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The first episode of the show highlights the renewal of covenants and the importance of obtaining forgiveness, including a powerful message emphasizing history and avoiding punishment. A woman talks about her father and sister, while a speaker discusses the importance of remembering gratitude and finding time to write a hedge for all deceased. The segment ends with a call to write the hedge and to remember to be careful with what you write.

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One thing that a lot I mean, what if you were to almost lose about a quarter of the total so they can Muhammad Sallallahu it was an early he also had people send them to see him and cathedra

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when Allah subhanaw taala Anna tells us about the original covenant, a shadow hermana unfussy and when Allah subhanaw taala Anna caused each one of us to bear witness against ourselves and us to be wrong become. Am I not your Lord? Paulo Bella Shaheed dena. And each one of us said, Yes, we bear witness. And Allah subhanaw taala said, lest you say on the Day of Judgment that we were unaware of this

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Subhanallah as you think of all of the scar, all of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that we do. Of course, the first one is a constant renewal of covenant today. Hola, hola. Hola. Sharika want to call out happened? While while I couldn't be shaitan Kadir keep on saying it throughout the day. It's a constant renewal of law in law unless parents assets less to be robbed. Because we're constantly saying today better. We're constantly saying yes, every time you say that the law, the law, you're saying the law? You're saying yes, you're renewing that covenant with the last panel. It's an honor. And one of the things that we have to recognize is that the renewal of covenants goes

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hand in hand with two things, the admission of Allah's blessing, and the admission of one shortcoming. Those things cannot be separated from the renewal of that covenant with the last panel to add. And if you look at say you do still have the chief of seeking forgiveness, the greatest way to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and we ask Allah so it's up to write us from metadata, to write us from those who are freed from the fire today alumni, I mean,

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just look at the way that it is and how it responds to this Allahumma interrupt be Oh Allah, You are my Lord. Allah humma interim de la vida Island, there is no god but you and so am I not your Lord Allah humma Antara B O Allah You are my Lord la in the headland there is no god what you have lacked any for and you created me I am your slave. Well Anna, Allah DECA was a DECA must apply to and I am upon the Covenant, the promise to the best of my ability Yet Allah I'm trying to constantly hold on to that covenant and the covenant that I took with you yet Allah, I don't remember the moment where you asked me Am I not your Lord, but I certainly am witnessing the implications of that on a regular

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basis I would not be here if you were not my Lord, and you did not bestow this great favor upon me. I am in constant recognition of the fact that my entire existence is only because you said to me Quinn fair coin be and I was so Allahumma Antara Bella and her love Tony, you created me when I'm doing I am your slave one on the kilowatt and the camera still trying to I am trying to hold on to that covenant. rubrica Michelle remazol

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I seek refuge in You from the evil of what I have done. I seek refuge in You from the evil of what I have done not attributing my evil to you or projecting my mistakes upon you know I seek refuge

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from you in you from the evil that I have done or to become in shall remains on how to boo lack of Informatica and a year with me, and I admit your blessings upon me. And I admit my sins. I admit your blessings upon me. I admit my sense. Yeah, Allah, everything good that I have is from you. And everything bad that I have done is for me, I admit that I would not exist without you. I admit that you are my Lord, and that I am your slave. I admit that you are the one who bestows blessings and I am the one who performs sin.

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Constant admission right abou let me know net Matic ally, what will be them be? And I admit my shortcomings I admit my sins fell thirdly, for Enola frozen over land, so forgive me because no one forgive sins except for you. One of the most important lessons that we take from this day of our fact that we have Allah Subhana Allah to Allah does not owe us anything. Allah azza wa jal does not owe us a day of alpha. Allah does not owe us Ramadan. Allah does not owe us a letter to Qatar, Allah subhanaw taala does not owe us second chances and third chances and fourth chances and fifth chances every one of these is a chance Allah doesn't owe us those chances. Allah subhanaw taala does not

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negotiate with us from a place of weakness or from a place of vulnerability. If every single one of us

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was as wicked as the most wicked of Allah's creation, it would not take away from his kingdom from his model in any way wouldn't take away from his dominion, it wouldn't take away from his greatness, it would not decrease him in any way. If all of us, if all of us were as wicked as the most wicked of His creation, and it does not diminish him in any way to forgive all of us, when we call upon Him, Subhana Allah to Allah, and Allah azza wa jal gives us this day, where he frees more people from the fire today than any other day of the year. SubhanAllah. You know, if you think about, if you could visualize this, if you could visualize this happening in front of you.

