The Hidden Wisdoms of Calamities Through The Story of Khidr

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows what the hearts conceal and what the tongues will not reveal the one to whom all shall appeal and in front of home to believers, Neil, we thank Allah subhana wa tada and we praise him for having revealed to us the best of His revelation, and sent to us the finest of his creation and guided us by His invitation to be amongst the believing nation. And we send Salatin Salaam, upon the one who was sent as Rama tellin alameen, the one whom even his opponents called a solid adenine and the one who will be our intercessor yo Medina. Allah subhana wa tada reminds us in the Quran, to be conscious of him and to have Taqwa when

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he says yeah, you have Latina Amano de la haka to rt mutanda in LA one to Muslim moon, or you believe have Taqwa of Allah, the way that it is deserved, that you have Taqwa of Allah, and do not die except in a state of Islam. As to what follows do Muslims, one of the most beautiful and profound stories in the Quran, a story that we are commanded to read every single week it is soon not to be soon to take care of every single week is the story of Musa and he did it his Salaam. And it occurs as we all know at the end of sort of Telegraph, and today's hold about will be a brief summary of some of the lessons that we can learn from this story. And I will combine between a

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hadith and Quranic verses in one because our time does not allow us to reference every single point. We learned that Moosa either his Salah was giving a hotel, and a person interrupted him and said oh Moosa, who is the most knowledgeable person on earth. And Moosa immediately said, I am and he assumed it and he has every right to assume he is a prophet of Allah. Allah sent gibreel down. And gibreel said to him, oh Moosa, Allah has sent me to tell you, how could you speak without knowledge? Do you know you're the most knowledgeable, there is someone I put them in a bar Dina, there is another servant of ours we have given him knowledge that you do not have and this shows us the

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importance of humility, the importance of speaking with knowledge, Moosa made an assumption and it was a very valid assumption. He is a prophet of Allah, Allah spoke to him who is going to be more knowledgeable, but he did not know there was another man on earth. And this man had been given knowledge that Moosa had not been given. As soon as Moosa found out he asked a lot permission, or Allah, allow me to travel to meet this man so that I can learn from him. emammal Buhari and others say, this is the first time in human history that somebody traveled for the sake of knowledge, traveling for the sake of knowledge is a very, very prized blessing in our religion. And there are

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many a hadith about traveling for the sake of knowledge, the first person to do so was Musa alayhis salaam. And this also shows us the default when it comes to knowledge. Books are very important. But the human touch is more important than books to have somebody sitting in front of to learn from the chef from the item directly. Yes, books are important. Yes, YouTube, and the internet is doing a good job. But to be a real scholar, there must be that human touch because the tarbiyah or the psychological benefit comes when you're sitting one on one. So he asked Allah permission, can I go and meet this man? Can I go and meet this person and study with him? And so Allah subhana wa tada

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says, okay, you may go, and the sign of where you will meet him, as you know, is that the lunch that you have, or the fish that you will have in this basket, it will disappear, it will leave you that is the sign where you should meet her that it is seldom, and by the way, is not his name, we do not know his name. Credit is a title, it's a law club. And that is because our Profit System said wherever credit would go, the Earth would become green after him. And credit means green, so he would go and the Earth would sprout as a blessing from Allah subhana wa Tada. Also, just a quick note, that there's a lot of superstition and mythology about Hitler. And some people say he's some

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type of flying superhuman being or some type of lost Angel. No, Hitler is a normal Bashar, he is of the children of Adam. He is flesh and blood he lived he and he died and he is no longer amongst us. There's this mythology that Hitler will be alive until Judgment Day and this is false. Hitler was a prophet that were sent to another nation. We don't know his name.

