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hamdulillah holla to God minute Adam will generally not even a poem or Maka just subliminal, Adam, almost Sobti de nada

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finance guru who added Masai managed guru who either want to slowly either or slowly hill across the shortfill ashtami window

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while Kitabi Maka Kamal in the beginner will Houghton see the villa the Adam Let the mashallah be here recently Miriam Oliveira Sati Rahim Allah He said Salam inna Kenyatta will cover a debate in the head.

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For some Allahu alayhi wa sallam wider at where he headed OMA Latina BarakAllahu li him catheter nurse a lot of women from Elijah,

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but hamdulillah le de la mia tough is verleden Mala Mia Kula who shall be confirmed work with me Akula who will you may not only or can beautiful tequila well hamdulillah lady Angela Allah up the hill kita polymyalgia Allah who

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will hamdulillah Allah de nada when I certainly know who want to stop fiddles when we know we want to what color are they? When Rosa Villa him and surely and fusina Woman sejati Medina and yet he Lahore Philomel Biloela woman you're the little fella had the Allah when Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Sharika when a shadow Allah Muhammad and Abdullah he want us all of us Allahu Allahu Taala Buddha within Huck, you'll have 100 in equally worker Fabula he Shahida for some Allah Allah He was a limiter, Sleeman Kathira Sierra Nevada in the Cul De Sica tabula or Halal Howdy, how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are in a short hole Morimoto has had to have inoculum or just certain

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beta Wakulla within Bala or Quilombola let me know

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called Mahajan. Pick it up again Kareem by the Annapolis Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Many data in MA DFC woman Valda in nama Yabu La Jolla wala tells us a lot on visa okra, Omar Kuna, Morehead, Sabina, Nevada rosulip What is the order? No Lika Korea and Mr. neutrophilia fossa poofy ha for Haqqani halco loop for them. Nahata Mira from Shakti Sabri, were silly Emery looked at me listening for okoli Allah metabo Tango TB La ilaha illallah wa ala homodyne Lemonade, Latina, Amarillo, Amarillo Saudi has also been happy with also recently.

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So in the Quran,

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there are many nations talked about but a nation that is addressed very often other than the Quraysh is the Israelites and the example of Peninsula ILAs, given more often than other nations examples. It's also true that the prophets of the Israelites are talked about more often. This is essential because we have a lot in common with Benissa eel and the responsibilities that were given to them. Unlike other prophets, like no honey Salam, salam, salam, so I had a cerametallic alien. So for example, even being the Arab prophets, so you would think geographically and historically, they are closer total. So Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam because of the region, but they're, they're talked

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about in reference to the Dawa that is similar in the in the Macan period of the Prophet site. But the Israelites are different because Allah also gave them laws. And also Allah also turned them into an entire Oma. If you look at the previous other nations and other followers of other other prophets, they barely survived as a people, the small minority survives, and the vast majority disbelieves and those nations got destroyed. But the Israelites survived as a people they became an OMA and they thrived as a people and then they were given the law of Allah to live by as a people so they have that fundamental thing. In common with us. We we are living as an Omar Allah told us

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Kinetica, nakoma and Masada and before us they were the OMA that was given the responsibility of living by guidance. But that Omar suffered several tragedies. They went through several periods of rise, a couple of great periods of rise, and a couple of terrible periods of decline when they were invaded by other nations. They were taken as slaves. They were deprived from practicing their religion, they were forced into other religions, they were persecuted. So a lot of the atrocities that you think of an I think of that are happening in the OMA today are you think of Islamic history and some of the terrible crimes that happened against Muslims today, almost identical kinds of

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things happen to the Israelites also. And Allah makes reference to what happened with them. We have to bear in mind as we read about the Israelites that Allah says something about himself. When 30 Dolly soon Mithila hit a villa, you will not find a way a different way in which Allah has his legacy. In other words, Allah has the same way of dealing with us as he does with anybody else. So for example, in total Baqarah where he was talking about

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The Israelites at length. He told us what you know who Camila Whitehead was, as he was talking to them, He then turned to us and says Your God is one in the same. Why is that important to hear because the the criticism that Allah is giving to them, and the instructions that Allah gives to them, and the way that Allah reprimanded them or punish them or allowed them to be in decline. They did certain things to earn that. And Allah is then turning his attention to us and saying, and your God is that it's not some historical facts. It's the same law that's dealing with you. You don't have a different formula, you're not an exception to the rule. Think of it this way, gravity worked

