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You want to make someone from Gaza smile in the midst of their great pain. They're running out of ways to crush the Celts. This is my moment of Solomon scholar and civil rights leader who shared his personal experiences and reflections as a leading Palestinian Muslim voice speaking up for justice from an Islamic paradigm. So I was giving the hotbar and three people embraced Islam at the I have everything good I feel empty. They have nothing but they look so full. What is that? What was the old part of this episode of empowered by slumped into and see a new weekly podcast where we collaborate with leading voices to discuss Islam solutions to 21st century challenges and trends. I

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met him to discuss his special message for UK Muslims and our biggest ever Islam 21 cm. Unbreakable Omar from home to Palestine checkout annual Dylan Dakota, UK to join us in a city near you with a three course meal talks from shaitan. Had she excited Rama Jeff Yes, buddy, Jehovah Solomon, and Hamza torches, as well as a new short film premiere, new book launch and more. So one of the projects I've actually been working on is a poetry book. And it is the poetry of my mother. May Allah have mercy on her.

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And I was about halfway through translating her poetry on Arabic translating Pamela when October 7 happens.

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And it just so happens I could actually show you some how long my phone but the last poem that I was working on, was a Tod Philistine, the children in Palestine,

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And subhanAllah there's something deeply profound about the way that this cause has been nurtured in our hearts. You know, when the Sahaba said that they would learn the seed of the Prophet slice on them, that they would teach the Sierra to their children the way they would teach them the Quran. The Sierra is a practical example of the Quran, the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah is the message manifested. And right now we're seeing in the people of Palestine, specifically the people who as we're seeing this message manifested through their certainty through their following the example of the most perfect messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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there's something to be said about that. Like, what do you pour into the vessel? What kind of Columbia have they been received? Yeah, you know? And there's one line, you know, so one of these poems, she mentioned something that's a panel I cannot shake and I think about it often. And I'm an Aldi, philosophy in about two or three equally there are these two when he Kenny Mati Allahu Akbar sogetsu. And I think that if there is ever an anthem, you know, when when Philistine is reclaimed inshallah Tana,

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this idea that I'm an oddity Philistine about two or three, or these two, that I was planted, rooted in Palestine, but I grew in every single part of the Earth, but I only bound down to Allahu Akbar, when he cut him out. The Allahu Akbar said to the entire story of the people of Reza, is a story of resilience, because of Revelation. There are people of Quran, you will find more who fall in Reza than any other part of Philistine. And probably more than any other part of the Arab world, by the way, you'll find more fathers out there. They're people of resilience because of Revelation. And they refuse to be broken. And they refuse to bow down except to Allahu Akbar. And it doesn't matter

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what bomb is dropped on them, it doesn't matter what, what comes towards them, Subhan Allah, they are unbreakable. And so that, you know, just on a personal level, when I think about my own mother, may Allah have mercy on her. And then my father, may Allah preserve him who is older than Israel, hemmed in by several years. And growing up, my mom was the poet. My My father was the activist, right? He used to take out newspaper ads actually posted one of those recently, but that was something that I saw in both of them.

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They never got comfortable. You see, there's this idea that the refugee story is escape persecution, leave behind your trauma, move on. And it's very easy to become complacent, to become comfortable and to just say, like I'm done, you know, I've been able to move past this. But Subhan Allah, they were never comfortable. They were never complacent with the status quo. And that has to be the situation of the ummah. And so we have the strongest part of the body right now. And as the strongest part of the body in Philistine the beating heart of the Ummah right now. And the rest of the body has to show up has to carry its weight. And so the rest of the body can't sleep while the

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heart beats us. And I think that this is an opportunity for us and Shawn Lazzara to really reclaim the concept of an OMA, have we ever felt more automatic than we do right now and handed in? That is a silver lining of this all a very painful time in our Ummah, but also

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a very important opportunity for us to really rethink

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Who we are, and to come back to where Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be. So you mentioned your father happy to Allah, he's, you know, he's been the mother activist has probably obviously had a profound impact on yourself, you know, community and and growing up. Can you share some examples of how in your opinion, activism for the Palestinian cause actually bears fruit? Because someone might say, it's easy to get disheartened. So what's the point? You know, what can we do, we just, we can kind of internalizing that victimhood almost, and being in a kind of in a disempowering way. I think the Palestinian is always the underdog, right? So in the NASA club, Mr. Welcome, the people have

