Omar Suleiman – His Hajj Story #03 – A Dream Before Umrah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of dealing with Muslims who try to negotiate with them, including negative consequences such as harming their reputation and losing political positions. They emphasize the importance of following the Prophet's instructions and not harping on one's own feelings. The profit slice on is designed to encourage people to go out and shave their heads, but they are not allowed to do so. The importance of the Prophet sallama's significance in moving hearts is also emphasized.
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There's disappointment for many things. And we've learned quite a bit over these last couple of years about how we plan and the less pants out of plans in the laws, the best of planners, but the disappointment of planning had, or planning or onra, and then not being able to go is very, very hard to deal with and spell. I've seen people that and I've been in the situation where you plan to go, and then you can't go and then even people that get turned away at an airport or something was wrong with their passports. It didn't come through the visa didn't come through on time, or someone got very sick and Medina couldn't proceed to the Hajj. And that's a very hard thing to deal with.

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And you have to console people in that situation, and remind them that it's about the intention. But beyond that, what then of the disappointment of the Sahaba when they thought they were on their way to Omaha after all of these years of being out of Mecca, and they had to turn back to Medina.

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So it's the sixth year after his law. And the prophets lie Selim after a difficult stretch, right. This is soon after the Battle of the trench. And the Muslims have just survived a massacre right where they were all supposed to be killed, and went through all the difficulties of that siege. The prophets lie, some has this dream. And in this dream, he sees himself sallallahu wasallam, and the Muslims out there, making tawaf in ROM finishing their alma all together, and the dreams of the prophets are revelation. So what the prophet slicin, I'm saw was indeed to pass and indeed to happen. So he wakes up some lice, and I'm so happy, so full of joy. And he tells the Sahaba, what he

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saw. So you can imagine, especially for the mahadji, Dean, who hadn't been home, for now, six years, they have a chance to go to omura with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they're not even thinking about the consequences or the hardships that they might encounter. Because surely what the prophets lie, some saw His revelation, and it's going to happen. So 1500 of the companions proceed to Mecca, along with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they're in their home. They're not bringing the proper equipment or weaponry for battle and for war. And this puts the people of Mecca in an interesting place, because they're in Mecca, they pride themselves on you know, being able

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rivals and people that holds, you know, some sort of ethical standard and how they treat their enemies. And they're in a difficult situation, do we just massacre the Muslims when they come? If we do that when they come to Mecca, then we would have violated every secular religious pact that exists about how you treat the pilgrims, right? So we can't kill them all here. It's It's different when we're going to battle with them, who make Hajj that right if we have enmity with the tribe, it's understood that their sacred months and sacred times, and we're not supposed to fight at certain times. So what's going to happen in that situation? So they don't know what to do? Do we

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fight them? Do we turn them away? Do we prohibit them? Do we, you know, try to kill them in a way that is secretive, and so people won't find out. So because of that, they have to go to the profit slice on them, and to these Muslims, and a head on these pilgrims. And they have to figure out a way to negotiate with them to stop them from coming to Mecca in the first place. Because if they come to Mecca, it's either humiliation for them because they were able to come to Alma and go home without being killed. And that's a spit in the face of the people of Mecca or we kill them and we disgrace ourselves and we violate all the covenants and all the contracts, and we become the talk of the

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people of Mecca in that regard. So they go out to the profit slice them and they negotiate the Treaty of Abia and obviously, as the profit slice them is there and they BIA he is also making concessions sallallahu wasallam. To so hated Phnom in particular, who is one of the chief enemies like not being able to write little little law on the pact not being able to write Manuel Rahim on the pact. And one of those main conditions is that you have to turn back and not perform Amara this year. So after you've already made these preparations, in exchange for peace for 10 years, where you get to do doubt, you get to call people to Allah, you get to have your piece that you've been

