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Abu Bakr_ Second to None in the Pursuit of God

Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (ra) was the ultimate “first”: quick to believe, quick to do good, never hesitant to follow the Prophet ï·º, and had a natural instinct toward good.

In Episode 9 of The Firsts, Sh. Omar Suleiman describes the noble character of Abu Bakr (ra), his friendship with the Prophet ï·º, and his unmatched legacy.

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So tonight we start with and I was thinking about how to title, anything about Rebecca. So the title of the line anything about him fall short. And so I thought the ultimate first you think about someone who is,

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you know, you think about someone who is

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quick to believe, quick to do any good, never hesitant with anything that the Prophet sly some asks of him, and also has a natural instinct towards good it's always Rebecca now, I struggled because it's hard to piece what part of abeka is life while the other one has to take for this and I don't want this to become a biography or see it of course, I want it to become something where we, you we look at these people from the perspective of what it entailed to be sabich on what it meant to be from those that were first those that were always for runners, those that were always proceeding others to good. And so with Rebecca or the allowance, it'll probably take us two classes, maybe

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three, to just go over that aspect of his life and what makes him so unique in the way that he is distinguished within the books of Sierra within the books of biography. So we'll kind of go to the very beginning of this. I'll be back it'll be a long time who is from a tribe called Ben moutain. Then we'll team and blue team is not one of those big tribes that you find in early macaques, not bandama, zoom. It's not been our ID, it's not one of the the major tribes brainwash them. These are some of the big tribes of Christ that you often hear about. beltane is a sub tribe of Qureshi, and it's a very small tribe. One of the good things about this tribe is that it's Noble. It is, it has a

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reputation for not being combative, not being messy, not not inserting itself into some of the tribal warfare that would take place. It has a good reputation as a tribe, people that would generally play the role of being peacemakers. Okay, so it has the nobility of a big tribe in Mecca. But at the same time, it doesn't have the size nor does it participate in the type of combat that a lot of the other big tribes in Mecca participated in. And when you look at the companions of the Prophet slice on you can often group them in tribes. The only two real notable tribes from Notable people from the companions of the Prophet sly Salaam, from the new team are actually able Beckett

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and Paul have two pretty big names. But those are the two notable names from this tribe of bento team and of course all of doubleback and his family and all of his family. May Allah be pleased with them will come under this tribe of men will now go back to his actual name. What's his real name?

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Abdullah bin Evy kochava What's his name?

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We could have also as a Kenya

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anyone Nobuko half his name so his name was Abdullah and it was none. I'd be kochava is Earth man.

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Abdullah bin or it's not I'm the loving Earth man. Some of the narration say his his name. Prior to Islam was Abdullah character, the servant of the Kaaba and the Prophet slicin changed his name to the servant of Allah. And his father is a be kochava actual name is Earth man. His mother his own highish Her name is the mother of good so Pamela It's like she was meant for this.

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Selma been suffering what the law of Thailand who also would become Muslim actually, pretty early on the mother of Wilbekin sample Beckett has a lot of interesting names and there are meanings to these names. Okay, there are meanings to these names for us to take lesson from. Who can tell me Annabelle Beckett? Let's just put this out there from now on. Well, Becca means the father of what what is buckler? So the young Campbell, Samuel Beckett on the lawn who had a particular interest with the different types of animals that were there, he had a particular interest in raising camels. And so his nickname became a beggar. Usually, if you have an interest in something or you indulge in

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something too much, they'll call you, the father of that thing. So he's the father of the young camel, that became his nickname. And he would go by that for the rest of his life, or the Allahu taala. And there's also a nickname that he had it. It was a To me, the one who is freed, the one who is freed. And typically speaking, many will look at this as a post Islam name, meaning this was a name that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave him but if you actually look into the history of aboubaker, his name, it's actually a name that his mother called him. And the reason being is that apobec had his parents of equal halfa and uncleared

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had had trouble having a boy they kept on miscarrying boys.

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So he had sisters, but he could not have she could not have a boy. And so when Rebecca was born and he survived the, the pregnancy, she called him ateeq. Meaning he survived death, he was freed from death. Okay, so he was freed into this world. It's parallel. So there's some a miracle even in his birth, that his mother actually felt compelled to call him ateeq. And then after Rebecca was born, she had another son. So she called him more often. And then they had another son so she called him rotation which is tilsley, which is like a small it. So they all ended up with those nicknames. So his name is Abdullah, but still RT, which is fried because he was freed from death and that he was

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allowed to survive. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took that name and he gave it another meaning. So it is a name that preceded Islam, but it has a post Islamic meaning that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, sobre, La Ilaha, Teton Mina now for the younger Ella, Heather, whoever wants to see someone who's been freed from the fire, then let them look at this one here, let them look at aboubaker. Okay, so abubaker was freed from deaf and coming into this world, and then freed from Hellfire on the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are the characteristics of him? So he was born about two and a half years after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So two and

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a half years after the Prophet slicin, which would put his birth here at what, Mickey?

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What is it?

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You can say to

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572 the Prophet peace be upon him was Warren 570 obergefell the law and who was born in the year, approximately in the year 572.