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gathered against you. They're underdogs at home, and they're underdogs abroad, they are always told that the system is too large, that your opponents are too well equipped for you to be able to make any progress. Yet that has failed to stifle the resistance at home and the activism and resistance abroad right to the occupation. It's failed. And that in and of itself is a sign of EMA. So on a personal level Subhanallah I remember, growing up, my father is a university professor, and he'd be on a panel and it would be like for Zionists and him. And he would demolish them, even though you know, English wasn't his first language. And the panel was stacked and public opinion was what it

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was, and is what it is today, right? Subhanallah it was always no, we have the truth on our side, the truth is on our side, therefore, Allah subhanaw taala will cause it to prevail. And I remember when I had a very similar type of debate, I won't mention the university name, just to not invoke it on but it was a university that's particularly Zionist in the United States. And I had a similar situation. So I actually called up my father and asked him for advice. I said, like, how do I, how do I go about this? And he said, Well, what you do is you start off with the boldest of truth. As soon as the debate starts, when everyone goes through introductions, because we know how this

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usually goes, especially in the United States. I'm sure you've noticed that we have a lot of the courtesies and, you know, beating around the bush, we're not like the Canadians, but we do a lot of the, you know, the courtesies and the opening remarks and stuff like that. He said, Don't do that. He said, Go straight for it. get right into it for the juggler straight for the jugular talk. Right. Right to the facts speak to the facts. And the outrage surrounding the situation right now for brothers and sisters in Palestine. So the Palestinians are always the underdogs, right? They're always the underdogs. At home. They're always the underdogs abroad, yet Subhan Allah, it is the

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cause that always recalibrates the entirety of the OMA.

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Despite the Abraham Accords, despite the normalization with Israel at governmental levels, despite the political and media establishments that try to pretend that they are opposed to Islamophobia. As soon as Palestine happens, though, you see the real faces despite all of that, it always rises and hamdulillah

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it has not died. And it is accurate to say that while Palestine is not free, the Palestinians are free people would have ended in October, I mean, you don't find and by the way, I'll say this because it's important

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within the scope of Palestinian activism and consciousness, with Palestinians themselves and outside, this is a cause that actually brings people back to their Deen. And so I've noticed this within Palestinian communities where people, you know, started to slip away with their Deen, but the cause of an accident and the cause of Philistine is directly tied to the cause of Islam. And so it brings them back to their faith and then you see it in the broader sense with Muslims as a whole because this is not a nationalistic cause. This is our cause as an ummah. It brings people back to their faith. So it's, it's one in the same you come back to Palestine, you come back to Allah

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subhana wa Tada because Palestine reminds you of the reality of this world. And it reminds me of, you know, the very famous incident with the beauty of metal the loctite annual kennemer to Hopkins assault on and speaking of word of word of truth in the face of attire, when he's speaking to Rustom of Persia, and he says in the love to act on it nuclear and I got an email today about you talking about the title very bad woman leave but dunya is out to dinner with a woman doted on Islam very famous statement, right? And he ties together three things. Allah took us from being a bother to the about the slaves of other slaves, to the slaves of the Lord of all slaves, and from the constriction

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of this life to the expense of this life and the hereafter and from the injustice of all other ways to the justice of Islam. Those things are inextricable and so when you come

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Back to the reality of Philistine you actually come back to the reality of face as a whole.

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If you're approaching it the right way.

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I mean, that's it. It reminds me a few weeks ago, it was 12th of November is is Takistan. National Day de it's kind of commemorated the first Islamic Republic on Earth. We were had an event in London kind of

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launching Mecca, we were led East Takistan society, from legal scholars and to art and the law international from completely Islamic perspective, and in his speech on the Musharraf shift, the beginning, he said, you know, Palestine is our cause. Historic Islam is our cause. And it just kind of goes to show that these people have faced genocide, their family members are being put in concentration camps, you know,

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unbelievable horrors of what they're facing, that he feels, you know, that Palestine is his cause, as well. Can I speak to that sentiment for a moment? You know, how we always call out hypocrisy with people who are,

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you know, on the side of the oppressed on everything, but Palestine? Yeah.

