How Talking About Others Affects You

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When backbiting, rumor mongering and gossip takes place, who is the real loser? You're watching hashtag sound asleep.

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We know that gossiping and backbiting and rumor mongering can ruin somebody you can harm their reputation. And we know this is one of the reasons why it's a major sentence now. But have you thought about the fact that it's the person who's involved in the action, of backbiting, gossiping, that is the real true loser. Because what this does what gossiping in the habit of constantly gossiping and backbiting and talking about others, what it does to our spirituality is horrible. It deadens our heart, it kills our spirituality. So in the long run, the real loser is a person who is involved in the backbiting the person who leaves that type of lifestyle, and a Lost Planet. Allah

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knows best. Until next time, I sit down with a comb, what happened to law he will but I got to