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wilhemina shaitana Raji wama acceleron Siva O'Hara stubby meanie vomitus Allahumma Li Min ajilon in Hawaii in the crow Lila alameen wa min If this man were to help the rule now wha hoo man hammer the boon

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you mean who excel

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deikun I mean who?

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To whom huashi I mean either been

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to most

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all have he sabini

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in a la belle Senora in an hour minute by any

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and Amina mushy keen

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kabini in Region he lay him in Cora

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fell mec roofing out the fire yo Can you FACA key baton leadin kabini him wala

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Deena ko

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fella Tapi loon

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either stay as a solo one

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and home kwadukuza booja

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new gmN Nasha

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euro dewbacks una comida Mooji me

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rubbish Danny. Sorry, we're silly Emily. Dr. Tommy lasagna okoli hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah Allah alayhi wa sahbihi

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mobilego. Once again, everybody Somali Kumara delight Alvarado. Today I'm going to try to discuss with you something about the coherence and the placement of is number 103 to 110 of soft Yusuf. If you guys aren't familiar, we've done an ibuyer reading of the surah and some analysis of the surah. And now we're looking at the organization and the structure of the surah. And the way Allah has compiled the arguments of the surah. And we're still in the middle of looking at the final passage of the surah, which is essentially 102 all the way to 111. So 102 to 111. But I'm taking, you know 103 to 110. As as an insertion in the conclusion. So in the last session, I spoke to you about three

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components, three essential components, that were part of the introduction of this surah. And how those same three components are coming back in reverse order, in the conclusion of the surah, with the exception of this passage that I recited to you in its entirety, which is sort of an insertion of a new topic that was not discussed in the beginning or anywhere else in the surah. It's only talked about here. So first I'm going to what I'm going to try and do is kind of read through this I recited through it, I'm going to read through it again. And I'm just going to translate it in flow. And that will give you an idea of what is it that Allah is talking about, I won't explain much I'll

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just translate it. So you'll have an idea of what's being said. And then we'll talk about why that's an insertion why that's not part of the larger topic that was going on. And it seems Allah has included and inserted something that wasn't actually there in the rest of the solar. So let's begin. Well Mark Thoreau nursey will help us to be meaning. One thing I will say whenever I say the word you and desire, the word you because in English, the word you can be referred to, I can use the word you to talk to a woman, I can use the word you to talk to a man I can use the word you to talk to two people, 10 people, 1000 people 10,000 people doesn't matter. The word you applies to everybody,

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right? But the word you hear is the singular masculine form enter across the board. So what that means is allies talking directly first and foremost to His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and by extension the rest of us so that's one important thing that allows talking to those who have lost them in this passage. So now let's begin well my xo nursey Willow had a stubby meaning and most people will not no matter how much you have you how much zeal you may have for it will not become believers as at all well not just Allahu Allah human agent and you're not asking them for any compensation whatsoever in the cruel I mean it is nothing but a reminder for all nations and all

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peoples. Okay, a min I attend for some IoT will have the Mr. Runa Allah and how many a miraculous sign are they passing by the that they pass over in the skies, and in the

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Earth or hammer and hammer alone, as they are completely oblivious of them. Well now you know acceleron Bella and most of them will not even believe in a lot in lava homebush deikun except that at the same time they will commit shift they will commit partners with him. I mean, what? To whom lasciato mean either Billa are they then feeling safe? Are they secure from the possibility that a hovering overwhelming punishment form of a less punishment will commit them to homicide to Boston, or the hour itself will attack them out of nowhere all of a sudden, well homeless alone, and they will be the ones that don't realize it at all. All has he sabini say declare this is my path through

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ilala high level skeleton I call to Allah with eyes open with insight. Well, Anna, I myself for many double Ronnie and whoever were to follow me was Suhana law and I declare a loss perfection how perfect Allah is. Well, not a nominal machine and I am not of those who are associated with a lie at all. of Solomon publica Illa Allah no he lay him and we haven't sent from a long time before you even accept men that we gave inspiration to that we inspire to

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mean agile Cora from the from the people of the great towns of Colombia seem to fail, or they didn't they then travel around in the land for young rural kafer karna Aki bertola, the Roman cavalry him, then they took a good look, what was the outcome, what came of those who came from a long time before them, what a doubt will ask at hyrulean Latina taco, and the home of the afterlife, the home of the the final end is better, for those who had cautioned themselves protected themselves and were pious filata alone, is it then that you will you all will not apply your intellect had in the state of blue, until even the time came that messengers almost lost all hope, while OneNote and the home

