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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the Names of Allah – At-Tawwab and Qabil At-Tawb.

The name At Tawwab has been mentioned 11 times in the Qur’an and it is paired the most times with Ar Raheem.

Tawbah is obligatory upon us and should be adopted mandatorily. Allah  does not place a barrier on our Tawbah and hence, sincere repentance is the key to absolve us of our sins and misdeeds.

What does the Name At Tawwab entail?

  • The One who blessed us with the concept of Tawbah or coming back to Allah. It is the best blessing that we have been gifted with.
  • The One who blesses with coming back to him.
  • Allah accepts our Tawbah and forgives us.
  • Allah will continually forgive us. A genuine Tawbah forgives all.
  • Tawbah brings us back to where we should be.
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Ali he was a big marine amudha we are continuing in our discussion of the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. And today we will discuss two names that are related to one another, a web and arbella job at a web and COVID job. And the both of them have similar and overlapping meanings. The name of a lot of web occurs in the hurun 11 times that it occurs in the Koran 11 times and it typically occurs in the proper noun form, and that is why the name of Allah is one of the 99 names by unanimous consensus. As for the name copula, it is one of the names but not one of the 99 so it is one of the

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names of a law called the lotto, but it is not one of the 99 Names of Allah subhana wa Taala and the name of Allah. A web has many meanings to it. The verb taba actually means to come back to where it began taba to return. This is the original meaning of taba taba is to return back in the concept of Islam. Of course Toba means to turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Toba means that you go back to your original state, and that is your relationship with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And we'll come back to this meaning in a while now let's discuss a little bit about the verses in the Quran. And the pairing of the name to web. The name to web, as we said occurs 11 times almost all of the times it

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occurs paired with our Rahim to wildbird Rahim This is the most common combination. And to Robert Rahim Of course it makes sense, because Allah is merciful. He will accept your Toba because Allah is Rahim He is the one who grants you Toba and then accepts it. Sometimes it occurs by itself. And as we know this is very rare. The names of a lot typically occur in pairs, very rarely do the name stand on their own and utter wahb is one of the names that occurs by itself. And once or twice, it occurs with two web and Hakeem that Allah is the Robin Hakeem to web and Hakeem and Hakeem, we will come to inshallah in a few days, and we'll just summarize hikkim here means the one full of wisdom

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and the one full of power. So Allah has a wisdom that we don't understand. You see a very common question by non Muslims, by where Why is there evil? Why is their sins being committed? Why are there murderers and whatnot? And Allah azza wa jal explains to us in the Quran, that there are things beyond our comprehension? Why is there evil? Perhaps we don't fully understand, even though I have given other lectures about discussing this in more Islamic detail, but one of the reasons we need to mention to our broader non Muslim audience that look, our mind can only comprehend so much and there are wisdoms that will be beyond what we understand. So the concept of Toba has been linked

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with a laws wisdom. We are not perfect in this world. Nobody is perfect. No human being is perfect. And Allah has a hikma even the angels did not understand, Oh Allah, why would you create the creation? That's sinful? Why would you do that? We are not sinful. The angel said, we never kill we never murder we never wait great, we never loot. Why would you create a creation that will be killing and fighting and whatnot? And Allah said, I know what you don't know I have wisdom you don't have. So one of one of the interesting combinations to web is linked with Hakeem, in order to make us understand look, you might not understand why there is evil, why their sins, but there is a way

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out from those sins, and that way out is Toba. The way out of those sins is Toba, and that is why Toba is not an option. It is wajib it is mandatory. Allah says in the Quran, what Yeah, you already know Amen. Oh, you who believe tubu you know la he told it and na sua it's a command. Or you who believe practice Toba? Come back to Allah a sincere Toba and Allah tells us in the Quran,

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una de la jolla sofiero. Now, why don't they perform Toba? Why don't they ask us forgiveness for Allah His love for and Rahim so Allah azza wa jal links his Toba with his work with links the concept of Toba with his mercy, and he encourages all of mankind to perform Toba and he does not place any barriers or restrictions on Toba and Allah speaks to the pagans and he speaks to the hypocrites

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He speaks to the worst of mankind. And he says for India to go Jaco hieronder home, if they repent, it will be for their own good. And Allah tells us he wants us to perform Toba. You read a lot Who do you but you know, Allah wants to make things clear to you what your idea comes sooner than in a public way or to buy it alikum Allah wants to accept your repentance. So I tell what the meaning of a terroir number one, the one who blessed us with the concept of Toba because the concept of Toba is the one of the best blessings of Islam. How do we make up for our sinful nature, we are all sinful. If Allah had willed, He could have placed upon us the burdens of the children of Israel. If Allah