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There's something to be said about people that are pro Palestinian, but that justify the oil or genocide that are acidosis that justify the Syrian genocide,

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we have to be consistent. So we can't betray one cause of the Ummah for another cause. This is something that we at least have to hold ourselves to in terms of the standard. And so when when brothers and sisters are being oppressed anywhere, at the end of the day, the sanctity of your brother or sister, whether in Syria, or an older brother, or sister or a Yemeni brother or sister or anywhere in the world, Kashmir,

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India, right, wherever they are, Somalia, the Burmese, the list goes on and on, right? The sanctity of that individual is greater than even the sanctity of an axon. Because even greater than the sanctity of the cabinet, and the cabinet is more sacred than a boxer. So it's important for us to maintain that consistency because we see the hypocrisy outside of our community. Let's not ingest the hypocrisy that we hate so much. And suddenly excuse, right, the the atrocities that have been committed to other sectors of this ummah,

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in the name of Palestine, so Palestine is a pure cause. It doesn't need that hypocrisy it is the cause that causes masks to fall. Right. So we don't put up some other masks so that we can, you know, further embolden our cause it doesn't work that way. So I actually appreciate that.

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When we see that consistency from others as well, because sometimes you find people that support those other causes, but then on Philistine within the home as well. It's sad, right? They'll suddenly you're seeing scenes from Gaza, of people standing up for our older brothers and sisters as well. Absolutely. So it goes both ways. And I think it speaks to the fact that we, we need to embolden this voice of our Ummah, that speaks about its causes from its own paradigm, its own lens, because those people you mentioned that might be quiet on Palestine, allowed on East Turkistan or, or the other way around. They, they kind of either they're not Muslim, they have their own kind of

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political agenda. They hate China, so they want to attack China or the Muslims who have just kind of absorbed that thing. And we need to, you know, launch our own narrative and spread out on it from our own, from our own perspective, and that's the cause of Philistine is what you said it kind of resonated because I remember Chicago, him green, I don't know if you saw his the

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episode we did a few weeks ago. And that was his such talking about how Palestine was central to his conversion to Islam. And everyone knew that his vision for life in terms of Dawa it came from a Palestinian brother who, you know, he they went and visited Palestine, the delegation of British Muslims from the 80s or something. And they're like, What can we do? And the the brother who was driving them around whom they asked, What can we do to help the Palestinian cause? His answer showed some vision himself, he said, to help Palestine, call your people to Islam.

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And this other in green here, that was like synonymous as the rest of history.

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Because it's only the Muslims they appears that can give a consistent narrative for justice that's tethered to something outside of tribalism, you know, nationalistic interests, and all this kind of stuff. And it seems a world is kind of

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You know, crying out for this, you know, who understands that more than anyone else? People who does?

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You know, someone made a comment

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early on in this and said, you know, Chef, it's not the time for doubt. But let's focus on the issue.

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I said, the people who have as you want to make someone from because a smile in the midst of their great pain, you tell them that their strong faith is causing other people to embrace the faith here in the United States of America. That's how you make them smile. They know they're doing Dawa. And they know it, by the way, they know they're doing doubt. I mean, can you imagine Subhanallah, you're, you've got airstrikes falling on you nonstop, you've lost family members, you've seen the butchery in front of your eyes, you might be missing a few limbs, you're hungry, you're thirsty, you haven't gotten any sleep, you don't have health care. And you're thinking about that. They're

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thinking about it. There they are. 100% inclined, to not just live their faith beautifully, but to demonstrate it beautifully. You know, it's of how light took that father, the grandfather, the video that shaken so many people when he holds his, his young grown, he says the soul of my soul, right? And there's so many stories about him. I guarantee you that if you showed him the images of the people that are embracing Islam because of him, or that, at least appreciate the beauty of Islam because of him, right. Just appreciate the faith, like what did it do for him? I guarantee that same beautiful smile that we saw when he holds us is, you know, granddaughter while she's alive manless

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pantile unite them in a photo scenario like that. I mean, it'll, it'll come again, it'll shine again.

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So they're doing that, well. They they know it and so they know that the world is watching them, even in their lowest point in their suffering. And they're demonstrating the greatest response. And what that's leading to is a lot of people that have emptiness in their lives. They have access to all the things that the people because don't starting with security, right under the Obama home endure and Amana home and health. The greatest blessing is security, starting with security and then food and drink and Austin types of things. Yes, absolutely. Right. So it's, it's so much that you could go through.