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he grows up in this noble tribe, very special young man. The characteristics of him sound very much so like the Prophet, slice alum. He loved poetry. Well, Beckett will the law I don't have a great love for poetry. But somehow la he he had an aversion to poetry that contained shidduch that contains polytheism, even as a young man, so he loved poetry. He was known to study ancestry, he knew the tribes, he knew where each person came from, without you having to spit into a cup and send it to somewhere that will eventually be used to destroy you have Obamacare law, the law on who could look at you, he could tell you where you were, from what you were, from, who your great great, great

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grandparents were, were this tribe mixed with this tribe, I will buy cattle, the law No, had an incredible memory and an incredible understanding of the lineage of the Arabs, extremely eloquent, extremely sharp, very, very smart. And he was he you know, he rose in the marketplace very quickly. So he was sharp. And he was he was brilliant at his trades. So he was a merchant with the alarm. And his sharpness is what caused him to be very wealthy, very good at trade. And people love to do business with him because he was very honest. Alright, so there's actually an Arab that wrote a poem about him being you know, excelling in the marketplace getting rich off of honesty, how few people

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get rich off of honesty. So his honesty gained from a reputation in the marketplace in trade and used to trade in garments and cloth. Well, the a lot of time, so different types of fabrics and things of that sort. And that was what gains his reputation in the marketplace.

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In his intelligence, and in his fifth law, in his natural disposition, he found idol worship silly, okay, very early on. And so his father took him Abu hanifa took him to the curb as a young man. And he taught he sat him in front of an idol in front of one of the Islam and he said, go ahead and worship it. I'm gonna go and I'll come back. Okay, so he left them there with the idol in front of the cabinet. Just think of the image, right? Well, Beckett is a young man standing in front of the cabinet, their idols in front of him. He said, I'm gonna go come back, you know, do some worship. So he looked at the idol and he said,

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Yeah, Rob, he called the idol Oh, my God, but but in a way of testing it. He said, I need some nice clothes. So close me. He looked around, nothing happens. Then he said to another idol. He said, I'm hungry, give me food.

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Nothing happens. Right? So then he he, he kept on talking to them. And he said, What is it with these? They don't talk they don't benefit. And he said if I pushed one of them, it would break. They said, what what type of god are you Ilan, how they just it didn't click with him, even as a young man, and so I will record all the long haul.

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Took a stone and he looked at one of the idols and he said I'm about to throw a stone at you. If you're a god, protect yourself through the stone at the idol. It fell over and move on.

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It'll be Alon who said this is nonsense. So he completely abandoned idol worship. And you know, he practiced as you know, he just he just never worship idols similar to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Of course this is his best friend, right the Prophet slice I'm never worshipped an idol. Mecca never worshipped an idol. There's one more person who is totally alone, he says, never worshipped an idol or drank alcohol, other than I'm not some of

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the 11 who are some of those others that were honey. They weren't hostile to idolatry. They didn't say anything, or they weren't publicly preaching against it, but they didn't worship idols, nor did they drink alcohol. So he said, there were three or she said there were three.

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Also los isonem, obviously Mohammed, Abu Bakar, and it's not okay, so these three never worshipped idols, nor did they drink alcohol, they found it to be counter to their fifth lots of their natural intelligence, their natural goodness, and that incidents of the law and who were the idols, what does it remind you of when you think of a prophet who does it remind you of? Is there an image that comes to your mind? It reminds you of a boy he doesn't it? But he mighty Islam, right? This is a boy he mighty Islam being put in front of the idols as a kid as well. It's very interesting because abeka is nicknamed with the same title as Ibrahim A Sadiq, the truthful one, he inclines towards the

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truth. There's, in his in him, there's a desire to the truth, there's an inclination to the truth. What is inside of him agrees with the truth naturally. So just like Ibrahim is I'm extremely intelligent, eloquent, you know,

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poking holes in idol worship, I will back it on the line who is doing the same thing as a young man, even in those moments? Now, when did Abu Bakr become Muslim? So there's interest, there's some narration. So for example, there's my Mona Mohan, he says that when the prophet SAW the licen, and went to Damascus, when we said the Prophet slicin, went to a sham twice, okay. I'm always going to try to pull back other parts of this series so that you can keep on getting a full picture. Right? The Prophet sly son went to Assam twice, right? When he went as a very young man. All right. Who did he go with? Who took him to a sham the first time?

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His uncle, right and what happens when Abu Talib took him to a sham?

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Who saw him there?

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I told the narration of the Hadar the monk right who saw the Prophet sly Solomon who saw signs of prophethood in him,

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spoke of him and praise Him. So narrations mentioned a while back it was also part of that group. So apple pie lab was with the prophets lie some as well as Wilbekin and doubleback. He grew up going to a sham. And if you read the Sierra Wilbekin so that narration You know, there are different forms of it anyway. But Rebecca grew up going to a sham on an annual basis. This was his life to go to a sham and go to Yemen, on the trade routes, because he was a merchant, and he didn't have the constraints that the prophets lysozyme had growing up. So more and more Maharani says that the back end or the low annual knew of what was prophesies of the profit slice, and then an already had a feeling right,

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knowing that something there was something unique about his best friend, Mohammed sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam. And Wilbekin all the time who also

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you know, was very close to the Prophet slice element would take or would spend private time with him, right? So he's seeing signs of his character. You can't spend that much time with him and not know there's something special about him. Right? So that's why it would make sense then why abeka just clicked right away when the profit slice I'm told them I'm a messenger of God, it just immediately clicked with him, right? He's been seeing the profit slice. I'm in his alone time in those privates in those private moments for so much time.