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had willed he could have made our Shetty are much more difficult. If Allah had willed, every sin would have had a physical cafaro you have to pay this much money you have to do this. But Allah has made all sins absorbed without exception, all sins absorbed by the act of tober. And this is a mercy from Allah. It is one of the best blessings of our religion, that all we need to do to be absolved from our sins is perfect. Our Toba and Toba does not require our time or our money. It is an internal state of the heart. Toba is something that exists primarily in the heart. And when we perfected our sins, no matter how great they are, we'll be forgiven. So Allah is that to lab and to

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lab here means number one, we said he blessed us with the concept of doba the concept of coming back to Allah the concept of having your sins forgiven. This is not necessarily known by your intellect, it is a blessing from Allah to the religion of Islam to us Muslims. Number two, what is the one who blesses us with the blessing of coming back to him? We all believe in Qatar, and we believe Nothing happens without Allah. So a word is the one who blesses us to come back to him. Then number three, after he's blessed us to come back to him. He accepts that blessing. And we talked about this yesterday, as well as the one that he blesses and then he praises for that blessing. So Allah

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blesses us to come back, and then he accepts our Toba and he forgives us. And then number four at the root of the word file, the way that it occurs, means Allah will continually do this. To worship, Allah will always forgive. No matter how many sins you have committed. A lot does not count the one who is truly performing Toba, he shall be forgiven, because to rob the one who repetitively forgives over and over and over again. There is no hisab for the one who wants to do Toba. There is no accounting. There is no long list that he has to go through a genuine Toba forgives all another beautiful meaning of the word Toba. And this is a very interesting point. Some religions preach that

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man by nature is evil, that there is an original sin and you already are disadvantaged in the eyes of God. The very word Toba destroys this from an Islamic perspective, we don't believe in original sin. We don't believe that man is created evil. Rather evil takes you away from a law so you need to come back taba to where you were where you were created to be. Your original default position is to be worshipping Allah, you were created upon good not evil. What are the Quran Nirvana other? We have honored the children of Adam right? What are the Huracan inside of us and he took when we created man in the best of all fashions and shapes and forms. So Allah created us to be good, not evil.

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Allah created us to worship him not to be misguided when we become misguided. We are turning away from the default. Our default is good, not bad. And so Toba taba, we said to come back, Toba, you can't go back to your original place that you should have been in before you went to straight. So Allah created us to have that relationship. But shavon comes my soul comes sins are tempting, we turn away from Allah. So Toba will bring us back to where we should be at the one who constantly accepts our Toba and therefore Toba is the mechanism of all profits without exception. Allah subhana wa tada mentions about Adam it has said I'm Robin alumna and fuson Oh Allah we have wronged

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ourselves. And if you don't forgive us what to gallina and have toga on us We shall be of those who are lost and know how to his salon when he asked Allah something he should not ask him the the act of saving his son

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remember Allah said don't ask and then you ended up asking so a new alayhis salam says Yara if you don't forgive me and have mercy on me and have Toba on me, I shall be over those who are last Musashi his Salaam for them falcoda su Hanukkah tuba to ilica one hour muslimeen Moosa says oh my lord when he woke up from the unconsciousness of wanting to see a law he fell unconscious he woke up he said, so panic I have come back and repented to tuber to LA. So we have Abraham building the Kava with this marine and what is the drug that they're making as they're building the Kava robina, Taco Bell Mina indicator, semi random, right, except from us, and then Jana moussaka.

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Elena in Nicaragua and the conclusion of the DA Ibrahim and his smile, the conclusion of the DA as they're building the Kava and have repentance or accept our repentance. You're the one who accepts repentance, and we have our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It doesn't say Bahati that he said well law he I asked a loss forgiveness and turn back to him what a tubal Illa he more than 100 times a day. I asked a loss forgiveness and turn back to him more than 100 times a day. And Allah mentions in the Quran in Allah how your head Buta ouabain. Allah loves that a web our scholars have remarked, what this means is that Allah loves the sinner who turns back to him. Notice Be very careful. Allah

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does not love the sin nor does he love the sinner. But the lab must be a sinner in order to perform Toba. So Allah loves the sinner who repents. And this is something that is explicitly mentioned in the idea that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if you were to stop committing sins, Allah would get rid of you let us have a law become a law would get rid of this generation. And he would bring another generation that commits sins. pause here, I'm not misquoting the Hadith. This is exactly what our process and I'm saying. Not because a lot of sins but what goes on, so that those sinners can then ask a law for his forgiveness, and a law can then bless them with their mouth