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We don't know details about him, but he had knowledge that Allah had given him and this is explicit in the Quran for them and everybody in it now who I met him in Indiana, and we gave him knowledge from ourselves, well, I let him know milodon and we taught him a knowledge from us. So he there was a normal human being like Moosa was a normal human being, but he had knowledge that he did not have. And so eventually they meet up, you know, the story of how they met up, I'm gonna quick jump over that. And Moosa says that I want to follow you. And I want to learn from you so that it puts one condition. Don't ask me why I do anything. And it is up to the teacher to put conditions to test the

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students. This is every teacher, every chef, he will put these hurdles and conditions to see who the real students are. So Musa agree to this condition, you know, three incidents happen, we'll quickly go over them because our point is the morals to extract. Number one, they meet, they meet a group of fishermen. And these fishermen are going to cross over the river or the ocean, and Mussa and hidden they say, Can we take a ride with you? We don't have any money to pay you. But can you be generous and give us a free lift to the other side of the Ocean to the other side of the lake? And, and by the way, notice both credit and booster did not have any money on them the profits of a law, were

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not wealthy people. They didn't have any money to pay for their fare. They wanted some just a gift from the fishermen. The fishermen said Yes, come on to our ship. And you know what happened as the fishermen are busy on the top, catching their fish Credit goes down, pulls out an axe, and he boards a hole and the ship is about to sink. They go back to the shore fishermen don't know what's happening in the chaos, moose and either run away or go away. And Moosa says to him, they give us a free ride. They were generous, why would you ruin their ship? further says Didn't I tell you not to ask? And most I genuinely forgot. You forgot the condition. Allah knows how long has it been a day

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five days he forgot. So he said, You're right. Your condition was valid, I made a mistake. I'm not going to do it again. And barely has he stopped this conversation what on the shore, they find this young boy and he executes this boy and this shows he is a prophet because no one is allowed to kill another human being for no cause except if Allah has said to him directly, so hidden, executed this boy now Moosa has not forgotten the condition. He has just said it. But his anger legitimate anger, immediately spurts out a Patel enough sand zakia Timberland enough How could you have killed an innocent soul? Why Why did you do this? Moosa did not forget, but his anger which is legitimate

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anger got the better of him? How could you have done this? And further says, didn't I tell you you're not going to be patient with me? Didn't I say that? And so Moosa in his own frustration, he put a condition on himself. Our Prophet system said, may Allah have mercy on Musa If only he had not put that condition, he would have seen many more amazing things. Sometimes in our frustration, we make life difficult for ourselves, sometimes in our quick hastiness, we say things and do things that we will later regret. And our Prophet system said, If only Moosa had not put that condition, he would have seen our job, many, many interesting things. And so they go, they don't have any food,

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they don't have any water, and they pass by a town. And in those days, and even in our religion of Islam, by the way, be off up or being generous to strangers is enshrined in the law. According to our Shetty, if a stranger walks through a city, a town a land, and he doesn't have any place to eat or drink or whatnot, he has the bare minimum right to be fed, given the water of the village to be fed some basic food and one night hospitality somebody has to get out of key fire. This is something that is well known. A traveler has that bare minimum, right? Even in the days pre Islam. So they go to this village, and they say, we don't have any food or drink, can you give us something? And this

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village, arrogantly said no, get out of here. We don't want you go away from us. So they refuse to do the basic human dignity of feeding and giving water and of course, every village and every town in those days had a wall. So as they're being expelled so unceremoniously humiliating in a way and they come across the wall as they're about to exit and the wall is about to collapse. We all know where their stops and he builds the wall again, and fortifies it. And Moosa, he didn't forget, but now he is angry and hungry. Now he is angry for having been humiliated, and he's hungry and thirsty, and he says, The least you could have done is that because we rebuilt their wall you should have

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gotten some food and drink as the least you could have done we help them rebuild the wall you could have at least gotten I'm hungry once on food and he did not forget but once again the frustration got the better of him. They they said how they fit off Albania, Albania, your condition. If you said one more time, we'll be done. So with this is going to be done from now on. Now that we're playing

