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The importance of Islam in society is discussed, including the need for individuals to make Islam relevant and not engage in political activities until they have dealt with local political issues. The use of social media and the importance of introducing Islam to people is also emphasized. The "hasn't been good" program is discussed, with a emphasis on small projects and the acceptance of Islam in large numbers. The "hasn't been good" program is encouraged, and the acceptance of Islam in large numbers is also discussed.

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their brothers and sisters, as the topic was discovering our role. And actually, to be very honest with you, I was up until about 2:20pm absolutely positive that there was no way that I was going to be delivering this lecture. Because our flight arrived at 230. I mean, Allah subhanaw taala always makes a way out for these things. And to be very honest with you usually I'm not quite I'm not very fond of these topics. Because usually whenever I

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see these topics, if out to me what it screams out to many other people, that this is going to be this as one brother, one of my more obvious called that intellectual amusement about how Muslims need to be establishing hospitals, and Muslims need to be involved in politics, and Muslims need to be this and Muslims need to be that. And we need to teach our kids to be the next, you know, that we need to teach our kids that you are going to be the next president of this country and so on so forth. Or, well, now it's degenerated. You know, we gave up on President and we moved to Miss USA, whatever it is, we just need to get Muslims up there somehow. And some way Muslims need to be in

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control. And this is the way it should be.

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And most people leave that

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talk or leave that convention. And what you say to yourself is, you know, Mashallah, good speaker, and that was a really good lecture. There's absolutely no practicality in it. It's just an ideal situation that we are not even inst close towards. So we cannot even begin to talk about those things until we take gradual steps. But dear brothers and sisters, I want to categorize the attitudes that we as Muslims have towards civic responsibility. And I asked you from the bottom of my heart, please do not be offended. If you feel like you're being targeted hamdulillah I live all the way down south, I don't know most of you. So you can't feel like I'm attacking you personally.

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But it's just the mentalities that we have in regards to social and civic responsibility. And the first category of people or the first attitude is based on a model that, unfortunately has been floated around for the last year, in almost every single gathering. And that is we need to make Islam relevant. We need to make Islam relevant. And you know, something, I give the benefit of the doubt to my beloved scholars and directors who sometimes say this, meaning something else, and not realizing the implication of those who first say that we need to make Islam relevant. Look at the word make. We need to make Islam relevant. Does that mean that Islam is not already relevant to our

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society, it's upon Allah, that's such a dangerous statement. Because within this attitude, you would have various degrees, you would have the attitude that we need to have some sort of artificial role in society, where we need to make sure that we get in every single White House gathering and make sure our pictures get taken. We need to make sure every time the pope comes we give him a nice Allah hook but calligraphy, we need to make sure that everyone you know we send out nice p essays and we say we are God's children, all of us are God's children. Let's make Islam relevant. And sometimes this attitude leads to us compromising very key aspects of our own our own theology and of the

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Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And eventually we start to abandon our principles and we start to only look for the cameras, just to make sure that the name Islam is being put out there. It doesn't matter if there is any substance to that name of Islam, make sure Islam has been put out there. Doesn't matter if we have to compromise our principles. Just make sure Islam is out.

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And again, within this attitude within this behavior, there's degrees, some of us will take it to an extreme. And plus very sincerely think that this is the way we should go about making change. But their brothers and sisters, Islam has never changed the society in that fashion before starting from Rasulullah sallallahu. It was send them to the mushrikeen of grace. And actually the entire world from Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah to the Mongols, Allah subhanho wa Taala never gave guidance to a society and never asked Muslims to act in that role just to make up some sort of artificial, you know, role that we are here. Doesn't matter what we're doing. But we're here and you should respect

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that. And somehow to love this, this leads to many things. And then you have the other extreme, which is that we cannot do anything for this society, that we're not even supposed to be here in the first place, that we're not doing our jobs, and we're all terrible people. And we should avoid every single thing, you know, every single social and civic responsibility. So we cannot get involved in any form of politics. So you have the first group will jump to the national stage and any political scientists will tell you that you can't jump to national politics until you've dealt with what local politics until you are doing things locally. And then you have the other extreme that all politics

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are hot, I'm giving food to non Muslims as hot I'm doing these feed the homeless programs is wrong. This is all wrong. Why are you doing this? These people can get a job, we should be sending our money overseas, the exact opposite.

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And since one did Allah subhanho wa Taala only command us to be a comfort to our society when we are in control? Because the answer will be well, we don't have a philosopher. We don't have a thin office. So we shouldn't be caring about these things. We don't have a philosopher. What about use of alayhis salaam, the idea that working together with other people on things that we agree upon, while not being complacent and approving of the things that we don't agree upon? That idea is completely being thrown out. What about use of finding a salon who worked as a lesbian who worked as a minister for a pagan king? And was excellent at what he did? Does that mean that use of honey Instagram was

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endorsing should?

