the conditions is that the outer garments do not expose the shape of a woman. And whatever way that's possible your culture is from a little lower your grandparents and your great grandmother's and your grandfather's came from had complete vision.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:59

And they did not acquiesce to an Arab eyes understanding of what a job is. or a Pakistan is understanding or Africanized or Bengali or whatever. It's the idea of your own cultures is what dictated what that a job was. And we in Britain, or in America also can dictate that as well. As long as it fits the conditions which Allah subhana wa tada has revealed, he revealed conditions can you imagine the prophets I said I'm coming to a woman and say, No, I don't think you're sure I bi is wide enough. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is absolutely ridiculous. The Prophet sallallaahu I sent him which teach people what it means exactly what we mentioned in the beginning part of our of

00:37:59 --> 00:38:44

our of our discussion here, what it means to seek in the interests of your Lord and Allah subhana wa tada says, When Allah and His Messenger have decided on a matter that concerns them, it is not befitting for any believing man or woman to claim freedom of choice in that matter. Why? Because he made their hearts attached to a one first. And I will end with this. Our mother Alisha, she told us something so powerful when we have an unhealthy infatuation with with the superficial matters of our faith, before we have built in the hearts of both men and women attachment to a law and coming near to Him, and wanting in relationship with God and wanting your prayers to be answered. And having

00:38:44 --> 00:38:44


00:38:45 --> 00:39:14

yearning for the divine. This will cause people to leave Islam based on the honey value. What did she say? Our mother Ayesha was an absolute genius. She was in a mastermind. She said if the very first verses in the Quran and Islam, the very first things to be said, were to tell people do not commit fornication, have intimacy outside of marriage. She said no one would have accepted Islam.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:47

No one would have accepted that. And if the first verses of the Koran and the and the rulings of Islam were to be stop drinking alcohol, she said no one would have accepted a son who is talking to your mind probably goes to men and women as well. Women as well. And also, I would say and add to it in our time if the very first thing you're telling a woman that her job is your entire Islam. That's what Islam is to you. People will not accept Islam because that's not what it's about.

00:39:48 --> 00:39:49

That's not what Islam is about.

00:39:51 --> 00:40:00

So what did I just say? She said the verses of the descriptions of the hereafter the connection with the divine when people

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

Hart arch attached to their Lord, they understand the reasoning why they live, they have the blessing of purpose and understanding. When they have that, then the verses of the rulings came down of what's permissible and what's forbidden. And people's hearts were willing to accept it. This is the example of our mother Otto. So he was out. And this is what the prophet SAW a lot while cinema teaches us and returning back to a prophetic society. We hope inshallah tada that with this. We can also bring to light a number of rulings when it comes to the classical understanding and cultural understanding of certain practices when it comes to women. And the question among them is that

00:40:42 --> 00:41:02

there's a classical view amongst the free motherhood, that women are not allowed to come into a machine in their menses, as well as men, or in a period where they need to take a shower after having intimacy just like women, this view and the honey bunny method, the method that I follow email not mentioned that if a woman simply makes rules, that she's allowed,

00:41:03 --> 00:41:15

she's allowed. So you're gonna tell me and I'm not gonna go as a reformer of Islam? Of course not. He believed that the idea was to have purity. So as long as a woman is pure, she can say the message.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:58

She said it was just like enough for them to just simply make mobile and enter the message, as well as visitation of graveyards, there seems to be a cultural taboo, that women cannot visit graveyards, this is this is not right at all, the view of even a little thing a long time ago, and if it hasn't, and in my life, that is just as recommended for men, as it is to women to visit the graveyard in order for them to remember the hereafter. Why? Because the Hadeeth of visiting graveyards was narrated by a woman was narrated by a woman, oh my god, a lot of said that the prophets I said, I said, I used to forbid you all from visiting the graveyard. So visit them now because it reminds you

00:41:58 --> 00:42:43

of the Hereafter, it reminds you of your final day. So visitation of of the graveyard is something that's recommended in the center as well. And with having said that, we respect the views of others. We respect the views on any level that views Other than that, but as a community, we need to start having discussions of what kind of practice we need to teach our children in our communities that is fitting for the context that we live in. And that is, at the same time harmonious with the tradition that we follow. But rather what we see today is you have two extreme people who are so rigid in their practice, that they're practicing Islam that was fit for 14 century Mongol period. And then we

00:42:43 --> 00:43:23

have the opposite extreme where people are literally creating an Islam out of their own desires, thinking Islam as ease I can pick whatever I want, as long as I'm cool with it, you're cool with it, losers go with it. And this kind of Islam creates obscene it rather than a faith that's tied to connection to a loss in frunutta. Let us seek the path of the Prophet. So I said, Let us return to the prophetic society. And the description that I have given you is all in authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and historical reality there was no separation in the prophesizing method. So let there be no separation in our massages, as well. And I hopefully inshallah tada ask those who

00:43:23 --> 00:43:27

are in positions of power as demands that they have the courage.

00:43:28 --> 00:43:55

They have the courage to stand up for the disenfranchised Muslims of our community, the 80 to 90% who feel distant from Islam because we're practicing in Islam, which is colonized. It's not a practice of Islam, which is truly revitalized in the sort of the profits of the rest of us to allow that to happen and to grant us wisdom and knowledge in order to implement it to the best of our ability was almost going to be wiped out

Over 1400 years ago divine guidance was revealed to the beloved prophet (saw) which still remains relevant to our context today. We need to understand and revive the legacy that transformed the ethical framework for millions.
This talk tackles how the prophetic legacy can be revived for Muslims living in the West. Shaykh Hasib Noor who is traditionally trained yet has lived and understands the Western paradigm will explore the pivotal role of women in our institutions and society at large. Sensitive yet pertinent issues will be examined from the gender interactions in our places of education, work and Masajids through to bridging the generation gap between the young and old.

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