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Omar Suleiman
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the first Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was so happy he woman wanna so we have covered Sofia been tablet while the allowance

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we have covered ignore Sophia azubi in an hour while the allowance add on one of the 10 promised paradise. And tonight in short, lots of data we cover none other than a smart, Vince I'll be back here. What are the Allahu taala and Homer who is a legend in and of herself as well, and someone from whom we learn courage and if there's something that underlines this entire family it is courage Subhanallah you find a bravery that is prominent in each one of their stories, and of course is then transferred to their children. May Allah azza wa jal give us courage like that May Allah give us children like that may have lost hundreds allow us to

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inherit and inspire with the courage that we learn from these people snapped into the backyard. All the allowance had on her is of course the daughter of the greatest man to walk the face of the earth that was not a prophet and that is a blue bucket of silica the law of town and her mother was Paul Taylor, Binti Abdullah Rosa.

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Now I will record all the law of China and who had a wife named Paul Taylor been tabula rasa that was divorced after Islam when he embraced Islam she did not embrace Islam, and a smile The alongside of her and her full brother Abdullah and Abby Beckett come from this mother will tailor mentality there is her half sisters were Isha and I'm Kirsten Beckett and her half brothers where I've been Abby Beckett and Mohammed bin Abby bucket if you remember with Mohammed bin Abby bucket and I hope I'm not losing you Hall but Mohammed did not be Beckett was born to a snap into mace who was the widow of Jaffa married double bucket had Mohammed bin empty bucket wash the body of rubble bucket

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married ID the alongside I know that was a smart binter mais so why is this important because we're going to find that a smart and Abdullah are the two children and their full brother and full sister the two children that play that important role on the heads up and I've had this happen to me where I'll say I'd love to have you back and and some will say shaking and I'm like no there's actually I'd love to have you back and that is the brother of a smile The lots out I'm so again the children of bubble bucket n patella, Binti Abdullah Reza smartwool, the Allahu taala Anna was not married to Isabel obviously, you know, he was only 12 or 13 years old when he embraced Islam. She also was

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young. But she is one of the first to accept Islam herself is hot lists her as the 15th person to accept Islam. Of course these numbers shift but she is from the first batch to accept Islam. And she accepted Islam at the hands of her father aboubaker deep well the Allahu taala and who she was about 11 years old at the time, that the prophets of Allah Harrison received revelation. And, by the way, it's important to note here that Rebecca will be a lot of time who is of course the one on whose hands thought Hannah Zubaydah embraced Islam as well. So this is also Pamela from the edge of Rebecca. So the color the law of town, I know from the reward of a while back, it'll be a long time

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I know. So you have a smile The alongside her and her accepting Islam early on, and we don't hear much about her in Mecca. In fact, there is pretty much nothing about her in Mecca, makin sila in general because of the nature of the persecution, the way that the community was scattered. Mecca and Sierra in general is lacking in terms of

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the amounts of information and a lot of the nobles are not thoroughly covered in the meccan sila, but with us, not all the Allahu tadhana you find pretty much nothing about her in the time of Mecca, except that she was the daughter of bubble bucket or the a lot of Thailand, a devoted follower. She's listed amongst those that would come to naturally come to come and study with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and knew had a relationship with Khadija all the Lord's had on her. And obviously if you're going to be a child of a bucket, you have to do that especially a grown child bubble bucket. As we said, as the bear comes back to Medina, and our bucket or the low tide and who

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marries Zubair to a smart in Mecca before the heads up to Medina. Within the first year of their marriage, she gets pregnant, and that's when the heads of law is going to take place and they're going to make the heads law and the smart will the law is out on her

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heavily pregnant on that day. Now, this is Savannah law where the legend starts with a smile the logs on on her is that she was tasked with taking the food to aboubaker. And to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam during the heads of LA, and she used to take her her waist belt, and she tore it into two. And then she tied the goods with two belts. And so she was given the title from the profits of a lot how it was done as that Anita Payne, the possessor of two belts, and the profits of the lahardee, who was sell them saw her with her two waist belts, and the way that she was carrying the food to the profit slice, bucket. And the profit slice I'm smiled and told her Indeed, Allah has

