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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of witnessing the actions of the Prophets and their followers is emphasized, along with the history of the first companions, including Hadith Atul Rajveer, who lost their lives. The segment also touches on the use of Islam as a means of achieving political goals, including the disappearance of certain people and the use of shamans to cover false accusations. The segment ends with a discussion of upcoming interview with the New York Times.
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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his blasted path until the day of judgment. And we ask a lot to make us amongst them a lot, man. I mean, your brothers and sisters, in our Tuesday night classes, we've been going over the lessons of the first Assad behind a well known the first companions, the first to

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stand with the prophets of Allah Almighty, who was salam in the wake of many difficult circumstances, and who sacrifice their lives. And I mentioned two weeks ago that I was going to save one companion for a hobo. We spoke about what is known as Hadith Atul Rajveer. So consider this a Bonus Session. Hadith a total deer was the massacre of six or 10 unsuspecting companions in the wake of a herd alongside marijuana, in which over 70 companions were massacred after and that caused great devastation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we've spoken about five of the sixth we spoke about Osama bin phablets, we spoke about Taliban Brocade. We spoke about Abdullah ibn

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orthotic, we talked about how they have no ID and we spoke about Zaidan Adesina, all the Allahu Taala and imaginary and we left out this one companion. And as I mentioned, we are going to speak about him today in the dining time. And his name is Myrtleford ibn Abi Malford what are the Allahu Taala and Homer Martha ibn Abi Martha and the reason why he is such an interesting character is because he offers get a another complexity to the situation of these early Muslims who immediately found themselves in situations in which they had to negotiate their Taqwa with difficulties that were arising in real time. And so you have this companion about the Allahu Taala and who and I won't

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go into too much detail because of this hotspots and Juma Martha and his father were both actually Mexican, and they became Muslim together. And Malford was a handsome, well built young man. And he was someone who immediately dedicates himself to the prophets lie Selim. He was a hadith of Hemsedal, the Allahu Taala and when Maccha an ally of Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib in Makkah, and in Medina he became the brother of Al else in Osama Talal the Allahu taala. And who the great Ansari, the brother of or rather took no sama told the Allahu Taala and now he has a very specific role in the Sierra and that is that he is the man that the profit slice on him used to send on missions from

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Medina to rescue the poor prisoners in Mecca. So he's makin but he's strong he's smart, he knows Maka inside out. And the prophets lie some gives him this task where he will send him to Medina on multiple missions sent in from Medina on multiple missions. He'll basically park his camel in a place called an IV hit or his horse or whatever it is that he was using to transport the prisoners. He goes deep into Mecca, rescue someone brings them back and then takes them back to Medina. Talk about a noble man talk about the courage that he has to have to be able to do that.

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So this hadith isn't a Timothy the story of his and it's narrated that kind of Rajon yak middle Astra maquettes or hatha yoga to begin with Medina, the arm revolutionary, or the Allah Tada and who narrates from his father from his grandfather that there was a man from Makkah that used to go to Mecca from Medina and rescue the prisoners on behalf of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and on one of these trips Cannington Ratan Berean be Maccha you call Buddha anak there was a woman that didn't have the best reputation in terms of what she would do so she was an adulterous. Basically, she was someone who was known in Mecca for a very particular sin, the sin of Zina. But then the Hadith has a twist to it. What cannot Saudi cotton law who she was prior to the days of Islam,

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his friends and his friends clearly has different connotations here. He knew her well in the days of jelly and the days of ignorance before he became Muslim. He used to have a relationship with her, and he hadn't spoken to her since he became Muslim.

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And, Martha it is in Makkah on one of these missions from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and he narrates the story in first person, it's not authentic hadith. He says, so I came to the walls of Mecca on a well moonlit night. So there was more light in this particular night from the moon than other nights. And he said that I found myself in the situation for Uppsala

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So at the lily, she noticed me by my shadow, meaning she knew him so well, that just his silhouette alone was enough to let her know that that was Martha. So I now called out to him and said, Martha, Martha that she called up multiple times. And he's on a mission here. Right? If he gets compromised here, he's dead. So Martha comes up to her. And he says, yes, it's monitored. And anak says, Yeah, marhaba Hola. Hello, Mama, for better. And then Elena. Welcome back to Mecca. Oh, Martha, come spend the night with me.

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He has a snap judgment to make here. This isn't just Zina. But this is the test of use of Alayhis Salam as well. It's Zina or potential death. It's adultery or death. He has a million excuses that he could make right now for himself. And he actually does have an attachment to her from before. So the attachment is there. The threat is there. And if he does not respond to her, then what could she do? She could then really compromise his security.