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Now, when did he become Muslim, Abu hanifa Rahim Allah He says that the first woman to become Muslim was Khadija the first youth to accept Islam was actually the first men to accept Islam was Abu Bakr. So that's how hanifa actually brought it all together. Okay. The Khadija was the first to accept Islam from the women. It was the first from the youth of America It was the first from the men. Now obviously, there is the situation of Wanaka, which we talked about, which is a very different and unique situation in and of itself, right? Well, the A lot of times, I'd marry but when the prophets lie, some went to Abu Bakar or the law of Thailand home. Abubakar immediately told him so doctor,

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I believe you the Prophet slice I'm told I will back at what happened and his experience with jabril and appointing him as a messenger of Allah He immediately said, I believe you. Right. So it was a complete buy in and I will record all the law and who resembled the prophets life.

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Most in qualities most in his character. And so you know some of the scholars they point out the Hadith of the Prophet slice of Allah Dini led right a person is on the religion of his friends is on the way of his friend. If these two were best friends, if you're the best friend of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam for 40 years or 38 years, best friend from childhood, then obviously those characteristics will will match that Josie Kamala, he points to he says, look at the description of Khadija to the prophets lie Selim when prophets lie some came back to the house, and Khadija comforted the Prophet. So I sent him by mentioning his good qualities, the way that he treats his

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family, the way he treats his neighbor, the way he treats the poor, the way he treats the orphans, the way that he treated anyone that had a cost, and he said that was the way that Adelina who was a Mexican Chief, when Rebecca was on his way to Abyssinia to make his way to migrate to escape persecution, if nothing has stopped him. And he took a bucket to the different leaders of Piraeus and said this is a person who should not be expelled and he mentioned the exact same qualities about the Prophet sighs about a little bucket that Khadija mentioned about the prophets license, so I will back It is a copy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in regards to his character and in

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regards to the opinion that people had of him except he was a chief of his people. He experienced wealth his entire life, and Imam and now Rahim Allah said that one of the blessings of Wilbekin or the law, or something to think about is that as soon as the Prophet slice I'm told him about who he was about the religion coming to him, I will Becca did not think about his rank or his position, or what would happen to him as a result of supporting the prophets license. He immediately he found the truth, he immediately accepted it, he immediately accepted the calling. And he knew that there were going to be serious ramifications to that. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Every single person

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that I invited to Islam, they had doubts at first, except for herbal backup. As soon as I invited him to Islam, as soon as I called them to Allah, he did not hesitate. He immediately accepted the religion. And he believed in me and he supported me right away. Now, obviously, it's not including Khadija with the low profits, I'm just talking about on the outside of his household, right that abubaker believed in him right away and supported him right away, and had absolutely no qualms about the types of ramifications that would come. But not only does he believe in the profit slice, um, he builds the community around the profits licensing. So he doesn't he doesn't just say to the profits

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license, I believe in you. He goes out and he starts calling people to Allah calling people to the religion and people start to convert right and left through the tongue of bubble bucket. Remember, he was extremely eloquent, he had position. He had rank, people took his word seriously. And so think about this. He accounts for six so they're the 10 promise paradise lasher machine, right. We'll go through all 10 of them but we can start with seven double Beckett is one and then he brought six others who else did double bucket bring to us? No.

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It's not. That's one

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thought ha who is inseparable from talhah zubayr. Who else

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who else

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hurt What is it?

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We said so there are two more

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about Aveda ajala inside of an Abbe walk class two of those six Okay, it's not an under amount of an elf. We're also have that same class as a whole bucket. Right? wealthy elite in their tribal status have have a certain word so you know, if men and women are most similar to Apple Beckett, may Allah be pleased to them and as obeyed our youth, right there young teenagers that come to Islam, through Apple Beckett. And of course, sad and abort Aveda are from some of the respectable members as well. So these six that he brought to Islam, other than himself, obviously being the seven, these six that he brought to Islam, make up with him seven of the 10 that were promised paradise. So think about

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this, all of the good deeds have been an opener amount of an iPhone, all the wealth they spent, all the charity that they gave goes to the scale of Apple bucket. So it's not just a little bucket, his own subaqua, his own charity, all of their charity is his and the profit slice and I'm setting the one who guides to good is like the one who does it without decreasing from the original Dewar in any way whatsoever. So every time you read a narration

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About the generosity of Earth non or not have an oath of record or the law and who's cashing in on the good deeds of that. Those are all that's all his subaqua as if he gave that to so consider his incredible generosity, it'll be allowable. And then the two pools of Earth none. And under amount of Earth, the three most generous people that spent on the profit slice alone all stem from our bucket, or the allowance Allah, tala Hannah's obey the neighbors of the prophets lie Selim agenda, right? who defended the prophets lie some who were always by his side, all of that goes to him. We talked about Islam going to China. So who cos that's aboubaker is there our every person that the 30

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million people that say Lalalalala in China, stem from side that's all Rebecca's good deeds, right? I mean, think about the way that this all spreads, and what this all means, in terms of his good deeds. And it's not just them, Abou selama. Well, the Abu Salah is from the DERA of Abu Bakr, or the Allah hotel, and it was a noble man, who of course passed away and on selama of the Allahu Allah would marry the Prophet sallallahu sallam, after he passes away. So he brings in some of the most important people, to Islam. All right, I'm talking about in terms of the elites and those that would give it respectability at that level. And then he goes with the prophets lie Selim to meet all of

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the different tribes as support. So he's always there with the Prophet slice on when he goes out there to call people to Islam. Now was he tortured was doubleback, cattle, the law and who actually going to be tortured, we know that the Mexicans would make an example, out of the week, and the poor would elbow back couldn't be tortured.