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given you in exchange for this two belts in paradise. So it's not just a name, in which she takes pride. It's a name that speaks to a very specific reward that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has promised her that you will carry two belts in Paradise, which obviously means the bastard agenda, which means the clothing of agenda which means that she is amongst the people that was promised paradise. And so it's significant to say that she's one of those that was promised paradise as well, obviously, through this unique incident with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So when they made the heads up, a smart Well, the law of Thailand her took the risk as a pregnant woman, a

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heavily pregnant woman, of constantly going and sneaking foods of a bucket onto the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, her brother in law was in charge of trying to hear some of the news of the people of Mecca. So she stayed back. And you can imagine the danger here and the hardship of her staying back in Mecca, and trying to coordinate with the profit slice alum, and I will back it will be a lot of time and a lot of thought. And the news reaches Abuja, that smart will the law town and her is aware of the location of the profits of the lahardee with Scylla and aboubaker as the vehicle of the allowance manual. And it's important to mention here that, you know, at this point, Abuja is

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not targeting some of the Muslims, he's going after the profit slice them himself. So this is the point in time in the Sierra, where the Pharaoh of this Abuja had the owner of the soma is trying to kill them all. He's killed men and women, he's killed people that belong to powerful tribes. He's killed those that were enslaved. He's killed people right and left at this point. He's obviously the architect of the boycott. And he is the architect along with the shape on himself of the plan to attack the Prophet seisen with various tribesmen so that no one tribe will share the blame of the murder of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I want you to actually sit with that for a moment

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and imagine what it's like for a smart Well, the law on how to be alone in Mecca at that point, the Muslims have left and to get a knock on the door. And to know it's a double jab, right? He's the size of law, the law on a smart law, the law and has seen him kill people. And she knows that he has reached the point of where he is killing anyone in front of him from the Muslims. And she's pregnant with her son heavily pregnant and she has no one to protect her. So I will just have knocks on the door. She answers the door. Abuja demands from her. Where is your father and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she refuses to respond. He asks her again. His face became red. He's full of

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anger. Where is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and Rebecca smart? Well, the law on her says, I don't know. I'm not going to tell you anything. And at that point, he slaps her so hard and she never forgot that slops panel I mean, she's, she's, you know, a pregnant woman being slapped by this huge man the fare of this unless he slapped her so hard that her earring fell and she lost her earring from that slap and demanded once again where is Mohammed slice I'm gonna record will the allow to smile the law on her with her sob little with her patience refuses to tell him and he does not kill her. And lets her lets her go in those moments. So somehow this was a difficult moments for a smile

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the law in Santa Ana, and at that point, you know she is leaving after they have assured the safety of a bucket and the prophets lie Selim as she's leaving, there's actually a conversation that's narrated between her and her grandfather, haha, or the allowance and hoonah Abu hanifa did not become Muslim until the conquest of Mecca. So you know, you find the family of Rebecca the law and who embracing Islam early on. I will go half of his own father held out in this pain double back to the vehicle of the alongside

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We wanted so badly for his father to embrace Islam. And he would embrace Islam in the conquest of Mecca, with his hair fully gray at that point, coming to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But at this point, a vocal hatha is still hanging on to the idea that this has brought shame to the people of Mecca seem to the tribes. And he goes to her and says to her, that this man, meaning Mohammed's little ice on them, has put you through so much hardship. What type of man puts you through so much hardship through so much adversity? He deprived you of himself and his property? I mean, he loves to hear your father love to hear. You've been putting this horrible situation and he deprived you a

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smile the law on her response to her grandfather and says he has left plenty for us. He's given us much right? So how long not only has he not been behaved? Has he not deprived us he's given us much meaning what the prophets lie some gave us is invaluable. You cannot put a price tag on it. And so she makes her way to Allah Medina to about she is heavily pregnant. And of course, as we mentioned, she gives birth to the first of her eight children Abdullah and she would have the following children her and as a baby would have Abdullah, a wounded. Awesome Mohajer

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and erwan okay from the boys. And then they would have three girls and guess what their names were Khadija Isha normal hasn't had a lot. So she named two of her daughters after the two most blasted wives of the Prophet slicin Cathedral, the law on her and then Isha her sister all the alongside on her. So these were the eight children that they had. And as we mentioned, when I blog was born, she is the narrator of the those moments when Abdullah was born, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to her to, to take Abdullah to mix his saliva with Abdullah to to carry Abdullah and to make their app for him all the Allahu Tana. And she would have a lifelong journey. She would be there with

