Mohamad Baajour – The Example of the Believer is like A Palm Tree

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The use of the Hadith in Islam is discussed, including its use in various political and cultural settings such as the belief in the benefits of the tree for one's health and the belief in the use of trees for promoting vacation. Being firm in one's deen benefits everyone, and showing pride in one's actions and words is crucial in succeeding with others. The speaker provides examples of how believers use words like "has" and "has a" to describe their actions and actions of their children.
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So quick, Catherine Shala very beautiful Hadith from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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the Hadith in Bukhari

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and it's narrated by Abdullah Abdullah Ahmad Radi Allahu Anhu.

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He said

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Ganesha Lucena, my Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for call in men in Namath lol movement casual routine Hydra la yes go to Arakkoa. The example of the believer is like a green tree

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that it sleeves do not fall

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for her dethrone EMA here.

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So sassolungo is asking so tell me what do you think it is? For Luca a nurse fishery Baladi?

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So Abdullah Ahmad, he said so all the people they started mentioning the trees of the desert, will walk off enough see in Nakhla and I felt in my heart it is the palm tree festa eight I was very shy to speak. I'm in the presence of the likes of Abu Bakr Muhammad on Earth man and it Who am I he was maybe 910 years old was very young.

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Pecan we are Rasul Allah Now here.

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What does it tell us? What Allah He said in her novella, it is the palm tree. So the whole tree Abby, then as we were leaving, I told my father Omer.

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I knew it was the palm tree, but I was so shy to say it. Hola, Hilo, Nikka Colita, la Cana higher and Lea Karen Lehman,

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such and such, if you just said it, it would have made me so happy to the better, better for me than anything and another narration better than for me then read camels. SubhanAllah. So let's take this hadith and learn few lessons in Java. Number one.

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Look at the style of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam in teaching

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for any educator here, even any businessman, anything Subhanallah any, you have any meeting and you want to make it interesting, pose a question, posed a question and wait for the people to answer. Sit down with your children and ask them a question. Because you want at the end of the meeting for them to leave or any of your crowd your audience to leave with information with some benefit. So Silversides Salam has many styles he sometimes he mentioned the story sometimes he gives an example Subhanallah different methods in order to get the information to the audience. So here he used the method of a question, do you know what tree it is Subhanallah number one, number two,

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how is

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the tree similar to the believer?

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the palm tree

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is deeply rooted

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in the ground.

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And similarly the true believer

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his Aqeedah is so strong.

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deep deeply his Eman is deeply rooted.

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When any trials and tribulation anything he goes through anything in the community. He is still firm. That's how the palm tree is. hurricane wind firm. Similarly is the movement. Very firm on his Dean. He does not take the Dean by emotions. The dean is not by emotion. There is a Kitab and Sunnah and authentic hadith that we go by. And this is how we run our life. Not by the what the majority say. What makes it right. No, we have a Kitab even if the whole earth go against it. We are still forming our deen. Even if everybody likes homosexuality, we are still against it. We will never believe in it.

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We will never believe in it. We will always oppose it. Everybody's saying drugs are okay now being sold. No, we're still against it. Our deen is by Allah azza wa jal and it's the only Deen

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committed to the convenor come today I have perfected your deen Allah chose this Deen for his own map.

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And this is the only way to survive Jaquan by being firm on our deen the only way to make it is by being firm on this Deen just like that palm tree in the face of wind and and hurricanes and storms and

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the palm tree is beneficial

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once alive

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And when it's dead, always there's benefit in it.

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Similarly, is the believer, the palm tree benefits us with the fruits with the dates, it benefits us with the with the shade

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and even when the palm tree dies, they use their branches. The leaves the wood for many other reasons. Similarly the believer or some of us SLM told us the best yeah Rasul Allah who is the best of mankind, He said, The one who brings most benefit to mankind,

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to all mankind, to the believers, wherever he goes, is full of Baraka. anywhere he goes, he brings benefit, even after he died. For some of us, I seldom told us that

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there is a way that you could make a sadaqa jariya after you die by investing in building a school or hospital did you well leave the book any kind of leader child that will take this Deen forward convey the message of Islam.

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So the believer is always beneficial. Third,

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the palm tree

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is beautiful.