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I have everything yet I feel empty. They have nothing, but they look so full. What is that? What is that? Right? So it has been? They're inspiring people. Right and left, we're seeing them constantly come forward.

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You know, they're coming to the masjid. Now. You've seen them? Oh, yes. In fact, Subhan Allah gave a whole talk about

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a few weeks ago.

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About an incident of the Sierra which is when the prophets lie, some had to go and watch Abuja torture. Ali asked of the family, he asked that and other slaves at the time, Abuja had basically set up a camp, a torture camp, where he took many of the weakest of the Muslims and he basically put them on display. And the family of Yasser was one family amongst them. And the prophets alongside them would go there and he would say Sabra gnarly acid, be patient with the whole family. Be honest, your promise Jana.

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There are other people as a need all of the allowed Santa Ana who I will just have to beat blind. And when some of his own people told him like, what are you doing, like calm down a bit. And he said,

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you know that the gods made her blind. And she responded, and she said, It's only Allah to give sites and who takes away sight. And then Allah subhanaw taala gave her back her vision as a gift for her certainty for her yFT in that moment, right for our iman, her faith in that moment. So I was sharing this incident, and that was, and the point of it at the end of it was that, you know, I would have thought that he was breaking the people of Islam, but he was really breaking his own image, which is very true about Israel today. Right? And his own brother, so he had a half brother, I am not being obiano, who embraced Islam. And then he has a full brother selama, a sham who

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embraced Islam, and there's some scholarship that could possibly demonstrate a link between Abu Jahaz disgusting torture of the Muslims and their inspiring faith. And then his own full brother like disgusted by it, his own brother, and inspired by the Muslims and embracing Islam. I think this is what's happening today. So I was giving the ultimate and three people embrace this time at the end. And there was one brother, Aaron who I spoke to him afterwards and he said, By the way, you just told my story. He said, I've been looking into snom for a year, but it was Reza. That made it all click. So it was versa for him that that caused him to take that next step because he was so

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inspired by these people. And there are many people like that many people like that not just on tick tock I didn't know

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The story of Abuja handles.

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Brother and half brother because of that, it's it's also like the the boy in the king, right? The boy sacrifice his sir his body, his life for his values to persist his and spread his Deen. And this is what the people of Gaza are doing. Absolutely the day values are spreading. And Israel is last European colony in the Middle East. It's it feels like his days are numbered insha, Allah suffered a huge loss on the on a PR level, people who are neutral on sitting on the fence. Well, people didn't know anything about and now looking into the Palestine issue. As you said, many people are becoming Muslim. But Israel's public image is it seems from in the UK, at least, from what we can see is, is

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really kind of being damaged. Oh, it's a nightmare for them. And by the way, you know, who knows that better than anyone else who was in the United States?

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One of the great Foley has one of the great humiliations that came out about the Biden administration is that one of the reasons why they feared the ceasefire is they feared that journalists would then be able to go in and sufficiently cover the atrocities that were committed by Israel, but with American bombs and American sanction, right. So Israel knows that the United States knows it. That's why there's huge pressure on mainstream media. Alright, CNN cannot broadcast from the occupied territory now without permission from the IETF before they put anything out there. And they agreed to that condition as they go into whatever they cover from it.

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You know, you've had Elon Musk, of course, given his guided tour, right of the occupation, and then parroting the same propaganda meta, so you have x, Twitter, whatever, Instagram, Facebook, all these companies that are just cracking down right now. There was there was a call that happened I think, between

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Sasha Cohen and Debra Messing, and some famous actors and actresses would like, you know, tick tock execs where they're pressuring tick tock to crack down on pro Palestinian content. So it's like there's, there's a panic right now. Yeah. If you pull up this video right now, and you search my name, you'll get pro IDF that's they're putting the running IDF on my name, right. So they're running out of weights, to crush the sounds, and unhemmed that, that is a gland tightening. They're trying to intimidate us on college campuses, students and professors. People are losing their jobs. People are losing. But they're gaining. They're gaining perspective. And they're actually

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recommitting to the Palestinian cause. So the protests have not shrunk.

