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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in the afterlife is discussed, including the need for more information and not being discouraged by news. The speakers provide examples of achieving goals in the afterlife, including working hard and finding their way to a destination. The segment concludes with a recap of the spiritual cycle and promise of not mentioning any specific names or events. The importance of acknowledging and rewarding actions of others is emphasized, as it is crucial to avoid confusion and mistakes. The speakers also touch on the concept of a "hasn't been seen, yet seen" moment, where everyone will face a loss of their way to their desired destination, and the importance of morality and not being afraid of others' actions.
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I found the board saying for myself

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when I saw the unforeseen I want to tell you how it

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made me laugh along the way there are many of them. Heidi and I want to show you a long practice

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question when we have within our workforce so yeah we only have a couple of law what was the body what it took to see Woman Yeah you had a couple of war

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proposal we have co working on what's going on because oh god what does that mean we're cutting it off what is what's up law hasn't really has the will of ham in the law has had it come from pizza. Yeah, you have such a law. Our lawyers call me servita your sister come out while you're fiddling with the law but what made you usury law was so that was about 1000 1000 Albinus and allowed us to have a watch what after the heavy heavy Mohammed bin Salman while while he was Saddam was shot only after that. On

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in Valhalla.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala registers and sources are on what type of we'll be removing the elderly

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lady I'm gonna show you our own, what I am the morning and of course, you can download Walla Walla and make a note on our hire was sure, but they have taken besides Him, the size Allah, Gods wish create nothing. While they themselves those titles are creative. And they those titles possess not for themselves any harm or benefits and possess not the power to cause death, nor life, nor resurrection.

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Allah uses they, as an expression of blame. In this verse, He doesn't even bother to say the name of their tribe, or their nation, no matter how important they think they are. Why is the law blaming them because they worship something that doesn't create that doesn't possess or own or control any harm or benefits, not for themselves, let alone for others. Something that doesn't possess or own or control death, or life or resurrection.

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This idolatry is a clear violation of the criteria that a loss of time without it gave us the criteria for divinity. We discussed last week, we mentioned how the last kind of advisor says that any true God must have complete dominion over creation must be everlasting and self sufficient must have exclusive control and authority and must create in a magnificent and precise way. Anything that does not meet all these criteria is no God at all, is not divine, and hence not worthy of worship, no matter how respected that thing is, culturally or historically.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala specifically mentioned to us through the folly of worshipping anything that camps bring about the resurrection.

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belief in the resurrection is a core aspect of every Muslim speak, as Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the beginning of source Allah, when he's defining the pious and look to be Who are they one another up on Alina 0810. poverty of the passivity up No. Those who believe in what has been revealed to you know prophets and what has been revealed before you and have certain faith in the hereafter. Buddha the Buddha didn't have them while the other one hopefully,

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it is day one truly successful, truly diluted by their award and to disable be successful.

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On the other hand, denying the resurrection is

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denying faith itself. As the last time I was honest, says it's always been some owner Zamunda even uncomfortable and like you wouldn't want me that's fine as a matter of medicine and government.

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Whatever the current law is, see,

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the deniers of faith claim that they will not be resurrected, saved, the man will probably yes, by my lord, you will surely be resurrected, then you will certainly be informed of what you have done. And that was something easy for the law.

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Finally, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam establishes belief in the resurrection as a fundamental pillar of faith in one of the wordings of the hadith of Gibreel, when he was asked What is faith for our client and the matter and token of the love and after the work was to be used three, what he thought is what took me to believe that it is about faith.

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Faith is believing in our law, and his angels and his books and his messengers, and in meeting him, and believing in the final resurrection.

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Before the mission of the Prophet Mohammed it salatu salam. The details of this belief in the resurrection and afterlife were often vague and not explain the folly and as he mentioned in his possible commentary about the the Alia, he says that we must want to have the most information about what happens after death, more than was revealed to me profits before Mohamed is sold out to us.

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If you look at popular depictions of the afterlife on television and in movies, we see the side effects of not having a loss of information about the afterlife. If you were to believing the popular culture, everyone who died is sitting up on the cloud somewhere smiling down WABC.

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And while this notion is appealing, and we don't want to discourage people from hoping the best from Allah subhanho wa taala. We don't want to rain on anyone's parade or burst anyone's bubble as the same goes. The fact that we have more information about what happens to a human being after they die, means that we also have more responsibilities and know what the Revelation tells us about the afterlife. Some people who have never heard of this, Sam would go to great lengths to know what we know about life after death. So it's up to us to not just sit on this pile of gold we have which is the last revelation, what to put into use and educate ourselves and others about life after death.

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Life after Death starts when the angel comes to collect the soul from the body.