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Yes, who dared to torture doubleback.

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This is where the picture starts to fill.

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A bucket, and palha belong to Ben Wu Tang, they're Noble. And the nobles would be recommended behind the scenes. They'd be beaten and reprimanded behind the scenes, they weren't going to be publicly humiliated. The way that the slaves would be humiliated the way that the poor would be humiliated. They would humiliate them privately and try to get them to renounce the religion privately because in their tribalism, they did not want to humiliate their tribesmen in public because they would see that as collective humiliation of the tribe. So we can only do this and privates. There was no one from Ben who team. So the idea with the noble tribes was you take your noble ones and you punish

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them privately. Okay, then we'll take a small tribe, no one was willing to torture a bucket. And guess who takes the challenge to torture a bucket and Paul had the brother of Khadija

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nofal have been coded,

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who is known as the Lion of Quraysh acido Quraysh, the brother of Khadija about the law, who was nicknamed because of what he did to the Muslims as shavon. Cora is the devil of Quraysh. I gave a hotel about him two years ago, I believe, because it just how could the brother of Khadija be such a horrible evil man, to even go out and better to try to kill the prophets lie Selim? So the brother of Khadija nurofen, even hoilett, takes a rope. He ties a Wilbekin and palha together and he beats them and tortures them in private together with one rope.

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Crazy, right? So how I mean, the brother of Khadija torturing of Rebecca and Paula and that's why they were actually called and party name, the two tied ones because I will record and somehow we're tied together by the same rope of NOFA. Okay. So somehow a lot I mean, this is when you start to dig deep into these things you start to see it's all interconnected. everything that's happening in the society is related to another part of the society and another dimension of the profits of a lot. Harrison's lifestyle Kadena the two that are tied together, Wilbekin and clubhouse are bounded by the rope of no foot, beaten and tortured only in privates now not beaten the way that the slaves

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were being beaten not to a point of death, not to a point where they're not having their skin burned off of them. They're not having their nails pulled out some of the really harsh things that are being done to the slaves. They're not that's not to that level, but it's enough to try to get them to renounce their faith. But it's all done again, away from the public sphere. This isn't happening around the cabinet because that would be a shame on the tribe itself. Okay, so no fun evanescent. I'm sorry, nurofen in Hawaii Island,

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tortures, abubaker and palha. Now, this is probably this next part is probably the most underestimated dimension of wobec kettle the allow on his life and his good in the very beginning of Islam, which is the freeing of slaves, I will bucket is the emancipator of slaves. Early on in Islam. I will Beckett will be allowed on home freedom

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Multiple slaves and obviously the most famous one is

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the law of the law and the most famous one is below the law of Thailand who below is being tortured, humiliated, being made an example of beloved How dare you Abyssinian black slave with absolutely no protection in a deeply tribalistic racist society? How dare you challenge omiya right. I mean, you're below the law and who is is doing everything basically, it's suicidal for Bilal to become Muslim. And I will record on the low on who goes and says, I will purchase his freedom. Omega will be allowed on home was making an example out of marble Becker says how much he says seven, seven ups, and one Aries and 10 upsr. That's a huge amount of money. A huge amount of money to free below

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while the Allahu anhu so abubaker says deal gives them all the money takes villain, as Rebecca is taking the de Mayo wants to throw a comment. You know, he just taught he almost tortured him to death he literally had them under a stone whipped dehydrated below the line who was barely alive, he's beaten to a bloody pulp and as a Wilbekin on the line who was taking blood omega says low athletes any dinar you could have given me one coin for him.

00:26:20--> 00:26:34

He wasn't worth more than one. D now for you to for you to take him and doubleback cuddle the Allahu tada at home. He says what law if you would have said only 100 okay as I would have given it to you, I would have given you everything for that.

00:26:35--> 00:27:12

So it was it wasn't just freeing the slaves it was it was something else and all model the law on who used to call me not our master who was freed by our master. Our Master who was freed by our master Gilad was our master freed by our master double bucket. Well, the law no hubbub about the allowed time freed by a bucket. I would have known for Haider freed by double bucket. There are some women that were freed by a double bucket female slaves that were freed by a bucket and it didn't matter what their status was or what benefit they would bring to this new Muslim community if I will bucket heard that a slave had become Muslim as was being tortured for that. He takes his money and

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he goes and he frees them. There was one, one woman by the name of Sunita. And she was beaten to blindness for becoming Muslim. So they beat her till she lost her sight. And some had a law. They said when Rebecca told the law on who went to purchase her a blind female slave, what use is she at this point, right? They said, my boss saw her in lonato. And

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they said that the reason why she went blind is because of a Latin eraser, the two idols so it was her insults of religion, it was the gods that took her site. And when they said that, she said, what law he not to do a lot when there is a one out of 10 fair and she said I swear by God a lot and it is I can't hurt anyone nor can they benefit anyone This is a blind slave girl being pulled away by Rebecca will be allowed on home. And because of that a lot de la bussola she actually could see after that. So her sight actually came back to her some of these people you don't hear about one that absolutely shocked me Subhanallah I've taught the story of Beckett multiple times in the night

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actually, because I'm trying to imagine the societal implications of this. One of the female slaves that Rebecca had freed, was was was a woman by the name of lubaina, who was the slave girl of Omar el hombre De La Hoya and

