Nouman Ali Khan – Surat Al-Baqarah – Part 32

Nouman Ali Khan
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Kowloon Mino beema

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beema wha wha who will Haku masa de con Lima Maha home. Will Fanny Mata puto Luna de la hemu kabhi Lu in

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mini rubbish everywhere silly Emily.

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Emily Sania okoli al hamdu Lillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was a big man. So mama bad once again everybody Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We are now on iron number 91. I'll roughly translate it for you first way that I mean Nuba Mountains Allah Allah, when it is said to them believe and what Allah has sent down. They respond call me Nuba Mountains Zilla, Elena, we believe in what was sent down as a mandate on us. I'm using as a mandate on us because Allah is used. Okay. We again alluding to responsibility when furuno Bhima wha hoo and thus they disbelieve in whatever may be beyond it, meaning whatever is ahead of it, meaning Quran they just

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believe they don't they're not interested well who will help to massage the Kalima home and it is the truth confirming what they have and that's a little bit of a loaded statement on how como sub de Cali mama home well we'll dig into it a little later. coil say or ask rather for Lima talk to Luna and BIA Allah then why do you kill a less profits mean cobbled from much before in, in Guantanamo meaning if in fact you are believers, there are lots of interesting complexities inside of this ayah as we travel through it, we're going to see them. Notice though that from the previous IR, this is a continuity in the previous ayah when Allah azzawajal described, that they are you know, they they've

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sold or made a transaction. Now we're noticing that they are there, even the general public is defiant now and they're not willing to listen to the calls that are being made to them. If you look at the first phrase here were either kilala home ami new Bhima Angela Levin, etc. them believe in what Allah has sent down. It's the phrase killer when it's said it's passive. Oh, like who's saying, Allah doesn't mention who's saying, and the suggestion there is it's being set to them from all directions, like Sahaba are saying to them, maybe their conscience is saying to them maybe like, you know, the voice inside them speaking or allies directly saying to them like Amina aubema anzahl

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Tommaso de Cali mama Khurana saying directly to them, believe in what Allah sent down. It could also be that their own turati saying it to them, there is their reading Torah and it's saying believe in this Quran like it's, it's coming to them from multiple sides, they're being hit with this message of believing and of course, the most immediate meaning is Sahaba de rasuna. himself. So Sam is going out of his way to go and invite them and tell them why did you believe in what Allah has sent down? That is the core of the discourse with them. Then notice again, if there's a repetition of something I alluded to before Bhima anzahl Allah believe in what Allah sent down? What makes this call valid

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is that it's from Allah, this is this is what you're being invited to? Yes, it's on the tongue of an Arab Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Yes, it is a criticism of what you've been doing it is all of those things, but above and beyond everything else, it's valid because it's from God, it's from Allah. Notice their answer by the way. This is not a question. They're being told. I mean, hooby Mountains Allah Allah believe in what Allah sent down that phrase if you heard it, like for example, in the Quran, yeah, you hola de la mano Amina

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Amina. An ami Nubira. Surely you can give a Nima Rama de la construccion, Hadid. Those of you who believe believe in the messenger, it Taka la mina Eros, would you have Taqwa of Allah and heavy man in this messenger. We don't find that offensive. When the law says happy man, we understand that means rejuvenate your faith, refresh your faith, commit yourself to your faith. And that's not an offensive thing. And it's not like a lie saying you don't believe when the luck tells the believers to have him on. He's not saying you have Cofer, therefore heavy man. He's saying live up to your faith. Genuinely, you know, refresh your faith. But when they're told amin will be my answer Allah

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they got paranoid. Like, are you saying that we don't believe in what Allah sent down? And so what did they respond with? They said, Nope, me. No, we do believe. We do believe that would have been a good answer. But they didn't stop there. They said, Nope, me No. Bhima on Zilla Elena. We believe in what was sent down

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As a mandate on us, now I want you to compare carefully. The call to them was believe in what Allah sent down.

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The response is not we believe in what Allah sent down.

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They that's not how they responded, they removed a lot from the equation. They said, We believe in what was sent down.

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So that already has a problem because they've removed a lot from the conversation because that's not their priority. If that was the priority Quran is no problem.