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kakuzu. And they were convinced that they have been lied to a homeless Runa our aid came to them for new GM and Nasha. So whoever we want was rescued, whether you will not do that sooner and in common with the mean, and our punishment will not be taken away from the criminal people. That's the passage we're talking about. In a nutshell, the if you were kind of trying to follow along as I was translating quickly, which you probably caught on to was a lot continuously

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criticized criticising the audience of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam in makhado Quraysh. And he's telling the Prophet himself, most of them are too stubborn, they're not going to listen to what you're saying. It's not like you're asking them for money. This is a reminder for all nations. It's not just limited to them who they think they are, in who I love the gorilla. I mean, so that's how it begins. Then he says, and what install I'll show you the logical passage of this argument. First, the logical argument is, if they're rejecting you, and this resolute this reminder that Allah has sent, that's nothing new for them. How many signs in the skies in the earth? Have they passed by

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every single day that they ignore? They're used to ignoring my reminders. What am I up new axon Villa, and even the many of them who do believe in Allah end up doing some kind of shark with him anyway. So even the ones that have some faith contaminate that faith, and what did they do? And you know why they contaminate that faith, because the most common form of schilke, among the mushrikeen of Makkah, was that they would have daughters of God's sons of God, angels, saints, whoever, who is going to intercede on their behalf so they can be messed up. And obviously, when you're messed up, you're going to get in trouble with Allah. But you have someone you got a good connection, who will

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speak to a law on your behalf, right? So that makes you feel safe. So notice, Allah mentions their shake. And then immediately after he mentioned, are they feeling safe? Because their sugar is associated with a false sense of safety. So it's a logical continuation, so they commit the ship even after believing in Allah? Is it that they feel some sort of safety, that no punishment from Allah will come? You know, why? Why would God not punish this town? Well, we have his daughters and his beloved saints and his idols in his harem. Why would he destroy this town?

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Because we're holding his his beloved's here hostage, so we're safe, you know? So they, are they feeling safe, that no overarching hovering, punishment will come, a form of punishment will come and get them. Or, even better yet, are these safe, even if they think no worldly punishment will come? How are they so secure, that the judgment itself won't come at them? How are they where do they get that sense of security from well homeless alone while they have no clue whatsoever? So what's what's that telling us? shirk helps someone become clueless shark makes someone feel a false sense of security so they can think about other things right? Like Think of it this way, if you thought that

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the door's locked, then you can worry about cooking and you can worry about cleaning the house, you can play video games, whatever you want to do, because you don't have to worry about safety anymore.

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So you can preoccupy yourself with other things. Now, if you feel you're not safe, what's the first thing you're going to do? Make sure that you're safe, you're going to lock the doors, you're going to take whatever precautions. So what is the law telling us people who do * feel like, I don't have to guard myself from unless punishment. I've got people, I've got intermediaries that I make happy, they'll take care of that problem. I can deal with the rest of life. And Allah says, you think they're going to deal with judgment day for you? You think they're gonna, they're gonna save you from a punishment that they can even bring in this life. Moreover, of course, when you have to

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stand before me on judgment day, so then by contrast, because they use the word Allah for God, and the prophets of Salaam uses the word love for God. So what is the prophet SAW, Selim told us a foolhardy savini tell them this is my path. And the rule of law here, I am calling to Allah with clear insight with eyes open. I know I will, Manitoba and whoever were to follow me was Subhana Allah and I declare a lust perfection meaning I will not associate anyone with ALLAH, and allies to perfect for me to feel secure. And this developed this false sense of security, the only safety is with ally himself. Well, my nominal machine and I am not from those who do shake at all. And these

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this these words, I've told you before, these words of the prophets I saw them are actually an echo of the words of Ibraheem alehissalaam when he told his people on a nominal machine and Allah said about them, said about him, narkanda, metal machine, lamea communal machine, he wasn't from those who they check. So he's actually now reiterating the legacy of his father who built that house to begin with. And now 1000s of years later, he's repeating those same words, well, of Solomon camlica, ilari, Jelena la mina, Lil Cora. And we didn't send before you may accept men that we gave inspiration to from all different different towns, meaning, the fact that a messenger would come and

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call people back to when God is not new. I've been doing this all along to many, many cities. And many of those cities were ruined because of people not listening to those messengers, and these Arabs these wishes, and because I have made travel easy for them, other Arab tribes get robbed when they travel, the mccanns can travel easily without getting robbed. So because they can travel easily, they pass by od and mood. They pass by the ruins of ancient Egypt. they've they've passed by those places. So Allah says, haven't they traveled already in the land? Haven't been looked at what came? What was the outcome of those who came before them? Meaning they had messengers, and look at

