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A speaker discusses a narration from the same time that a Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They describe the message as being delivered through an accelerator and as a result of following certain steps, including being contented with what is given to them and being nice to neighbors. The speaker also warns against laughing too much and advises against trying to be perfect by others.

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There is a beautiful narration mentioned in pygmy the, by Abu Huraira the Allahu taala. And who thereupon one occasion Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that is this someone amongst you who's going to take the words that I'm about to give, and then put them into practice, and then convey it to others so that they can put it into practice. So 100, Abu Huraira, the Allahu taala, who said, they don't prophet of Allah, I will do it. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him held the hand of Abu Huraira, the Allahu Taala and who, and then say to him the following five things, the first thing that Oh, Abu Huraira if you stay away from forbidden acts, if you stay away

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from sins, then you are the best servant of the Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. The second thing, if you are contented, and happy with what the Almighty has given you, then you are the richest of people. The third thing, be nice to your neighbors, and you will become a perfect believer, the fourth thing, wish for others what you wish for yourself, and you will become a perfect Muslim. And the fifth thing, don't laugh a lot. Why? Because laughing a lot kills the heart. So this is the message that has been conveyed to us by Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through Abu Huraira are the Allahu Taala and who in order to put them into practice? I have conveyed this

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message to you. You can convey it to others just like Allah Azza