His Hajj Story #05 – Forever An Ansari

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How much do you love the Prophet slicin? Do you actually love him? More than yourself more than your family more than your? Well? This was a question that you would have to ask yourself many, many times if you live with the Prophet slicin. Right, if you are going out and bedded, and you are greatly outnumbered, you have to ask yourself, whether you love the profit slice more than your family more than your wealth more than yourself. If you are going out in good, you have to ask yourself that question if you're struggling and hudec, and you're about to be massacred, do you love him more than your family more than your wealth more than yourself? And that's what the headache

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says, Min, Malley II Well, why did the Why did he win us he married woman FC, that you love him more than your wealth more than your child more than your parents more than yourself. When you look at the unsolved they have proved this time and time again that they love the profit slice and more than they loved themselves. And so you have to wonder what is going through their minds after the conquest of Mecca, when their entire lives have revolved around the profit slice of them over the last decade.

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So after Mecca in the eighth year after hyjal, as we said, The Prophet slicin pitch the tent, and he clearly was still assuming the posture of a traveler. He had not taken a home in Mecca, and the outside were afraid to ask the profit slice on what he was going to do. And there was really a lot of uncertainty surrounding that event at that point. I mean, there is a lot that just happened with Tameka. Now, the mannequins as they are dealing with this new reality. The tribes that the Meccans already had enmity with in the teeth and who wasn't. And it wasn't just the Muslims by the way they had an enmity with but there's a historic rivalry with some of these bedwin tribes and with the

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people of Mecca, those tribes got wind of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, coming to Makkah, and they thought that now would be the perfect time to get rid of all of our enemies in one shot. Now we can attack them while they are unstable while they're fighting amongst themselves. So the horizon and the people of peace started to prepare themselves. And this became the makings of the famous buzzword of her name, the Battle of her name, which is named in the Quran, one of the few battles actually named in the Quran. So the prophet SAW Selim, he knows that they are now preparing themselves to attack the Muslims and the people of Mecca as a whole wYlfa to Mecca is unfolding

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while the conquest of Mecca is unfolding. And so the Prophet slicin amasses his army immediately after fought to Mecca to head to the thief to fight them instead, how many people did the prophets lie some come to Mecca with 10,000? How many is he going out with now? 12,000 because he now has the new converts of Quraysh in his ranks Allah Allah, how are you someone you can imagine that this is a very risky move for the Prophet, slice them to include them because if they are insincere, then they might betray him and use this as an opportunity. But the prophet slice them sees the bigger picture. He sees this as an opportunity to immediately unite those Muslims that have been Muslim for a long

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time. And those who had just become Muslim against a common enemy that was after them. And when the Prophet slicin puts his trust in these new converts, they will not disappoint him. So they head out to the areas where these Bedouin tribes are planning to attack them. And the Muslims are looking around, and they've been through so much already. And this is the first time that they outnumber their enemies. So they're looking around, they're saying, well, we're not going to lose this time. Because we have more army men than they have, right? We have more soldiers than they have. So surely, this is going to be a piece of cake. And that's why I lost pantalla first describes her

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name, well Yama, her name is agile, but comb catarratto calm. When you were deceived by your large numbers, you thought that hey, we have a lot of people. And so this is going to be an easy battle for us. And at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala says, it's just the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's not about your numbers. It's about whether Allah is pleased with you or not. It's whether you are following the order of Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his blessing being with you. So don't be deceived by your numbers. They were deceived by their numbers, though, they went out to these rough areas. And what they saw was that these bedwin

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tribes had prepared all sorts of surprises and ambushes for them. And they had to go through these narrow valleys in her name with their large armies. So when the arrows descended upon them, and all the traps came out, and all of these attacks happen, all the skirmishes happened and they were taken by surprise. Most of those men actually fled the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so he was left with once again

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Just a handful of followers. And in fact such a small amount of people that were with him in the center of the battle at that point sallallahu it was selling some of them not surprising you had it it'll be a long time I know you had a bustle the Allahu Allah and his oldest son and father while the allot of time you had a Beckett and Alma Well, the amount of time and humor you had, or sound of music or the allow, I know and even even are based on the amount of time and who would become a martyr in that battle. But you also had guests who have a soufiane, who did not flee it all the time. As a sincere Muslim at that point, they stayed with the Prophet slice of them, and they fought

