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The importance of the legal framework for Islam is highlighted, along with the need for people to be mindful of their words and actions to avoid causing harm to others. The speakers emphasize the importance of following spiritual teachings and embracing change to build a successful nation and society. Visiting the surah of the internet is also emphasized, as it is used to teach Islam.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to your show in the light of the Quran. The light that we will deal with today the wisdom that we will try to take today and understand is from the surah of the soul of thunder. This wisdom is very important for the Muslim Ummah as a whole for the Muslim nation. It is very important, especially today when the Muslims are lagging behind, and they have lost the great position and the wonderful position of leadership that law granted them. There's a law that Allah has imposed on the universe in the creation, it is very important for us to understand that today. And actually this can be a way of life this law can be a very important

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aspect of our way of life. Because it can tell us how we can assume again our position that Allah granted us the position of honor and the position of dignity we will start with the recitation as usual. inshallah we will try to see this wonderful light from the solar of thunder

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Now, this beautiful sutra gives us a very important wisdom. before we delve into the wisdom we'll just mention, or translate some of the meanings of the verses that we restarted before the most important life that we will deal with today. Now Allah says to Prophet Mohammed, that if you are amazed, then what is more amazing, if you are amazed, avoid rejection on Prophet Mohammed, the rejection of the disbelievers. What is more amazing is this statement that after we turn into dust after we, our bodies decomposed and become turned into debt, how are we going to be created again? And one last thing this is really amazing, this kind of

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exclamation, this kind of

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question or some kind of disbelief? It is amazingly no reason why it is amazing.

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Because it is very logical to answer to give it an answer is that you were created in the first place from nothing. So do you think it's going to be difficult to be brought to life again or to be created again, this is why this exclamation of various believers is actually nonsense. And the law says these these are the disbelievers. They are the ones who say this are the disbelievers, and they will be chained on the Day of Judgment. And they are the dwellers of the hellfire. These are the people of the Hellfire, they will stay there forever. Then Allah says that even they reached a higher stage in their defiance to you or Mohammed. And they asked you to bring the punishment upon

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them, brings the punishment upon us if you are truthful, this is the defiance. And this is the attitude they display to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam what Allah says before then there was so many nations that were destroyed by Allah, they were punished by Allah, why are these people so hasty to get the punishment from Allah, they should be, they should take time and they should think about the reality of the message that came to them. Then Allah says that, although people are wrongdoers, the people are oppressed themselves and they reject the message. Still, Allah is very forgiving, and Allah is very kind in dealing with them. But he says, Allah says at the end that

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don't forget that unless punishment is very severe chastisement, Allah prepared for the disbelievers is very, very severe and very tough. Then, a lot mentions another argument of the disbelievers. They say that, why doesn't Allah send a sign with Prophet Mohammed? Why doesn't he send a sign with Mohammed to convince us, Allah says to them, because Allah already sent so many signs, a license, or listening to Mohammed, you are only a warner, you are only a profit, you only convey the message of truth, you're not supposed to the first place to have signs but the signs are messy from Allah to help the people make the we wait easier for the people to accept the message of Islam. So Allah

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says, All Hamad, you are a warner. And for every nation, we have sent a warning and a messenger. This is the message of Islam and this is what Allah does with every nation. Then Allah says that a lot talks about his knowledge that Allah knows everything. Everything in the womb of any woman, any pregnant woman, when she conceives, Allah knows about that, I love those even before that, unless knowledge has encompassed everything, and everything that is in the wombs of the women, and the way it grows, and the stages that the embryo goes through alone knows about all this, all the details. And Allah says that everything that he created, is set according to a measure a precise measure. So

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everything has a specific time. Everything has a precise measure for it, that it goes through everything has a schedule, that it follows without mistake.

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Then a lot further explains his knowledge. It says, For a lot is equal, that if you display your speech, or you display your intentions, or whether you conceal them, Allah knows about that, it makes no difference to him. He knows what is in use inside your heart, and he knows what you display publicly. And Allah knows the people who hide the things in the night, hide the evil things in the night. And ally knows the ones who do things openly during the day they are the same to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Then Allah says that he has dedicated or he has entrusted angels with the duty of preserving mankind. Now we human beings, we have angels to preserve us and protect us.

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Otherwise, we would be victims of the jinn. You know, the jinn. The evil jinn, they always try to attack and harm human beings but Allah has appointed angels to protect mankind, they protect us from

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they protect us from in front ahead of us, in front of the angels in front of us and angels behind us. Angels on both sides of us, they protect us from the harm different times the harm of jinn and the harm of different things. Even sometimes, you know, something very bad, very difficult accident happens to some of us, but all of a sudden, for example, we know about certain people who have friends who had a very bad accident in the car, but they came out without a scratch in their bodies. Why is this? Definitely This is from the engines that protect the human beings, then Allah gives us the most important wisdom of these verses. Allah says Allah does not change the status of people

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until they have changed what is in themselves. Now we Muslims if we really want to assume a position of leadership, the to be the best nation raised to mankind the destination in this world to lead the people to what is good. Then we have to change what is in ourselves.

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How do we change what is in ourselves?

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It is by applying the religion of Allah absorbing it, studying it, learning it, and then getting deep into it, and then apply it in all the world affairs and live by it live by the lights of and if we do that, if we take upon ourselves the effort to improve ourselves, to cultivate ourselves according to the teachings and the light of the Quran and the Sunnah, then Allah will change your state, we will no longer be humiliated, we will assume the position of honor and dignity that Allah prepared for us, that Allah wanted us to be in. So this is the rule that we should understand. This is the wisdom and the light of today that we should focus on that a law does not change the state of

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the people until they have changed themselves. And another verse in the Quran, Allah says, international law is welcome. If you champion a lot, if you help a lot load help you how do we help Allah, Allah does not need it will help. But actually, this means this verse means if we champion the religion of Allah, if we apply the religion of Allah and live by the light of the Quran, then Allah will give us victory, Allah will help us and support us.

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So it is an equation.

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It is a deal, a contract, if you fulfill the religion of Allah, if you follow the lights of the Qur'an, then Allah will help you and lo and change your state to a better state. So where do we put the money? Where do we put where we place the religion of Allah in our souls and our hearts, a lot of places in this world, so if the religion of Allah in the end and the license and and the sooner are number one in our lives alone, we make us number one in this world, alone will make us the nation number one, if we give precedence to our desires, and to other ways of life, and to the temptations of this worldly life, then Allah will not make us number one in this world. So it

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depends and you know, management and handler love mercy upon him has a wonderful statement. He says, If you want to know the religion of a person, see where he places, if you want to know your position in the sight of Allah, see, oh, check out the position of the prayer in your heart. So if the prayer has a higher position in your heart, in your life, you give it greater attention. When

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you are high in the sight of Allah, you are in the same, exactly the same position, or in an identical position in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is a rule one of the rules, a law created for this universe for this world. If we want to change, then we have, if we want to change the state, we have to change ourselves. Now if you want to succeed that this action is actually true as well, when it comes to the worldly matters. If you want to be a successful person, then you have to impose discipline in your life. You have to be you have to teach yourself discipline, and you have to follow the laws of successful people. So let us take this light, take this wisdom, beautiful

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wisdom and apply it in our lives so that we elevate our nation, the Nation of Islam, get it to assume its position, the position of being number one in this world, the position of leadership, the position of the best nation ever brought forth ever raised to mankind. Now until we meet with another light from the wonderful lights of the pond, I leave you in peace was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.