Yahya Ibrahim – Fundraising for Rockingham Mosque, Perth

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of faith and acceptance in one's relationship with God is discussed, with a focus on the need for acceptance and love in life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acceptance and acceptance in religion, rather than just a love for one or the other. The Prophet's visit to Afghanistan and his reward for the burial place have also contributed to the success of woman in working for the worker's community. The importance of love and acceptance in religion is emphasized, along with the worker's reward, which is a reward for being part of a group.
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use this opportunity to to learn

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I got them just like

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the module podcast.

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I wait for everyone's attention chamois and I don't plan on taking too much time while you enjoy my shot love It's delicious cauliflower potato

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soup Mashallah

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we always begin with the praise of Allah subhana wa tada we send our prayers of peace upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we testify with permissive conviction that none is worthy of worship of Allah. And that ordinary use of the law to us seldom is is worshipping slave and final messenger. Actually, can I use the handheld? This one's gonna echo a little

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I, oh,

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maybe I should go back to the other one or is this better? Go back to the other one. This one's better. Yeah, I thought so. Mashallah, Mashallah.

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I wanted to speak to you about the love of the material.

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And the reason I want to use the word love because it is the greatest act of worship.

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So as a Muslim, one of the failings that I had growing up, was that I was not taught about the greatest act of any bad, the greatest act of worship.

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Usually, when we kind of go through our elementary studies about faith, we're taught about how to pray and why we pray and where to put our hands and how high to raise them and the proper way to make glue. But one of the links that is always missing is that the service of God, Allah Almighty, is meant to instill a profound love for everything you interact with, because of your seeking His love, to enter into your life.

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So faith has seven essential steps, the condition of La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, for it to be valid. It begins with knowledge. So you begin with an understanding of who am I? And who is God and what does God wanted me.

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And that knowledge is supposed to go to the second step, which is called the certainty that I've learned enough been thought enough thought enough, have contemplated enough as the verses were recited to us from sort of La Milan yet effect Karuna, because it will all we think about the creation of the heavens of the earth.

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You didn't create us for no reason. So that knowledge then becomes certainty. I'm certain unshakable, that certainty is supposed to transcend into the third stage, which is referred to as cabul. acceptance. So if I'm certain about God, then whatever he's asked of me, I accept it. Now not because I accept it means I'm going to do everything perfectly. Which leads me to the fourth stage which is called

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submission. Suppose the word Islam part of it shades of meaning, its submission, and a part of your belief in God must come from knowledge that makes you certain, that raises your level of certainty to an acceptance of whatever is going to come from the divine reality and what has been sent to us by Allah from is that now I accept it, and now I put it into practice.

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Once I begin to practice, the fifth step is called suit to be truthful, that between me and God, I want something more than what other people see. And whatever I'm going to give it's something that is based on a truthfulness with a lot. What you're going to do later on tonight is called Southern pa Do you hear the word sizzle Kleenex saga is a proof of your truthful acceptance of what God has promised that

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Whatever you gave will be returned. Whatever you share with others will be shared back to you or your future generations in this life and in the next that whatever you give towards Allah will be multiplied many times over. It's super subtle.

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And it's only after you become truthful between yourself and God Almighty, that you can develop number six, which is called if loss sincerity.

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We hear that word you know, and usually hope as you might guess, loss loss loss, it's actually very difficult. It's very, very, it's at the end of the road, that you begin to develop sincerity where what you do is between you and a lot and it doesn't matter who knows it, but who likes it or not?

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Have you ever seen an Arabic person use it? Have you ever seen there because it just go off?

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I've had enough meaning and that's where the word love comes from. I've had enough of everything everyone. I've had enough of seeking the praise of others. I've had enough of feeling others. I've lost all hope in others, except

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it's after you get to a loss is the final step.

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Which is where the Prophet I tell him gets one of his greatest nicknames he is heavy will love the love of God. This is beautiful Hadith where the Prophet heard this habit speaking about the messengers who came before him. And they were speaking about Ibrahim, he's Javi robot. He's the intimate friend of God, and others, they said Musab Kadima is the one who Converse directly to God.

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Each of the prophets had something amazing about them, and then the Prophet exited upon them into the magic he said Allah habibollah all of that is true about all of these brethren of not mine who preceded but I am the below and the most loving of God salamati Listen, the last stage is actually called the

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the greatest act of your servitude available via to a lot is that you love love completely. That when you are given or not given by God what you want you loving equal river equal contentment and acceptance, that when you're given or taken from you, it doesn't change your hearts contentment with where you view God as being a part of your life's path.