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what happened to those? You know, it would have been it's interesting, the Michigan omaka. When they passed by these ruins, they must have wondered, man, what people lived here. How do they make homes inside these mountains? We make homes of mud. They carved homes inside mountains, how do they build this thing? And if they were so powerful, how did they disappear? How did they get wiped out? And then they don't have they're not historians. They're not archaeologists, right. They don't have this vast historical record. And then cron comes and tells them the story of those nations that whose ruins they pass. And they're like, Oh, that's what happened to them. And now Ally's calling on that

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knowledge and says, haven't they passed by the land? Haven't they traveled in the land haven't taken a good look what kind of what came of them, those who came before them. And after he shows them that look, no matter how good a house you build, no matter what kind of pyramid and Sphinx you build, no matter what remarkable tombs you build, you're still dead. You're still dead, no matter what palaces you build, look at what they've turned into. You're still gone. The old if you want a home that's gonna last it's not going to be on this earth.

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It's not going to be on this earth. You know, to me, the the ruins of Egypt particularly are such an incredible reminder from Allah, you have architecture that has survived millennia. That's unheard of. Like in New York, you have a home that was built in the 1900s of literally a reconstructed over and over again, over here in Texas, when you build a home in the 90s, the soil shifts, you got to get the foundation redone. Right, you got to get the piping redone the air conditioning redone the roofing reader, you leave a house untouched for 30 4050 years, what's going to happen to that house, it's not going to be a house no more, let me tell you is gonna fall apart. And what happens even in

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because we use cheap labor and cheap materials, and we cheat people and we build big buildings in the Muslim world, and one earthquake happens and what happens, the structure falls apart. Lots of lives are lost. We don't build architecture to last, right? And even now they talk about elasticity, and having architecture less these ruins of Egypt, how many 1000s of years that they survive. If there was ever any architecture, any palace, palatial home that was timeless, you would point to Egypt. You'll point to those ruins. You know, and you want to point out the ancient pyramids around the world.

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And the question then arises, where are the powerful inhabitants of those amazing

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structures. Where are they? They're erased from the world. They're erased. And look after Elon makes reference to those homes that were built to last right? What What good is a home that's built to last if you don't last?

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Isn't that an incredible argument that Allah makes just just look at this? Look at how it lasted. But look at those people. Where are they? Where do they go? And look at what Allah says next one, a DOD will, not the hiring, and the home of the final life is better. Little Athena taco for those who protected themselves, which is also an interesting, you know, phrasing, because the entire idea of building a home is to protect yourself from the elements. The idea of building a palace and a fort is to protect yourself from invading forces. The idea of building deep foundations and large, you know, rigid construction materials is to protect yourself from deterioration from the roof to

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collapse. And he says the only protection is duck walk. And when you have Taqwa, you're building yourself to home in the final end. But that will adaro at Haley Latina taco of Allah Taki don't, why don't you think then why don't you think then meaning Allah then points that he was saying having they traveled, but he points at the end Have you not thought about it, all of you. So he switches over to the second person, it's called an empty fat. Now, that's a because we're talking about the flow of the passage, I'll bring this up. The third person is distant. The second person you so the third person is day, the second person is you. And you as close. And when you go from the third

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person to second person quickly. That's supposed to be a wake up call. Okay? Students should listen carefully. You better listen carefully.

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When you say students should listen carefully, students better be ready. They better study for the exam. 20 students sitting in the class gang, yes. Students, and then you say you abdelkarim be ready. Yes, yes, yes, it's tough.

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Because the woman I say you that they became all too real. They can use what they call in psychology, the diffusion of responsibility. When you use they could be talking about, it's about everybody. Over the moment, you've used the word you then it comes way too close to home. So that's what a lead does a fella torpedo and he brings it close to home, which is also really interesting, because they which is distant was used for when you're passing by ruins, which are distinct in history. And then he switches to the EU, for you who are living right now. So he uses the closer person for the closer time and closer era. She's incredible, had the status of rasuluh. Then he

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says, But why did that have? Why did those nations get destroyed? Well, at the end, the final episode of those nations was the very moment when their messengers almost lost hope. And they were convinced that they're going to be called liars. That's one of the readings we did multiple readings of this ayah. Our aid finally came to those messengers. Meaning those palaces, those homes, those civilizations were not the source of aid aid came to Allah's Messenger Whose call was not being heard, whether you're due back sooner and for new German national and only who we wanted, was rescued. Only who we wanted was rescued, whether you're allowed to back sooner and the COVID would

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remain, and our punishment shall not be taken away from criminal people. So this passage is about courage and destroying their false sense of safety that they find in check. Which seems like it almost has nothing to do with sort of use of Suit yourself was about the trials of the profit slice on them. The difficulty he's going through then to find help him find strength and inspiration through the story of use of honey Salaam. And that was the entire story. And then at the end passage, I told you a lot first highlights how the Quran is giving him news, he couldn't have had himself that he come in and buy a lake. Then at the end, he told him, there are powerful lessons in

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the story.