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a certain way. 1000 years ago, it works the same way today, fire used to burn 1000s of years ago, a fire still burns today. There are some things that Allah has created in nature, they work the same way no matter what day and age. So the way Allah deals with the believing OMA, and the trials that has to go through remain the same. If our behavior is the same, then they will be the response from Allah will remain the same. So Allah turned to the Israelites and said, for example, in accent them accent only unphysical. We're in a sub to Kampala, if you're going to do your best, you're only doing so for yourselves. And then even to the Israelites, he made an invitation. He said I saw a

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book on your hammock by Arjuna. Maybe Allah will show you Rama may show you loving care. And if you turn back if you show animosity, the emotional animals and if you come back, we'll come back. If you turn back to Allah will turn back. So Allah azza wa jal has this formula. Now part of that there while discussing their decline, and, you know, summarizing their history and sort of Salah in the beginning, Allah then turned his attention to the immediate audience of the prophets of Allah salaam, and fuse the two, and then gave us certain principles that are important because they are highlighting what are some of the things they messed up, that we are in danger of messing up? What

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are some mistakes that they made, that we're in danger of making. And one such mistake is actually a really pivotal principle that we forget that you and I can easily forget? So I'm going to try to introduce this principle to you, and then talk to you about the 15th I have this surah. Absolutely Islam.

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Allah has given us a deen in which we have to take other people into consideration all the time, you have to be the best of your parents, you have to be the rest of your spouse, your children have rights over you. Your neighbor has rights over you. You have to say salaam to your Muslim Brother, you cannot just walk into somebody else's house had that issue until you make yourself feel welcome until the until it's a welcome time for you to go and appropriate time for you to go. So consideration for other people and being mindful of other people is a huge part of our deen. It's a very, very big part of our deen. But there is a component of our deen in which you have to pretend

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nobody exists. Nobody matters. Not even my parents, not my loved ones. In fact, even my own personal feelings don't even matter. What is that one teaching in which no one else matters? Everybody else you have to pretend nobody else exists. Allah Allah says many data for innama. Yesterday, Lin FC, whoever is going to commit to guidance is only doing so for their own benefit. You see, we have to take a lot of social matters into consideration when we make any other decision. Even if you leave Islam on the side, when you are going to consider you know, for your son or your daughter, you're considering a proposal for marriage. You're looking at the family, you're looking at what this one's

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gonna say what that one's gonna say, Are people gonna raise a finger? What's our reputation going to be like? People consider social phenomena, what kind of what kind of gifts are we going to give? What kind of car should we get? What kind of neighborhood should we live in? What information should we tell people not tell people are always thinking about the perception others are going to have of us, right and it plays in for some people that plays a huge part in virtually every decision that they make. Sometimes you have to make a decision you think twice about what are my kids gonna think what is my wife gonna think? What's the husband gonna think? What are my parents gonna think before

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I make this choice, whether it's a financial decision and education, decision, any other kind of decision, but there's a certain set of decisions in which Allah has expected you and me to do something. Allah has decreed that certain kind of money is haram. And you already know what it is you don't need an exhaustive explanation on what kind of earnings are haram. Allah has already explained certain kinds of food is haram. Allah has already made clear certain kinds of actions are haram, certain kinds of environments are not and are not acceptable. They violate this the so you you and I already know because the the list of things that are prohibited is very small and is also

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very clear. There's no confusion about what's wrong in this theme. And everything that's wrong has been elaborated without any doubt. There's no There's it's not complicated, and it's not complicated because this medium is supposed to be

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for all of humanity, so it's pretty straightforward. But sometimes our family society, people's pressure, whatever it may be other human beings start impacting our decision. And we start bending our, our commitment to what is right, because it will offend someone else. So a scenario could be your family, your spouse wants you to do something that you know is haram. Now you have to think about it's going to hurt their feelings if you do, you know, if you don't do it. But in those kinds of moments, the thing that Allah is teaching us the mindset that Allah is teaching us is very powerful. I have to pretend that no one else is around, it's just me and Allah, and he expects me to

