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The Quran: A Practical Approach

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Nouman Ali Khan

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh there's absolutely no doubt about it Muslims all over the world desire and longing to connect with the Quran directly. But the vast majority of us have barriers. We don't know the Arabic language we don't know to see. And as a matter of fact, even when we tried to read the translation, it's hard to connect the dots sometimes and more questions arise than answers. So it's really important that all of us think seriously about how to practically embark on a journey where every single Muslim in the world can engage with the Quran and not just here all the time about how important it is to connect with the Quran, and to reflect on the Koran

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and to ponder its meanings and to have kosher and their prayers. So when they're standing behind the man, they're moved by every single word, all of those things we've heard about before and we know but really, it's it's equally important that we talk about practical steps How do we go from where we are right now, in a realistic way with all of the obligations and preoccupations we have in a day and mean make meaningful progress in our journey towards the Quran. For this purpose. I've put this webinar together called the Quran, a practical approach. The idea behind it is to help people like yourself, but I was not not too long ago to get started and to make serious practical steps and

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gains so we can begin to engage the Quran directly as an oma as people all over the world inshallah to Allah, they want to connect with the last word. Join me in sha Allah for this webinar that I'm very, very excited about. Once again, it's called the Quran, a practical approach. I hope to see you then we'll sit Amalia como rahmatullah wa barakato