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And therefore Allah Subhana Allah makes it the essential test of life

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say to them in coutume to a boon Allah if you really claim as you do that you are lovers of me of God the only proven by following the example of Muhammad Sallallahu How do you assert your

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love you I want you to pay attention to that word. See because love we got it all backwards right love

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how many of you guys love chicken? But not honestly I know you're hungry? Mashallah. Chicken. Chicken? No, honestly Put your hands up who loves chicken? Now, you don't really love chicken. You love what chicken tastes like? Like if I was to give you a real chicken I use it I don't know what to do with it. Why you give me a chicken? It's a bread you don't love the chicken? You love what chicken does for you.

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It's not a love of the chicken it's a love of yourself consuming

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and that's not love. actually love his service to others. So when the father dies lm is habibollah it's not because he's getting everything he wants from a lot it's because he's the best servant of Allah. It's like as you're sitting next to your wife across from your wife and you know you love me honey

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that was only 5500 for that goal

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yeah me

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show you lost me honey.

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Show you you know I want I want that soup

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to come on, right this is Mashallah prove your love. See, love is not meant to be something that's emotion.

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Emotional love is condemned

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with different people between an herbal and

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you know that word ation? Right. It's that emotional infatuated love that comes and goes by circumstance because you might not

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Chicken today then you hear about lamb and you like lamb. People go down the road for lamb. Then all of a sudden forget about lamb I heard there's like t bone steak.

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And if you're transitioning based on consumption, you miss out on what actually love is. So a law says, If you truly love God, love me show with through the following of what the Prophet came to teach you.

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One of the most beautiful and most terrifying hubby's actually if you look at it the other way is that the prophets I sell them said when Allah loves an individual

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he calls gibreel.

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And he says gibreel Gabriel, I love this person. I love your hair right? Mashallah.

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I mean,

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I love

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to breed because a lot, I love the idea. I mean,

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God loves you.

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And then a lot more as you breathe to summon the heavens and say, I love this person. Because a lot of loves this person, you are ordered to love that person were pulled

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out and then love this sense for that person and acceptance on the earth, even in the hearts of the enemy. It's the reason why Pharaoh doesn't dispatch Moses, the moment he walks back into Egypt.

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Allah says it to

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me when he pulls nada. I clothed you with my love, Pamela, like when Allah loves you, even the one who has hate and has reason to hate you, it's tempered. You're not gonna have a free pass in life. But your heart will always be steady in adversity, you will always find a way out of difficulty where your resume in high school if you always find a way out of every hardship a door will open where you don't expect it and you will be provided for in a stunning way that astonishes you and others

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so why do we love them?

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Do we love them? So I don't want to ask that question. Because remember we said mentioned isn't about consumer usually when people talk about magic they're talking about so what is the magic do right? oh eight you know hiking send my kids to put on their Mashallah when we do Arnica, Mashallah, we need to go to the menu, we need to book this and do that. We only think about the masjid in the services that are rendered to us. What classes are offered? Where will the janazah be held? Why is Joomla You know, there's not enough room for Joomla and our backward understanding of the masjid renders us at peril of not being able to appreciate the necessity of loving it. The prophets I said

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them said that there's seven categories of people who on the on the day of judgment will be given by Allah Almighty will be given by Allah Almighty shade and protection in a way that others will not. And they will be protected by Allah when others are seeking it. And one of them listen to this description, is a person Honey Boo, Lacombe message, a person whose heart is hanging on to the mosque.

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It's not a person who prayed every prayer in the mosque. It's not a person who donated all their wealth in a mosque. It's not a person who built the mosque. It's somebody whose heart has has an attachment to the house of Allah in whichever way it renders itself available.

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don't discount having your name on a brick to the masjid perhaps it could be a chef, an intercession for you. When it matters. don't discount $100 ticket for canopies and soup and a wonderful meal and a great atmosphere. Perhaps it can be the reason for your shade on the Day of Judgment.

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don't discount somebody 30 years after my and your passie putting their forehead on a piece of ground that you made possible by the grace of Allah upon you that he opened your heart tonight to do something special, that that reward of that rock out becomes yours. I want to end with a story

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When the Prophet made his arrival Salalah when he was when

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he arrived the pullback so that is actually the first mentioned built by the prophet Dyson

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and after praying there for a few days He then made his way to Medina where he built his Mr. Tyson

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the people of venom sada who lived in Cuba

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they were devastated they thought the magic the first magic built and hello the you know profits gonna stay with us I send them but he was ordered his camera was gonna go away. It was like you know the story right?

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And go back from the masjid of the prophets I send them is about eight mile walk. Until now you can take that walk they paved it now much I love my family and I met a lot open the room again. Every time we go Saturday morning was the student of the prophet to walk out to pray to rock out in combat because he didn't want them to think that he left them isolated. But it was considered outside Medina. It's not in the Medina. So the people of this tribe in this place. They said we're not going to miss praying in the masjid of the prophets. I tell him even though he bought the first Masjid here, we're not going to play here. We're going to pray here, but we're going to go to every single

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there so they would leave it takes about an hour and 20 minutes at brisk walk they would leave an hour and a half before

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in the darkness of the night, walking in the desert until they came to the magic of the product I tell them to pray behind him.