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The next step after that is life integrate with the soul in most cases is returned to the to that body

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follows from the lungs to the body.

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In a moment, oh, and as the athlete after, they've never been more than available a supplement, while again doing both Babu Hashem will be certainly the graves of personalization of the afterlife. So if a person succeeds there, and what comes after it's much easier. And if he doesn't succeed there, what comes after is much harder.

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We have a long authentic hadith that describes these two first stages of a soul leaving the body and then being returned to its integrate. This hadith was recorded by humans and other animals from the captain penny that the law is an Isaac who said that one day we were praying, a funeral prayer Janessa in the cemetery of Nina with a prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam comes, came and sat with us.

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All companions crowded around the profit on a selective set up, and they were so focused and still and attentive, that Allah said it was it was as if each of them had birds that were perched atop their heads.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, I remember them in public.

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I seek refuge in a loft in the possession of a grave who said this three times.

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That he said, certainly the believer where he is at the end of this worldly life and about the crossover into the afterlife, The angels descend upon him, their faces right as the sun and with them as a shroud taken from parentless. They will sit far away on the horizon just as far as he can see

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You're waiting, as the Angel of Death comes in here, and sits by his head, the Angel of Death forsaken him at a from enough supply given, oh pure soul coming out to the Mercy of Allah and His pleasure. So the soul of the believer will come out of the body just as easily as pouring water out of the glass. And the angel will take the soul is shrouded in the shroud from paradise. And it will smell like the finest scents that can be found on Earth. Together, they will ascend through the heavens, the angel and the soul passing angels along the way, every age when they pass a call out, who is his pure soul, and the others will respond to them announcing their name, using the best

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names and titles, they were called by in the studio. There's the Pious One, the righteous, the wonderful helps his brother, the one who was trustworthy, the one who maintained family relationships, until they reached the uppermost limit of the seven habits Allah will save the candles, record this book in any game, and return him to Earth. For certainly I have created him from Earth, and in the earth, I will in turn him and from the earth, I will bring him Apple Store.

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So his soul will be returned to his body, and two more angels will come to him sitting here and then these are gonna come into here and they will say who is your router?

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He will reply my orders Allah.

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Then they will say, what is your path? What is your team? He will reply, my name is Sam. Then he will say, Who was that man that was sent among you?

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He will reply, he is the messenger of Allah.

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Then they will ask him how do you know?

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He will reply because I read the book of Allah.

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So I believe, and I have heard this.

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Then announcer for reaching out to the sky, saying, My service has told the truth. So spread out for him in his grave bedding from Paris, and open for him on the doors of paradise, meaning that he will see from his grave, his spot in paradise through a window

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to his grave will be sweet smelling and soothing, and there will be a spacious at the expense of insufficient as far as he can see.

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And the man will visit him in his grave and this man will have a very handsome face. He will be wearing very nice clean clothes and smelling very pleasant. The person who is deceased, he will say who are you? You look like someone who wants good for me.

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The deceased will ask.

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The man will reply to him. If your good deeds and the deceased will pray, Oh Allah, they'll help me all my Sustainer establish the hour so that I can return to my family and my wealth.

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The problem suddenly continues. He said as she's the one who denounced as sort of one of the reject safe.

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The promises by someone he said certainly the denial he is at the end of his worldly life about to cross over into the afterlife. The angels descend upon him their faces dark and forbidding. With them as a rough sack. They will sit far on the horizon just as far away as he can see, waiting, as the Angel of Death comes in here and sits by his head. The you don't don't feel safe. As an investor in the hobby.

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Oh, you feel the soul come out to the anger of the law and his wrath.

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So the soul attempts to hide down inside of the body, causing the angels to rip the soul out by force. An angel will take the soul and toss it into the rough sack and it will emit a foul stench, the phallus that can be found on birth. Together they want to send it to the heavens passing in goes a long way. Every Angel they pass will turn away and discuss saying who is this house sold, and others will respond to them announcing their name and mentioning the worst names and titles that they were called by everything. That's the liar. That's the outer is that stolen? Who holds grudges? That's the BackFire number. Let's see her

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until they reach a limit of the nearest tenant. They will ask permission to pass through it and will be denied for them.

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At this point in the process of along they said I was telling a story he recited this time last

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he will never know he suddenly

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surely knows

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We receive our revelations with denial of arrogance, the gates of heaven will not be open for them, nor will lead us to paradise until a camel can pass through the eye of a needle. This is how we record the week.

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So last time we thought it was safe to record his book, it's a gene in the depths of Earth, that has sold the throne that the Earth men returned to his body.

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So his soul will be returned to his body and to more angels will contact him sitting near him. They will say, Who is your Lord? Who is your Robin? He can only serve to say, I don't know.