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Omar was not a Muslim, Omar hated Islam. And when this particular slave became Muslim, or Omar beat her until he would get tired Subhana Allah, he said, I'm not stopping beating you because I pity you. It's because I'm tired. That's the type of wrath that she experienced from Omar before he became Muslim. And that was one of the regrets of all right that he beat someone like that for becoming Muslim. And Wilbekin is the one who freed her purchased her freedoms. Pamela, think about that. Who would have thought at some point, the prophet sly summonable, Beckett and Alma, Wilbekin and Omar have become the two shakes of the community inseparable. And in this early day of Islam. A

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bucket is the one purchasing a beaten slave from Amato the law on how to free her from his cruelty. So he is a record of the law and who is going out looking for if he can hear the news of any one of these slaves and this is a religion that started with the slaves. Right? This is who Islam appealed to, in the first place. The law I thought the Mr. King, the weak, the downtrodden, the oppressed. This is where

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the idea of monotheism really appealed because they've been brutalized in the name of those items. Right now Beckett is going out and freeing them. And somehow Allah His father, who's not a Muslim yet, who halfa says to him, he says to him, oh, my son, he said people purchase slaves that are strong or healthy or have some sort of unique

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expertise that they can't get from anywhere else, or they purchase a slave that would get everyone else in line. Right? people purchase slaves for reasons. Why are you freeing these weak ones that can't even do anything for themselves? What's the point of freeing the slaves? What are these people going to do for you? And Abubakar, will they allow a man who responded? Yeah, it'd be in Nila our job here. It's be him not in the law.

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He said, Oh my father, I am seeking with their freedom. What is with Allah?

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Guess what came down as a result of them sort of delayed.

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Chose reading

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bassel the A lot of times I know it says the consensus that sort of two lane was revealed about doubleback kettle, the low tide on this particular moment where Beckett was freeing the slaves that no one else wanted, that everyone else beat. And I will back it will the law and people start saying like, maybe he's freaking beloved because something happened in the past. They started to make up stories, right? Maybe Maybe there is some deal some covet because it doesn't make sense. Why is Beckett spending all of his money on these slaves freeing all of these slaves? What's you know, what are these women going to do for him? What are these men going to do for him they have absolutely no

00:31:16--> 00:31:36

benefit to the religion. And Allah responded to what Rebecca will the Allahu anhu said in Neela our job here it's pay him more in the law, I seek with with with their freedom, what is with Allah. One night he had dinner in the who menerima 10 tujuh in Liberty law watchdog Bill arella whether Sofia law,

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no one can compensate him for what he is doing. No one can compensate him for what he is doing. No one has enough money, enough power, nothing could stop aboubaker could could satisfy that craving that he had to free these people and to do this, except for that which is with Allah, what a Sofia Allah and Allah will certainly please Him. Allah will certainly please him, I will back it with the law. And when he came into Islam, he had 40,000 dinars. By the time they made his long, he only had 5000 left. And most of it went to these types of things. I mean, at this, you're not financing in Mecca. At this point. You're not financing, any expeditions, any journey journeys of the profit

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slice on what's there to spend upon there's no messages there's there isn't much to spend FISA vitola in Mecca, so out of his 40,000, which he saved all of that time, he left with only 5000 because of all of the money that he was spending primarily on freeing these slaves. And this is something that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam recognized that there was something about the man's spending very early on, that he did not care about the implications of spending feasibility law. So I will write about the law tada and who says, not that the Prophet slicin himself non authority Marlin cannot manifest any model be Becker that no money was ever more ever benefited me more than

00:33:01--> 00:33:41

the money that was spent by a double bucket on the LA hotel. And so back when he heard that he started to cry, and he said, hell no family in La Casa de la, am I in my money for anything but you O Messenger of Allah, like Rebecca was embarrassed when the prophets lie Selim would say that Java will the low end Oh, sorry. They narrate that the prophets lie some would spend from the wealth of abeka like he would spend from his own now that that's not insulting. They had that type of a relationship. wearable back in his hand was free and spending on these good ventures right on these good things for the sake of a loss and how do I turn on the prophets why Selim would spend a bit

00:33:41--> 00:34:23

like it was his own money, they shared that that's how close they were. And that was an honor for the law, to be respected and to be loved by the prophet sallallahu wasallam in such a manner. Now what happens as Islam starts to spread now. Well, Becca is first to believe in him from from the men, right. And he's someone who has a unique position. He has clouds, but it's not. It's not It's not the type of cloud that Abuja or Ahmad or some of the more powerful as in physically strong warriors are known for it's a cloud that comes through respectability, through his money through his tribal, you know, elite, you know, his tribe being elite. That's the type of cloud that he has. He

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brings in the top tier of the Sahaba in regards to the economic and the tribal class, right. And then he brings in the lower tier, and I'm saying that in quotes very intentionally, because there's nothing low about Bilal and hubbub and these people, right, but he's bringing in all these elements of society. He's building the community around the profit slice, and he's using his money to build around the profit slice on he's financing, not an outcome. Everything that has to go with that. He's spending and spending and spending and spending all of this and the data was not public yet. Meaning the prophets lie some has not actually publicly preached yet. This is all within small gaps.

