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The speaker gives a guide to the importance of staying in touch with one's spiritual health during the COVID-19 pandemic. They stress the need to practice patience and forgive one's mistake before death. The speaker also provides advice on setting up a daily charity for the deceased and mentions a booklet or app that can help people stay in touch with their spiritual health.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the one who stays in their land at the time of a plague, having patience and seeking reward from Allah knowing fully that nothing will afflict him except that which Allah has decreed for him will be given the reward of a matter.

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Now, many scholars have said that a pandemic comes under the ruling of a plague. But as the Hadith clearly sets out, its conditional on conducting himself or herself in the correct way during that time, so I share with you a concise step by step guide for our COVID plight, addressing both those who are affected by COVID themselves, as well as their loved ones. When showing symptoms. Keep in mind several matters. Every second of pain is actively erasing your sins. Sins are your real burden. Getting rid of them is the true meaning of recovery and health. The same way that the brightest students are given the toughest test papers, Allah subhanho wa Taala tests the dearest of people to

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him as he tested the prophets, the best of all people realize that sometimes Allah subhanaw taala wants a high station for a person in general, but he knows that his deeds will not qualify him for it. So he sends him this ladder, an illness which helps him attain this lofty station turned to has no Muslim. The booklet or the app make use of the many dots applications that you can use to ease the symptoms. Deal with your challenge by easing the challenges of others be at their service, relieve their burdens in whatever way you are fit to do so, and be hopeful of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his promise Allah will be at the service of a person so long as a person

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is at the service of his brother. If symptoms worsen, if you need to be taken to hospital ensure you've installed a fibula finder, and a Salah times app beforehand. Salah is most critical in the life of a believer, especially during critical times. Pack a stone for a young mum, just in case you're unable to use the water and ensure you've written a will and have it checked over by a scholar, restore and rewrite that you may owe to people ensure that you have fully repented from every sin, be it financial, social or whatever it may be. Offer Allah holistic apology. And if you make a sincere effort to pinpoint and change everything you remember, the hope is that Allah will

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erase those things that you don't. They're in the hospital. Keep yourself busy with goodness. Stay close to the Quran. send as many voice notes as you can to those who you love, or those whom you may have harmed or forgotten about. Ask them for pardon. Keep your mouth moving with the remembrance of Allah is specially La Ilaha illa Allah, if your situation becomes dire, even if you are rented bed bound, you are still obligated to pray in whatever manner so long as you remain conscious. Nurses will be happy to remind you of the prayer times if you ask them to think well of Allah. Is there any good that you have seen that wasn't from Allah? Should death be decreed for you? Rest assured, you

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are making your way to the source of all kindness, generosity and mercy and care Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when one of you is nearing the end of his life, he should have the best of thoughts of Allah left to meet Allah and He will love to meet you. If your repentance is complete, rest assured of a beautiful departure and is filled with reassurances and comforting words from the angels who are eager to introduce themselves to you dealing with the news of death. In nama Sabra and Asad Mateen Gula Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said true patience is only at the time when the calamity first strikes, when the news of death is conveyed to you, you are in a test. So react

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in a way that will please you later on in life and in the afterlife. When you recall that moment. Remember, he Allah is Al Malik the king he has the right to call back whom He wills when he wills how he wills it is His Kingdom. All sovereignty belongs to him that your first words be upon hearing the news in La la la la Jehol Hola Hola, Jordan if he mostly but he was two feet higher on minhag meaning to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return Oh Allah reward me for my affliction and replace it with that which is better. Say this from the bottom of your heart and believe that what is better for you has already been dispatched to you from Allah subhanaw. Regardless of what you may

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be feeling inside, the Muslim restrains himself from being overly demonstrated, like tearing of the hair, or the clothes or slapping of cheeks or any behavior that may exhibit discontent with the decree of Allah. Remember that the period of separation is limited. The meeting place is gender. Life after the death of the loved one

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Would your deceased in every duat you make from now onwards because their station in Jannah paradise is raised through the dua of those whom they leave behind. offer condolences to those who are affected by the death. Set up a rota with a small circle of friends to cook for the family. For the first couple of days, set up for the deceased a continual charity scholars are unanimously agreed that the reward of charity reaches the deceased. Finally, visit the graveyard as much as you can in preparation for death. In reality, all of what you just heard applies to the healthy just as much as it applies to the ill. After all, we are standing in a queue and even if people are called before us

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what certain is that every one of us shall be called.

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