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The other is that they've added a layer of ambiguity to the word lucila, whatever was sent down, and because we know already from previous art and previous discourse, that they've mixed in what was sent down with other things, and they've attributed it to Allah, but now they've been shaken a little bit. Yeah, everything that's been sent down, but there's one distinction. We of course, believe in Revelation, what was sent down, but the only thing that makes it valid for us is Alena.

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So they add the word LA, new Bhima, unzila was would have been enough to, we believe in what was sent down. That's a good answer. But when you say no, we know the mountains Isla Elena? No, no, we believe in what was sent down. But it has to be the stuff that was sent exclusively to us because we have the birthright to Revelation that's particular to us. If it was if that's the case, then yeah, you can have Quran and even if it's, we're not saying it's not from Allah, but we don't care that's not ours. Ours is solid, because it came down on us. That's all we need. Remember, I told you before about people who are satisfied with what they have, they don't need to consider anything else. They

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don't need to open their eyes to anything else. And so by the way, if this is the case, if the criticism of Quran is that they don't, they shouldn't, they don't even consider anything else. They don't even open their eyes to evidence that's being offered. Well, this is the you can't make that criticism and you don't live by it yourself.

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So the Muslims are being told you have to have such insight into your faith that when some people, others Christians, use others try to offer you the evidences of their faith, you were willing to consider, listen,

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tell me how to go Hanako please bring your evidences. Koran invites you. I'd love to consider what you have to say. Now with a skeptic or like a, I'm going to reject everything you say, let's openly talk. Maybe there's some good in what you're saying to I'm willing to consider. Because a lot of what they have, there are parallels between the revelation that was given to them. Because it's the same source. It's from a lot. Yes, there are changes that have been made. But there are other things that are the same as what we were given. So let's talk I'll leave it agree with you. I am willing to listen, this is actually supposed to be the attitude of a Muslim. But when Muslims become Israelite

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in their mindset is realized, meaning it's been passed down generation to generation, we don't need to question we just follow, we don't think about this stuff, thinking about this stuff will mess you up, you'll become a coffee shop, and we'll get you when you don't think about your faith anymore. When you're not willing to discuss it anymore, learn it anymore, enhance yourself anymore, ponder and reflect anymore, then you become just like this. And unfortunately, how much of the oma today they even go out of their way to say don't even read the translation of the Quran, it'll mess you up.

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This, this exact thing was the problem of the nations before that distanced themselves from the word of Allah.

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And I don't say that you should just read translation and become a Mufasa. I don't I don't say that either. But I do say if the oma is not constantly encouraged to enhance, and if you know what if people are just reading a translation and asking crazy questions, that's a good thing. I say that's a good thing. At least they're asking questions, then becomes the job, the job of the scholars and the job of the teachers of this religion to answer those questions. How come the Quran says this? How come it says that? I think I think it says that. And then the island says Actually, no, that's not what it means. And let me tell you why. Now there's an intelligent conversation happening

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between people and scholars about the faith. But to tell the people don't even ask questions. Don't read, just tell. Just take what we're saying. And that should be good enough for you.

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Then where you're gonna end up in this situation, is good enough. What we have Minami mountains De La Nina. And this is not how you keep a faith. I was so fascinated. There was a when I was in, in college, my first sociology class in New York, it was a New York City, sociology class, crazy class. And I used to I used to live in Queens. I used to work in Brooklyn. And to get to Brooklyn all the way at the end, like foster Avenue. Oh my god, it was such a long two hour train, train ride from Forest Hills, Queens, to get there. And when you go on the way, there's some very strong Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, there are neighborhoods where, like, Saturdays is like a ghost town. Right?

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And then you start seeing like the rabbis in their uniform come out, right, and it's like you're in Tel Aviv or something and the signs are in Hebrew. Everybody's

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Even the cops, like they have their special cops. Everything's like they're very Jewish, and they're in their outlook in their neighborhoods and their yeshiva Institute's the whole thing. It's a very well established community. I'm in the sociology class, my sociology professor says, In about 50 years, there won't be any synagogues in New York.

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And I was like, What are you talking about?

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We look at this is that yeah, it's the same thing with the Catholic Church. Because, you know, I used to, when I used to work in orange to go to college in the city, we used to pass by there's a church on 20 20th Street. And Sixth Avenue. It's a club, it's a nightclub.

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It's a Catholic Church is prime real estate. This is Manhattan, we're talking about this is like 10s of millions of dollars, at least, if not in the hundreds of millions of dollars, classical architecture, it's preserved. It's like a protected site. And it's a nightclub.

