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All right. So now when he come to LA, he

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will ask him, you

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know him and him did you learn? I mean, what do

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you mean what I

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mean almost it was lm robotic abogado silica Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on early he was like me, he was selling to Steve and Kathy a lot. So before the hedge, as we were actually going through the reflections of sort of Rahim, the last reflection was about the different ways in which a person could be a stray. And we talked about on the last panel, I mentioned lalala and buried a person who is far astray a person who is exceedingly misguided. And we talked about the difference in the quality and the consistency between how lalala when he does used, Kabir is used mubin is used. Okay, so lalala and buried, Paul Allen COVID. And while not in well being, and In brief, we

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said that a lot out and buried is a person who is a stray and seeks to lead others astray, which is the usage that we have here and sort of Brahim. And while Alan Kabir is when you're talking about the consequences of misguidance, and while erlin, moonbeam is that a person is clearly astray. Okay, so a person is calling, you know others to guidance and pointing to the clear manifest errors of their misguidance. So what I said before that hedgerow was that when we get back to this inshallah town I wanted to talk about the different types of success the opposite of this. So it's not necessarily here in sort of Brahim, but it's the opposite of the way that one is categorized,

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misguidance is categorized and that is the way that unfolds, which means success and failures is categorized and you find a very similar way in which Allah subhanaw taala uses the words and photos al Kabir delphos Elmo been and unfrozen alim. So let's talk about these these three things. In short, what are the different ways in which a lot describes success in the Quran. And that way, you know, especially for the alpha, by the way, when you're memorizing the end, you have to learn how these words differ, why, because otherwise, you'll make of alpha five, which is to, you know, to just mix up these words, because you're thinking purely about the flow. And you are, you know, as

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you're finishing off, as you're thinking about another idea, and because some ions are so similar to one another, you'll simply say, mobian, or cabbie, or I'll lean as you're going through so as you're becoming a half with me, Allah subhanaw taala enable everyone in the learning time to memorize the Quran and to grow in their memorization. But as you're doing heff you have to learn some of these distinctions and it helps you quite a bit. And of course, it enhances you in your ability to read the Quran in general and to appreciate the depth of the word of Allah subhana wa tada especially on some of these things. So and those can be let's start with that one, because it matches while erlin

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can be volatile and can be speaks to the consequences of misguidance. And those that can be used which is, which is only using sort of broj Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the lilina Amman, Wyoming asylee howdy la hongjun advantedge, demon tactical and how the legal fosun can be. So last time I mentioned that those who believed and who worked righteous deeds they have for them paradise gardens beneath which rivers flow and that is El phos. Al Kabir, the great success, and fosun Kabir is used in a similar way to which lalala and Kabir speaks to the consequences of misguidance and fosun COVID, which is, of course, speaking to the reward of us habit of doing reward of those people

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that are being massacred for their belief, that while the consequences of their belief in this world might be a massacre, but the success that comes their way, because of their perseverance, and because of their insistence on faith, is actually success, right that that is a part of that that's greater, that the reward that is promised for them in the Hereafter is greater than the punishment that they are receiving in this world, for their faith for being amongst those who believe so that's delphos al Kabir, which as I said, is the least common of how Allah subhana wa describes and foes described success. And those animal bean refers to which means that you know, clear success, clear

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success, every time Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to delphos animal being in love, which is clear success Allah subhana wa tada refers to it in the capacity of escaping punishment and gaining a lot of mercy, escaping punishment and gaining a lot of mercy. So for example, in the last podcast as we used to refine who yoma Reiner was

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It will mean that whoever a loss of hentai removes the punishment from on the Day of Judgment then he has shown mercy to them and that is clear success Okay, from NZ hon enough

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for cloudfest whoever is dragged from the fire whoever is saved from the fire dragged from the fire and entered into paradise, then that is a person who has succeeded but fast and that his elbows are moving. So again a frozen will been every time it's used in the portal and you'll find that it is speaking to

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escaping punishment and being granted allows mercy or something very beautiful about the last type of photos The last type of success which is and photos allowing, and photos allowing, so there's no photos that eat right which would be the equivalent of loyal and buried because there's no far success here. But it refers to the the great success, okay the mighty Aleem is, is the greatest type of success right. And Kabir refers to something that is that is greater and bigger at alim refers to an added layer. And the way that that shows itself in organic terminology is every time a loss patterns and dimensions and flows allow them a loss of habitat is not just mentioned mentioning

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entrance into paradise, but mentioning that a person will abide there in forever so the component of and hold the component of eternity is also mentioned. I'm gonna say that again and then I'll give you an example and Charlotte's Island from sort of denisa every time Allah mentions and foes allow them we said those

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we said that oppose it and will been is that a person is escaping punishment and gaining a loss of mercy which automatically means entrance into paradise, and foes allow them which is the greatest level of success is entering into paradise and a lot of mentioning that you will abide there in forever May Allah subhana wa tada allow all of us to achieve alphas allow them so for example, on the last panel metathesis tilka, who do the law, woman yield to a la hora Sula, who will detail who Jannat integrity mentality and how highly Dena Fie her without any confusion or being so lost. pantai says that these are the boundaries of a lot and whoever obeys a lot in his messenger Allah

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will enter that person into paradise and Allah subhana wa tada will enter them into that paradise which has rivers flowing beneath Holly Dena fee ha they will be there forever with that he can focus on our beam and that is the most mighty form the greatest form the highest form of success. So May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to attain those mobian al-faisal Kabir and foes and alim May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the highest level of success and allow that to show itself to be manifest in occupying the highest level of paradise. The highest level agenda generated through those Alfredo's will outline the companionship of our beloved messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the

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prophets the messengers, the slightly who understood the Shahada, a llama I mean, does that mean Oh Hayden was set out more equal to life.