Ali Dawah Gets Shopping So Wrong

Lauren Booth


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No more sadness for iamb and cleanse no more animosity finally the chaos make sense so Monica and Peace be upon you Thanks Ali for coughing in the background He's meant a lot meant to be in my living room anyway right Peace be upon us sister Lauren booth here tired way has started this is episode one tire by the way means the pure way and we are all about making simple changes to our lives that are in line with Islamic teachings and of course have a positive effect on our environment way of life and our care for nature. Brother Ali today is going to be put through his paces that's why he's in shock because we are going on this journey together you and me real change

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is real honesty. So come and have a look at the working environment see what you think. Let's have a look at our basic hygiene of our eating area. Okay, first of all I want to point out that Ali brother actually

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wants to talk talk me through this this this beautiful array here when we use these we're right we use them once and they throw them away they can be used five or six times on what even these can be washed yes sir but don't but don't buy single use so so what is the commitment today? So we've got a couple of minutes I think and we'll get to Fair Trade another time let's just talk about plastics it's I think this should be the last time in salon we use these shall we get proper spoons okay and we will wash them and then

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they don't wash them Alia you nominating yourself to wash them?

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Possibly yes

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yeah, inshallah I will I promise the Prophet peace be upon him said that cleanliness is half of the yes half of Deen. Now we know that the application of that you know is to do with with who is to do with personal cleansing and cleanliness. But we extend that out into how we keep all of our environments and a Muslim place should be the cleanest place so right here right now you're watching salon make differences both that's that's really insisted on next year we will start all of this Oh really? I believe from next year anyways but this is six months now. You know I feel like twisting your ear we're going to start this right now by doing some shopping come on like right now not yet.

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Not tomorrow right now off you go

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that staying in

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founded a while

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people this maker

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was on

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right now

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Okay, so it's organic, but is it fair trade?

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You lucky old thing that

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was organic.

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And also fair trade. So everybody's happy. Isn't that we're gonna go Tetley instead of the other brands that we've been using is because they've got a fair trade certificate. And what that means is that the people working, picking the tea are supposed to get fair money for their work, they're not being exploited and we can't guarantee that with other brands. So what do you think Do we care about suppose we do

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no matter how it tastes, to this tastes to go to the to the mouth controller? Okay, perfect

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is that when you usually like

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ah, so why did you pick it up but thinking, the packaging Yeah, it looks nice. But also something caught my attention. Okay. So this is again, Fairtrade certificate. That's what you're going to be looking at

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When you're making your ethical shopping choices, again, it means that the people who are dealing and all levels with the with the coffee are getting a fair pay.

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I think it's my lack of interest in environmental affairs I've seen at mosques, certainly in the UK, maybe it's the same way you are. It's starting to improve a little bit. There are conferences coming up about greener way of life and discussing the issues in line and in light of the Holy Qur'an. But we are way, way behind. And what I'm watching is our Muslim use, becoming disaffected with Islam as a way of life. Because other groups are making better arguments about the environment, they're actually doing things. And Islam is a way of life. We keep saying that. But are we actually living that? Are we exemplifying that showing that to our children in our homes? No wonder they applaud

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Greta Sundberg, we should too. No wonder they might join extinction rebellion. We can question those motives, but their activities, they come from a sincere place. That's what I believe. I believe that they come from a sincere place. And we, as a Muslim Ummah right now appear to be offering nothing and this isn't, this isn't right. So waste is wasteful, we know that right? But how am I going to get rid of my rubbish you're going to be asking? Well think of it like this. It's a sunny day, you're in the garden with some of the children of your family. And there's a there's a new flower in the corner of the garden, and it's just sprung up and you're calling one of your grandkids a

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children over look at that, isn't it gorgeous? And then your next door neighbor leans right over the fence, looks right at you, and dumps all of his weeks waste straight onto that flower. And you look, you look at him, like what are you doing? Are you crazy? And he looks back and says Now what are you going to do? I can't keep it in my house. I've got to get rid of it. So I'm dumping it just out of sight. And I don't care what happens with it next. That is what we're doing with our non recyclable waste.

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Then the government where you live doesn't have a magic wand to say abracadabra vanish? No, they just dump it somewhere else. It's called a landfill. Landfills are huge areas of toxic us growing second by second dumper truck by dumper truck as our plastic goes there. Oh yeah, here's the graphic as well about how long it takes. For things to break down, take a look at this.

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An apple call takes two months to decompose. I quite like putting Apple calls outside myself, I put them in hedges, I'm a bit of a bit of a.

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Okay, maybe this is a bit weird, a bit of a fruit peel kind of freak, I just kind of tuck them away so they can decompose in the earth rather than worrying about somebody else taking them. That's something I do I don't have a garden at the moment. So I kind of make sure that they go outside especially if I'm eating an apple outside that I didn't chuck it in a bit and I go that will go in the hedge two months it will be mulching the earth and it'll it'll enriching the soil in Charlotte, cardboard two months to break down kind of doable by nature, you know, depending on how much is being dumped, right? But then there's a huge, huge crazy jump. And this is incredible.

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tin cans, how long do you think they take to break down 50 years. So if we look in our carpets right now, and we're saying Oh, like care about the beautiful environment you've given us, I know this can and these tin cans are going to take 50 years each to break down doesn't matter someone else is going to dump them or burn them or pulp them look they can't be pumped crushed them. Maybe there'll be small and they know every household just in your area think about it. Right so that's tin cans 50 years and then there's this really scary jump plastic bottles take 450 years to break down I couldn't believe it when I read that felt like

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really uncomfortable with that really unhappy

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to just reuse whatever we can Yeah.

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Dispose disposable baby nappies, I've had two children both use disposables 450 years for each nappy to break down that's disgusting for every child in the in the modern world, you know in the modern world, and I won't even say in the western context because they're just everywhere. So make the switch as you can and start this week follow tideway II

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Huh. shirt you wore while you're on that whole shirt. One Knopfler was zonealarm daddy fan oh cool who was a tune our warm man mo Tasha been. Oh boy. You're on water Shelby Kulu

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mid either.

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Small to help poor who well my house Lordy 1234

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you're mostly Leafy.