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And he's like, yeah, this, they're not able to keep their next generation, the next generation. To many of them, there's a lot of churn, because their next generation has questions about why should they believe, and they're not able to answer those questions. And they're getting exposed to a modern education. And they're just leaving the faith in droves. When you have a religious tradition that refuses questions, and it wants to preserve a tradition, because it's a tradition, then you are in this day and age, you're going to lose the next generations. Guaranteed. That's a guarantee. And so, you know, Allah says that they they say very confidently that we are we have, we already believe

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what was sent on us, that's what we need. That's good enough for us. And then we're gonna be Mahara, who and they openly and they deny whatever is beyond it. And what is beyond that isn't just Quran it's also Injeel. I was making reference to that in the last lecture. They already rejected the entire revelation of Isa a Salaam that was spent sent specifically to them. So when they say that we they believe in what was sent on to them, they didn't even believe it was sent directly on to them, which was the the gene, they've denied that too, but on top of that, also the Quran and so Allah adds, what will Huck and what they've been sent is the ultimate truth. It is the truth. In other

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words, if they if they gauge it, if they look at it, they'll see that it's harmful. How cool Are you nephila you Holly Falchuk if what they have is true, and they study the Quran, they're going to see the to match up line up this is way this is not a coincidence. This has to be from the same source. This has to be from Allah. Ironically, it is the truth. But Allah didn't stop it. What will help? He said, Well, who will help Ooh, Musa deconnick Sahar, which is an unusual thing to do in a generalized smear to add a hyphen in a nominal sentence? Now let me tell you a little bit about the idea the concept behind how and what it's doing here and inshallah hopefully that will give you

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some, some insight.

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The the idea of civic Civic is true, and hackers true sadaqa the verb means to prove something true or to confirm that something is true. Okay? Or to consider something true. When no Koran is called Masonic. It means it takes part of the Torah like promises that were made that the final messenger will come and they're like, when is he going to come? It's been centuries. Now it's proven true. The promise of Torah has been proven true by the Quran. The Quran is fulfilling the prophecy made in the Torah. That's what it means by Masada. Please understand that mosaddek is not necessarily a phrase that describes everything in the Torah. In other words, the Quran does not prove that the entire

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Torah as they have it is true.

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But there are some things they have Lima Mara what they have with them, there's some stuff they have with them that it's proving it's true. The prophecy of a final messenger has proven true. There are there are pieces of the religion that they haven't corrupted still, and those it's still proving true, but not the whole lumpsum because the Quran for example, this does the IQ of Torah, the Quran proves the parts of an author true, but the Quran also proves that the parts of Torah have been corrupted is this tech leave of some parts? It does the exact opposite. But what I really found fascinating here is the idea that, you know, the truth by itself should have been well who will

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help. But to add more subdeacon as a whole, what is how do I left that subject off? I'll explain it to you now. If I say in the English language, blue house, or even even better, Blue House.

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If I say a knowledgeable man, a knowledgeable man, or a talkative girl,

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she may be sitting quietly at the airport waiting for a flight and I called her What a talkative girl is she talkative at that very moment. No, but her personality, watch out. Step on the minefield.

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Right so she's talking that the quality is not manifest. It didn't come out it she has that quality, but it hasn't come out. Okay. That's an adjective

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an adjective is something that a person possesses. In the case of a person, they possess it, but you don't necessarily see it. You can call somebody a patient, man.

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They're sleeping, you don't see patients, they're just sleeping. You see what I'm saying? So you could give them a quote, you can describe the quality of them, but you don't see you don't experience that quality. How, however, in grammar, is an adverb, you experience it. You can see it in action. For example, if I say a man walking, walking is his hand,

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could you see him walking? Yeah. Or if I say a man, being patient, that's a man being patient. Does that mean that you don't see the patient so you can see some of the patients right there. You can write, or the girl being talkative, then she's actually running her mouth. That's when I can say that that's a hot. The Quran is described as a hack. It's a book. It's described as the truth. But then it's called the it's it's it confirming previous revelation is a Han. What that means is it actively proves you experience the fact that it proves and confirms the truth in previous revelation. And the fact that in Islam is used as opposed to what will help you suck the policeman

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down. That could be a howl too, but an SMS us suggesting it continues to do so. And it does. So over and over again, this is actually playing on something that was mentioned already. And Eunice de la la hoomin from the island, Masha Abadi revelation keeps on coming down, keeps on coming down. Every time it comes down, it proves more that it's confirming the promise of the thought. It proves it makes more of a case to the Jewish people of Medina that this is the messenger, then it makes the case again, then it makes that case again, then it makes that case again, what they have with them is coming to pass over and over and over again. Well, we'll have Google Sadiq Khan Lima, Maha, it's

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a living proof.