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Abdullah until the moment of his death, and then she would live shortly after him as well, which we will talk about. Now when she was in Medina, there are a few incidents that are narrated about her in an Medina. One of them is that she mentioned Paul Taylor, her mother came to visit her in Medina, during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and again,

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the you know her mother had held back from becoming Muslim. So patella did not accept this now, but she wanted to come and visit her daughter, Esma and Medina. So she didn't know how to react to her mother coming to visit her mother abstaining from becoming Muslim. And now she's in Medina. So she said, I went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I said, Yes, a lot O Messenger of Allah, my mother has come to visit me. And she desires to you know, to receive, you know, reward for me, she desires to be in my company, should I keep a good relationship with her and the profit slice on tells her to show a son to her to keep a good relationship with her mother. And of course, this is consistent

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with what Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the plan, we'll assign an incentive bydd Asana, that we have commanded everyone to show excellence to their parents, and even if the parents will enjoy Hidaka until shika visa if they command you to associate a partner with the loss of Hannah multilotto. Homer, then do not obey them. And instead keep a good relationship with them, even as you do not obey them, in disobeying Allah subhanaw taala associating partners with him. So this is an incident with Paul Taylor, where the Prophet slicin tells us Matt will be alongside Anna to do the same. Now what was her situation like? It was poverty. Okay, so you're going to see with the

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life of us not well, the allowance had on her that she never got a break from struggle. her entire life was struggle was struggle from the very beginning when she accepts Islam until the very end of her life. It is struggle, it is tyrants, it is poverty. And she explains the situation. She said, when is available the law of Thailand who married me, he had no land, he had no money. He had no servants. He had nothing else. He had just one camel to get some water and he had a horse. She said, I used to graze his horse. I used to provide fodder for it. I used to look after it. She said I used to ground the dates for his camel. And besides this, and and you know, grazing the camel, I would

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make arrangements for providing it with water. I'd patch up his leather bucket, I would need the flour. I would do all sorts of things. He said I wasn't good at baking the bread. So some of my female neighbors they would help me with baking the bread because they were sincere women. So we had nothing we lived in absolute poverty and this connects to the end of us.

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Where's life right where they just live the life of debt. So she said, and I used to carry on my head, the date stones from the land of Israel, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wasallam had given to him as a walk pheasant endowment, and it was a distance of two miles from Medina. And this is actually another narration as well that the Prophet slice I'm gifted as obaidul, the law of the land that he could, that he could benefit from, because he didn't have anything. He's so busy with battle and so busy, you know, being a general, in the army of the profit slice of them, you didn't have anything. And so she said, You know, I just go and collect whatever date stones I could. And

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she said, One day, I was carrying the date stones on my head, and I happened to meet a laws messenger sallallahu wasallam, along with a group of his companions, and the prophets lie, some saw me, you can imagine the scene the difficulty that she is in and you know, if you remember the story of faulty model, the law and this is a testimony to sincerity, by the way, right? faulty model de la Honda was struggling, and she's the daughter of the Prophet sighs LMS not well, the law and her struggling, she's the daughter but Rebecca on the line. This This was the life of struggle that these people lived. And they did not, you know, take from the the wealth of the take from the wealth

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of the nation and bestow it upon themselves. So this is a smart, the daughter of a bucket who the profit slice of them had told on the hedge law. You know, when he saw her carrying little food that she did in her waist belt to the profit slice, I'm Rebecca, that allow would give her a different waist belt and agenda. And he's seen her in this way. And the profit slice alone, he, he got down on the profit slice and made his Campbell sit down, and the profit slice, I'm invited a smile, the lavon had to sit on the camel. And she said, I felt shy to go with the men. And I remembered a zubayr or the allowance data I know and his sense of leader, his sense of jealousy, and his sense of

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honor. And he was a man that had the most veto. So I didn't you know, not only that, I feel shyness. But I also you know, was worried about how is the Battle of the outside and who would take it right. You know, me riding on the camel of the prophets, I saw them with all of the men in that situation. So I you know, I basically looked at the Prophet sly some and he understood, the prophet SAW some at high emotional intelligence, he understood my shyness, my reservation. So the prophet SAW Selim, he didn't say anything, he simply got back on his camera on the prophet SAW, Selim proceeded along with the man. So she said, I went to a zoo battle the logs out, I know. And I said that the Messenger of

