If Prophet Muhammad (p) told All to Read & Educate themselves, why did he not Learn to Read & Write

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Brother This is a question posed by non Muslim Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him does not know to read and write, but he has strongly supported education in Islam. Why then he did not make any attempt to learn to read and write.

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We asked a very good question that profit or muscle loss alum, the first guidance given the Quran in the heat of Hamas, Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala decra, to read to recite in Surah, chapter nine, verse number one, so when he paid so much importance, it's sad that it's obligated every Muslim man or woman to acquire knowledge. So why was he not literate?

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The answer is given Sudan Caboose chapter number 29 was number 14. Allah says that we have made Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as an illiterate, so that the babblers of entities would not have excuse. No people would have had an excuse that this Quran is written by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala purposely made the last and final messenger illiterate, so that people would not accuse that this book, The Quran has been written by the last and final prophet. But even though he was illiterate, he was very educated. illiterate means he could not read and write but his intelligence was par excellence.

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Education was excellent, illiterate though.

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He was a master Michael chart lamartine all these great scholars and historians the praise problem of Salah Salaam as the best statement in human history, the best leader in human history, Thomas Carlyle, in his book, he wrote the hero worship, he calls him the best leader in human history micayla chart causes the most influential person boy illiterate.

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So that is the Divine Wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Purposely, even the best literate person cannot write this book. But alas, mother says in Quran in Sudan kabu chapter number 29 verse 14, that he made the last and final messenger and enlisted so that the people would not accuse that is the person with the Quran, though it is a point, not even big enough to hang up lie. It is so insignificant yet, Almighty Allah subhanaw taala did not want to give a challenge for the babblers for those critics to point the finger even though it is such an insignificant point that there is a line of Divine Wisdom made the last and final messenger and elated person answer the question.