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But then here, it's a you know, I may have mentioned this in this series, but it's critical here to understand. When we think of Torah, we think of a book. When we think of Quran we think of a book, one book confirming the other book and you're like, let's open the pages. Let's Oh, this verse over here, ties with this verse over there, this line over this surah over here, ties with this chapter over here like that, right? But no window Quran came down, it didn't come down as a book. The Quran came on the tongue of a man sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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You couldn't separate this man from Quran. Like, if somebody thought of Quran back then they the heard in their mind, they heard the voice of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, you understand, like you couldn't separate those two things. Now, you think of the Quran as a book. And you think of asylum as a separate entity like Buhari and Muslim and you know, the COI and all of this stuff, right? But back then this is one thing. It's merged. And so when Allah says that it is the truth, Allah is not just saying the the ayat of the Quran that correspond to the ayat of the Torah, but actually the man living the ayat of the Quran is a living indication of what they find in Torah.

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That's why the only foreigner who can study funa of na home they recognize him like they recognize their own children and Koran em she like is described Koran walking around. The prophet SAW Selim became a living evidence of the promise of Torah.

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And so yes, it's the it's the revelation that's come to them. But Allah says, In this ayah we act furuno bemaraha they deny whatever is beyond it, and it is the truth meaning the messenger himself delivering the Quran, that is the ultimate hub. You said most of the Kalima Maha. Notice this is actually it's so beautiful in this in the sequence of the of the ayat you have before this guitar Abu Musa Deacon kitanomine Angela he Masada one after this you're gonna find Rasulo Mandela he Masada upon

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a book that confirms a messenger that confirms and in the middle truth that that actively confirms because it's the book and the messenger together that actively confirmed that is unhealthy. At the end of the day. It's the combination of both of those things, and it's right in the middle. And so now a little bit about Lima mera home. How come Allah didn't just say it confirms the rot.

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He says it confirms what they have. Some like you've been assured and others suggested that Nara home may here be a reference to the fact that there are some ideas, some core ideas of Judaism, especially the Judaism of the people of Medina that were commonly known among the people.

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Some ideas like you know, the average Muslim knows certain things about Islam. So the average you knew certain things, they all had it with them. The Prophet even coming in contact with a knowledgeable Jew or just a barely knowledgeable average, you will see a confirmation of something they have. That's the phrase Lima mound, they'll have something in their conscience as a people of revelation will will be activated. We'll see it's

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synchronised with the personality and the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the revolution of the Quran. This is what will happen methodically mama methodically mama home across the spectrum of the Jewish community. They're going to see him and they're going to recognize something that they have. It's going to resonate with them. Cool.

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And even though they're denying it, they don't want to look at anything beyond alright. Ask them this hard question for Lima. Talk to Luna ambia Allah. Why do you kill prophets of God? Why do you kill prophets of Allah? Notice once again, Allah didn't just say Why did you kill the prophets? You have to Luna Naveen before they killed profits. Why say MBR? Allah Makita madatha la la dream students are happy they know about mo de la filet now. You know the mattock, to La mia Allah, why do you kill the prophets of Allah?

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by mentioning the word Allah here it's actually going back to Angela ambia Allah

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you when you kill them, you think you're just killing a person. You disconnected your conscience from the fact that he was directly sent by Allah just like the book you're denying, that was directly sent by Allah.

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And this by the way, you don't even condemn those prophet those killings. When have you gone out of your way to condemn that what your ancestors did? You're so proud that you're the chosen people you're proud of what they did when they killed profits, and by the way of the Quran says they killed profits. You might think well, the Torah never says they killed profits. Yes, it does. That's what I described some pretty vicious killings. It's far more graphic than the Quran view. If you think that Quran is anti semitic, it's far more cinematic than the New Testament. As we will see.

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La Salaam is mad he's from you know he's not from Venezuela, but he's sent to bunny slain because his father is not from bunnies, right? So you don't directly say somebody is right. But he's he's sent to them, his mother's from them. And his words to them, even the ones that are found today.

