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Congratulating Someone On Their Religious Holiday

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As for congratulating them, this is a much more detailed question. I'm going to summarize it and maybe one day we'll give a long grindstone I have given a longer lecture you will find it online, on

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Panini gala region, in no fee him

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summarize, there is nothing explicit in the Quran or the Sunnah, or any of the four Imams, or any of the early scholars in this regard. One of the earliest scholars to write a treatise or I should say, have a detailed discussion about this is ignore him in his famous book, or let him or the rulings of the people have them. And he made a very famous remark there, which is now well known and a lot of people quoted, in which he very, very strongly prohibited congratulating the non Muslims on their days of holy days on their days of celebration. And he said, a phrase here to congratulate them, on their holy days, is worse than congratulating them for a major sin, like drinking alcohol or like

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murder. So to congratulate them for committing a sin. He is saying to congratulate them on their holy day because of their holy day, it is a bigger sin than to congratulate them for a sin that they do. And oh, by the way, because of this, people don't read Arabic or don't understand it, some neophyte said in a lecture, to say Merry Christmas is worse than murder. And this is the position. He said, and nothing could be further from the truth. And this guy, his video went viral the right took a hold of it, and this and that, and just you don't understand fifth nanosolar, economically, then you start getting photos. This is what happens if you've never said that. Have no pay em said

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what I had explained. And even that is one opinion. And I respect that opinion. It is a great scholar, he has the right to say that. But that is one opinion. There are other opinions as well. And if you look at the fatawa have so many modern councils, the European Council of federal and so many, they disagree with this photo. And the reason is very simple. So here's the law here is the cause.

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When you congratulate somebody for their holy day,

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do you mean to congratulate them for worshiping other than Allah? If you do, then Hyams photo is at its place. If your intention is or if your paradigm is that, yes, you're worshiping other than Allah. Yes. Good Millbrook to that Congratulations, more power to you. Then ignore pious fatwa is 110% accurate? How can you congratulate somebody for worshiping other than a lot? But see, here's the point. When you say congratulatory phrases, positive phrases, is that what is implied?

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That is the issue of controversy between am and between many other scholars of our times, when you go and you say, some generic greeting, okay, even if you say the phrase Merry Christmas back on to you, if he comes in says Merry Christmas, and then you say, oh, Merry Christmas to you as well. Even though I'm going to say we shouldn't say that at the end. But I'm saying even if you said it blunt question in the context that we live in, Will anybody understand from you, that you are congratulating them for worshiping other than Allah? Is this the understanding of the phrase? No, what is the understanding?

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Just a greeting. And this is the paradigm that so many of our times, by the way, you will find very little classical discussion on this only a few. And also this must be said, most of these fatawa are in the context of a Muslim dominant Islamic land, where the dynamics are very different. And one needs to ask why would a Muslim land be celebrating Christmas Of course, you should be ultra strict, etc, etc. None of these fatawa deal with minorities except until modern times. So in my humble opinion, even to quote even taymiyah copy and paste and apply to America or Europe in itself is a mistake. Because the photo had been Tamia is a different context, different time different place,

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and even that it is one opinion. Nonetheless, there are a whole host of Roma in our times who have said that it is permissible to generically greet, and I personally say get out of the controversy. And do not say the word Merry Christmas. This is my personal advice. Rather, when somebody comes and says Merry Christmas to you say something

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generic and response. God bless you. God bless you. Generic.

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May Allah bless you with hedaya. With Eman with Islam with good health you can make dua for the non Muslim, right? God bless you, okay? Or something generic of this nature. There should be nothing wrong with this. Allah says in the Quran way the who eaten with the hatin for how you be I said, I mean her when somebody comes and greets you greet him back with a better greeting, or at least return the same greeting. This is a generic verse. So if somebody says Good morning, you say good morning to you as well. Somebody says good afternoon, good afternoon to you as well. Somebody says Merry Christmas, in my humble opinion, even though I do not say it is how long by the way. I want to

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be very clear. Still, just to get out of the controversy. Don't say back Merry Christmas, just say May God bless you, God bless or happy seasons or something of this nature. and

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conclude this question one more question after this to conclude this question if an Ibis said

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if Phil Brown said to me

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rahima Cola, I would say, may Allah have mercy on you as well.

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If for our own were to make a draft for me, I would say back on to May Allah also have mercy on you. And what's wrong? If it were a life meaning and he said this to me? Why can't I respond even to fit down with a similar thing? So there's nothing wrong with giving a generic response back and it does not imply any type of server to to other than Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Enough in dounia Solomon

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