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live by certain kinds of guidance. And I'm going to do this entirely for myself. When I obey Allah is entirely selfish. It has nothing to do with anyone else. No one's feelings matter. No one's no one's anger matters. My own preferences don't matter. My culture doesn't matter what country I come from, doesn't matter. Somebody is going to think I'm loyal, somebody is gonna think I'm disloyal, none of that all of that gets erased, because it's just me. And Allah is just just being Allah. That's the only reason I'm following this guidance. That doesn't mean that I get to be ruthless and inconsiderate to others. But no one gets to compromise what I know to be right and wrong with my

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rod. And if somebody wants to get upset with me well in good, let them be upset. My Rob is not angry with me. My Rob is not upset with me. If Allah has given you a responsibility, and he's given me a responsibility, I have to fulfill that responsibility. No matter what anybody says, no matter what anybody else does, they all become completely irrelevant. This is part of the implications of many data for in no matter the lead FC. But there are other implications. A lot of times, because we are now in a social media kind of environment, people are expressing their personal lives, they're broadcasting personal things about themselves, like they've never done before. People want to

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publish what they're eating, or what they felt that they are, how they woke up, or what the work, they were, like, nobody used to care or really be concerned with any of this. But now we need to broadcast virtually every part of our lives, lives to others, right. And in that broadcast kind of environment. There's a new kind of discussion that's taking place, there's a new kind of thought process that has emerged. And what is that process? I used to pray, I used to be good, I used to do this, this and this, but then you know, these Muslims, they hurt my feelings, or this community, they did this, this this to me, or these people talk to me in this way. And I don't want anything to

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do with these people. That's why I don't pray anymore. Or that's why I don't want to be anywhere around these people anymore. I mean, it was people hurt your feelings, or you know, I would I would act I would obey Allah. But you know, these people who act like they obey Allah, these women that are wearing hijab are these people that have big, long beards. I've seen what they really like, I know what kind of criminals they are in business. And I know the kinds of cruelties they do in their family, there are a bunch of hypocrites, I don't want to even look like them. I don't want to be like them, I don't want to be associated with them. That's why I distanced myself from any such

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practice that makes me look like I'm one of them. I belong in their gang. I don't want anything to do with them. I'm so turned off by their hypocrisy. I'm so turned off by their ignorance, you know that I just want to disassociate myself with them. You see, in this thought process, there's a fundamental problem. You can hate somebody all you want, you can even have valid criticisms of people that pretend to be religious. All of that's fine. And in many cases, I might even agree with you. But that's not the point. Anything that are deemed tells you that Allah tells you to do if somebody else made you feel good, or somebody else made you feel bad, it has nothing to do with you

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and your love? Nothing. Many data for MMI aka the Linux Z, whoever followed and committed themselves to guidance did so for their own self. No one else had can be a part of your decision process. No one else, no scars from anyone else. No trauma from anyone else. No hurt feelings from anyone else. They don't matter because that's your relationship with another human being. This is telling us that when it comes to Allah's guidance, my every decision that has to do with Allah's revelation, Allah's revelation has to be separated from what people see and do for better or for worse, out of resentment or out of love doesn't matter. They don't get to be part of that equation. So he's and

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then he says, Woman Bala for inna Maya Lilu Elena, he reinforces it. Because you don't have to actually reinforce it could be an economic you understand it from the first point, whoever is committed to guidance is only doing so for themselves. By implication, you will know whoever is Miss whoever wants to go the wrong way is only doing so to hurt themselves. They're only responsible for themselves, but Allah spells it out. Why is he spelling it out? Because people like

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Give me an excuse. You know why I'm like this because of that person, because of my brother. That's why I drink because of my uncle. That's why I do this, this and this. There's a because of someone else, I just obey Allah, see the thought process, you get to a point at somebody else, and then justify not your relationship with them. But you get to justify your master relationship with Allah. And Allah removes us from the equation. He does not allow me to use anyone now somebody hurts your feelings, that's valid, somebody wronged you that's valid, you know what's not valid, that you as a result, get to disappear, rub. And if whoever wants to be misled that way, once the hide behind that