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Allah sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam, he saw me as I was carrying date stones upon my head, and there was with him a group of his companions, he told his camel to kneel so that I could mount it. But I felt shy from him. And I remembered your theater, as available, the allowance had on who said will lie, the thought of you carrying the date stones on your head, is more severe a burden to me, the new writing when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was that I'm like, I'm more hurt by the fact that you were seeing that way, right? This is embarrassing. And, you know, it's hard to know that you were seeing that way and that you you're under such stress and such burden with that hardship,

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and that's, that's what's hurting me right now. Not you know, the data and not not the jealousy or the honor or anything of that sort. So she said that I lead this life of hardship, until Rebecca will the law and who sent me a female maid who took upon herself the responsibility of looking after the horse. And he said, and she said, I felt as if she had freed me from slavery, that Savannah loved that one, you know, addition into our household to help me out with that was like freeing me from slavery. So she's saying

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that her life felt like the life of a slave before that, because of the difficulty and the hardship that they had lived in. And you know, she's going to live a very long life while the low tide on her and she's going to live with her son of loving is obeyed or the alongside but before I get that, you know, it's it's really interesting, when you go through the Hadeeth that a smile the law tada and her narrates from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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There's there are a few interesting because they speak to the situation and the hardship that they were in. At the time, one of them of the love is available the lot of data and he talks about this incident in which the verse was revealed through mellitus aluna Yama in a name that on that day, you will be asked about your blessings. On that day you'll be asked about your name, your blessings, and is available the alongside and who said, what the lights what Noreen what blessings are we going to be asked about and it's only the two of us without a terminal will not the two black ones, which means the dates in the water and it was set to him.

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In the Hosea cooinda Yes, you'll even be asked about those blessings, the dates in the water, which is all that they had.

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There's also a narration where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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says to a smile, the law on how she comes to the Prophet, slice them and she says, I have nothing of my own except what is the VEDA brings to the house should I spend out of it? You know, do do I give it in southern the Prophet slicin tells her to give and do not hoard or else your sustenance will be hoarded, do not withhold or else Allah subhanho wa Taala will withhold from use of the Prophet slice and encourages her to give Subbu another time the prophets I send them says to her, very powerfully, he says that tour de la heizo agenda and he do not count or else Allah will count what he gives to you don't count, or else Allah will count what he gives to you. Meaning when you give sebata the

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ideal state of axon, the right hand gives in a way that the left hand doesn't even know right, give freely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala don't count, or else Allah subhanho wa Taala will count with you. So the prophets lie some encouraging a smile, the law on how to continue to give sadhaka she mentioned that we were commanded to free slaves at the time of the horsetooth and Khrushchev at the time of the solar and the lunar eclipses. So it's really interesting because you see, obviously, you know, what came about later on in their lives. But this was the Prophet sallallahu wasallam speaking to them about their situation that obviously that the life of ease that they would live

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would be the life of ease in Paradise, not the life of ease in this life, and a smile The law of town and I never got to taste that ease in this life, but certainly she tastes it in the hereafter. Now with a smile the longtime man, huh.

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You know, if you remember, Sophia, it's a lot of fighting in the battle, you know, and you can imagine the scene of Sophia Ben Thompson will tell him and holding the spear and then in in hunda, attacking the men and sending off an entire army because they thought there was an army of men on the inside. A smile The lavon has also one of those who picked up a sword in the Battle of Yarmouk and fought alongside the Muslim warrior so smile the law on her in her nature was extremely courageous and brave, and seeing the the way that the Muslims were outnumbered by the Romans, there was a group of women and children even at that time that fought alongside the army against the

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Byzantines on that day and she's noted as one of those that fought alongside the other Muslims on that day with a smile The Allahu taala on her

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you know, I want to mention a few things and then we'll get to inshallah Tada, probably one of the most difficult moments to actually talk about in Muslim history and I really do mean that it was a moment that actually shook the faith of a lot of people at the time. And it's reality that tragedy was the ending of so many in this life of these noble people, but of course only to see the ease of the hereafter be the night on a smile The allot of time and Hmm

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You know, just to think about her womb for a moment, okay. her womb was the womb that bore Abdullah and is obeyed the halifa of the Muslims who governed from Mecca, the great Shaheed, the great leader, the great scholar, of the loudness obey, and the great scholar or wideness obeyed. And I want you to think about this, almost, you know, every lesson that we will go through.