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But he responds to her. And he says, Yeah, Anak, haram Allah Zina, Anna, listen, I'm a Muslim now. I don't do that anymore. And Allah has made Zina haram. Allah has made adultery, haram. So So what does she do? Martha says that she says be Atilla salt. She screams out Yeah, I love him. Oh, people of the tents. The man who's been stealing your prisoners is here.

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So his security immediately becomes compromised. Modified says so I immediately ran away.

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And he said eight people pursued me

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and he said until I found and it was nighttime until I found a cave and I got into this cave. And he said technically speaking they found me now Subhan Allah the hadith is very explicit. Carla hetta calm or Allah ROTC. further ado, for Paula bola hermana ROTC. He says that until they were right above me and when one of them urinated. The urine hit my head. I was that close.

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You can imagine the fear that he has. I'm dead. I'm dead. They're right there. But he says miraculously atma Han Allahu Allah subhana wa Jalla blinded them from actually seeing me. I mean, they were right there right on top of me. They could have taken me Allah who protected the messenger slice and I'm in the cave of the hijra, protected Melfa little the Allahu taala. And so much of that said they left hamdulillah then he said what

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he said, so I went back into Mecca.

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And I rescued the prisoner that the profit slice I'm sent me to rescue because I didn't want to go back to the profit slice. I'm empty handed. This is tequila in and of itself. Could have come back to the province I'm say I got caught, things got messy. He said, I went back and he said, I got the prisoner. And he said, and this prisoner happens to be a particularly heavy prisoner. So he exhausted me. I carried him out of Mecca. And people already knew that I was somewhere around so there's a high alert for me and I carried him and I got to him. And he said and I unshackled him and I put him on my camel and we made our way back to Medina.

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He gets to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he tells the prophets like Selim, what happens. Now all of the things that you think he might ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, here's something that makes his story, the most interesting and this is why you find the commentary of the element on it.

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This woman anak

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just tried to have him killed.

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And what is Martha had asked the Prophet slice Allah. He says, Yeah, Rasul Allah, and Kihara, Anika. Can I go back and marry her? yellow suit Allah, can I go back and ask her to marry me?

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Now Subhanallah this shows you by the way that Islam was difficult on these people in so many different ways. Right? Suddenly they had a they had a lifestyle change. They were used to Zina, they were used to hammer they were used to alcohol, adultery, they were used to partying they were used to so many different things. But now Islam comes and makes all of that haram and and instance.

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And he's a noble man. And this woman just tried to do that to him, but his heart was still attached to her.

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And he says to the prophets Isom and Kiko anarcho Can I go and I marry her. And the prophets I said, was silent. And he said it again to the prophets lie Selim and the prophets lie, some was still silent. So Martha kind of got the point that the prophets lie some is not answering me. So either he didn't like the question. It starts with some or the prophets lie. Some is waiting for an answer from the heavens. The other might say, look, here this is again, a testament to the man's Taqwa could have come to the prophets lie some don't we always have people that get into a haram relationship and try to *

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nullified all of a sudden, and the commons force the families force everybody and say hey look, you know I'm making it hello now right?

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Could have come to the prophets lie some and he could have said Be honest Allah I abstained. I didn't commit Zina. I didn't do anything haram. I was on a noble mission. Now, you know, in sha Allah, she could take shahada, and we'll be all right. No, none of that. He waits for the answer from the Prophets lie Selim. Until the prophets lie Selim receives Quran from the heavens, the idea comes down. So next time you read this, I want you to understand what the context was, the idea comes down. zani la Yong ki who in lasagna Oh mushfiqur

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That an adulterer does not marry except an adulterous or a disbeliever. And the same is true with Zania to lie on Kiawah in Lausanne in mushrik. That an adulterous woman does not marry except for an adulterer, a man or a disbelieving man will hurry methodical and what meaning and this has been made prohibited to the believers? Meaning what the answer is no. Oh, Martha.

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And when the prophets lie, some comes back to Martha with an idea of Quran that came down for him. Martha could have said but Yasuda Allah, what about this? And what about that the Shavon knows how to play with people in the States. He's desperate.

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He could easily be exploited in his vulnerability and shaytaan loves to take a person and a temporary vulnerability and make them make such a bad decision that they can't recover from it. It's what he does take you in your desperation, make you make a bad decision. Try to cover up a sin with a sin try to cover up a lie with a lie and you keep digging yourself deeper and deeper and deeper. That's the story of bottle Cseh the priests from Bani Israel in that he got himself into trouble committed Zina, and then he killed the lady. Right? Because that's what the shape on told them now you've got to cover your tracks. But what does Martha do?