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seeking, you have to turn around and not do Amara this year. And that was so difficult for the Sahaba to swallow. I mean, first and foremost, you have their own model the Allahu anhu. And the people like all model the law I know they're very few right, but that are like, wait a minute, we're on the truth and they're on falsehood. Let's just go for it. Forget them, right. We'll fight them. We'll go to battle. Why are we making any concessions to them? Why are we compromising here? Why are we signing this treaty? Then you have a lot of other Sahaba that are just wanting to go to

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All right, they've been so excited. They've been thinking about this. They're in their head on. And these are the people who Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he's pleased with that took the pledge of Ridwan, they are totally one, that Allah is pleased with those people because they were willing to die going out to Mecca when they thought that Earth model the law and who was killed, and they were willing to put their lives on the line. But now we can't do Alma. And this is a lesson for us, by the way that sometimes, sometimes there ibadah is in abstaining from something that we really want to do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala but Allah is directing us elsewhere. and in this

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situation, the Sahaba have to listen to the profit slice them as they always do. And they have to swallow that bitter, bitter bitter pill of disappointment, not also loss, Isom comes out, and he informs the Sahaba that they're going to turn back, and that they're not going to go forth. And no one wants to move. The profit slice on goes to them. salamati Allah tada Anthony asks, um, selama what he should do, and she's a wise woman. So she says to the Prophet slice, I'm look, you know, they're obviously disappointed, they're naturally disappointed. But they're hoping right, they're holding out hope that maybe something will change. So that's why, you know, they haven't cut their

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hair yet. That's why they haven't sacrificed yet, an exit there, there's probably still that hope that something's going to change. So she told the profit slice. And then if you go out there, and you call for the barber to shave your head, and you sacrifice, then that's going to be the fatality, and the closure to this all and they're going to follow you as disappointed and as hurt as they're going to be, they're going to follow you. And that's exactly what happened. The Prophet slicin goes out there, he shaves his head, he sacrifices and so they all understand that this is what they have to do. And of course, this are on the accounts and the roadmap count, this are onra for the Sahaba

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of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and for the Prophet slicin himself because they did what they had to do. And they could not complete the rights of the Amara, simply because they were stopped and so the reward is already there. But what about the feeling? What about the need to actually go? And what about the idea in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, Look at Southern Allah who Rasul Allah who wrote a letter to hulan and Merci de l'homme, insha Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has guaranteed the Prophet slicin his dream he was truthful to the Prophet sly summon what he shows him and Allah subhanho wa Taala will indeed fulfill what the prophet slicin them saw. You will enter

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into an musti that haram inshallah by the will of Allah Amina Mohammed the cleaner osakan one more Kasserine lots of halfmoon you will enter in and you will shave your heads and you will cut your hair and you will not be afraid but Allah subhanaw taala knows what you don't know. And Allah subhana wa tada has instilled within that what a temporary but an opening that is to come soon. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying to the Prophet, slice them and sing to the believers, that the year will happen, the dream will come true. But as the prophets lie some explained to the companions, this was for the next year, not for this particular year. However, look at all the blessings that

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came through her day BIA the ability to do doubt peacefully, the ability for Islam to spread far as a result of that journey that the prophets lie some undertook. Now, of course, the prophets lie some, however, has in the deal with the Meccans that he will still be able to do the next year. So now it's the seventh year. And the profit slice on once again goes out in the ricarda. And all three of their own runs the profit slice on will do before his hedge happened in the card. And this time, he has 2000 people with him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is known as the aroma of Allah, the make up aroma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those that were prohibited in the

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sixth year. So they arrived at Mecca once again. And the Quraysh see the Prophet, slice alum and these Sahaba that are coming from El Medina. And he says, Why are your men armed? And we know you not to be a person who would break your tree so we know you yet also Allah or Yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu it was said them of course, they didn't acknowledge them as the Messenger of Allah that you're not a person that breaks the treaty. So how come the people have their arms and the Prophet slice and I'm said that we would not carry our arms into the home. So they brought it to the journey, but they would not carry their arms into the house them. Surely the prophets lie, some