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ways. Let me explain to you the three stories. Let me explain to you the three stories. And he then explains as for the first, ama Safina two for kanak, Lima, Sakina, Yama, Luna filburn, the ship belong to a group of poor fishermen. They weren't rich. In fact, there was joint ownership, joint ownership, that this ship belonged to these poor fishermen. And an evil tyrannical King was marching through the lands, acquiring for his Navy, every single usable ship. And he would just take them for free not paying anything in return. And so by putting that hole in the ship, and having the ship useless for a timeframe, and to fix a hole is very easy. It's not going to take that long, but the

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king is impatient. By putting that small hole in the ship. And the surface of the ship is now it's not usable, the king would take every single ship in that dock, except for the ship belonging to the fishermen. This is the first story and the second story. The second story is that the two parents of this child were believers, and Alon knew that this child would grow up and cause grief and anxiety and hurt and pain, this child would be an evil child. So Allah subhana wa tada wanted to take this child away, and substitute a better one, substitute one that would be loving a believer kind to them, and ask for the third creator said, this portion of the land belong to yet remain to two

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orphans. And their father was a righteous man. And he had buried treasure under this wall and allow wanted that these two orphans grow up and discover the treasure themselves. If these people are not going to give us food and drink, and they discover this treasure of these orphans, do you think they would have given them the treasure back? But if they're young men, and they discover it, it's a different story altogether? So now let us deconstruct what are the moral benefits? What are the Fawad? What are the issues that we can benefit from these stories? First and foremost, realize the first story it deals with a disaster of an economic nature, a loss, an accident, a car accident, or

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a financial loss or losing the job. And these fishermen put yourself in their shoes. Imagine how perhaps one of us would have felt if we found out the very people we were nice to actually broke the ship, actually put that hold in the ship. Perhaps one of us would begin cursing at them getting angry at them. Barely an hour goes by the king comes confiscates all the ships other than their own. And overnight, these fishermen are essentially multimillionaires. Now. Why? Because they're the only people that have a ship in a port that has no other ships overnight because of a natural disaster because of a calamity. Allah subhana wa Taala by inflicting a small amount of pain, gave them a much

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larger reward in this dunya. And by the way, this also shows these were good fishermen. They were poor. And they could have said, Look, we're busy. We don't want to take you to poor people, but they were generous of spirit. And this shows something when you give unto others when you have nothing to give except your time except your car, except your even if you don't have money to give, the fisherman could not give the money but they could say okay, we have space for you to go in the boat and we'll take you they didn't have to do that. But generosity pays off. When you give to others. This is why it was rewarding them they must have been righteous people and this free gift to these

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two strangers proves that righteousness. And so Allah subhana wa tada inflicted upon them a small suffering in order to give them a great victory. And this shows us and this is going to be a constant theme of these three sutras. A law's plan is perfect. Our knowledge is imperfect. Allah subhana wa Tada. His plan is perfect. It is our patience that is being tested. Our understanding is imperfect. As for the second story, the second story involves the child that was killed. And notice here that Allah subhana wa tada says, their parents were righteous people. And a lot of knew that this child would grow up being rebellious, always causing grief to the parents. Now, it is very true

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that one of the greatest tragedies of any parent's life is the loss of a child. That's something that is truly traumatic. It's something that will bring a permanent scar that never fully heals and only those that have gone through this No. But do you know what is worse than the memory of a beautiful child? That is gone? It is

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Living child that constantly causes you grief and anger and frustration. That is worse. The child being taken away is a pain, but they have beautiful memories. They have the sweet memories of an innocent child for the rest of their lives, they're going to always remember that child. Now imagine this child becomes as the Quran says to Leon and waka for not only is he going to reject Islam, which is going to be painful enough, he is going to be outwardly rebellious stoian, always causing harm to his parents always bringing grief to his parents, and that is a worse calamity, then the death of an innocent child whose memories will remain. Also we see a very beautiful point here.

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Allah blessed these two parents with a righteous child because of their piety.