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The activism is not shrinking, the response is actually growing, what happened in our bombing, the chorus is getting louder and broader. So

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they will fill and Charlottetown they will fail, they are failing, and they will fail. And it's important for us to just not lose steam, because what they're counting on is for us to get tired. And just to move on and get distracted by something else. You know, there's such thing as protest fatigue, activism, fatigue, even just our attention spans are low. And that has an impact on the way in which we consume conflict and tragedy around the world. Right. So at some point, I want to go back to posting my food pictures on social media and talk about other things, right, but they're counting on us to do that. And we have to show what's on it look at this moment in history for what

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it actually is. This has to be a permanent turning point. You know, we've heard about we've grown up hearing about the Mecca, my parents lived.

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A lot of people lived it, but most of us right, in, you know, people in their 30s 40s 50s have heard about the NACA, have experienced it secondhand. What you're seeing now,

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from a casualty count perspective, when you're looking at the numbers of expulsion, what you're seeing now is arguably a greater catastrophe. So here's your opportunity. It's the Nakba, in real time. What would you have done then? What are you doing now? I mean, have you noticed a sea change in the US political scene at least or political, even mainstream media? What we noticed in the UK was, it's becoming it's different this time. Right. And us is obviously has been a staunch ally of the Zionist entity. What have you noticed in terms of sea change? Well, I think that

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the disconnect between the streets and the halls of Congress between

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party politics and

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Those that they claim,

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have affiliation to them

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is is more obvious than ever before. Right. So most Americans want a ceasefire. But, you know, it's less than 20 members of Congress, and that's with all this pressure that have come around. So you still got 500 or so right, that are still doing the exact opposite of what the American public actually wants, right, which is proving the points all along that they are not beholden to their constituents. They're beholden to their lobbies. They're beholden to their donors to their funders, and their parties are, you know, corrupt, and,

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you know, not representative. And they, as individuals are corrupt and not representative. So that gap has shown between the public and political parties, the gap between mainstream media and what people are finding online, and are circulating online, which shows, you know, a different side and what they're finding legacy media. So that gap is now showing.

00:26:08--> 00:26:16

So I'd say that from a political establishment, no, the political establishment is, as it always has been a Zionist, corrupt empire.

00:26:17--> 00:26:52

Driven by what what, you know, Malcolm X, called American dollar ism and European colonialism. Zionism being an extension of those two, right? It is what it always is, right? Two parties that cannot come together to get government to function for the people here somehow can always agree to fund a foreign government and its military ventures, right, despite all of the cries about its war crimes. So the political establishment is as it always has been, the media establishment is as it always has been. The people, however, are seeing something different now. And

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and even now, a little bit of that is starting to seep into the mainstream media, right? It's becoming too loud. It's too much like how many dead children? Can you justify to any sane human being? Right? How many? How many dead children like, it was really telling when Wolf Blitzer was interviewing the IDF commander about the Jeopardy? You know, strike, right. And the guy says, like, yeah, you know, we killed 400 people, but we got to have us commander, he's like, so you're saying you flattened

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a camp of 400 people, and you might have got a Hamas commander.

00:27:26--> 00:28:08

So you're even seeing, like, it come out, even in the mainstream media a little bit, like really, you know, and these are resigned, is talking about, so the New York Times is starting to look a little bit different, you know, these papers, these, these press outlets are starting to look a little bit different, because they cannot ignore altogether, the atrocity. And what they do is they keep pulling on the emotional strings of the American public, right. And so they keep talking about the Israeli hostages, they keep talking about, you know, the pain that that they are experiencing. And by doing so, you know, or just by emphasizing that alone,

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you know, they completely erase Palestinian humanity. And so you have the stories of like, what the year, you know, six year old Palestinian child in Chicago, this is very early on, by the way, Subhan Allah who was stabbed over 20 times by his landlord, directly incited by the President of the United States and by

00:28:29--> 00:28:36

the propaganda in the media about beheaded Israeli baby, so he wanted to go and be had a Palestinian baby. I mean,

00:28:37--> 00:28:51

it's, it's a tough time, because the gap is very wide, but the gap is also very obvious. And so Inshallah, outside of Palestine will be a means by which, you know, real change is made eventually.