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And does that mean that Islam is not socially relevant? And this is the thing there's a big difference between saying we need to make Islam relevant and Islam is relevant. It's true Luca alayhis. Salam did not come to this people and say oh, my people, your clothes are dragging on the ground. And this is your problem musataha salaam addressed the problem time along with introducing and the prime aspect of introduction is to hate that to hate would rid you of these ills. Muhammad Sallallahu it was Sunday, Allah subhanho wa Taala did not ignore the young girls who were being buried alive and wait until the Medina period where all the other town were coming. But at the same

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time, Prince, the principal the key aspects of Islam were being introduced. And what about the story of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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when he was a minority when the Muslims were a minority, and this is where the extreme comes in, are we not supposed to be socially relevant when we are a minority and only wait until we establish khilafah and everything will be okay. And then we can be socially relevant.

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I want to just let you know the small story many of you have heard it, where a man comes to the leaders of race and he complains to them that Abuja Hall has taken a hack from him that Abuja Hall has not repaid to him a duck. And the leaders, of course, want to have a little bit of fun. So they tell him they say why don't you go to this man named Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he's going to make everything okay for you. And they're saying it as a mockery. When the man shows up at the doorstep of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam does He say I'm sorry, I don't work in this government. This is a non Muslim society. You have to go figure out how to do it yourself. Or does

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Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walk with that person to the door of Abuja had bang on the door of Abuja had to demand the right of that person and Abuja had runs and goes and gets the money and gives it to that person. And then the man goes back to operation says, Thank you. Thanks for referring me to Mohammed Salah lahardee was worked out well. They go to Abuja halia. Abuja What happened to you? Well, actually, they called them a heck of what happened to you. He says, what law when Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came when he knocked on the door, and I opened the door, I saw two lions on his shoulder is about to devour me if I did not return the Huck to that man.

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Since when are we not supposed to be a place of comfort in our society, if we're a minority, so these are two extreme attitudes, and then you have the idealistic

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Which is Oh, look at us. We're sitting here talking about homeless shelters and, and feed the homeless programs and feed the hungry programs. Look at the Jews, they have hospitals, and they have this and they have that. How come? We're not like them?

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Why don't you start with the feet of homeless program? Why don't you start a clinic and your messages once a week? Why don't you start something small, and then we'll talk about hospitals, then we'll talk about moving up that ladder. But don't just sit back and talk about it. Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered you to be a source of comfort to your society. How are you doing that? And Subhan Allah, even with the core issue of the cat is the cat is one of our Pillars of Islam. And from the hadith of Morocco, the law to Allah and when he was sent to Yemen, vital civil law, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was commanded, take from their rich and give to their poor, the LMR,

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without any exceptions, will at least say it's nice to have to give the cat in your locality.

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Because you are supposed to be relevant to your society don't make Islam relevant. Islam is already relevant. And then there's the fourth category, dear brothers and sisters, where we just sit back and criticize every effort.

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And let me tell you for a fact, every single effort is going to have its flaws. Every single effort it's going to it's going to have its loopholes. And this is not just specific to relief work. This is in general, when you're talking about the dour, when you're talking about Islamic work, whether it's relief, whether it's passing out why it's non pamphlets, or putting up billboards, whatever it is, it's going to have its loopholes. But don't sit back and criticize the people who are doing it. Because you yourself, don't want to do that you yourself do not want to get involved. And we go back to the very early attitude of the mushrikeen towards a bucket of soda called the low tide, who was

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giving his money right and left. And when he freed it out, are they allowed to I'm afraid for that unbelievable price. What did they say? They said, Well, he probably had to deal with with Bilaal and he owed him something, you know, they had a deal before and Rebecca said that I'm going to for you as a result of that deal.

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was a huge number.

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And let the team Allahu

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Allah subhanho wa Taala praise abubaker is the vehicle they allow Thailand who in the Quran, that he would be freed from Hellfire, the one who gives his money to purify himself. We are not here dear brothers and sisters, to completely give up our Deen and to compromise on everything, just to get our pictures taken. At the same time, we are not here just to talk out of game and talk about this future idealistic society, when we have a philosopher and everything is okay. It's somewhere in between there we are to be a comfort to our society. Start small, you know, something dear brothers and sisters, if you were to take dessert to your neighbors on the day of AIDS, that can reverse

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three years of programming from Bill O'Reilly about what Islam really is. Small steps panela small steps when was little muscle a lot he was sent him said that jabril and he slammed into me. And he kept on commanding me with the neighbor had gone into unknown. So

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I thought that he was going to give him from my inheritance. Because of how much jabril Ania. Sam kept emphasizing this point to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I would just end with one story. You know something Subhana Allah actually.