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and the Muslims won. But this was a lesson for them to not take victory for granted. And just as they were not, you know, despondent because of their lower numbers, which they usually had when fighting a greater enemy. They should not be deceived by their higher numbers or power. Instead, keep themselves connected to Allah subhana wa Tada. So they won the battle. And of course, now you have this new army that was assembled, you know, seemingly overnight, of people that used to fight each other of the 10,000 that came from Medina, and the 2000 new converts and Mecca. What is the profit slice I'm do this was the largest share of spoils of any battle, the profit slice I've ever

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had. Why? Because these were tribes that were in the mountains, they had many animals, so the profit slice and I'm suddenly had at his disposal over 1000, sheep, hundreds of camels, hundreds of all sorts of livestock, he has all sorts of spoils of war sallallahu wasallam, from this unexpected Battle of her name, what does the prophets lie some do? He gives these large shares to the converts of Mecca, large shares of the spoils of war to the conference of Mecca. And even they were stunned by the generosity of the Prophet slicin was showing to them I mean, they were grateful first, that he just didn't kill them, in fact, to Mecca. Now, the Prophet slicin is giving them hundreds of

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candles and animals to satisfy them as spoils of this first battle they fought as Muslims. So what's happening now, the unsought are watching this unfold. And the profits license does not give anything to the unsought and they're starting to feel left out. Not only that, but these whispers are starting to take place. Wait a minute, is the prophets lie Selim now going back to the people of Mecca? Is he attached to them again? Has he forgotten everything that we did for him? You know, when there was war, we were always there. But now, there are no spoilers for us what's happening here. And so even some of the young people from the onslaught they said, May Allah forgive the Prophet,

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slice alum, he gives them and he leaves us out, even though our swords were always covered with blood for his sake. So sorry about that all the law and who is from the inside, he comes to the profit slice on them. And he tells the profit slice on what's happening what the unsought are saying, because now these murmurs are starting to grow amongst the unsolved and the prophets lie some says to him, and what about you? Oh, sad. What do you say, oh, sad, sad little The law says yada sola, I'm just a man of my home, I'm a man of my people, meaning what? I have the same doubts inside of me. Now, I have to be honest with you, that all of us are starting to get these doubts

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about what these actions really translate into with you spending on the people of Mecca this way. So the profit slice, and I'm telesat, he says, I want you to gather all of the unsought in one place in one tent. And he said, Do not invite to this gathering anyone but the unsought but I want all of them there. So sadly, the Allahu anhu goes and he calls the unsought. And they all gather in this one tap for the profit slice up until In fact, there was no space in the tent. So people surrounded the tent, the unsafe surrounded the tent, to listen in to this conversation that was going to take place between the profit slice and the unsought and there's a lot of anxiety. So the profit slice of

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them says, Yeah, marcellin onside. Now, Karla twin Bella uncom says, oh, people have the unsought. What is this statement? Or what are these words that have reached me about you? And they're silent. They're shy with the profit slice on the profit slice and M says lm RT, Camilla for her Docomo lobby. Didn't I come to you as well Lola, you were people who were astray. And Allah guided you through me. Why Allah for Allah nakoma Allah and you were poor and Allah subhanaw taala of Nakula Hobi Allah gave you through me meaning through you taking me in a lot provided for you Well, I duck for Allah for Allah vainikolo become and you were enemies. And Allah Subhana Allah brought your

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hearts together. In one narration, it says be through me. So it was through me that your hearts were brought together as well. So they responded and they said Bella Yasuda Allah, they said, Yes, a messenger of Allah. And Allah and His Messenger deserve all things and all praise. So they they respond

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To the profit slice I'm shy, right? That to a loss of hundreds on the messenger, so I sell them and then more often that you deserve all praise. You deserve all grace, you deserve the right to say this to us. And it all belongs to you. Anything that comes from you is bounty and we're pleased. So the prophets I send them as he says this, they're too shy to respond to the Prophet slicin. He looks around them and he says, Allah to jiwani Aren't you going to answer me? Oh, unsought. They said, What do you mean we'll be more than huji book what will we answer you with odo sort of loss of Allah how it he was seldom and to Allah and the messenger belong? The praise belong? the rightful thanks

