Don’t Throw Your Ramadan Back into the Well

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Eid Khutbah 2021

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Akbar, Allahu wa ala Hamed, we begin by praising Allah, declaring his perfection, thanking him for what he has given us. Knowing that as much as we think in praise Him and declare his perfection, we will always fall short. And we thank Allah and bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions and those that follow in their blood path, and we ask a lot to make us amongst them alone. I mean, their brothers and sisters, we started off this series with an

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analogy. The analogy was won by a great Imam by the name of ignorant Josie rahima hold on to Allah who said that the example of Ramadan to the rest of the months is like the example of use of it his Salaam, the Prophet Joseph peace be upon him to his 11 brothers. Through that one brother, all 11 of them are saved and forgiven and showing the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I want us to build on that analogy for a moment and shot let's honor for the 45 minutes of the huts with that I will give you I'm just playing, it's not gonna be a 45 minute hold. I know that people are outside and inshallah even though the weather is nice, so maybe I'll just extend it a few minutes longer. But I

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want us to inshallah, tada on this day of joy this day of need to remember a time of gratitude. The prophets lie Selim would tell us to be grateful, and he would teach us to build and build on the analogy of use of it his Salaam, in one way, gratitude teaches us a few things. And there are two things that I want us to capitalize on today. The sugary the gratitude that teaches us to think a lot to expand something in our eyes and to see value in what's in front of us. And the gratitude that allows us to overlook the negative and focus on the positive. So those are the two things I want you to take from this specifically as it relates to Milan, when it comes to use if it is set

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up. Here is the one thing I want you to take back when you think of Ramadan as use of it his salon, many people did not recognize the value of use of it his serum until he was on the throne. Before that he was a slave before that a piece of property before that a fugitive before that a prisoner and of course before all of that a threat to his brothers because of the way that his father, Jacob Jacobi and snom loved him. But then once he was on the throne, everyone recognized the beauty and the power of use of honey his Salaam, the virtue of use of it his Salaam and everyone wanted to come close to him. And everyone wanted to take advantage of him take advantage of his generosity take

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advantage of His mercy. So what's the main message I want you to take from this? If Ramadan has been put on a throne for you, and everything that Ramadan comes with the worship of Allah, a new connection to the masjid, a new connection to the Quran, a more charitable spirit, more generosity. All of these things do add supplication which you pushed yourself to do. Don't throw your Ramadan back into a well. Don't take your trauma bond and take it off the throne and throw it back in the well. You know there is a term that's used in a derogatory way Ramadan, Muslims, were all Ramadan, Muslims, the Sahaba were Ramadan, Muslims, they just were not only Muslim, a normal blonde, but they

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spent six months after Ramadan, missing it, and six months before it longing for it. That means that Ramadan always stays on the throne. How does it stay on the throne, we thank Allah for showing us our potential. We thank Allah for allowing us an opportunity to appreciate guidance when he took me. That's what he took me to Allah and Allah hadn't come that you complete this period. And you thank Allah for what he has guided you to so many people have so much of this world and have emptiness. But with the gift of guidance and purpose, you're full, you're fulfilled, you have a sense of true happiness and tranquility, your heart is full, your actions are motivated by a full heart. Allah has

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given you something special. And so for the rest of the year, the other 11 months are looking at a lung use of it is that I'm on the throne. Don't take off Ramadan from the throne and throw it in the well. And suddenly, while throwing Ramadan in the well put your arm back on the bookshelf, go back to the playlist that you used to watch and listen to before it'll Milan. Get back into you know, gossip is how long after a to.

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A lot of that is a lot of the things that are still held on it's still hold on. Don't get back into the things that were hurting the soul. Instead continuing the habits. I'm not going to throw my arm back in the well. By putting it on the bookshelf. I'm not going to stop giving charity. I'm going to keep on giving charity. I'm not going to stop praying and waking up at night. I'm not

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Not gonna stop coming to the message, I'm not gonna stop treating people as carefully as I was in Milan and I don't want to say anything mean I don't want to hurt them, I don't want to backbite I don't want to listen to this, I don't want to do that. I'm not going to go back to all of that because Ramadan remains on the throne because it shows me what prayer means, what fasting means and how I can get to that. So that's number one. Be grateful to Allah for this month that He has given you to show you the value of guidance and keep on keep on connecting yourself to Him with those blessings. The value of gratitude is that it shows you the value of something.

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And panela with use if it has Salaam there were some people that saw something in him before he was on the throne. Right? I could have Mima make sure that you take care of him. When musante his Salaam the baby came into the palace of Fidel and there was a beautiful person, the wife of the pharaoh asiyah although the Allahu alayhi Salaam she saw something in Mossad is set up. And so some people see value in these things when other people don't. And so while others put their Quran on the bookshelf, and others move on from these blessings you keep to them. The second thing, dear brothers and sisters, is not just to see the value in it when other people are neglecting it. But to always

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see the positive and the blessings that are ahead of you. You know, I always talk about Malcolm X and hedge Raheem a whole lot on Malcolm X's hedge. When he writes about his hedge when he speaks about his hedge. All he talks about was the beauty of it. The beauty of seeing the people together, the beauty of seeing the different races, the beauty of seeing the human equality, the oneness of humanity, recognizing the oneness of God. And you think to yourself when you go to Hajj like didn't somebody push him into law one time? Didn't he feel the heat? I mean, he went to Hajj in the summer of 1964 Malcolm was not staying in the clock tower, believe it or not, there was no Clock Tower back

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in the 1960s. No five star hotels around Mecca. Why is it that someone like that only saw beauty and hedge because the heart was a heart of gratitude. And the heart of gratitude sees only the positives. It only sees beauty where someone else could have the five star hedge, five star hotels, everything and all they see is ugliness. They come back and complain. The hotels weren't ready. This wasn't ready. This wasn't ready. This wasn't this wasn't that. What does that mean for Milan, you might look back on Ramadan and say, Man, that was hard. It was hot. It was so hot. I hated how we were socially distancing the message when someone asked me about Milan, the masks the whole time.