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Allah says in the Quran, the both of them were more meaning they were good people. So allow one to two give them a righteous child. Do your parents, you want righteous children begin with yourself? Before you start pointing fingers at your son or daughter, before you start rebuking the teenager in your house. Look at yourself. What am I doing with my life a lot as the origin is saying, because the two parents were righteous, we wanted to give them a righteous child. Now there's no guarantee even a righteous parents can have an unrighteous child and an unrighteous parent can have a righteous tell there's no guarantee. But there are reasonable steps that we take and the Quran and

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Sunnah over and over again, remind us that the number one step in your own legacy of your children is your own lifestyle and your own inner Iman. And this is something that is explicitly proven in this surah that Allah did not want to give them a child that would be totally ironworker for a child that would be bad or slap, bad mannered, ill mannered, rude, uncouth, a child that would be so nasty to them, unless that I wanted to take this one away. They are not worthy of this child. And then we learn another thing, dear Muslims, whenever a lot takes something away, he gives something better in its place. This is very explicit in this verse. Heather says, Your Lord desired that he substitute

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you but did a woman substitute. Never does Allah take something away from anyone. And that person is patient, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives something better back. And this is explicit in the Hadith that our Prophet system explicitly said, never does a lot take something away from the patient, except that Allah will give him better than what he took him away, what would you say was taken away from him. And this is something very explicit. So next time we suffer a loss, a calamity, a tragedy, even a tragedy of the highest nature, which is the death of a child, there is nothing more painful than the death of a child. We all know this psychologically, in terms of death, that's

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the most painful thing, but still put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala, that Alon knew the future you did not know. And whatever Allah took away from you, Allah will give something better, maybe another child, such as this parent that were given another child, or maybe something else that will bring you a type of joy and comfort that is better for you in this dunya and the Acura never do you suffer a tragedy or calamity, except that that tragedy will lead to a greater benefit. That tragedy will be the key that unlocks greater happiness, but with one condition, and that is maintaining silence. Haney sabihin A you have to be believing and patient and put your trust in

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Allah have personally been the best thoughts of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then the final story over here that the townsmen were so evil we learn a number of things as well. First and foremost of the perfection of one's Eamon is that we returned evil with good edify ability here to say yeah, somebody does rude, nasty things to you. Always. It's not logic. It's not why Jim, but always try to have the upper hand always try to return something nasty with something good. And Allah says in the Quran, no one can do that, except the righteous people except the elites, people to somebody who's rude to you. And you smile, say, may Allah guide me and you just take a look at something like this.

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And by the way, when you do that, generally speaking, the one who is rude or nasty will actually turn over a new leaf as the Quran says. So these townsmen were evil were nasty, and hither builds the wall for them in return. And we also see over here another very interesting point, and that is that once again, Allah says what kind of a boo hoo masala in this case the mother is still alive. The mother is still alive. So Allah says their father was a good man. He was a good man. So in the second story, we learn if you want your children to be

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righteous you should be righteous. In the third story we learn, if you want your children to be taken care of even in this dunya you want to provide for your children, you want to help raise for your children. The way to do that is not by turning to hat on the number one way to to once again, you yourself be a righteous person making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. In the third story, it was money that was given to the children money, it was gold, silver, and why what kind of abou masala Ha. Their father was a right used to be he passed away he was to be a righteous man. Also, we noticed another beautiful moral in the story and that is the following. Can you imagine? The lady

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the widow? Can you imagine the mother? she's struggling? Her husband has died. These two little toddlers are crying begging, she has no money. She's making dua to Allah Oh Allah help me Oh Allah, you know, my husband was a righteous man, I have nothing left. Oh Allah help me. She must have been making maybe for 1520 years. And if Allah had answered her door, when the kids were toddlers were children. And she discovered the gold. What would have happened? The people would have confiscated it in front of her eyes. Put yourself in the shoes of this lady. If you were to ask her. Do you want the money now or later on to say I want to know Don't worry, I need it now. But she doesn't

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understand. She doesn't know. She doesn't know that if she were to discover the money right now. ie if her da were to be responded to right now, it would be for her detriment. Allah knows when is the best time to answer your door. Allah knows how is the best time to answer your door. That doesn't mean you stop making dua it means you never give up hope. It means you continue to make do if you are sick, your loved one is sick, you're finding a job you're having a problem. Never ever give up hope constantly make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And realize and that is where he man bill other comes in belief in other realize whatever Allah has decreed for you, it will be for your best