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They will say what is your path? What is your team? He will say? I don't know.

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They will ask Who was the man that was central among you? And he similarly will reply. I don't know.

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An announcement will ring out of heaven saying he lies spread out for him in his brain bending from the hellfire and open for him a North Idaho. Meaning that in his grave, He will see his own stock intelligent elation through a window.

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So his grave will be hot like a fire filled with choking smoke. So constricted and tight, that will actually crushed his ribs together.

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And a man will visit him in his grave and this man will have a hideous face. He will be wearing filthy clothes that will emit a flower holder, the deceased will say, who are you? Horrified, you will play someone who wants to do harms. To which the man will reply, I am about leaves and the deceased will prey on all my Sustainer Delta establish the out

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that we have something a lot of you work on Saturday,

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or Sunday or we have a lot of fun.

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hamdu Lillahi

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wa shudder who are so picky. He wants to know what's shown. You know, there was a lot of lack of production he

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was showing, he was saying that there are people who are suitable for whatever you want. So the bottom line is that you're starving to death was suddenly able to see the Cathedral.

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The hour will not come and people's souls will remain in every place until all the science and prophecies of the hour have been fulfilled.

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When it comes to the science of the last hour of the day of judgment. There are two types, major signs and minor signs. The major signs are signs that will happen in quick succession, one after the other, the very end of the world. None of these signs has happened yet. They include a smoke, the job of a great receiver that we see the rising of the sun from the West, the descendants of Isa Jesus Christ, and the appearance of you did not do.

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The minus signs. On the other hand, they have with with long periods of time in between. Some of these signs have already occurred. These include the calming and depth the Prophet Mohammed already saw. The conquest of faith accompanies outside the conflict, the Byzantine Empire the conquest of Istanbul, some of the minor signs have not happened yet, such as well being so widespread, that people who wants to give charity would have to travel miles miles before finding a single port person.

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But when all of the science comes to pass, after we have the dead, decompose it into durch. Allah will bring back together all the particles of our bodies starting from the tailbone as a process on the surface. And I've said in an authentic hadith to his body. When we are brought out of our graves, we will be naked, and everything around us will be in chaos, the earth, the sky, everything will be different people will be running everywhere. Let's go But baseball gather around the conference and ask for their intercession. They will go from one project to the next and so finally so what happened I saw the seal on the carpets who will intercede for all creation, the beginning of

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the record.

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During the reckoning, every individual will stand alone before last time it was time to receive and review their book the teams that we're calling that are in the profit center is shown. It's also a long way to sell and no one will be taken to account on the day of resurrection except that he is destroyed.

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I actually was surprised by this and she responded saying

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The old messenger of Allah has hidden the law saying that was the taboo DNA for Sophia has to be said that you see. So the Prophet said, that is only now, no one will be interrogated now on the Day of Resurrection except that you will be punished. So as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam indicated in this hadith, there will be different types of recognition, depending on your sincerity, depending on how strong your faith was in this world, depending on your deeds,

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the one who was arrogance, the one who denied will be confronted with hostility. Each and every slip up, large or small, will be mentioned and reviewed until the person admits and humiliation, their sin and wickedness

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if such a person tries to stay silence, even his linguist will testify against the hand will say hi to Tom, the eyes will say I thought that Tom just gonna go say hi, Tom. Even the Earth itself will call out the exact spots where sin and transgressions were committed.

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This is where he gossips. This is where he cursed.

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But as for the one who was serious, the one who tried their best, they will be terrified about revenue, they will be afraid to come in from the landlord, they will turn over in their mind all of the mistakes that they made, waiting in suspense to be helpful accounts, only to find you know, he has shown his book that some of the sins that he knew he did, aren't even written them.

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Some of them a lot of other reasons. Look.

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I'm not going to mention

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because the last cert and what's the synonym see, and

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then the scale that we brought forth, and each person will be weighing themselves and their books in the thick of it.

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The scales are calibrated not according to pounds or kilograms like our scales in this life. But according to the laws of spiritual laws of sincerity and blushing and reward. All have the earth particularly you've heard about prayer being 20 to 27 times veteran congregation, that each deed will be multiplied by 10. They will all be a parents for everyone to see on that day. As the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said and I have recorded the recording, a large heavy men will come up with their judgments, and he won't even weigh as much as the winning of the industry.

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That's supposed to be equal. To the contrary. One time I felt like he was sitting on cheaper in that room, his legs from the branch off the let's assume he was very, very skinny person that his legs were actually uncommonly thin. So the wind blew, and that caused his legs to move. And some of the companions they thought this was funny, they got laughing the Prophet Soyuz said, I saw you're following through on my soul, those celebs will be happier than that. On the day.