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excuse, whoever wants to do that, before they come? What do you imagine is going to happen on Judgement Day, that you're going to come in front of Allah and Allah? Yeah, I know, I had a drinking problem, but it's my cousin's fault. You know what he did to me? That's why I'm this way. It's his fault. It's her fault. It's my mom's fault. It's my aunt's fault. It's my friend's fault. It's my company's fault. They did this to me, they pushed me into this, you think it was gonna just take your skin off of your head and put it on them? That's how Judgment Day works. Woman bla bla for in Maya Linda, and whoever is gone the wrong way. Who's ever gone gone off too far, and they've only

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done so against their own selves. What I tested was a lot on Wisla okra, and no one that carries any burden. Listen to these words, I pray you and I internalize these words, no one that carries any burden is going to be carrying the burden of anyone else. No, every and by the way, in this ayah, Allah didn't say no human being will carry anybody else's burden, he said was the motto and renounce is called ahwazi. Allah here. Why is that important? Allah is telling us in this idea that every human being is fundamentally responsible, fundamentally responsible. If you're young people in the audience today, I can tell you, if your parents never told you that you're responsible. If your

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parents never nagged you to pray, or stay away from haram things and all that stuff, whether they do or not, whether you think that's annoying or not, whether they've never said a single word to you, you're still responsible. The is I was telling you in the beginning, this was about the Israelites, the Israelites fell into all kinds of corruption and they blindly obeyed their corrupted leadership, their religious leadership, and they introduce new things into the religion that were never part of the religion. And they formed cults against one another. They did all kinds of misguided things. And Allah tells us later on that the vast majority of them have no knowledge what's in their book. What

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made me you know, Nikita Billa, you know, Illa Amani, were in Himalaya well known among them are unlettered peoples they don't know except wishful thoughts about what their book actually says. They're just making assumptions. But even those people don't get to come in front of Allah and judgment didn't say, while the rabbi knew the book, I wasn't I didn't have a degree in the Torah. That's why I didn't know what it says. And that's why I didn't follow it. It's his fault. He messed up the Saturday sermon. That's why I'm, you know, that's why I get to get off the hook. These imams are messed up, these shapes are messed up. That's why I'm misguided. Just like you won't get to

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blame anyone else in your family, or your friends. You won't get to blame anybody else who you think is more religious people, a lot of times they they echo the sentiment online, it's because of these misguided scholars are, that's why the OMA is messed up. Good luck with that expect that excuse on judgment day. Because Allah has made every one of us, every single one of us a carrier of our own burden. Whether it tells you to watch the lotto. This is a powerful, incredible teaching of our religion, you might think it's basic, but it's really incredible. You know what this does? It teaches us that Allah has made every human being intelligent enough, smart enough, capable enough to

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find the right way themselves. And when you're capable enough and smart enough, then you are held responsible. And what kind of hypocrisy is this, that the moment you turn 18 Or even before you want a driver's license, you're you're old enough and responsible enough to take other people's life in your hand on the road. You're responsible enough to stop at a red light and not change lanes without looking and all of that stuff. You're responsible enough but when it comes to Allah's guidance, he's just a kid. He's just so young. It's not their fault. America, you know, American life messes you up a life for the youth in the West. What nonsense is this? So many people hiding behind? Oh, it's so

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much fitna living in the West. No, it's not. The whole world is the west now.

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What West? Where do you come up with this delusion that somehow it's harder to live in them heck, are really hard to live in Australia are really hard to live in. It's easier to live in Pakistan. It's easier to live in Bangladesh, it's easier to live in, you know, Morocco. These 15 that are here are not there. This if if there's one kind of corruption there, there's another kind of corruption there. And much of it is the same now thanks to the web. We're all caught in the same web, you know. So the idea that

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The idea that we get to blame society blame the day and age blame technology, blame other people blame religious scholars blame corruption, blame, confusion, blame, blame, blame, blame, blame, and the only one you don't want to take responsibility for is yourself. This is the lie that Allah crushes. he crushes the slide. What a tizzy was it on Wisla okra, no one that carries a burden, meaning every one of us are in fact carrying a burden is going to be carrying the burden of anyone else was, you know was able to visit okra when I couldn't, no more ICB Nahata novasol Sudan we will never be one to punish people to it to give any punishment until a messenger has been appointed me

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until we appoint a messenger meaning ALLAH has now finally sent the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and now the thing that makes you worthy of Allah is Rama. The guidance that makes it clear what does it mean for you to live a good life has been made clear. Now it's on you.

