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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The history of the time period between the fourth and ninth days of the month of Hajj is discussed, including the day of the hedge and the day of the seventh day. The Prophet's actions during the touring of the camp are also discussed, including a Jamara, return to normal, and the use of the hedge to cover the body and animals. The touring of the camp is designed to increase the number of people who can stay, and to increase the number of people who can leave. The importance of full-time members of the Church for guidance and support is also emphasized.
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So let me just limit my bed so last night we talked about handwritten abyssal Alana wasallam you said that the prophets of Allah said I'm arrived in Makkah arrived in Makkah on an what day of the hijama

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remember what was the date

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What did he arrive? Salah salah. Wow

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Okay, pronounce it don't be scared. The fourth of the hedger Alright, hi Robin the fourth of the hedger, and as a result the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he introduced to the Ummah, at that time, a new format of doing Hajj, we call it as Hydra diameter, which means you can do your camera and then take off your firearm, and then until the end of the end of the hedgehog and install your hedgehog and this is called a matter there are two kinds of hedge as well too. What are they called? Because remember them Quran and Quran is especially when you bring your head it means your sacrificer animal with you. And the third one,

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the most common one which is which is a fraud, fraud, which means make it singular hedge. That's it. And that's usually performed but performed if someone comes very close to the aid of the ledger, or actually on the edge of the ledger, or the ninth of the ledger, so there is no time for them to do an AMA and then go to Hajj again. So let's start right away. Which brings us right now to what are the days of Hajj. So Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, Al Hajj, what Corolla Yemen. He says Matthew that

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Allah Subhan Allah says that remember Allah azza wa jal and these numbered days, he mentioned very few number days. He says call for Manta Gela. For your mind if Allah is Malik, Amantha Corolla management taka, whoever wants to rush me do it in two days, we'll be okay. Those who would like to add an extra day will be three days should be fine, making the total of the days of Hajj between five days to six days. How do we calculate these days, the first day, the first official day of Hajj is the eighth of the hijab, which is for us here. Starting with Gemma tomorrow. Tomorrow, the head of the hijab, for the hijab is there. They're almost starting right now. So this will be the

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official This is the hedges called the days of hedges called Yamo Teruya. The reason why it was called Yamato it means the day when you quench your thirst. Because Arafa was a what used to be a very empty field. Nothing is there. So the Hedgehog, they spent their day in Mina on that day, filling all their skin bags and containers or whatever, that they need to supply themselves for that journey. So they do that on that day. And also they give water to their animals so they are completely full. And then they travel the next day.

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So that's why it's called yo materia. What are her judges do in Yamato? Those are staying in the hotels or staying in there of the main campus camps. What they do, they just they put their hands on. And then they make the near Lubbock Allahu muhajir. Allah, I do intention for Hajj. And then they started going to Mina in which they are required to spend the day over there and the night as well. Is it mandatory? No. If this keep it that had you're still valid, but definitely it's better to be there on that eighth day. So they pray to her answer, Maghreb, Russia and Fajr next day, the Salawat are performed on time but short, though to us or to mother of three or two and Fajr says to

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so they pray, and what are they doing on that day vicar.

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They could have Allah dua do the all the hydro they can do. Are they allowed to go to Makkah to go and and make the off and go and do know they're supposed to stay in and that's the best Ribera they do on that day is to stay in minute like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did. The following day, the ninth day, that's the second day of the of Hajj. It's, it's what we know as Yama Arafah. And that's when the major day of hajj when the Prophet SAW Selim ordered the whole camp to move from Mina all the way to stay in Arafa. And then an hour for the prophets, Allah Salam used to wait until the sun moves out of the center of the sky. He would he would do his hotbar and he would pray Dora Nasser,

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Gemma and Casa so the president of NASA together to rock Contura and then he moves into the field of Arafah. spending the entire day over there doing a better and Deaconess the far until

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the sunset. So once the sunset that's when they marched out on the way to Mina they stopped in was deliver at night. They pray a Shah they pray Maghrib and Isha combined, and Asha is also short. And then the Sunnah on the nighttime was deliver is to get some rest. Obviously, if you can,