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It's amazing how we always look for others to pick us up and we don't look to pick others up. And this is a story from a very beautiful scholar. His name is Mohammed Hussain Yaqoob is from Egypt. And he was telling the story of one of his students who came to him. And he told him that, you know, he's going to join some deviant group and he's going to go sit in the messages and everything is going to come to him.

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And he told them, what led you to that? He said, Well, I was walking. And I saw a bird that had a clipped wing.

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And the bird was just sitting there. And then another bird came and started to feed it started to bring it food and started to bathe and started to take care of it. So I said, Ah, that's the tawakkul that's what it's supposed to be like so I'm just gonna go wait in the messages until Allah Subhana Allah does the same thing for me.

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And then he came back to chef Mohammed Hussein yaku very upset. And he said, This whole thing is just all wrong. And this is this whole tawakkol thing doesn't exist. And he said Subhana Allah. Why are you being such a fool? Didn't you think to be the bird that was bringing the food instead of the bird that had the clip wing and that was waiting there for the other birds to bring the

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Food for it.

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It's a very small and funny example. But at the same time it was lived. And it was reflected reflected Subhanallah in the behavior of a son of asylum. And I'll just mention one more story and I promise this is the end of it. But Subhanallah You know, this example, is actually the one that would keep an Islamic worker going in the society.

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I Beloved, in the Mubarak regime a whole lot on one of the greatest scholars this oma has ever seen. Beloved Mubarak Rahim Allah, his neighbor was a Jew.

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And I'm the loving Mubarak before becoming a scholar. Many very few of us are aware that he actually wasn't very scholarly. In fact, he was very away from the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Very rich inherited a huge amount of money from his father, you know, used to have parties in his home used to engage in very, very major acts of sin and this obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala guided him and this is a whole story in and of itself, Allah subhanaw taala guided him and he became the beloved and robotic that history knows today. a whole lotta Allah, huge scholar, and students would flood his home flooded the messages anywhere he went, there was a crowd

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to learn from him Rahim Allah to Allah.

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So after he became this great scholar, and everyone knew who he was, all of his students wanting to go move in next to him because they would follow him to his home. They would take him whenever he comes out of his home, they would be at his service, they would keep asking him questions. They were after him so they wanted to buy the home that was next to him from the neighbor who was a Jew.

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And it turns out that every single day of the loving Baraka, hey Mahalo for he would go to his own house, he would stop at his neighbor's house. And he would give him groceries and he would give him things before he would go to his own home and give to his own family.

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So they go to this man, and they say, How much do you want for this house? So he says, $1,000 for the value of the house, and $1,000 we're having a dilemma because your neighbor,

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you know, something's gonna let you know what our neighbors get out of us in this country. We park on their lawns, we block their driveways on the day of Gemma. We probably don't talk to them whenever we come out. very rude.

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panela Imagine if people felt that way about us. If people actually were happy that Muslims were here. If we live the way that we're supposed to live, and I'm not talking about again, the grand ideal stage, don't even think about that stuff right now. Start from yourself. Start small, and watch what Allah subhanho wa Taala will do. Like there is not a single person in here who cannot contribute to acne relief, either financially or with your time. What we saw in Louisa, was absolutely incredible. We are we don't have the community of New York we don't have the community of these huge cities. We have a very small community. But Allah Subhana hoods Allah bless that effort

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over there that it is recognized nationwide. The effort of Aigner relief right now is being recognized nationwide, not because we get our banner up in many places, and we make sure that our pictures taken all the time. But if you ask anyone who works within FEMA now, or Catholic Charities, or red cross all of them, no, it can relief USA. And I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have accepted Islam because of this effort. And you might think it's all a game. But I saw with my own two eyes, people accepting Islam in large numbers, not because we gave them a copy of Quran not because we talked to them a lot, not because we made sure that we were very, you know, stern with

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them, and we made sure that we held on and we isolated ourselves from them. It was because they saw what Islam is really all about.

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It's not just getting your picture taken. And I want every single doctor in here and I know we have a lot of doctors in the Muslim community Mashallah. Every single doctor, think about establishing a medical clinic in your community, even if it's just two hours a week in relief would provide you with everything that you need. Anyone in here, brother or sister, brother or sister. If you can just manage to establish once a week of feed the homeless program, start simple get together make 50 sandwiches and they'll give it to somebody

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to start small and do something we just cannot sit back and look at this ideal picture because that picture is far away right now. So we can only ask a lot of hands on and this starts with myself. Because I know how far this work has to go. We can only ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those who live up to that role without compromising their principles without compromising the example of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but instead following it

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As much as possible and being a comfort to our society, even as a Muslim minority Lama, I mean, does that mean like they're full of holy

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