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Adil, hakuna RubyCon salmon shot of a human woman chat affiliate for tell them just directly the prophet is Tolstoy said on the privatization I'm used to cry over humanity. He used to be overwhelmed with with with grief that people aren't listening. But Annika here enough Sarah Athenaeum same surah in Southern California law Tell him we'll have Kuvera become tell them your the truth comes from your master. Whoever wants they can believe whoever wants they should disbelieve, go ahead and make your own choice. You and I are personally held responsible. On the one hand, Allah has Rama. On the one hand, Allah is the guide. On the one hand, Allah protects on the one hand, a

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lot overlooks our mistakes. But you know, that the dangerous thing that people often don't talk about you and I don't think about as Muslims, it's actually the the greater danger for the Muslim is not a corruption in their actions, your sins, you're lying, you're cheating, you're doing something wrong, that's bad. But there's something much more dangerous when there's a corruption in your thought process. When your mind is corrupt, when the way you think about things is corrupt, when your worldview becomes corrupt, when you start thinking you can blame others and not yourself. When you start thinking you're somehow off the hook, Allah understands, you'll get to blame your

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emotional state for your actions, I'll get to just say Allah was in a really bad place. That's why I was doing that. And that's why I'm still doing it. Yeah, Allah suffered a lot. I mean, just one more drink.

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No, no, because, you know, it's her fault.

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You know, you could just turn Matt to your angels on the right or left, you're writing this for her right? Not for me. You know, this, this this line of reasoning has to stop this corrupt thinking is more dangerous than this in itself. So he says, Well, Matt, when does you know Was he autonomous motors how many times this notion has been reinforced? First he said, you know, a minister data in the matter DFC, that would have been enough. Then he said, Well, man, Bala in nama yoga, Lu Alia, whoever's last, then their last on their own account, they're only losing to their own peril. That's a second reinforcement, then well, as you know, was Latos law, nobody who's carrying a burden will

00:23:05--> 00:23:42

carry anybody else's. We're a third reinforcement. Why is he reinforcing this, by the way, the first statement means the same other two things. It's saying the same thing if you really internalize the first date, but that's your guidance depends on you. And you have to do though, do so for your own benefit. Until you see that, then nothing else mattered. That statement was enough. This, the other segments are reinforcement. Why does the Quran full of wisdom where there's no excess wording? Why is it reinforcing so much? Because the thing that you and I overlook, the thing that I forget that I tend to forget the most, Allah reinforces the most, the thing that's easily forgotten is the one

00:23:42--> 00:24:04

that's hammered and more. That's why that was talked about so much in the Quran over 200 times stuff was being talked about why? Because you and I lose sight of it very quickly. Right. So this is why this is this needs to be drilled in your head in mind. If you're, you know, we enjoy a great deal of independence today that maybe the history of humanity has never seen.

00:24:05--> 00:24:42

What do I mean by that, even if you're like living at home with your parents, or with family, and you're not financially independent, you have a device that gives you access to the entire world, and to virtually anything, you're constantly you know, in a position to make whatever choice you want, with your mind with your eyes, with Your tongue with your hands, you're able to make whatever choices you want, you have access to everything. And choice is a huge responsibility. But it doesn't feel that way. When you don't see the consequences of your choices. When you just say whatever you feel like you type up whatever you feel like you blurt out whatever you feel like you you browse,

00:24:42--> 00:25:00

whatever you feel like you don't feel like there's any consequence to your choices. I don't feel like it because it's split second decisions. Quick, quick hit of the endorphins, right? You just get a quick hit. You get a quick, you know, dopamine high, and then you move on to the next day. Right? And if we don't realize

00:25:00--> 00:25:38

that this is going to lead this lead us down a very dark path, a very terrible path in which guidance will be taken away from us. The people before us like to blame everybody else. The people before us did not take personal responsibility. The people before us had kind of a group thinking, you know, all these people are like this, all these people are like this, or they had this defeated thinking about themselves. Oh, we're all messed up anyway. Now it's just Allah forgives you forgives? What can I do? If you pretend to be helpless? That's the last kind of you know, trick in the shutdowns book on this. If you if you're if you're done blaming everyone else for your own

00:25:38--> 00:25:48

misguidance and you You're lost all the candidates you could blame, then you come back to yourself and say, this is just who I am. What can I do? This is just how Allah made me.