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And a list comes out tonight of a router, those who are freed from the fire, and it's the worst day of chiffons year shaitan despises the day of autofab because he knows that he will never be written from it or took off from those that are freed from the fire. But on this day, more people's names from the earth will be written in the heavens as those who will not be from the people of the fire. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them Allah Allah, I mean, so you're calling upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah at the end of this day, when alpha finishes its rotation around the world. Someone might say, Well, is it the time that they're standing on our sofa over there? Is it out of

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here? Is it alpha in Africa is that alpha and Asia? Where is alpha what time is alpha once Alpha makes its full rotation around the world when the people observe it at the time that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for them to observe it once the scrolls are passed down after that? The largest number of people who are freed from the fire in the entire year will be written in scrolls. And so your prize today dear brothers and sisters, loved ones and even in return Allahumma journeyman and Rita Allama Jan de manera taka ask Allah O Allah right me from those who are freed, right me from those who are freed, right me from those who are freed, continue to ask Allah subhanaw taala for

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freedom from the fire. And when you find yourself lost and just go back to these three things. Number one, renewal of covenants. Now you don't have to lo and behold Angelica renewal of covenant number two, find some time in your in your car to just admit Allah's blessings upon you and hamdulillah for all that you've given me. This is hisab this is the way that we take account of ourselves as we first take account of Allah's blessings. Because once you begin by taking account of Allah's blessings, then when you account yourself, the accounting is more severe, but at least you're doing the accounting of yourself Hassey will enforce Kubla and to hassle, hold yourselves

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accountable before you're held accountable. So you start off with remembering some of the blessings from Allah subhanaw taala. If you can think back over the year or something that has happened from last year, that Allah gave you a great blessing that's happened upon you take some time in your day to save hamdulillah for that blessing. Perhaps you can think back to something you asked Allah for last alpha, and you saw the effect of it. Thank Allah subhanaw taala for a more like have you ever met Takata? Yeah. And then

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admit your mistakes, admit your shortcomings. And do not think that you are not worthy. Do not think that you are not worthy. Why? Because he is a Rahman, because he is awful, because he is the one who forgives. He is the one who says to you with a photo to laka Walla Valley, I forgive you and I do not mind if you come to me with mountains of sins, sins that fill the heavens and the earth sins that filled the horizons. And you admit that there is no God but Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah esta Federico tubo Lake, I seek your forgiveness and I repent to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, Go far too lucky. I'm the Willa Valley, I forgive you. And I don't mind. I don't care put it behind,

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it's gone. But you have to be willing to do that over and over and over again until none of that remains on your record. And that requires again, just sincere and sincere it's that far. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to write us down from an editor to write us down from those that are freed from the fire. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive all of our deceased brothers and sisters that have passed away

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from last alpha to this alpha. From before that as well we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive them. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to write down a fully accepted hedge for all of those that are there and hedge today yeah Allah we ask you to accept the offer of those that are in the place of alpha and the time of alpha and yet Allah we ask you to accept the profile of all of them.

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Those who call upon you on this blessed day yeah Allah we thank you for allowing us to exist as Muslims Allah we thank you for allowing us to exist as believers. And we thank you Allah for making this day known to us and we asked you Allah to make us amongst those that make the most of this day and we asked you Oh ALLAH to write us down from the forgiven. We ask you a lot to write us down from the forgiven ask you a lot to write us down from the forgiven. Well, salam, wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was a Marine, the brothers and sisters there is

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626 a sunrise inshallah Tada. So if you want to stay here till approximately 640 Just 40 minutes and sha Allah to Allah. Just do your Escada. Select the morning remembrances and make your app remember Allah for the next 40 minutes. Pray to dekeyser in sha Allah to Anna of course to take into consideration sometime after the time that sunrise comes in, which is the best practice in sha Allah to Allah. So if you wait, you know, approximately just 15 minutes after pray to that cause in sha Allah to Allah. And then the night Allah hedge will be written for you. So please do if you can spare the next 40 minutes in sha Allah to Allah then give that 40 minutes for Allah subhanaw taala.

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Also, brother to me, or to me if you can just raise your hand ciabatta father passed away yesterday. Now Lila when la Rajaraman May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on him and forgive him and his janazah is today in in Lebanon, so please keep him in your job. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to write him down from those that are freed from the fire and those that entered for the dose of Allah without any form of punishment or any form of accounting law. I mean, please keep his father and your and keep him in his family and your drama as well.