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and the bounty jasola What are we going to answer you? And the Prophet slicin I'm ml Allah Hello * to him law Colton. fella. So doctrine was so dictum. He said to them, if you wanted to answer you would say and you would be telling the truth and I would acknowledge that you are telling the truth. a te xR will get the bang for sadhak knack, you came to us a messenger of Allah belied, and we considered you to be truthful. When MK Luna fenosa narc. And you were abandoned, and we supported you a messenger of Allah, wa potty then the LA nak. And you were kicked out and we supported you, we took you in why he done for us a knock and you were, you know, poor, you also didn't have anyone to

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support you. You had no wealth, and we spent on you. So the profit slice I'm saying you could say all of this back to me if you wanted to. And I would say you're telling the truth. So Pamela, now the prophets lie. Some is mentioning the favors of the unsought upon him. And they were so bad that they had such adopt such manners. They couldn't say those words themselves, but the prophets licenses. Let me say it for you. You did so much for me. And I will never forget what you did for me alongside. So now what's gonna happen with this meeting? The unsought are crying at this point. Right? I mean, this is an emotional conversation. The profits, it seems like it's fair well, right.

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Like I did this for you. You did this for me, like Didn't we get out of each other what we saw you sought from me the following, and you got it. And I saw it from you the following and you gave it to me? Yeah. ansara you supported me and I supported you and they're crying at this point. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as they're acknowledging that to the Prophet, slice unto Allah and the messenger slice on belong, all praise all grace, all the bounty, the rights to say these things. The prophets lie some says to the unsought. Yeah, answer. Yeah, Marshall Ansari, the people of Mecca. were new to Islam. So I wanted to spend on them so that their hearts might be reconciled towards the

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faith. As for you, I know that your hearts are already full of Eman, you're full of faith. And then he says f alertable loanee masala and sigh and yet have a nozzle the shotty will very well tell g Runa be Rasulullah sallallahu It was a llama fury halochem are you not pleased Oh unslung that the people will go back and they have their sheep they have their camels they have all of these things that were given to them

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but you return and we'll sort of Lhasa lahardee was set up as amongst. So now they were so excited so happy. They said a while the Nabila su de la Kuzma We are pleased with the profit slice on them as our share We are pleased with the profit slice on our share We are pleased with the profit slice them as our share and they started to cry so much out of joy because now their worst fear which is that the profit slice on now got Mecca back he was gonna stay in Mecca that was done away with and the profit slice I'm gets to come back with us or rather we get to go back and we'll sort of LA is amongst us and so they start to cry and they start to Seattle's Lola. That's all we wanted. We're

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pleased we're pleased and the profit slice on looks at them and he says fell in love enough so Mohammed in Salalah, who it was selling via the I swear by the one in whose hand is my soul, low level hige la la quinta, Mara and Milan site had it not been for the hills that I would have chosen to be from the inside. Had it not been that I was forced to be migrants from Mecca. I would have chosen to be one of the unsought what oh, Sarah can NASA share but and if the people all went one way, was selected ansara share that and the answer went another way, let's select to share but unsought I would have gone where the unsought went. So if everyone went in one direction, and the

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unsought went in another direction, I would choose to go with the unsought and the profit slice raises his hands and he says, Allah Mohammed unsought, Allah have mercy on the unsolved, unsolved and the children of the unsought what Abner have not on site and the children of the children of the unsought for beckel calm, and the people started to cry so much until their beards were soaked with tears from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam assuring them that I am coming home with you and showing them his gratitude sallalahu it was summoned showing them his love and choosing them over the rest of mankind. And so the love of the unsought is the love of the Prophet.

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My son, and the love of the Prophet slice on them is the love of Allah. And so it is from he man. It is from faith that we love the unsought who were so loved by the prophet slice alum that he chose them over his homeland even after Allah subhanho wa Taala opens Mecca to him.