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Limit cron look very gentle towards the Jewish people. How come you and by the way, notice the present tense, why do you kill? How come Allah didn't say, Why did you kill profits? Because they don't kill them. Now they killed them a long time ago. But Allah says, Why do you kill prophets of Allah suggesting almost that you have continued that tradition and you're even willing to do so with your prophet in front of you which is who mahamudra salasar but just letting you know, even if you want to kill him just like you've tried to kill those that came before you. And they made the same attempt with a salad a salon right? And they actually think they got him they got him and they've

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killed those that came before. But he this time, let me just let you know even though the present tense is used, your your successful attempts at killing them are a thing of the past. Why? Because even though the present tense is used up to Luna ambia Allah what is qualifying it as a matter of the past now it will no longer happen again mean cobble.

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which happened before much before.

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So by by adding them in common it says though, that they're the plotters among them are being told you can try all you want, you're not getting to this messenger. So Lola in quantum Meaning, if in fact you truly believe so now, the beginning of this passage, we saw a violation of the message of Allah, my Allah, Allah, they violate the message by the end they're violating the messengers of Allah, they're killing them. We saw kitanomine and de la Suleiman and the law. And at the end when Allah says, How can you kill profits if in fact you believe in quantum meaning Cana in Arabic can do two things in the Quran, scrawls unique usage Can I can do two things can I can mean was. So if

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you've been believers, that's a fair translation if you've been believers, and if you go with that translation, what that suggests is, if all this history you've had a history of human that you want to hold on to because there's had to be mountains, Isla Elena, we believe in what was sent upon on us, we hold on to what we have, if you're so committed to God's revelation, why are you willing to kill prophets? You're saying all along, this was your Eman.

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If in fact, you do have Eman so less criticizing now their history by income, meaning, but in quantum meaning can help also actually kind of could be a comment on haqiqa. If in fact you are believers, if in fact, you are believers, I want to read something to you from Matthew, again, this is attributed to any solace around you build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. And you say if we had lived in the days of our ancestors, we would not have taken part with them and shedding the blood of the profits. So you testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets. Go ahead who's speaking right now. And you saw this

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up to the Israelites. Go ahead then complete what your ancestors started.

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Because they're plotting to kill him, please go ahead, complete what your ancestors started and then he gets a little politically incorrect. He

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You snakes, You brood of vipers, how will you escape being condemned to *? Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers, some of you kill them and crucified and others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue them from town to town. So upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on Earth from the blood of the righteous. Abel meaning how vielen carbene, right, to the blood of Zechariah, the son of America, whom you murdered public public references, the careone ceram, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar? Truly, I tell you all this will come on this generation, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who killed the prophets and stone those who those

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sent to you, or men.

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Dr. Luna, ambia Allah, Allah just left and right, why do you kill prophets? The Bible went way further. It just went like

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all out. I mean, this this should be on CNN, like, is the Bible anti semitic let's

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I want you to appreciate the progression that's happening. The first thing they denied was revelation. The next thing they denied was this messenger sallallahu wasallam. Allah said, and they said, No, no, we're denying them because we already have something. We have our own book. Allah says if you have your own book, how come your history is full of what?

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Killing prophets

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What kind of man is this that you're so committed to that gets you to kill profits? And of all the prophets you killed? Of course, which prophet Do they have the most respect for?

00:26:32 --> 00:26:58

Mossad Islam because masala Islam, rescue them from the pharaoh Mossad. Islam is the is the They call him the law giver to they don't call it Torah. In Hebrew they call it Torah moochie that a lot of Musa mo the one they have the most respect for is who Musa Islam. In the next day you will see a lot of move the subject over. Okay, fine. You killed prophets, maybe at least you showed respect to Moosa? No, you didn't even spear Moosa

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what are called yaku Mousavi not Musa and Islam had already come to you with clear self evident proofs, miracles. Moosa didn't just come to you with do this and don't do this. This is halaal and this is how I'm what would allow that to show up and But meanwhile, he didn't. He didn't just give you the covenant and said worship God, be good to parents, take care of your neighbor, etc. speak nicely to people. He didn't just give you that. He gave you miracles. He gave you not just one multiple miracles, you saw him perform miracles before the Egyptians. You saw him park the water you saw the the cloud that followed. You saw madness and Salah you saw the waters, the springs cannot be

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you know, you saw so many incredible things with Musa maybe you would have shown respect to Masada, Salaam somata customer angenommen body, then you started you held on to the calf for worship even after him and I and remember it could be for a job like shockingly even Musa you didn't spare with all those miracles, you still worship you still ended up in check, by the way them committing shark is a crime against to Allah, the comment that was being made from the beginning. Believe in what Allah sent down. Why did you kill a lot of prophets, you have to have proper regard for Allah. And then Musa alayhis salam rescues them they have regard for Musa as the rescuer. But as soon as he

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goes to meet with Allah, behind him, they go back to their pagan practices.