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And after a few months of doing it, ask measure evasion shot they began to tire so they made the only logical decision they could which was they were going to abandon their homes, their lands, their farms to be near the measured of the puppets I send them because how could you miss that prayer?

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So Allah revealed in Surah, Ki se

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you know that sort of we all love

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me, Allah says I write down all of their deeds whereas out of them and their footsteps to come to the masjid for prayer. And the Prophet ran to the people have been sad and he said, stay as you are, your footsteps are counted for you for wherever you come until you enter into this mansion. So that is so magnificent. That everything related to it is given a special reward to show you how important the Salah is that the name of the magic comes from sujood magic means the place you make some jewelry

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making has a reward of taking away your sins with every drop of water that falls even from under your eyelashes. So a lot of it was walking to the magic one has enough for every footstep one thing for every footstep taken away and one level elevated for you in the ranks of the righteous.

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beautifying the house of Allah, a man Amen. God's sake in the masjid of the prophets I seldom and he had phlegm and he spat And it landed on the wall where you know the lip level. And he hadn't hadn't had time to clean it yet. And as a prophet, I tell him entered he saw this disfiguring of dementia and if people could see in his face one of the Sahaba went home and got his most expensive mask and a piece of his clothes. And he took that off the wall and put the mask on the wall. And the prophets I send them said as you've done well Allah will do well by you.

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There was a woman an African woman, the Hadith is in Buhari

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who used to be the caretaker of the budget of the province. It used to live in them and she she was the caretaker of the ministry. So Lola hottie listen. And one day the Prophet went on a short journey when he came back the mentioned with disorganized because the person who loved the masjid who was attached to the masjid wasn't there to service it. And the prophets I send them said Where is the Ethiopian woman where it's where she go? And they said, O Messenger of Allah, we didn't think you know, we didn't think to tell you to admit that she passed away and we buried her now.

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This is in the middle of the night. The prophets I seldom said to Luna of rehab take me to her grave now.

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The Prophet stood on her grave and did janazah her imagine what's her range? What's the reason cuz she was a hard and she's a servant of domestic

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because serving them

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is serving the Salah of not just yourself but others. I remember him He said, If the prayer of a person in Jamaica is 27 times the reward of being alone, what is the reward of the one who built the masjid for it to be previous?

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It can be nothing else than it helps engender a lot. See, we hear that at least you know build energy, you get a house in general. But why? Because everyone's looking at that it's an incredible compounding, phenomenal activity, generosity and reward that cannot be found in any other capacity. That you're sitting at home and you didn't feed your mouth, but you get the reward of those who did.

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Because when you feed a pot fasting person, you get the reward of the one who's fasting, right? We all know that heavy men are the one who gives food to somebody passing you get the reward of them while they don't lose any reward. What makes you think the generosity of Allah ends at that.

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And therefore the love of the masjid is not emotional attachment.

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A lot of the masjid is proven through service. And the love of the masjid is the greatest shade that you and I aspire to on the day that it's all scratchers. I end with one of

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the beautiful statements of Allah in the Quran, where Allah Subhana Allah says when Miss delinda let them know with surety that the masajid are only for Allah. Their purpose is only that Allah be served in them that like your your intent is to build something that highlights you to the majesty of Allah subhana wa tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala make each and every one of you a share. In the reward that is instilled Tonight, I'll be the first of you, my family and I in law we're donating $500 to the measured insha Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept it. Anybody have 5000 I can take the boat with me that's fine. So no.

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And the reason I share that with you publicly is so that I get your reward for following me in kind the prophets of Allah it was seldom said that the one who does an active charity, and others follow them in kind in it, they get the reward of everyone who follows them in it. May Allah subhanaw taala give me all of your reward in sha Allah tonight, and may it be in the scales of those who founded this measure and worked in this method honored this method. And I don't mean to praise anyone in particular at the negligence of others, I can never forget my brother, Dr. rasuu Lee, who What was it? 2003 maybe,

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maybe 2004 when I first was invited to speak in this before this was built right, I was young

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as a young man Mashallah 22,000 and for quite a gentleman you know, nearly 20 years ago, and it was what the pleasure of Allah with the blessing of Allah subhana wa tada that I was honored to be a part of this message isn't to see it from where it is to where it is today. May Allah subhana wa high that make you an AI from those who give a generation another opportunity to return 20 years from now to even better and better facilities. And may Allah bless those who work hard to establish this place in in the first instance alone that means to hang up alone

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Santa Monica.

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Allah he bet Aquino

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