00:28:52--> 00:28:59

The other day that the people that was their resolve, not only is it bringing people back to Islam,

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rectifying people's,

00:29:03--> 00:29:19

you know, relationship with Allah. It's also fixing or highlighting the cracks in foreign governments and political establishments, you know, and then and then people in these countries are looking at their own mainstream media and saying, What the hell what why is this such a huge

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double standard, or looking at their politicians are loose on like you said, coming together, and they're thinking, Wait a minute, you know, so not only are they cleaning up the Muslims, in terms of finding out who's for the cause of the man who isn't, and bring it back to Allah, but even

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they providing the path to fix and better,

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you know, other countries on the list. I mean, look, the United States is going to eventually find out if it hasn't already, that this is too costly for it, and it's

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diplomacy and everything that it hopes to be. At some point it has to recognize, right that it's not only losing the Arab street right Blinken used those words that, you know, in private meetings, I guess one of the leaks was that we're losing the Arab Street. If anyone's been to the Arab world, you've lost the Arab Street a long time ago. I mean, this is you are long gone, right? I mean, you are hated. Right. And you are long gone. And people see right through your hypocrisy, and it is I think, beyond repairable for, for the Biden administration, right? Like, it's, you've lost the Arab Street, you've lost the Muslim streets, and you're starting to lose the American streets as well.

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Because eventually, the growing desperate population here that can't put food on the table, is gonna say, why are we spending billions of dollars to go kill other people, when we can't feed our own? Why are you taking my tax dollars to find Hellfire missiles over there, while I'm catching hell over here, not being able to put food on the table. Eventually, I think that it's just too costly, both foreign and domestic, for the United States to continue down this reckless path of blind support for a genocide. You know, eventually, the war crime Tribunal will happen, and the US is directly complicit in war crimes, eventually, people are going to cut you off, because the whole world sees

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this in one way.

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And your colonial entities in the West, are still trying to hold it down in a way that the world has moved beyond

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Gaza is the spark that's ignited the whole world. What is what is our duty of Muslims and the non Muslim friends are pro justice and, and, you know, on our side when it comes to this, what's our do to your opinion that to accelerate this betterment of our and making a more fair and just political discourse and political norm?

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I mean, there's there's too much probably for one podcast, to talk about everything but be sincere and be strategic, be sincere and be strategic. Look, as a Muslim, you always have to factor in, you always have to factor in the concept of the concept of unity, the sanctity of love song.

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The concept of correctness and trying to do things in a way that's pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala not betraying the end with means that are displeasing to Allah is Pattaya. So, sincerity is extremely important for all of us, right to renew that on an individual in a community level. That's strategic.

00:32:46--> 00:33:39

What works, not what makes us feel better, what works, sustained, strategic protest, sustained strategic boycotts, sustained strategic media work? Sustained, sustained, sustained, right, that's what it is, at the end of the day staying the course you have to stay the course we get too comfortable. And here's the wake up call. Like if if we were okay, on October sixth with the continued growth of settlements, the continued suffocation of whatever is left of Palestine, the daily routine transgressions on an axon and the emboldened racist, you know, Netanyahu approach like openly racist and fascist Netanyahu regime, like if you're okay with all of this, and that's a

00:33:39--> 00:33:39


00:33:41--> 00:33:57

So if you were comfortable on October 6, it's a problem. Right? It wasn't okay. And it can't be okay. Once things quote unquote, calm down, right. So we have to be sustained. And by the way, sincerity Subhanallah one of the ways that they speak about sincerity

00:33:58--> 00:34:29

is sincerity is the continuation of thought is the continuation of acts of worship. Once other people are no longer watching and other people have moved on. That's what sincerity is right? Sincerity in your Salah. Is that your Salah is not only in the masjid or in public when other people see it continues in your homes sincerity in your good of Quran is that it's not just in public, it continues in private, your charity right continues in private. So it continues it extends. That's part of what sincerity actually is,

00:34:31--> 00:34:31


00:34:33--> 00:34:51

is kind of a mirror of sincerity and strategic action. It's a mirror of Marginata nelarabine Comala Amiata con, primarily, we're doing this to serve Allah as an opportunity close to Allah to absorb our moral obligation before Allah but also we want to see, you know the outcome

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

to end on a kind of positive note how we were talking earlier about how this Gaza is united on

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

Has it as a united I think, look, it's it's united us around common cause and Hamden,

00:35:07--> 00:35:19

we have to recognize that even when we don't have a visit that we have lying on the law, we have one last thing we'll be happy to oblige me on. Well, that's a follow up to the rope of Allah subhanaw, Taala being the Quran,

00:35:20--> 00:35:22

we have so much and it's all interconnected.