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enters into Mecca, and he leaves about 200 armed men about eight miles away from the harem, and so they're on the outskirts and they can monitor the situation in case there is an attack, they would be able to rush to the aid of the Prophet slicin them and the 1800 companions that were doing their own in that situation on armed so it will be alongside and who is coordinating with the Meccans and the Quraysh. As part of the deal. they retreated to the outside of the home and they left it for the Prophet sallallahu it was set up now think of this scene. A Sula slice of them and the Sahaba coming to do our Amara for the first time in seven years now and the Meccans who have purchased

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executed them and run them out of Makkah as a part of the deal they have to watch the profit slice on them and the Muslims do their alma and so they're seeing what Muslim ombre looks like they're hearing the tell via the chance for the first time of Islam let Baker llama bake the baker last at kilakila bake in Alhambra when net Mata loca wellmark Lhasa recollect they're hearing the Toby up for the first time. And they're watching these Muslims proceed so beautifully, to carry out their own love, and grace. They had this rumor where they said that the Muslims became weak in Medina that these people once they left Mecca, they lost their strength. And so the Prophet slicin them said

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that as a sooner when you go to pull off, he told them to show their strength in the first three rounds of bow off and Soto often aquadome the first dolloff the men will expose their shoulder and the Prophet slice and I'm told them to run to show their fast pace so that the rumor that they have become weakened in Medina is dismantled in that regard. So that's why when we go to do Amara for the first time we do our first off, there is that soon enough, but I'm going quickly within the first three rounds, and the Prophet sighs I'm told them in a salary in particular as well, that where the dip is in the valley between Safa and Marwa that as they go into the valley that they should come

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out quickly that the men should run so that they could show their strength and come out quickly. Now, by the way, I actually want to mention this here because it becomes confusing to a lot of sisters in particular, when they go to do sorry, between a cell phone and Mandala. That's where the green markers are now between a sofa with Mandala. And I've heard sister say this that if we are acknowledging Hodge of it has Salaam who used to run between a software model, how come the men run between software and model and the women don't? The answer to that is that it's not that these two green markers are the place where hodel it his salon ran with this marry that he said, this was the

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place where on that owner of the profit slice alum, the man go into the valley or the people go into the valley. And so the prophets lie Some said rise up quickly to show them your strength. This was a demonstration of strength to the Quraysh as they were watching this, and this is the sooner that we follow until today. So this is not something that's specific to Hobbs that it has set up. It is something that arises out of this context with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So they proceeded after the site and also the last night and I'm took that group of people and as they reached a level, the profit slice and I'm called for the barber and they started to shave each

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other's heads, and they sacrifice 60 candles all white while the people of Mecca were watching this entire aroma unfold the profit slice and then retreated to the place where the guards were and the profit slice on them and those that had performed or Amara they took their place and the 200 arms men were able to come down and they were able to perform their alma as well. Now of the wisdoms of this by the way is that you could imagine that a lot of the people of Mecca who had persecuted the Muslims and who hated Islam, as they were watching this aroma of the Prophet slice unfold before their eyes, their hearts were probably moved. And that's why there are a few people who converted to

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Islam soon after that I'm gonna have a lot and some of the scholars they mentioned that this particularly played a role in moving the hearts of Ahmedabad, das holiday worried, and it's not even podcast. So three very prominent converts who witnessed this aroma of the Prophet salallahu it he was some of them, and What a sight it was to watch the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this group of companions performed their alma for the first time after seven years. At the moment, middle km Rahim Allah Allah says that the Prophet slicin performed for Omaha's in his lifetime. First was there I'm gonna have her davia why because he was prohibited so it still counts for him, then was

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this aroma of Allah, this particular make up Amara, and the other two almaraz are to come with the fetters of Mecca with the conquest of Mecca, as well as the Amara that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would perform with his farewell hatch.

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