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But the profit slice um has not made the community wide call at this point. And obviously as the community is growing around the profit slice Um, there's a fear that this is going to get worse. I need all the allow on home and this is actually narrated by Lee I'm the love not

00:35:17--> 00:35:32

that race we're surrounding the profit slice of them and so they started to rough them up. This is where you see the gradual beating humiliation of the profits by some of his followers in public so they were around the Capital One day

00:35:33--> 00:35:39

and they started to rough up the prophets lie Selim, they started to push him they started to pull his clothes

00:35:41--> 00:36:18

or club and be more eight slop, the profit slice on them. So they're humiliating him, there's they're yelling at him. And they're saying, Tim, enter Lee Johnson earlier Ilan wahida. You're the one who made all these idols into one God. You're that person mocking the religion of the Prophet, slice alum. And at this point, there is no Hamza. There is no Omar, there is no one that's really strong to go out there and support the Prophet slicin without getting themselves killed. All right now, I've been I've been worried. He escalated when the Prophet sly son was humiliated after getting beaten and slapped around the profit slice I'm starting to pray.

00:36:20--> 00:36:31

And when I woke up every morning saw, remember was the one who would put the camel guts on the back of the profit slice of them. He took his his shawl and he put it around the neck of the profit slice somebody started to choke him.

00:36:32--> 00:37:15

The Prophet gave an order that the Sahaba don't do anything even if provoked don't respond. Because ultimately what they were looking for was a brawl and then they'd have an excuse to kill them all right so the Prophet sighs someone was actually it's a strategic reason to write don't don't respond let them instigate let them provoke don't responses I will bucket all the allowed tada and who could not help himself? He heard about what was happening he came to the house and I will back at all the law on who he says the famous words a template to Luna Raja and Nicola Robbie, Allah, will you kill a man because he says his Lord is Allah would you really kill a man because he says his Lord is

00:37:15--> 00:37:51

Allah and I will back is not going and punching or anything like that. He's trying to protect the Prophet slice Allah. And he's saying, Would you really kill a man like what is wrong with you people talk to Luna Raja Nicola viola, would you really kill a man who would say that his Lord is Allah, that was enough for them to start pouncing on herbal Beckett and making making an example of him. So they took a look back at all the law on who they rubbed his face in the dirt. And they dragged it in the dirt. So actually, I will back in on the law on whose face was covered. And then they punched him punched and punched him until Obama cuddle the law and who lost consciousness and they thought

00:37:51--> 00:38:24

he might have died. They didn't want him to die. Because if you killed him, then that would be another level of this right? But I went back into the law and who was beaten to a point of unconsciousness, some of beltane who are not Muslims, they saw that Rebecca de la and who was not moving anymore. So they went and they picked him up. And they took him home while they a lot of Thailand home. And the description of him His face was unrecognizable, because of the swelling. If you looked at a Wilbekin on the lawn, we would not be able to see his face or you wouldn't be able to recognize them. Because of the swelling of a backhoe, the law, not a very sparse beard, he only

00:38:24--> 00:38:32

had a few hairs on his face on the lawn. That's the description of him. And they said that the few hairs on his on his face were covered in blood.

00:38:33--> 00:38:53

And he looked I mean, he looked lifeless, well the lawn, so they started to treat him and these are not Muslims. This is his tribesmen right that didn't that saw this was going too far. This was the first time a person is getting beaten like this. And you know other than the prophets lie Selim in the proximity of the Kava

00:38:55--> 00:39:03

will back at his mother is treating him. Okay, like it's you've got to understand the directness of the situation of Rebecca all the long time when

00:39:04--> 00:39:05

he wakes up.

00:39:07--> 00:39:45

And he says, No rasulillah where's the profits? He does not even ask Where am I? What happened to me? No sign of a lack of consciousness. Where is the profit slice on them? Where's the Messenger of Allah? They told him relax. He said, Not until I see the Prophet of Allah Subhana Allah to stop him from asking about the Prophet of Allah. They had to carry him to the Prophet slice on them. So he could see the profit slice on embrace the profit slice alone. And he embraced him for a long time. I needed a lot of time to actually narrate this incident and he he used to cry when he'd narrate the incident. I needed the alarm he would cry when it because he remembered he was a young boy, he

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

couldn't do anything. Right, I needed the alarm. It was a nine year old, a 10 year old he can't do anything about this. And I need all the Allahu taala and who said I swear by Allah The abubaker is greater

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Then the men from the family of fair own, who said I talked to Luna Rajan and Nicola attempt to lunar module and Nicola robiola, would you kill a man who says, My Lord is Allah.

00:40:12--> 00:40:49

And he said, Do you know why that is? And the people said, Why? He said, because the family of Pharaoh, the man who said that hit his a man, he concealed his faith. He said, whereas although Beckett will the law of Thailand who declared his he man openly before everyone, and there was a pharaoh and Abu Jihad and those people that were there too, and he took the beating that came with all the Allahu anhu. So he said, By Allah, one moment in the life of Rebecca is superior to 1000 from the family of her own obviously not talking about asilo the law I'm talking about the man who will buckle the lawn who said just like him, would you kill a man just because he said, his Lord is

00:40:49--> 00:41:29

Allah? So his his whole thing? Right is, is the Prophet Okay, is also less nice. I'm okay. And that becomes the theme of robocall, the law on whose life are one extremely important element of the life of Rebecca law, the law that he puts the Prophet before himself in everything he responds right away. And that's, that's a special characteristic. He doesn't, he doesn't take time, he doesn't hesitate, immediately respond to the profit slice on ask them for something. He responds, there's an opportunity to good he responds, he's always there to respond. But there's also that selflessness, completely putting his you know, his life on the line, everything that would come with being a

