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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the Koran is designed to increase the heart's connection to the message of Islam. The message is not a recitation, but rather a recitation that is meant to increase the connection. The message is not a monologue, but rather a recitation that is meant to increase the connection. The message is not a monologue, but rather a recitation that is meant to increase the connection.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome to learn about accounts everyone welcome back to the faith revival. So when we talk about the increase of Eman in the Quran, it almost always has to do with the soulless kind of terraces in them and Muna Latina either look at Allah YG that's kuruva homes that verily the believers are those, if Allah is mentioned, or if a lot is remembered, their hearts shake, I mean their hearts immediately tremble. Well either to the attorney or to and but then once the verses of the Koran are recited upon them, that will imana then it increases their heart wide, I'll be here to work alone, and they put their trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah mentions that the

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initial remember that catalyst, the initial moment of the remembrance of Allah, the heart trembles but then the Quran settles it and it grows the man in the heart It grows that faith in the heart almost every single time Allah mentions er doesn't email, the increase of faith it comes through reciting the Quran, with contemplation and reflection and remembrance. There is nothing nothing that can foster faith in the Quran, or foster faith in Allah subhanaw taala there is nothing that can foster faith and a loss of Hannah Montana, like a meaningful connection to the Quran. When you read the Quran as if it's been revealed to your own hearts, as it was revealed to the heart of the

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prophets lie Selim and you allow it to grow even inside of you. The prophets licenses in the lead the laser PHY jiofi shaelyn mineral core and kill beighton hottap that the one who has no core and in his heart is like a destroyed house inside. You know, if you think of a baited hot tub, just its ruins it's not even nothingness. Its ruins that are in your inside your chest inside your heart. So the Koran increases the amount in the heart whereas not having on the inside is nothing but ruins there's nothing to stabilize it so that a person can grow in their relationship to a loss of Hannah Montana. And this is something very profound. How does the Koran really guard you're not having an

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embassy Rahim Allah Someone once said to him Fulani, I have a little quote that so and so memorizes the Quran, Allah bellcore Ania humble. He said rather the Quran protects him. Because heft means to guard it doesn't just mean to memorize it means to guard. He said rather it's the end that guards him, not he that guards the Koran. What he meant by that is that when a person increases their connection with the Koran through memorization, that has a particular effect on your email. Why because through memorization, you are busying yourself with the Quran. So you're filling your free time with the memorization of local and you're memorizing it so that you can recall it in times

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where you will have to recall it. So it busies you with your free time it takes up your leisure. us instead of spending that time memorizing the Book of Allah subhanaw taala while others fill their heads with so much nonsense. Then reciting the Quran has a particular effect on your email. Notice Allah says what either totally attiny him when the Verses are recited to that person, or when Allah subhana wa tada mentions in sort of medium, that the sign of the believers the mark of the believers, either totally, man, when they hear the verses of the Most Merciful, they fall in prostration and humility and tears to hold on affects them from a recitation perspective. So the

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recitation of the Quran grows their humility. So once the Quran takes care of time, it takes care of the heart and humility. And one thing the prophets lie some taught us to do, and this is a very practical way to bring a man into your recitation of the Quran, turn every eye of the Koran into a, into a supplication. If you can find a way as you read the Quran. The way the profit slice on them did, particularly in the night prayers, every time he read a verse of the quarter on Selma says, he would remember a lot and he would make your app How do I turn this verse of the Quran into a giraffe so that I can actively engage my eemaan in that moment, but nothing increases a person's a person's

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faith, the way that the recitation of the Quran does. And this is something very significant because we said that the Prophet slicin I mentioned healthy fluctuations, there are healthy fluctuations of email. If the only time you read or an is in Ramadan, then that in and of itself is indicative that your fluctuations of EMA are not healthy at all. If the only time you touch the Koran is one month of the year, then your heart is going to die for 11 months and you'll have to resuscitate it for that one month in normal blood. So the recitation of the Quran has to be measured throughout the year to keep the to keep that eemaan beating and increasing at that healthy pace. May Allah subhanaw

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taala protect us with the Quran, Goddess with the Quran and make us

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People have got an alarm. I mean, does that mean they'll hate on and Charlottetown I'll see you next time. So now I'm gonna have to log in

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Episode 24: There is nothing that can foster faith in Allah SWT like a meaningful relationship with the Quran.

2017-06-19 – Ramadan 2017

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