Ask Yaqeen – Is Yaqeen Trying to Replace Mosques and Imams

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was looking for

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what it is for everyone from the mother concerned about her high school youth to the high school Islamic school teacher all the way to the college professor. One of the audiences that we aim to serve our the community leaders including Imams and scholars

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yaqeen one wants your massage to thrive as we offer resources that help them and strengthening our communities. Because we believe at the theme that the massage at the mosques are the greatest incubators of faith bar none, that they are the lighthouses of a law where the light of Allah is recognized and can be imbibed. And these massage it in a world that is increasingly being flooded by godlessness, they serve the survival function of the ark of Noah.

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We seek to serve the face of the message that the educator the HMM the community leader, with what would allow him to address issues that are pertinent to the audience's issues that they've been thinking about all week or issues contentions against Islam perhaps, that they are hearing time and time again, and address them in a way that resonates with the modern mind for one. And equally important remains true to our sacred texts, the Revelation the Quran and Sunnah. This way people are not crowded by the thought any longer is Islam relevant. No Islam is not just relevant what Islam is the remedy for every ill of the individual and society. So our aim is to serve our community leaders

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to bring that message to the world.

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And we asked a lot to help them and their noble but daunting task and help us serve them properly.