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As a matter of fact, if every time you want to promote a vacation, they show you palm trees. Right? If you want to go and make your backyard looks very fancy, you put palm trees very expensive. Similarly, the believer, he must always look good, look presentable.

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And the palm tree

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gives beautiful fruit, sweet, delicious dates. Similarly, the believer, all his speech, should be gentle, unkind, I'll kill him on TV. But sadaqa a good word is a form of charity. give charity to your wife, give charity, my sister to your husband, give charity to your children, give charity to your parents, speak them kindly. You see your brothers spread the salam overlook their mistakes. This is how the believer everything that comes out from him is sweet, just like the pantry. So my brothers and sisters

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look at the example of Rasulullah cisilion that he gave us.

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And finally,

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look at the action or the reaction of Amara, the Allahu and when his son told him, I knew the answer.

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He was so proud of him, even though he did not say it.

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Be proud of your children. Praise them. Praise the children.

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There are a few steps or a few things

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that I want to run by you quickly

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when it comes to our children.

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Number one,

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the most destructive thing you can do to your child is to compare him to other children.

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Did you see your cousin

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he finished the Quran in three years and you idiot five years. Still in six years.

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Even sometimes you compare to the other sibling, you see your brother? What does that do?

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Create hatred between the family members between the siblings, number one, number two, don't ever put your child down.

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You're a failure.

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You're never going to become anything. You are this. He will become or she will become exactly what you told them. He will become a failure. If you keep putting in his mind that he's a failure. She's a failure, they will become a failure.

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You are his role model. And you keep telling him you're a failure. Hamdulillah I obey my father, I'm going to be a failure.

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Praise them. Give them small responsible tasks. And when they finish them, reward them. Even something very small, taking the trash out washing the car, simple things and when they finish, Here's your reward. MashAllah I'm so proud of you. Bring them to these kinds of gatherings, bring them to the Holocaust, bring them to the fishery, bring them to Asia. How beautiful it is Allah how beautiful it is.

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That your son

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after we are long gone.

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He will bring his son with him.

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And he will tell his son, your grandfather used to bring me with him to Fisher just like I'm bringing you.

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So let's sit down and make dua for grandpa that died years ago.

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Otherwise, if this guy tried never seen the masjid on he only comes to eight Subhanallah we want to leave children Yeah, one that will remember us after we are gone. We want to leave children that when they put their heads on the ground, they will say you're

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gonna come out of the end you Sahira we concentrate so much like I mentioned in my football, we concentrate so much on education, which is very good.

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Very good, but we neglect the dean. What is my son? If my son like I told you one time, our brother was introducing me to his son, he said mashallah just finished from MIT, and this and that and Allah but I'm so proud of the the son hamdulillah now he got a an apartment in Manhattan. And he mentioned the rent I said, Allahu Akbar. This is 456 bedrooms. He said no one bedroom and I'm so proud. He's he's on his own now and hamdulillah thankful, Dorking

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yellow Have you been somebody who Allah here chef I don't pray

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he was here

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when you don't pray traveling any sick will even six forget about sick No, no, no, I don't pray.

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So what is that child going to leave for you? How is he going to benefit you after his death? For what how? How? When he's gonna remember you

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he doesn't pray

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that the pillar of the Dean he doesn't practice it

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if he decided to stop education, you will go crazy.

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You will go crazy but if he stopped prayer, okay May Allah guide him

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right if your son in medical school second year and he said Baba you know what, I don't want to do the school anymore. What? The whole family will gather. earthquake will take place. No. But the Son does not pray. Allah guide him.

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May Allah guide us all year one May Allah guide us to the right path. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the right understanding of this Deen. May Allah keep our hearts and our Aqeedah so strong and may Allah keep us and keep our children steadfast on this Deen. May Allah subhanaw taala make our last words that Ilaha illa Allah may Allah Subhana Allah make our last deeds our best deeds are some of Allah and Muhammad Ali he was guarding

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me know

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a levena Whoopee sala de him for Sharon. Well, levena umani love we weren't born when Lavina Zanka de lune Wallasey now, only 4g him have you hone in

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Allah as Why do you

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get Amen?

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Now whom will you marry me

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