00:41:29--> 00:42:08

follower of the prophets lie Selim, and that shows in the heads a lot, obviously, I shall have the low on her. She says that, before the migration, she says that the prophets lie Selim used to visit a Welbeck at his house every day. Rarely would the prophets lie. Some of them fail to visit our house every day. It sure is not married to the Prophet slice them yet, right. So she's experiencing this as the daughter of a bucket. She said he would come either in the morning or the evening. But it was rare that he would not come all the time. And I think his thought was not so when the permission for the kids that I was granted that the Prophet sly son was going to take his companions

00:42:08--> 00:42:49

and flee to yesterday, which will become Medina. So the prophets lie. Some of them came to us at noon. And it was a time that he would not typically come. So we knew that something was up, Rebecca was waiting for the news of what the prophet sly son was going to do with him, whether he was going to send him in the family out alone. He's waiting patiently to see what the plans of the Prophet are. And he hit the lotto slam to escape to the Medina. So he told them about can just wait. And Rebecca is waiting, waiting, waiting. And so when the prophets lie, some came at that time, I'll go back to the lower end who said that this has to be something urgent, right? He's coming at a time

00:42:49--> 00:42:55

that he usually does not come. So the profit slice I'm asked permission to come in and the profit slice I'm said,

00:42:56--> 00:43:20

Let no one else be in the home while we speak. This is a private matter. And I will back it or the alarm has said yes, a lot there. Only my two daughters, a smart and Artesia are in the room and that's it, meaning they'll they'll go to the side, and it'll just be you and I that would talk the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, that I've been informed that I've been given the permission to migrate to do his little

00:43:21--> 00:43:31

work at all the law and who said they are the sort of law, your companionship or messenger of Allah meaning do I get to come with you? Your companionship? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:43:33--> 00:44:10

Yes, the companionship right, you'll get to be my companion. abubaker the law on who starts to shout and joy, crying happiness. Now the prophets lie some of the most wanted men and Mecca. Everyone's trying to kill him. Right? There's literally the biggest bounty that was known to the Meccans on his head. every tribe is vying to kill the Prophet, slice Allah. And he just told double bucket, you get to be with me, in the middle of the desert, while people come and try to find me and kill me. He shoveled the load on her. She said, I saw when I saw my father cry like that. She said,

00:44:11--> 00:44:23

you know, she said, she said, I didn't think I hadn't yet came in and thought like that people actually cry out of joy is weird to think of someone crying out of joy, right? crying to me was reserved as an emotion for sadness.

00:44:24--> 00:45:00

She said, Ilana Marie to Abby, yep, key tilaka Sarah until I saw my father cry. That particular moment, the way that apobec had cried out of joy. Uh, certainly Ursula, I get to come with you. I get to come with you with something that I had never thought was possible from any person. Well, the Allahu taala and Rebecca de la and who said yeah, I've got two camels prepared. They're ready to go. And I'll offer one of them to you the profit slice and I'm set I'll only take it if I pay for it. So no, I'm not going to take my camel for hidden from you as a gift. I'll pay for it. And

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

The Prophet slicin made that condition and they went out of the hotel and whining is Salatu was Salam abubaker appointed a smart who was older and Abdullah to help them in the hinterland. And the freed slave, I'm going to move for Halo four Halo was known for being a guide. So I'm rooting for hate is one of those that was free Bible Beckett all the time. So he would be the guide of the Prophet sly summonable bucket cover their tracks, Abdullah, the son of a robot kid would listen to the news in Mecca, and bring it to them on that journey. So coordinate points with them and a smile The lohana the daughter of a bucket would carry the food to the profit slice on untouchable bucket,

00:45:39--> 00:46:13

one of the a lot of Thailand who, when they went out in the hinterland, I'm gonna have to end within the next few minutes inshallah Tada. So this is probably a good stopping point. But when they went out in the hinterland, I will back it on the low end who did something strange, right? They'd be walking, and then he'd go in front of the Prophet sigh song. And then he'd go behind the profit zone. And then he'd go to his left, and then he'd go to his right, and the profit slice, I was looking at him, like, what are you doing? Why do you keep on switching spots? And he said, Yeah, that's a lot. Every time I think about the potential of someone coming from this direction, I go to

00:46:13--> 00:46:41

that direction. So I think about someone might be coming from this way. So I go to this way, that I think someone might be coming from this way. So I go to that way. So he's circling the prophets lie Selim, even as they're walking on this journey, to protect the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam. And of course, that's where they enter into law. So has anyone ever been to VOD felt like inside of it, it's hard to get up their head, ah, is a lot easier. A lot of soda is a tiny, tiny, tiny cave, meaning it can fit two people and that's it.

00:46:42--> 00:47:14

If you stick your if you extend your legs, it can only fit one of me or any, it's a tiny, tiny, tiny cave. I mean, it hurts to actually get inside of lotto. And it's, it's it's very, very private, very hard to find. And you'd have to I mean, you'd have to look for it. But at the same time, like the idea that the Prophet sly summonable Beckett were there, and Christ came to the foot of that cave. So Pamela, when you're when you actually go there, it's a crazy thought.

00:47:15--> 00:47:17

Because literally, if they would have looked,

00:47:19--> 00:47:29

you wouldn't take but one foot, right, and you'd see their limbs you'd see the the leg of a bucket or the leg of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So you imagine they're hiding out in this cave.

00:47:31--> 00:47:34

And while they're hiding out in this cave, before they're found, something happens.