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those who've been to Hajj they realize that if you can't sleep unless you're completely fatigued, you don't sleep because you're actually Yanni you're resting. Now you sleep because you're exhausted. That's it for until this day until Fajr Fajr becomes right now

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Yamuna, which is the 10th day of the hijab, and that's the eighth day. So they prefer it, and they move towards most tours Minar and they're what they need to do on that day Yamanaka, they have specific duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala for them four major ones. Number one, they do a Jamara. To Cobra, the major genre where they throw the stones or the pebbles, they do throw up and say, got awfully father, they sacrifice their animal, and they shave or they cut their hair. Then once they do that, they become quite as they removed their firearm. And now they go back against civilian, but they still have specific duties of this duty is to return back again at night to Mina. They returned

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back at Mina to spend two nights or three nights and that's what makes the next two days or three days of the Hajj. Allah, the Prophet says I'm currently I'm a tertiary, I am a tertiary. So they what do they do on those on those days, the 11th 12. And then those who would like to leave early.

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They leave actually, right after they do the gym or on the third on the 12. And they leave before the sunset. Those who would like to add an extra day they spend an extra night, and they leave on the 13th after the death of Jamara after the war, and that said that hajj will be done for them all. Now what do they do on these three days or two days, they're supposed to spend the night on Arafa and Mina, the camps of Mina. And during the day, it used to be actually limited from Lahore time until sunset. But because of the number of people of course, the dangerous situation if you limit to that kind of timeframe. So they now expanded the gym right from the beginning of the day until the

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end of the day. Eventually, the hijackers are required to do seven Jamara seven people's per station. And there are three stages, the minor one, the middle one, and then the major one. With each one of them, they say Allahu Akbar, it's more of like submission, and more of like a spiritual moment. And they unload all their burden for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then when they're done with these days, they go to Mecca, they spend as many days as they want, and it's required from them before they leave, they do too often Lodha the firewall off, and then head straight out of the city or wherever they go, whether it's Medina, the airport anywhere else. So

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these are the days of hedge hedge as they do. Now a good question because they asked people ask, what's the why they called I Am a tertiary. So the word tertiary comes from the word sharp, which means east and also a specific procedure that the people used to practice with the sacrificer animal. Basically, when they cut these animals, obviously back then didn't have freezers and fridges like we have today, if you let the meat out for too long is gonna go bad. And when you have 1000s of people sacrificing 1000s of animals, there will be of course too much too much meat. So what are you going to do with that mean? So what they do, they cut it into slices, those are the cuts, the cuts

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are in the meat, the cold tissue.

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So and then what they do they go of course they throw salt on it, and then they hang it facing the sun facing the east a shark

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and that's what they call tertiary why that What's the procedure is for basically making this meat meat meat jerky,

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so becomes dry, and it wouldn't go bad. And they can carry it with them after the Hajj is over on the journey to take it back home as well too. That's what's called the Yamato Sharif actually. And until this day, there are some people will do that. Remember last time being there. I remember seeing people in Mina. It's not hygienic glue, just to let you know. But unfortunately, they do that outside of the tent. They had the racks and they just kind of hang in the meat slices. There's how I was like, Wow, are you serious, but it is what it is. Some people just still practice that I don't know if they ban it.

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But that's what the shriek is actually is for. And the purpose of amo tertiary was for people to worship Allah subhana wa Taala and also network, because that's the whole purpose of Hajj is bringing in people from around the world. So they get to know each other as Allah subhanaw taala says

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later on, so that you might get to know each other. And hamdulillah it's a great opportunity for an AMA to meet individuals, family members, people from around the globe. Subhanallah get to know about other people's cultures, concerns issues. What an unbelievable experience for those who go to Hajj May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to go to Hajj sooner and Bananaman and when ALLAH ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala to predict the future of anatomy, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make their plans easy for them and make their Hajj easier. Bill Alameen we ask ALLAH SubhanA to protect them and their household and families are the element. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant him

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hygiene Maduro was so much good and we ask Allah subhana wa to bring them back home safely for given all their sins, your blind I mean, all of us to share with them throughout the Allah Allah annum sonamarg rahmatullah wa

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