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After the record, everyone will separate the nations according to what they used to worship and movies to follow. So the followers of the different prophets will gather in nations and those who worship idols will gather together and so on. Those worship false gods will follow us while scouting talent. And those Apollo's true prophets of Allah will follow them towards Paris, after our mission is to ascribe themselves to the OMA Mohammed Ali so that we will follow him to a place called at home, the basis upon the enormous body of poor drinking water that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, was the size of the distance between Yemen and Syria. It has as many cups to drink from as

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there are stars in the sky. The water that flows into the hole comes from other but the rivers paradise themselves. This is the meaning of a Kalfa in my Nana can tell from

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the smallest chapter in the Quran. The Prophet Elisa have said that every prophet will have their own hold their own body of water, like the one for the Muslims will be the latest and the best of

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the Prophet it

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will be there to greet us and to welcome us. It will be a heartfelt reunion and we will save the Prophet alleys of the Sudan. You don't know all that happened after you left?

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And none of the narration we will say you don't have all that they changed of your religion after the lights.

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There you're three

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam and whoever threw some water will never have tasted thirst again.

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We are getting ready for our final test to sit off the bridge. At the end of this rain or peace, the gates of paradise and below was the hellfire. But this isn't any normal bridge is as thin as the hair as sharp as a sword. It is a slippery as risk and there are hooks that catch people trying to get across it and drive them off into the hellfire.

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If that works bad enough, after reaching the bridge, everything will become a pitch black.

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The lights will go out. A lot will give each individual a lights to use across the bridge, and the lights will be the size of that person's needs. Some people will have lights the size of the house, owners will have to wait for the size of the tree younger than the size of the book, others just the size of a pencil, sometimes flickering on and off.

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Crossing the bridge will be similar there will be some people who crossed the bridge so easily it's as if they are flying. others as if they arrive a horse. Others will run across the bridge on his own when we walk. And those were the weakest faithful crawl on hands and knees slowly inching their way across

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in the middle of a race to hypocrites. Those who said they were muslims Why didn't realize you will lie, they will have their place turned out they will be left in complete darkness until the hooks come and drag them into the hellfire.

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After successfully crossing the bridge, the true believers have one last stop by placed on top of the law. This is a place where every rung will be rising between the believers, every deputy paid if you wronged your brother, they need to send a harsh word to him. Maybe you made him feel left out. Maybe you took something from their wealth. This is where all final accounts are settled. And the currency is your level of paradise. The more you owe the lower level in Paradise and the more you are owed, the higher you will be raised. This is so that everybody who enters Gemini into the clean hearts, without any grudges without any bad feelings or ill will because at this point there's

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nothing left between us and Paradise except a closed case. The Prophet Allah use lots of subtle approaches case and ask for it to be opened the door will say who are you and the Prophet on a surface level say, well, Hannah, the guard replied, I have been ordered to open the gate for non before you

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then the believers will be called to enter certain gates according to the types of worship that they sell them. Whether it was the prayer or fasting or charity, as they pass through the gate, the angels will wish wish them peace, as Allah says so so.

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So that might differ from those who have quality.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:59

It's keepers will say Peace be upon who have done well. So come in and say for Adam, this is just a summary. This is just a small sample of all the revelation that we have, as Muslims related to our faith and our belief that life after death, we as Muslims, we believe not only in the context of what was revealed, we also believe that believing in the resurrection and everything that goes along with it is essential to a person's morality in this life. While we would like to believe that the inhabitants on the same planet Earth, or residents of a safe community would be enough for people to treat each other fairly. And just the experience and observation have told us that that is not true.

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And morality that is based in a temporary identity that is grounded in this world, the light, as long as you think this light is all that you have.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:51

Such a person will never have what it takes to stand up for what's right, when it goes against their own self interest. The only true, sustainable lasting morality is the morality that is rooted in eternal consequences and everlasting results. And this is the thief that Allah has caused us to focus on the listening and then we can focus upon a small animal over the years and do something with it. Yeah, really hands on Sunday was certainly interesting. On Sunday, I wonder why that anyone with him so late. Tom Waits for him on a night when he isn't like I have no idea what will happen while

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I'm waiting for him in the lead. Although hotel Wi Fi will tell them washing alone

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sweat the ball

00:30:02 --> 00:30:04

has come up on me a lot from I

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was just going to tear down whatever

00:30:09 --> 00:30:14

was going to sit out on the guard a lot and a lot will be a Hollywood accent but

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what about well young

00:30:17 --> 00:30:25

people don't care what body the eyes are from can select your own as possible why football will be necessary.

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