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filler and Toba. Allah loves to forgive and to accept repentance so much that He created us even though kya mentions one of the wisdoms for the creation of Adam and the children of Adam was so that Allah can forgive sins so that Allah can manifest he is that because the angels don't need Toba? The angels don't need more Pharaoh and Allah loves to forgive. So we are the entity and the being that turn back to Allah subhana wa tada and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lola who are shocked to follow him and tell him that Allah is more happy at the Toba of one of you then and then the parable is very long. A person who gets lost in the desert, he only has one camel, all of his

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food and drink are on that camel and the camel goes missing and he thinks he's gonna die from thirst and hunger. Then he finds the camel and he utters a statement of gopher out of his happiness. He says something that should not be said. And the processor said he lost his mind because of his happiness. Then he said, a law is happier at one of your Toba than this man and having discovered his Campbell lost in the desert. Allah loves that. And that is why brothers and sisters, no matter what our sins are, this is the month of October. We are in the Knights of Toba. We should ask Allah to rob the car due to tow I forgot to mention the one who accepts the Uber, the car Bluto, the one

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who accepts Toba, we should use the name of Allah to rob to have our sins forgiven, and Allah as origin forgives each and every sin without exception. Very quickly. How does one do Toba? Very quickly number one sincerity of the heart. The Oba is done for a law. Number two, there must be genuine regret and feeling guilty. Without that there is no Toba. Toba has to come from the bulb and the child has to realize I messed up I made a mistake. I should not have taken that money. I should not have done this deed. I should not have eaten or drank this. I should not have done the deed that I did. There should be a genuine guilt. Our Profit System said feeling guilty is the essence of

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Toba. Another matoba feeling guilty is the essence of tober number two is guilt. Number three is still fall with the tongue. You ask a law yada, yada yada yada, man, forgive me, and then to perfect the Toba. This is the bare minimum the bare minimum to perfect the Toba and allow once a perfect doba oh you who believe repent to Allah tell button no suha a perfect tober to perfect the tober we have to add two more conditions if those two are not done.

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The Toba is not fully there. It's It's It's maybe a C or something. It's not an A, it's not fully there. The last two conditions are the most important for a perfect Oba and the and that is that we make the intention to stop that deed completely, because the one who makes Toba knowing that he's going to commit the same sin again, has not perfected the Toba. This is a half hearted Toba. I'm not saying it's a false Toba. No, it is a half hearted Toba. It's not a perfect doba Still, the fact that he's committing Toba is better than him not doing any tober But still, it's not a full tober It's a half hearted Allah might accept alone might not accept and then the final point, he must try

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to make up for that evil via good deeds. In other words, a genuine Toba makes you a better person, you will increase your Sadako your Zika your Salah, your doula, your thicker your Quran, you will be taking care of orphans, you will increase because you realize I've messed up I need to make up. I've done something wrong I need to make up. And that's why Allah azza wa jal mentions experts in the Quran that those who commit sins Allah will punish them in LA Latina, taboo, and Ahmed huami lusardi are those who repent and who genuinely believe and do good deeds. And the final point brothers and sisters, and so much needs to be said, but time is so limited somehow to love. The final point

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brothers and sisters is very interesting that the name of Allah to web was in all likelihood, the last name of Allah revealed in the Quran. And in fact, in all likelihood, it was the last word that Allah spoke to God and gibreel spoke to the Prophet so send them in the entire Quran. The Quran concluded on the name of Allah to web that's a very, very deep point. Think about it. The last word that Allah communicated to mankind was his name to web. How do we know this? Because what was the last suitor revealed? What was the last revelation is not through law, he will work at NASA. Yeah, the whole lunar fee of wotja for sub there, they have dropped because tofu in China. So this was the

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end that's it. After this the process have died after a week. The last idea that came down was sort of a nozzle. And after this was deducted the profit system so think about it, allow one to to inform us the last piece of information that I am always the one in Ghana to worry about. These are the nights of tober these are the days of tober This is the month of October, we are on the nights of data to other if we're not going to perfect our Toba now, when will we possibly perfected Oh Allah to bless us to repent to you and accept our repentance and make us of those who stand on the other and who pray to you on later to other and whose repentance is accepted and Sharla will continue

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tomorrow was set on morning