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In fact, I would venture to say maybe every single biography we're going to cover a chunk of it comes from Ottawa is obeyed on behalf of his art, Isha, the line of the sila that we have is erwan, the son of Zubaydah ismat, narrating from his maternal aunt, Isha all the Allahu taala, and, and giving us all of what we have from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So you know, all those a hadith about Isla de la Arnhem on the inside, most of that is or was sitting with his aunt, the sister of his mother, a smart and gathering that knowledge of the prophets lie Selim, and giving that to the rest of the oma to benefit from so can you imagine how much we owe that wound. So how long Oh, that

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woman of a snap, but I'll be back and how much she has bearing the child of edweb news of aid that gave us so much of this that we talked about today. So just the legacy, those those those hidden gems and those things that we don't take into consideration, but a loss of notes out of certainly writes it down, writes down the footprints and a thought of home and writes down the legacies of these people that is embodied in every lesson that we're going through, through the womb of a smart will the law on hand, the son that she raised, that would go and learn from it sold the law and by the way, he sold the law and her loved I belovedness obeyed like her own child, and it was so it was

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such a

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Love that she had for him that she asked the profit slice of them what couldn't Yes, she should take you know, you have a boo so and so on so and so. And I saw the law and I did not have any children and the prophets lie Some said you should be Omar Abdullah after your nephew Abdullah because he's like a son to you. Right? So take the cornea of Omar Abdullah even though you don't have a son named of the law because that's how close our beloved is obeyed was to Russia or the law of Thailand and of course a smart with the law and has a closeness to Isha will the Allahu tada and, and, you know that that gives us

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this incident

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where we have, you know, a woman in a smile The alongside on her at the age of about 100 years old, talking to her son. So, you know, fast forward through all of this, this woman that's operated in the background and and so much for the oma and you have the incident of her son being murdered at the hands of a head judge at the cabin. Now, when the carrabba when the loving is obeyed, who had declared the lava in Makkah, for over a decade, was in Mecca, and the cowboy was attacked, and Mecca was attacked, that shook the hearts of many people, right? Just the imagery of that, you know, you think about the COVID era and we saw, you know what it's like to see the empty head on and what that

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does to the hearts of the believers. Imagine when the Capitol is attacked, right and I'm loving is obeyed, was attacked, what that would look like so he stands briefly at the side of the cab. And one of the things that just to give some pretext to this.

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A smart narrates from our issue quite a bit smart with the low on her, narrated from the low on her that the profit slice Allah mentioned about the shape of the Kaaba, the Prophet slicin upset. Do you know that the Kaaba was built differently by Ibrahim? It is Sullivan, I just said, What do you mean, and the prophets license that Ibrahim is on built it as a rectangle, and the door was on the ground. And people used to enter from one door and enter out of the out of the other door. When arrays rebuilt the cabinet, they built it in the shape that you see today, because they did not have enough money from that that was free from you know, interest in usury and gambling and prostitution and the

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other things that they used to do. So they just built the semicircle there. And they did not complete the cabinet as a rectangular shape. And they moved the door up so that they could prohibit people and only allow the elites to enter into the cabinet. And I saw the law and was asking the prophets I sound like Elsa, aren't you going to change it and the Prophet slicin mentions they're too close to the days of ignorance. And had I not you know, known that this would unnecessarily disrupt things I would have changed it but there people are too close to the days of ignorance.

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So as Matt Nerys has had these blunders a bit when he became the halifa of Makkah, he changed the Kava back to the way the Prophet slicin described it as Ibrahim it has Scylla had actually built it. And

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the Hadith that the greatest jihad is kenema to healthcare and the Sultan and

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a word of truth in the face of a tyrant. A smart Well, the lohana stood in front of abou Jan, and spoke a word of truth as a pregnant woman all by herself completely vulnerable. And then as a 100 year old woman stood in front of the face of one of the most brutal tyrants the oma has ever seen a hijab and spoke a word of truth to him, not fearing anyone but Allah subhana wa Tada. So this woman was a special woman. And here you have the situation when is obeyed. belovedness obeyed all the Allahu taala and Homer, he comes to a snap of the Allahu anhu his mother and it's one of the most heartbreaking conversations that you see between a son and a mother. These two people that had lived