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whether you understand it or not. You're our minds are limited. Our knowledge is limited and allows knowledge is infinite. There must be that trust in a law, whether there's a financial loss, whether there's a loss of life or a loss of a human being, whether there is a problem that's happening in your life, and you keep on struggle and make dua to Allah, whatever it might be. My dear brothers and sisters, the ultimate lesson that we learn is that Allah azza wa jal other is infinitely more wise than our knowledge. And whatever happens happens for our benefit and our best and this is something that is truly amazing. Muslims never ever feel that your life is terrible, and there's

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never a way out for you never have bad thoughts about your life and especially about Allah subhanho wa Taala our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhana wa tada says, In the one near Abitibi that I am as my servants think I am. So if he has good thoughts about me, I will treat him in a good manner. And if he has bad thoughts about me that he has no one to blame but himself. What does this mean? The believer is always optimistic in a law and the one who has no Eman has bad thoughts about Allah subhana wa Tada. The believer never has bad thoughts. The believer never has bad thoughts, the believer forces good thoughts, whatever is happening, Allah knows best Allah will

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give me better Allah azza wa jal has a plan. Allah loves me there has to be that notion of was watching me and every tragedy, every calamity, every pain and suffering and who amongst us does not have pain and suffering will lie. Anybody who says that he is no pain and suffering is lying you notice, doesn't matter what you have what you don't have, every one of us is struggling with our personal lives, with our families and children, with our wealth, with our health, we all have different struggles. That's the point of this dunya this story teaches us that no matter what your struggles are, you need to have that optimistic attitude. Think the best of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Allah has a plan in this dunya and definitely in the era in this dunya you will be rewarded, perhaps in ways you don't understand. Maybe for some parents who lost a child, they might not get another child like this couple in the Koran God but they will get another blessing they will get another source of happiness may be good health, whereas their relatives or cousins might not be in that good health and Allah gives them good health. Whatever negative you have. Our Profit System told us look at the positives. They will always be more than the negatives. And I'll conclude our first book with a beautiful narration about Heather and Moosa that our Prophet says I mentioned that when they were

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on that ship before they went down into that, that the into the ship to bore the hole when they were on that ship.

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credit and Moosa were firstly on the top and then they went down. Our Prophet system said that a bird came and dipped its beak into the water and took it out. So it's drinking as it's the lake is drinking from that. And Heather said to Musa

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Musa. Do you think this bird sipping that amount of water has diminished the water in this lake around us? Moosa said of course not. How is that going to diminish? Is nothing just the dip of a beak? How is that going to diminish? So Heather said, then no, almost, that my knowledge and your knowledge combined is like this. Bird dipping its beak and this vast ocean is the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the man that we need to have. A law knows his in his infinite. And this is hidden and Moosa, comparing themselves to the peck of a bird, how about me and you? We don't even there's not even a metaphor. We can't even express either and Moosa put together, and Heather is

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saying, all of our knowledge or Mussa, both of us combined, it's like this bird, darting in and out, and allows knowledge is this ocean or this lake? If that is the case with these two people, then where is my knowledge? Where is your knowledge, think good thoughts of a law, always be optimistic of a law and know that Allah has a plan that is for your own good, even if you don't understand it, like we learn in this story. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless me and you within through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus they understand and who applies have had and held on throughout our lifespans, as scholars forgiveness you as well ask for he is the fool, man.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hiwot hidden ahead of summit, Allah de la amulet Allah mula Olam, YOLO cufon. ahead, Roberto, do Muslims, many are the times I have said this phrase that so much is happening in the world that causes us to pause to even feel a little bit, maybe very much frustrated and angry. And we see around the world, the situation of Muslims is getting more and more dire. What is happening now in India is on the front pages. What is happening now across the globe, the tragedy of the quote unquote, Palestinian issue this last week, the quote unquote peace plan where there is no peace in this it is the validation of acquiring of land illegally. And this is something that