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Martha takes joy in this idea. Because Allah says at the end of the I will hurry methodically. I mean, this has been made prohibited for the believers.

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So what's the implication? And I mean, I mean, Allah just referred to me as a movement. Therefore I take joy in being a movement and he goes back to work. And what does Allah azza wa jal honor him with. He's a battery. He's one of the people who fought and better. He's the one person who the profit slice I'm interested to be that man to go into Mecca to pull those prisoners. He fights in overheads, and he becomes one of the greatest Shuhada because that class of the shahada awards here are some of the most special and beloved companions to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The brothers and sisters their intimate say about this story Subhan Allah, that Martha checks many boxes that were otherwise theoretical to us. And as we continue on Tuesday nights and sha Allah to Allah, we're going to talk about the murders of Roger vere and their Toba. But Myrtleford texts, many of them. And one of the things that we learned from his story that is incredibly beneficial and useful is that when the prophets of Allah Islam talks about the seven people shaded under the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala, all six of the categories that the Prophet slicin A mentions of the seven are categories of exon categories of people that did an extra act of good when they found themselves

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in a situation they beautified their deeds. And there's one person

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who was a man that was called to Zina, there are two Emre that her husband Jamal who was called to adultery by a woman of power and a woman of beauty. And he said in the a half Allah, I fear Allah and Allah places him in that category, under the Throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala under the shade of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, your brothers and sisters their intimate say that is the one category of the seven that is a category of Taqwa not a category of Ehsaan a category of being God fearing not necessarily a category of doing extra for this for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And why is that significant?

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Because when you are in a situation in which you are most vulnerable, in which you are most desperate, that is the easiest time for Shavonne to play in your mind and to tell you, now you can twist a bit. Now you can bend a bit. Now the sin will save you. Now you can do this. Now you can do that. You've got to do this. Now you've already done this and you'll sink you and sink you and sink you. But what is Allah subhanaw taala say? One thing he attacks Allah Ya Allah Who Maharajah Whoever fears Allah, Allah will make a way out for them. Whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah will make a way out for them. That shape on tells you that if you abide by Allah subhanaw taala Anna's way after

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having abandoned it or finding yourself in a difficult situation taqwa and those circumstances is so much more beloved to all

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Awesome, Henry taller

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than the regular circumstances, you know how relevant this is to so many of the situations we see happening with the youth right now, to so many of the situations of people that get caught into a bad situation. And what did they do? They make it worse. They make the situation permanence. By their sense, you know how many times it happens with because it's not just the person, it's also a drug. It's also something else that you get attached to the only way you can escape is this. If you were to talk to the many young people right now that have passed away, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive them and make it easy for their parents because of an accidental overdose. And you could

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hear from them what were you thinking in those last moments? You know, how many people find themselves exploited?

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Because a desperate mind is the devil's playground.

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And it's at that moment, but if you can say in the a half Allah, no, I fear Allah, a tough Allah, I fear Allah and I will instead abide by the way of Allah then Allah azza wa jal may honor you and I the way he honored this man, Martha or the Allahu Taala and who may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him be pleased with the companions and may Allah azza wa jal sent His peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Amin Akuto Cody ha That was tough Allah EULA can recite it must mean first step through in the whole of Orion.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Karim. While he also can be admiring a lot more for me in a minute, while most of the meanwhile Muslim out here even humble and what in Nicosia, Miran Caribbean Mooji with AirWatch Allahumma Fereldan our Hamner wa for ANA wala to Libnah Ramona alumna and for Santa what Atlanta for Linotype Hamner learn Hakuna Manohar city, La Mina careful when Kareem went to hibel Alpha fire for ANA Allah Allah through the word Idina proper Hamama kumara buena sera Robina habla naman as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan or Jana Linwood subpoena in mama llama so this one and most of the afina female Shahrukh and I'll do my

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Barbie Allahumma is Islam I will Muslimeen what are the La Silla Cavalcanti been with them? They are the deen Allah Allah Allah que la nina with LogMeIn Allah who doesn't know if one of them being himself I mean, read about the law and the law he gets a little bit ugly with Exxon what eater the quarterback we inherited fascia you will Moon carry well Bertie, you're ever coming to Allah Contrada Coronavirus Corolla he has Kuroko wash crew VolunteerMatch is one of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Jana tossing Arun wildly Miss salah.

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