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long lives serving Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'm loving as a bear comes to talk to his mother and seek advice about whether he should give up or not like should I just surrender to these people? Are Should I keep fighting? And a smart well the allowance Allah and he says we'll live a dignified strike with a sword is more beloved than a humiliating lash of a whip. Keep your dignity 100 year old woman and she's saying look we lived through. We lived through Abuja we live through the Pharaoh of this oma keep your dignity and keep going and he says Aren't you going to be sad about me? Oh my mother, right? Because there was such a closeness between our beloved Isabella and his mother who's

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living at that time and she says in the magazine or at aka Boone eight lo fi Barton. I would feel sad for you Oh my son if you were killed and false hood Alhamdulillah hymnody Jana Karina Ebola Mau Hippo and actually started hamdulillah All praises be to the one who made you in

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In a way that Allah loves, and in a way that I love as well. And

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she says to him, instead of mini Abuja to shun Mama, he had to come close to me, oh, my son so I can feel your body and I can smell you for the last time. Because she knows he's going to be killed and our beloved Isabella knows he's going to be killed. And he hugs her, he kisses her hands, he kisses her feet, he kisses her head, and he holds on to her. And they hold on to one another crying. You know, the last time a mother and son will embrace one another in this world. And she says to him, haha, the lady told me so who? Yeah, Bonnie, what are you wearing? Oh, my son. And even as a bear says that, you know, this is my armor on the inside. And he said, I work to make you comfortable,

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like to let you know that I'm keeping myself covered. And

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she responds. And she says that, you know, this is not, not how the Navy vessel when you read the Shahada, that's not the dress of a person that is about to be martyred that seeks that Shahada in those moments. And our beloved is obeyed, continues and says, I'm afraid on my mother that they're going to kill me. They're going to mutilate my course they're going corpse, they're going to hang me. And she says, Oh, my son, the sheep is not harmed by the skinning after the slaughter, continue forth with yours clear vision with your sight, and seek the aid of Allah subhana wa Tada. And she told him to wear his his clothes tight so that his outer is not exposed. And our beloved is obeyed,

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and he's going to be killed. And he knows that he has no chance in front of this tyranny at this point. And on his way out,

00:31:39 --> 00:31:52

the last conversation between him and his mom, he tells his mother, do not stop making your app for him, please do not stop making that for me. And the site is him walking out of the house and she raises her hands to the sky. And she makes

00:31:53 --> 00:31:58

for him. And he took a bath. He wore his Kevin,

00:31:59 --> 00:32:17

you know, ready for death in that moment. And indeed, he was murdered will be allowed on hold by the kabah mutilated by the cabinet and had judged this brutal tyrant crucified him by the cabinet. And I'm loving our own model the law tada and Homer

00:32:19 --> 00:32:56

who narrates very sadly says I remember in Medina the day that I beloved and is obeyed, was born and the Muslim chanted Allahu Akbar. And I remember and now I'm seeing a day that I'm loving this debate is killed and people are chanting Allahu Akbar. And he's saying those people are the best of all people. These people are the worst of all peoples of how I look at the difference they chat a lot about and the Muslims that were chanting Allahu Akbar on the day that they held the body the baby of Abdullah and is available the law of our own home and went through the streets. And a smart or the law and has coming out to see the body of our beloved and is obeyed similar to the way that Sophia

00:32:56 --> 00:33:40

was going to see. The body of Hamza and I'm loving Omar tries to stop her and says to her in a heartbeat. If Lisa B say B shake our hand, the law has a whole nother connection to the series about death. He says to her Listen, these bodies are nothing the souls are with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what's it gonna do to you to go and see the body of your son of the loveliness of eight and she said, Well, now you have nerone what God do so yeah, Heaven has a Korea, you know about Yemen, but I have been it's like it said, What would stop me when the head of Yeah. And he said, i'm john, the son of zecharia. JOHN, the head of Yeshua was gifted to one of the prostitutes of the prostitutes of

00:33:40 --> 00:33:51

any slide. So you know, why am I better than the prophets of Allah subhana wa, tada I know about the way that these bodies are. And I know that these bodies are,