00:35:23--> 00:35:24


00:35:25--> 00:35:28

let it just be a message.

00:35:29--> 00:35:55

We cannot afford to tear each other down, we have a greater enemy in front of us, we cannot afford to make our causes in the name of defending the Dean destroying each other. Because the Dean right now is standing with the people because I'm standing together. I want you you know, here's how I reasoned with this because I was having this conversation with someone else.

00:35:58--> 00:36:18

The profit slice and I'm talking about this idea of like a person who does not have shame that I'm just a hateful slot machine. It's right if you have no shame and do as you wish. And, you know, if a person is not shy from the people, they're not shy of a loss of hundreds and vice versa, according to a narration faceva infallibility a lot of time, right. So if you're not shy from people, you're not shy from Allah.

00:36:19--> 00:36:20

Can you imagine

00:36:22--> 00:36:55

a person from Gaza sitting in a room with our typical bickering as American Muslim communities and British Muslim communities and like the shots and the nastiness? Can you imagine like that person sitting on the couch right now, watching how we talk to each other? Not you and I, but the way that some of us talk to each other the way that we act towards one another as a community, can you imagine how disgusted they would be like, This is what you're doing right now. This is how your this is your priority right now.

00:36:57--> 00:37:13

Allah is always watching us. And there is always something greater, for us, Inshallah, time to come together in regards to so I don't want you know, we talked about maybe we should end on this note, we talked about the hypocrisy of the temporary ceasefire, and we need a permanent one.

00:37:15--> 00:37:46

So I see some brothers a calling for a temporary ceasefire in the community, right, when it comes to division. You know, everyone saw it on a local level, you know, some kind of law like it's so sad. Yeah. Like, why masajid that are going at each other. And like, you know what, right now, let's put aside or, you know, let's put this aside for at least the next month or two. And then let's, you know, once Ramadan starts coming around, well, you know, Shavon gets very active again. So, you know, it's a temporary ceasefire versus a permanent ceasefire we need, we need a permanent brotherhood, we need a permanent brotherhood. So let this be a wake up call for us as well in

00:37:46--> 00:38:17

Charlottetown or whatnot to federal, do not be divided. We need each other. Right now. Our people in Gaza need us to be together people and follow us they need us to be together. Let's find more productive ways to disagree. disagreements are normal. But let's find productive ways to disagree. And then find common cause to unite in the nighttime for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala So, yes, no temporary ceasefires let's permanently change our behavior in Charlottetown. Exactly.

00:38:19--> 00:38:31

Just a quick question, finish this sentence if there's one thing you want people to remember from this episode, it will be husband Allah and airmen wiki hospital alone everyone working in hospital alone are lucky.

00:38:32--> 00:38:36

That VIP kid is so pertinent right now. Whether Ibrahim being thrown into the fire

00:38:38--> 00:38:51

or whether you're the profit slice has been absolutely Alon Omar said it's the words that Ibrahim Isom said when he was thrown into the fire, and it's what the Prophet SAW, Selim said, when the people said to them in the masa, caja merula conflictual.

00:38:52--> 00:38:59

It is what he felt all the law on her said when she was slandered, it's what he my medical Rahimullah used to have written on his rank

00:39:00--> 00:39:45

has been allowing me to accuse such a sweet, powerful, wicked because it's not just Allah is enough for us in terms of power. Allah is enough for us period. When they are lucky, he's sufficient. Allah is enough for us emotionally allows enough for us physically allows enough for a spiritually Allah is enough for us as a community Allah is enough for us as individuals will never matter what and, and hamdulillah hospital Allah and Amador healers Allah Who monana when I'm old, I like them. Right when when the prophets lie Selim instructs or Armadyl the Alon to say to all the Allahu Anhu to say to Abu Sufyan or hurt Allahu Mowlana with Mo Telecom, right we have Allah you have no one, right? So

00:39:45--> 00:40:00

that is a manifestation that's an expression of haspin alone. Amador keen has been allowing me to keep having the dinner having dinner, if they can say it and so we can say it in the comfort of our homes. And we can mean it in Charlottetown and we can revive the meaning of that.

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Greg's occurred in our hearts with the Knights