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He had no regard for Allah. Allah is demonstrating here, here actually, that it's not the profits they're against. It's not profits they're against. It's a law they don't care about. It's a law that they're committing crimes against. For in the home law. You can see Boudicca will actually been a big law he he hadn't, they're not calling you a liar. They're debating against the ayatollah, you know, and so you'll find later on in the next halaqa for inala, rW caffine fine, and allies enemy. And so here you started worshiping the calf and member It could also mean immediately after not too long, moose is gone, and all of a sudden you're a whole Islam disappeared. Well, anthem volleyball,

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and you have all people were doing wrong. luminor Khurana Schick initiative America devilmanozzy right. You the people of tawheed the people that receive Torah the people who had Musa alayhis salam Dawa, the people who saw Moosa challenge we had our own who used to say hon Kumara you know better than anybody else on the earth, that God is one that he should be worshipped in the right way. You people became well known and unknown, von Neumann could be a state now also, which could be you back then did this with your ancestors did this with Musashi RAM, and you people are not much different. You're still darling.

00:29:46 --> 00:29:56

You guys in Medina, you're not the ones that were with masa. You're not acting much differently. You know, this is you're doing much the same. Where is the husband? camisa cuckoo,

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

cuckoo. And when

00:30:00 --> 00:30:18

We raised when we took the contract from you the covenant from you the promise, the agreement from you, we took it from you mythique is actually a little bit different from what I had in usage seems to suggest well irlam and mythique is when Allah takes something like when the agreement is taken from Allah, you know.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:57

So, as taken from them rather. So now, when we took this mythique from you this binding agreement from you, and when did we take it what our final photo camuto as we had raised and we raised the to the massive mountain above you, we talked about this because this ayah has come before what happened was they either the literally somewhere lamassu the mountain hovered in the air, when Allah spoke to them, and this is after they had committed chick. So the Allah took the, you know, they were called the leaders were called to speak with Allah. And then the mountain was raised above them, and I was angry at them. Another suggestion is that there's kind of an earthquake and the boulder started

00:30:57 --> 00:31:33

falling and they're at the foot of the mountain, and boulders are following and there's a cloud of dust and this is kind of the imagery in the Bible also. And at that moment, Allah says, Hello Martina can be cool. Like they heard the voice of Allah say to them, hold on to what I have given you with all the strength you have with great microfilm with great might hold on tightly to the book. Hold on, this is what you were told. And now lies not talking about you disbelieving in Quran, Allah is talking about Remember when I told you to take art seriously, Hulu mattina cumbuco. And if that wasn't enough to hold on to the book with great might, was smart.

00:31:34 --> 00:31:35

And listen,

00:31:36 --> 00:31:39

this is a pretty interesting addition.

00:31:40 --> 00:32:07

They're gonna hold on to the book with great might good enough. Why add and listen? And listen. And thought, by the way, is not a it's not an oral tradition that was revealed tablet. So you would expect a lot of say hold on to what I've given you and read. But instead of let's hold on to what I've given you and why. And listen, what's model. So what could this smell imply?

00:32:08 --> 00:32:13

First thing it implies is it seems to suggest that you people aren't very good listeners.

00:32:14 --> 00:32:18

You have to be told our allies goes out of his way to say you people need to listen.

00:32:20 --> 00:33:04

You'll find over and over again in the criticism of the Jewish people and the hypocrites in the Quran to people that are parallel together, the Yehuda Medina and the worst elements among them and the hypocrites. The constant theme between them as they're not good listeners, mother, Carla and Yvonne What did you just say? Was my most my bottom line is marone they don't listen. They hear but they don't hear. They mark you know. So Allah says this time listen for real, tiny little empty thought. And by the way, listening in language can also be used for do it. Like I said, Listen to what I'm saying. You better listen this time. When you say you better listen this time. It doesn't

00:33:04 --> 00:33:23

mean you better listen, this time it actually means you better obey this time. That's empty Time To Live By something. So now you better be serious this time. But if you if you look at this, the mirror ayah that already came much before in the same surah Hulu ma Tina combi quwata was guru Murphy.