00:25:49--> 00:26:23

I can't help myself. Really. You can help yourself Allah made you incapable of carrying a burden is that what you're saying? He called you a was ILA. He called you someone who can carry a burden, but you decide to call you call yourself someone who cannot carry a burden. When he says not to carry food option allow locally for long enough Sandy Lazzara. Allah does not burden anyone except they can hold it, they can carry it. i He made me responsible, he made you responsible. If we if no one else ever told you that you are responsible. The fact that Allah revealed it is enough.

00:26:24--> 00:26:44

And if we pretend we never heard about this, and we never realized it and we never live by it. You can live for pretend only so long until you have to stand in front of Allah and explain yourself. That's why this is I leave you this is I number 15 Look at what Allah says in the in the IR right before it actually right before it.

00:26:45--> 00:26:52

If kita Baca Gaffar be enough sickle yo Malaika Seba, the AI right before it was Judgment Day.

00:26:53--> 00:27:09

And on Judgment Day, a person is being told to open up the record of their own life, everything they did. And Allah is telling this person if kita back, read your own book, read your own book.

00:27:10--> 00:27:23

This is what you did Gotha BNF sequel Yo, I lay cassava. Today you are enough. As an accountant, as an auditor against yourself.

00:27:24--> 00:27:40

You aren't enough as an auditor against yourself. That's what Allah is saying to every human being on Judgement Day that forgot this teaching. And when you're shaken by those words, like I'm going to be shown everything I did, and I'm going to account for everything I did.

00:27:41--> 00:27:44

Then the very next is says this is how you protect yourself from that day.

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Take guidance for your own self becomes selfish when it comes to guidance become scrupulous, uncompromising. When it comes to Allah's guidance, it doesn't matter who gets hurt. It doesn't matter what pains you have to go through, it's worth the pain. Now it's worth the energy exhaustion now, it's worth losing the friends now, it's worth being called names now, it is not worth what you're going to be facing then all the people whose loyalty makes you compromise. Allah's guidance will be running away from you and me on Judgement Day.

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I don't want to be fooled by those kinds of loyalties. And all those people who I did not listen to. And I followed Allah's guidance and they hated me for it, you might find that they're thanking me for it on Judgement Day. Thank you for not listening to me. Thank you for making me upset, because if you hadn't done so, I would have been in deeper trouble. I would have been in deeper trouble. So I pray that Allah makes us deeply, internally personally responsible. He removes from us the tendency to cast blame on everyone else for the way that we are before we put responsibility and blame on ourselves. And when we do blame ourselves, we don't become hopeless. We are still capable,

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we did not become paralyzed because of our past mistakes. We are still capable, if we were no good, and there's no chance for you to redeem yourself, then there's no reason for Allah to keep you alive. There's no reason the fact that you and I are breathing means ALLAH has given us an opportunity to redeem ourselves. The fact that we wake up this morning means Allah sees something good in us the potential of goodness, whether you want to realize it or not, or declare yourself doomed. That's up to you. That line is only to your own peril. May Allah azza wa jal make us real with ourselves and those around us. And may Allah make our commitment to his guidance sincere and

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pure and may Allah azza wa jal help us live a life that embodies this this beautiful idea of the Quran BarakAllahu li Walakum feel for Anil Hakeem. When a fallible er can be it when decreed Hakeem.

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hamdu Lillahi wa Kephart, WA Salatu was Salam ala everybody Hilah Dino Stouffer hostels and Allah Allah Mohammed bin Mohammed in the meanwhile early he was a huge fan of Aloha

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Originally pick it up in Canada and aqua root bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allahumma Nikita Julio Saluda Allenby, you heard in Sedona he was able to sleep Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad from us or later early for him, I mean, in the hematoma gene Allahumma barik, ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad come back to Allah or he an early for him I feel I mean in

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Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah Allah will it with your son when he

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when honey for sure he will look up

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for La Jolla la Mata snarl up in sola, sola taka