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Everything that was happening, you only mentioned the hardships, you don't mention the beauty of it.

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And that's a problem. When you talk about how you only mentioned the hardships, you don't mention the beauty of it. That means something needs to be corrected about your lens. And what does a lot tell us dear brothers and sisters, when we started this pandemic, we said Don't let the isolation be isolation. Turn it into seclusion, make it positive. If you're alone, be secluded with your Lord, if you're with your family, build with your family while you're isolated from everyone else while you're secluded from everyone else. Allah tells us time and time again in the Quran. To see everything that wait with the lens of a lens of gratitude. And so that means with your spouse's,

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we're taught by Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam some people nitpick on the flaws. What are we taught from the messengers of Allah Han he was some focus on the Hey, and focus on the things that you like about your spouse and let that grow your relationship. How's the profit slice? I'm described with food you know, Mashallah, we're going to go and eat today, right? We're all going to eat today. How was the profits I'm described with food. He never ever criticized his food. What a beautiful person. The most powerful man in the world, never criticized his food. You gave him bread and vinegar. You gave him some barley. You gave him anything civilize on him. He

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never said anything negative about food, you gave him anything to where he worked, and he thanked you for it and the profit slice I'm never dispraise a cloth that was given to him or garment that was given to him. When someone was put in front of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He never saw their problems, he only saw their potential. He only saw the beauty inside of them and what they could fully become. That takes an adjustment of mindset. And it starts here and this is what I'll end off with will be near Mattie Robic if

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Allah tells us speak of the Blessings of your Lord mentioned the good things about people mentioned the good things about situations. And you know what that will do. It will transform your mindset and it'll transform your heart otherwise, john Allahu Allahu baina II. The prophets lie. Some said the materialistic person only sees poverty through their eyes, they always see deprivation, they always see poverty, be the opposite of the Ramadan taught us to be grateful. And gratitude means seeing goodness in everyone and everything around you in every situation that is around you. When a hardship comes to you and hamdulillah it's a chance to purify me, it's a chance for me to practice

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patience and grow my determination. When good comes to you and 100 and Allah bestowed this upon me, May Allah increase it

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Let's be that way with each other. Let's be that way with our gifts from Allah subhanaw taala. Let's be that way with the gifts that Allah has given us of worship. And let's maintain that attitude of sugar because that is the end goal of this all that you complete this month. And you have a sense of gratitude land, no contest guru. And with that, we're grateful for each other. We're not perfect. And someone might say, you know, you know that community. And they talk about Valley Ranch Islamic center. And they'll say, Chef, yes, that is great. I don't know about the other guy.

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Pray chef, yes.

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Right. Don't say anything bad about me. When we talk about the community and we say you know, there are those people, all the people in the message of this no talk about the good people in the masjid. Someone was not very nice in the masjid. Talk about the beautiful volunteers that have been here all month long, with a smile on their face and guiding people through and sacrificing their time to worship. Praise that about it. So let's actively praise the good things about the people around us about the situations around us and grow our perception in that regard. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from a shocking we ask a lot to make us from the Grateful May Allah connect us to

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his blessings of guidance throughout the year. May Allah subhanaw taala allow the best of what we have taken from this month to remain on a throne so that the rest of the year follows And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to connect our hearts to the Lord of the Throne, the one who sent us prophets and messengers and seasons and sacred places only so that we can connect to Him. May Allah connect our hearts to him in sincerity, and May Allah connect our hearts to him with shellcode with gratitude, and May Allah allow us to be grateful to one another because he who does not think the people does not think Allah May Allah allow us to be grateful and being charitable at all times. May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our hearts, purify our eyes, purify our ears, purify our tongues, may Allah subhanaw taala use us for that which is which is always good. Allow us to see good to appreciate good and to be a part of that good. May Allah subhanho wa Taala alleviate the hardship from our brothers and sisters all over the world. May Allah subhana wa Taala not allow us to turn a blind eye to our oppressed brothers and sisters and not see them as a burden, but see them as a blessing and those on whose behalf we must we must advocate May Allah subhanaw taala liberate an officer. May Allah subhanaw taala be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine and our oppressed

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brothers and sisters all over the world. And may Allah continue to nourish them with courage and steadfastness that inspires the rest of us. I may Allah subhanaw taala allow us all to be gathered in the eternal abode of good around our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam free from the faults of this world appreciating the full blessing of staring at his face Allah I mean desikan the level fighter was set armonico monochromator Council was soldered down with sunblock and Amina Mohammed run it early. He was gonna be legendary