00:33:24 --> 00:34:03

With guru Murthy. Now it says was Martin before Allah said hold on to this thought and remember and mentioned what is in it. Now he's saying and listen. Notice that there's actually a contrast. When you mentioned something, then you're the speaker like I'm mentioning something right now what are you doing? Listening there's two sides of the coin right now in this halaqa I'm doing the vicar you're doing the summer I'm doing dimensioning you're doing the listening with Donatella said hold on to it. And let me tell you how to hold on to it. You'll have to mention it and others will have to what listen to it and you're gonna have to play both roles there. I mentioned with guru Murphy

00:34:03 --> 00:34:21

here he says what's tomorrow and so this the the healthcare system of thought you're going to have to have steady circles gatherings with artists discussed were you mentioned and you listen and you mentioned and you listen, this is how you will hold on to the art with great buy. What is the lesson for the oma?

00:34:22 --> 00:34:28

The lesson for the oma is you don't just hold on to the Quran by putting it on a shelf or even by reading it on your own.

00:34:29 --> 00:34:59

Quran is going to be the way for us to hold on to Quran is to be in gatherings where we listen and we mentioned and we listen and we we exchange. We discuss we learn. We come together in halaqaat of Quran. This is a necessary part of holding on to the Quran with might if this was applicable to them directly by Allah, why wouldn't it be applicable applicable to us with guru Murphy and then here it was smile. And then of course the was one of one of my favorites. I give it two stars.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

It's actually a lie didn't say listen to it. I'll take five minutes, guys, I'll be done. Listen to instead of saying, Listen to it, meaning listen to dot, listen to what I've given you. He just said and listen.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:34

Which means there is no object. There's no more rule mentioned. When you don't mention that enough. Well, what does it mean? It actually means not just listen to Todd, listen to your messenger. Listen to him too, because, you know, they would say, Well, you know, just like them when African would say that Allah revealed this, or is it you? They would tell the prophets? I said, No.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:37

That Allah revealed this or is this from you?

00:35:38 --> 00:35:40

The Jews did this with the musala as

00:35:41 --> 00:35:43

well. So what is LSA? What color cow?

00:35:45 --> 00:36:23

Why don't you go get an answer first. You know, why, and they don't want to hear from Moosa who says just slaughter a cow, but they don't want to listen to Musa they said, No, no, you get an answer first. You get an answer. You follow the hoonah bien Allahu Allah Sudhi. Allah says, with the mountain hovering above them, you better listen meaning listen to your messenger sallallahu Sallam or in this in their case, Mossad is around just like the echoing of the the the the famous prayer, the Jewish prayer that repeats the phrase, here ye O Israel, in Moosa says this over and over again, here ye O Israel, so listen to what he says that to you. This is the part I'll conclude with, even

00:36:23 --> 00:36:38

though there's lots more to talk about, but it will take too long and we'll be late for us. So I'll just give you one piece kalu they respond. So now what I say no, mountain is having a hovering above them. Allah says to them, you better listen. They said we heard and we disobeyed.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:40


00:36:42 --> 00:36:44

I mean, you can be stupid.

00:36:45 --> 00:36:53

But how stupid Do you have to be that a mountain is hovering above you? And somebody says, You better listen. And you say I ain't gonna listen.

00:36:55 --> 00:36:56

We hear and we disobey.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:00

What's the logical conclusion of saying something like that?

00:37:03 --> 00:37:05

That's the end of it. Squish.

00:37:06 --> 00:37:14

That's actually not what this means. They didn't stand before a lot the mountain and say we here and we disobey what you're going to do.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:25

That's not what happens here. That doesn't make any sense. There's something else going on here. But what is it after Salah barakallahu li walakum wa Salaam.

00:37:28 --> 00:37:41

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Ayah 91-92 Surat Al-Baqarah, Nouman Ali Khan reflects on the second and longest chapter of the Quran. He explores how Allah, in his own words, answers some of the most compelling questions being asked about Islam today by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

August 3, 2016

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