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really should bring pause to our heart. And I have given you the same message over and over again, because there is no other message to give at this point. Indeed, Allah azzawajal has a plan. And perhaps me and you cannot collectively right now change what is happening in India or Palestine or Burma or Kashmir, and the list goes on and on. And on the weekers of China. Every time I say one list, I get an email you forgot that country because we there is no end, you can keep on going and the status of Muslims and Islam truly is something that makes the heart side and it should make it sad. But dear Muslims, we take that sadness, we take that grief. And Firstly, we better have some

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sadness or grief if we don't have it. It says lack of Eman there should be compassion. We should be thinking and reading what is going on. The Palestinians have been brutalized for over 80 years now 80 years from bad to worse, to much worse, what is happening across the globe. Our hearts should feel it there should be a genuine sense of empathy of sympathizing with those with the people around the world. But what should that translate into it should translate into something productive on our own daily lives. If I cannot solve the Palestinian crisis, if I cannot solve what is happening to marginalizing the Muslims of India, if I cannot solve the Burmese refugee, if I cannot solve the

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Syrian civil war, and the list goes on and on the least I can do the least I can do is to live my life in a manner that allow will be pleased with we should motivate ourselves to be better people given the blessings that we have. And I conclude this second hold up by the beautiful verse that Allah azza wa jal said to none other than our own, our own, the multi billionaire that lived at the time of of musar the bunny Israel I should say. Allah said to him something even though he was the richest person in the world, Allah said a phrase that applies to me and you were bitterly FEMA takala adara such a beautiful verse, with whatever Allah has given you. Try to attain the hereafter

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with whatever Allah has given you. Allah has given Caron so much he had better try

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According to what he has had been given, but if a law has not given somebody the wealth of qarun, that doesn't say, Oh, I'm not a multi billionaire, no, Allah is not going to ask you whether a multi billionaire or not Allah is going to ask you with what I gave you, what did you do? This is what the verses saying, what le faema takala, whatever Allah has given you, whatever it is, you did not decide where you were born, the amount of money you had, we went with your parents inheritance, you did not decide any of these things Allah xojo chose for you then allow will only test you and ask you based upon your capabilities, whatever you were able to do the change, you were able to effect

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the impact you were able to have given your circumstances. That is what is going to decide you're having in your health. What about a FEMA attack a law who died and therefore stop blaming everybody else, maybe there's a lot of blame to put to put and start introspection, start looking at myself rather than criticize, do something productive with your lives in my life, what can I do to change whether it's my friends, my family, my colleagues, my neighbor, whatever it is, and that change insha Allah tala will be our means of salvation. And then to be very honest, if all of us had that attitude, and if the entire oma had that attitude, then we would actually see global change. Change

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begins from within. If we all change ourselves collectively in shallow data that will bring about the global change. Even if we don't see the global change. By changing ourselves. We have at least guaranteed us a good place in this dunya and the AF euro and that equal photo album that is the ultimate victory Aloma in NIDA and for a mineral alarm alert, I don't know if you had to deal with them but Allah Fatah wa Hamad illa faraja What are they in an a la kobita? While Emery when Elijah feta when I see it on Elijah sorta allama fildena We're the one in indigenous Abu Dhabi man when

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he lived in a rock band in Nakuru for him Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam our Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islamic Muslim in a law home in Adana, Islam and Muslim ew superfresh Rubin FC altijd Mira fita de yaku yas is about the law in the law had to

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be he'd been FC within the Malacca The Odyssey with a lesser known engineer he went in say for the ASME Cardinal idema in the law Houma de kado soluna Allah nebby amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Aloma suddenly was sending robotic well and an abductor Asuka Mohammed in early was savage marine rebels a lot in the law to Allah yeah motivated idly with a sunny orbit way enhanced fascia it will moon carry well. You're looking to the Kuru Kuru

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Kuru Kuru

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Optimus sada

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in a feed dounia Salah

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