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Omar Suleiman
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Qatar seminary ministry apology personnel man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever we want to

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allow people to live in a lot more suddenly was cinema vatika avocado silica Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while only he was happy he was lm to * kathira Welcome back everyone inshallah Tada. I'm going to spend this week only just finishing up some reflections on the first page of sort of Brahim as they relate to methodology, and inshallah tada tomorrow night we'll be going back to the first of course every Tuesday night and tomorrow night inshallah Tata will actually be talking about a Sahabi, who's not spoken about much but is extremely significant. How about that net outflow the amount of data and also make sure you tune in at the same time tomorrow. And then Wednesday,

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Thursday, we'll finish off with just a few more reflections on the beginning of surah Ibrahim, and then inshallah Tata will move on to a another subject inshallah to start reflecting on for next week. I wanted to actually talk about this idea from the perspective of the mission of Moses on the mission of Moses peace be upon him as as described here. And you'll notice if you're reading sort of Ibrahim, in the first few verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala establishes the consistency of the messengers both in terms of the content of their message as well as the methodology that they would employ. And so the way that this surah which is named after Abraham Ibrahim it his system starts off

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is this book was given to you lead to three gymnasts Amina guru Mattila Nur, that you would take people Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the darkness to the light. And then the last paradigm mentions that every prophet and messenger that he sent he sent in the language of their people do you obey in a home so that they could make things clear to them, and then hear a loss of Paradise as well, but also now Mousavi, I atina. An average Calma kameena automatic, Eleanor, the same thing last pantai says and we indeed sense Moses with our signs saying, leave your people out of the darkness into the light. And as you notice from the title that I chose tonight, you know,

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Mossad, Islam was not merely sent to drown the Fidel and what do I mean by that? And I'll probably elaborate further and Charlotte's eyes on it from the Prophet slice of them about a person who was killed by a prophet or who kills a prophet. On Wednesday, I'll talk about that inshallah. But what do I mean by most Islam was not merely sent to kill the most Islam. His mission is the mission of all of the messengers in the prophets and as we are getting to Ashura where we commemorate what Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us through the prophets lie Selim, we commemorate the victory of musante snom over for their own the victory that Allah gave to Moses over the Pharaoh, it's

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important for us to take a step back and to realize that the mission of the messengers that the story of musante snom, that the purpose that he was sent for was a purpose of guidance. Now, when someone chooses to turn away from that guidance and someone chooses to instead transgress than the humiliation that comes their way is what is decreed for them. But that does not summarize the story of morsani snub, when we are celebrating the victory that Allah subhana wa tada gave to Mossad Islam over the phone, we're celebrating the idea of a nosode we're celebrating the idea of divine aid to the one who is steadfast upon the truth. We're not celebrating this because of you know, merely like

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some sort of joy of the destruction of their own but instead the joy at the help of Allah subhana wa tada coming to Masada his Salaam and having our full trust in the help of Allah subhana wa tada with our situation as well. And this was something that just profound I'd heard from Sheikh Mohammed Amina Schumpeter's name Allah tala, when he, when he mentioned something along these lines that Messiah Islam was not sense merely to drown the film, but to guide the people for their own is one part of the story of morsani setup. But the story of Mossad Islam is a story of guidance, just like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was not sent can his message cannot be encapsulated his purpose

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cannot be captured in he was sent to, to kill Abuja or to humiliate Abuja, the prophets lie some was sent as a mercy. The prophets lie some was sent with guidance, but those who responded the way that the owner of this Abuja had responded, instead received humiliation because Allah does not send a blessing that is rejected by those whom it is intended for, except that they are increased in in humiliation. Right? And this is something that's very important. It's the power of the Quran as well. The Quran was sent as a cure. The Quran was sent as a guide. The Quran was sent as a means of increasing us in good but for some people, it lost parents I mentioned it increases them in in

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disease increases them in hardship. Why? Because of the

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way that they interact with this divine blessing that a loss of patterns has given to us the greatest blessing, which is the blessing of guidance. And so here with Musa alayhis salam, we have the exact same concept that's being highlighted here. And one of the benefits of that is what the prophets lysozyme says about the Quran itself, that is herget and luck, Oh honey, it is a proof for you or against you, it's a proof for you or against you, that Allah Subhana which Allah has established his his, his goodness towards us, by sending us this, these forms of guidance by sending us profits by sending us messengers by sending us divine messages to turn us back to him. And that

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when a person interacts with it, the way that they interact with it, then the fault is only upon them. And it is important to mention that you know, look at the way that a loss of hundreds or even sent moosari Islam to fit Ireland, a lot knows how for Ireland is going to respond. But that does not take away from Allah subhanho wa Taala telling musante Islam and how Ronan is Salaam that's a go to fit our own and to speak to him out and lay in to speak to him with gentle words so that maybe he will be purified and maybe he'll turn back. And the less than than that is that our methodology can't change because of the anticipated response of other people. Whether a person responds like for

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their own or they respond like Abuja or they respond like like a la live or they respond whoever however they respond right they respond like an Ibis all the time initially, however people will respond is insignificant to the methodology that we should maintain because we have to get back to our original purpose and the response of those enemies should not dictate or change in the original purpose or us leaving that original purpose morsani salaam was sent to guide for their own chose humiliation, Allah subhana wa tada sent this portal and to cure when a person interacts with the Quran in a way that Allah subhana wa tada is not pleased with then a person will be increased

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instead and disease and increased in all sorts of trial and tribulation may loss pans out protect us and they lost some hands out allow us to be amongst those that both deliver that receive guidance properly, that deliver it properly. And that always anchor their purpose in that guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has sent us a lot of email us parents and make us the people of the parents Allah allow us to be taken from darkness to light and to take others from darkness to light as well. May Allah subhana wa tada allow that light from the son of the Prophet slice them to define our methodology and everything that we do along I mean so I'll see you all tomorrow and shot a lot as we

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talked about a lot throughout the allotted time and Zack malo Hayden was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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