00:33:52 --> 00:34:32

are not what contained to the people but as the souls that Allah Subhana, WA, tada contains, and she goes, and she goes to the body of her son, I'm loving this debate. And she demands a 100 year old woman, she says, isn't it time for this? Isn't it time for this warrior to be brought down? Isn't it time for this noblemen to be brought down Isn't it time for him to be to be given an A noble death, she she continues to demand that he's taken down and not put in this humiliating way, in this fashion. And she goes to speak to a head judge the tyrants who killed her son. And she,

00:34:33 --> 00:35:00

you know, she she she marches in 100 year old woman to talk to him. And he said, You didn't ask permission. She said, Well, how should I ask your permission? You killed my son? And he said Elmo, nathnac hajra responds about loving Elizabeth, you mean the hypocrites. And she said that, you know, she called him a liar. And she she, she spoke back to him and he said that your son you know

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

violated the bottom of a loss of hundreds out of the saints, the sanctuary of Allah so I killed him as a sinful violator should be killed so that a lot can make him taste the punishment for what was done to him. Or I'm sorry for a lot so that Allah can make him taste the punishment of what he has done. So she said to him kept up to you I do a lot you have lied or enemy of God and enemy of the Muslims By Allah, Allah he the one you killed, was engaged in salah and swam in fasting and prayer. He was a guardian of the deen. He used to respect his parents and love his parents. He was a protector of this religion. And she said it and if you have ruined his dunya if you've ruined his

00:35:39 --> 00:36:24

worldly life, then surely he has ruined your afterlife and also loss. iclm said, the two liars will come to us from the thief, the last one worse than the first and he is the murderer and surely you are him. Oh, hi judge. So she's challenging him in his face. And he you know, he's he's completely shrunk and humiliated by this noble woman that would go to the Prophet slice them in the heads of law, and would serve the prophets lie someone that spoke a word of truth in front of a greater tyrant in Abuja. And she was unable to do anything with her and this woman a smile the whole town and her would die in her Eva at the age of 100 years old. So Pamela, think about all that she saw in

00:36:24 --> 00:36:56

her 100 years, alongside the Prophet sallallahu wasallam striving for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And going through the hardships that she went through her legacy is obviously part of the long legacy of courage that comes from this family, and that service to Allah and the messengers Lai Salaam, and what she gave to us in her children, but I want to mention some other something else about her legacy, by the way, just in terms of the teaching. So, somehow, just as we we see, that, you know, we have the

00:36:57 --> 00:37:36

you know, the the legacy of Isabel de la No, but no ahaadeeth are very few ideas that are narrated from him. A smile The law of Thailand has a teacher of this oma and she lived a long life and she narrated multiple ahaadeeth from the Prophet slicin them and she taught the oma the book, The jurisprudence of so many different things so there are numerous ad from her and on her job, on rokeya on menstruation, things of that sort within women's issues she wasn't shy to ask the Prophet sly some some of those questions and she learned them from each other a lot of time on her her sister as well. So she narrates from it shall be aloha as well. And she asked the prophets I some

00:37:36 --> 00:38:17

things regarding women's issues, and she narrates a lot regarding the hijab and the rookie and so on and so forth. She also did Hajj multiple times. She did Hajj with the prophets lysozyme seated heads with double buckle the law on who she did had with her sister. And she used to she used to teach the mother of Hajj in the days of Hajj. So she resided in Mecca. And you can imagine that for that first glorious generation of Islam. When you would go to Mecca to do Hajj, you would find our great, our great aunt in a small backyard while the alongside teaching the oma of Hajj. But she lived that Hajj in her heart may tell off consistently around the Kaaba that she resided next to and she strove for

00:38:17 --> 00:38:59

this Deen and Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed her to maintain her nobility and her dignity throughout this entire life and just as she told her son, that the disgrace is to die upon that which is falsehood and dignity and honor is to die upon that which is pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada maintaining your your state maintaining that connection, and she demonstrated that throughout her life. May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with a smart will be a long time and be pleased with her father, be pleased to be pleased with her children. Be pleased with Sophie had been opted out of this blended family and Chatelet Allah, next time, we will go into the story of palha not obey the

00:38:59 --> 00:39:12

law who is inseparable from as obeyed and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with all of these noble ones and to join us with them the neighbors of the Prophet Simon genesis for those alumna amin desikan. Well, Hayden was to them. Why did he come?

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