00:47:35--> 00:47:37

The prophets lie, some fell asleep.

00:47:38--> 00:47:52

And they're crunched up. And we're back at all the Lohan who noticed that a scorpion was coming into the cave, he put his foot on the hole, and he let the scorpion Pierce away at his foot

00:47:54--> 00:48:32

to protect the profits license, prophets lie some woke up by his tears, right? I mean, he couldn't hold his tears from the pain of that Scorpion drilling into his foot while the allot of time protecting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then they're there. And of course, those that are trying to kill the Prophet slicin finds him they get to the mouth of the cave. And if you're there, you're thinking, that's it. It's been a good life. hamdulillah we came this far, there's no way you're getting out of that. Right. But of course, a lot protected with the nest. And the birds that were there that suggested that the you know, there was no one inside as well as the spider web

00:48:32--> 00:49:02

according some of the narrations. And they didn't even think to look down because of the spider web. And because of the birds, right? It's why would anyone or how is it possible that there would be a fully formed spider web and the birds that would be there in the nest that would be there if there were two who if there was a human being that was in there. So you imagine those moments where you're looking at the feats of these people, and you're sitting with the profit slice of them and the love that the alphabet could had for the profit slice on the sense of duty that he had to protect him all that time. And you're looking at those feet.

00:49:03--> 00:49:47

And in those moments, I will buckle the alarm and he starts to shake. You scared. Right? And the prophets lie Selim says to him, now one new cabbies name Allahu Elisa said Oh, bucket. What do you say of two people? And God is the third. Don't worry. We're okay. Right now. In the LA Marina. Don't worry a lot is with us. Why are you worried? complete, complete tranquility that the profits somehow as I go back and worried about himself was he worried about the profit? so worried about the profit slice? No, he's not worried about himself. He had no care for himself, right in the presence of the profit slice in them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to this and his whole nathie Levante is the

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

guru Lisa Hebei he learned is an in the law Maranatha ends on Allahu sakeena to who he was he had who began Odin lamps raha Allah mentions when the two were in the cave and Allah Subhan

00:50:00--> 00:50:29

horchata one of them said to the other meeting the profits license said to his companion this law heavy by the way that's another distinction a lot called him his companion this law maybe he left as an in the law and I don't worry a lot is with us so Allah revealed his tranquility upon him who's the tranquility coming down upon a blackish that's who it's speaking about in this moment. So Allah speaks about this in particular, it coming down on a wobec it'll be a lot of time. And then I'll end with this moment from the higit on Charlottetown

00:50:30--> 00:50:43

they get out of the cave they make their way to Medina and on the way now because the cave got you know, the LOD is actually not very far away from Mecca. Right? It's right out on the outskirts of Mecca. They hadn't really started the journey yet.

00:50:44--> 00:51:25

But now they're on the way of Wilbekin all the law and when the prophets lie some had not had anything to eat or drink four days a smart well the law has not able to reach them at this point. They're in the midst of the journey to Medina, all by themselves and they walk into they find the home of a woman on the way by the name of Omar but will de la hotelplanner Omar but didn't know who they were, that when woman that had a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere, right between Mecca and and Medina. And they go in and she sees these two travelers who are in need of some something right some something to eat something to drink, they are dying of thirst at this point. Well, not

00:51:25--> 00:52:02

what gives one of the most beautiful descriptions of the Prophet size them so it's a long description describing his beauty describing his grace describing so I never saw a man like this in my life, right describing the prophets lie Selim. And then the Prophet slice I'm asked Do you have any goats or sheep or anything to milk? She said, I've got this one. That doesn't give any milk. That's what that's what I have right now. The Prophet sighs Some said Bring it here. prophets lie. Some says Bismillah In the name of Allah and he rubs its others and starts to give milk. prophets lie some takes a cup of milk. He first offers it to Rebecca and says, Rebecca, drink, Rebecca,

00:52:02--> 00:52:05

Rebecca says No way. You first

00:52:06--> 00:52:09

prophets like some drinks of a bucket is looking at him.

00:52:10--> 00:52:20

He says, it shall be out of the bucket said no. You keep drinking. prophets lie some drinks. He says it shall be a bucket of drinkable bucket three times insisted on the bucket or the level

00:52:22--> 00:52:33

and he says it shall be a drink or messenger of Allah. And then we'll back kettle the alarm who says fish Shetty bill Habib had total weight of hetero eat. I looked at him drinking and he drank until I was full.

00:52:35--> 00:53:07

Like that's actually the sentence until I was full. Like once I when I saw the Prophet slice I'm drinking and I saw him nourishing himself. I wasn't thirsty or hungry anymore. Right? It was literally that type of a connection. his thirst is my thirst. His nourishment is my nourishment. His sickness is my sickness is healing is my healing his pain is my pain, his joy is my joy. Everything that the Prophet slicin goes through that's how I will Beckett will the Lauren who views life living through that with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I want to end with

00:53:08--> 00:53:11

actually know what I'll leave this for next time. I'll end on that note inshallah.

00:53:12--> 00:53:37

We might need three for this. We asked the last parameter to be pleased with Rebecca all the law I'm going to grant us that love of the profit slice I'm to grant us that selflessness and to reward Rebecca Lila and her for all of those people, that he freed for the sake of a lot or brought to the for the sake of a lot of this religion that we all benefited from. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us that companionship of the prophets like some agenda for the DOS Lama. I mean