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And then he says it's explicit explanation of all things and hold on what are the common units guidance and loving care for any people who seek to have faith? That was the discussion. And in the middle of it the courage better watch out? What is this doing here? Let's try to understand that. So almost, I want you to think of it this way, if you took 101 and then 110 it looks like one conversation, one on one in isolation and 110. But what happens in 102, or sorry, 102 sorry, 102 and 110. But from 103.

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I said the numbers wrong. I'm going to start over if you take 101 and 111 that 102 and our sorry 102 and 111. They look like one conversation Let me read that conversation to you. So the numbers disappear. They only come in and buy a new e Lake como cuando la de Qaeda amerihome omean Quran that is from the news of the unseen that we inspire to you. You weren't with them when they were coming together for what their decision and you weren't

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with them as they were making their scheme in their story, there is a profound lesson for those who have sound minds. It is not made up speech, you see how there's a continuity. But what I did right now was I read I am number 102. And I went straight to number 111, which seems like a continuous conversation, just like it was in the beginning of the surah. So what happened from 103? All the way to 110 is a completely different topic, do not think they're safe. And the prophets being told most of them aren't going to believe. What is this doing here? So let's connect this, first of all, why would this insertion happened? And why? What's the strategic benefit of understanding this

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insertion? exactly where it is, first of all, unless as we have given you news of the unseen, you weren't there when they were making their schemes in private? Yeah. And immediately, he starts talking about the coronation of Baka, letting the Prophet know, it's not just use of and his brothers use his brothers who are making schemes in private. You've got some brothers who make schemes in private right here in this family, the family of Hashem.

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And let me tell you, those are the people no matter how hard you try, they're not going to believe because they hate you. They hate what you have. And in fact, you also have some other brothers through Ibrahim alayhis, salam, the Israelites, that are already aware that you're in Makkah, and you're talking about the final revelation. And they have confirmed from their own books, that you have the final revelation, and they're already starting to scheme in private. And they are the sons of Israel, that are scheming and private against you already. And you know what, they're acting like the original corrupted sons of Israel. And yet, here they are, again, the sons of Israel, acting the

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same way again, and no matter how badly you want, they're not going to believe they've already made up their mind. The proposition was being made aware that this is history repeating itself. This isn't the time for them to come around. And it's not like you want anything from them, just like you so didn't want anything from his brothers.

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And in fact, they felt like they will be left inferior in front of their father, right? There's not even a father, maybe they want to claim to Ibrahim alayhis salam now, who is the true claimant to the legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. But even even beyond that, this is a reminder for all nations and all peoples. And look at that. When when Yusuf Ali salam, he's the only Israel a prophet you can think of that has a message for his own people, the Israelites. And he also has a message for Egypt. Right, other nations benefited from his message, didn't they? And now in the most complete sense, also Lhasa them, if the Quran don't want to hear it.

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If the Arabs of your region don't want to hear it, this is a message for planet Earth. In who Allah declared, it will spread no matter what, it's much bigger than you, you could be petty about it, you few brothers against use of this message. And the good that this message will bring will affect the entire Egyptian Empire and all of the bankrupt nations that are surrounding it. This will affect the entire world.

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That's what happened with the story of Lucifer. They said, I'm right. And now through that example, allies telling the Quran that you've been given their petty scheming, and their stubbornness will not put a stop to this, this is too big for them. They're too little compared to this. There's not a big obstacle for you. And speaking of them, you know, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself that they're overlooking. How many signs have they passed through? So you see what's happened? The story of use of a slum and the lessons from him have been juxtaposed. Why? Because how many signs did they pass through the brothers of use of they saw, they saw the signs of the dream, their father being a

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prophet, they saw sign after sign of what's happening in Egypt. But they didn't, they couldn't humble themselves. They just had to ignore, ignore, ignore. And most of them believe in Allah while they still commit chick.

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Notice that they will even allow while they still commit chick, and this is actually there are some elements of that we found in the story of use of honey serum, then this false sense of safety. Remember, the brother said, How who can touch us where possible?

00:24:05--> 00:24:15

Right. We're, we're untouchable. And now from that echoing from that we come into this passage and listen to the correlation. Oh, they are they think they're a big bunch, huh?

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I'm Jaco, Luna, new Jimmy Oh.

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These are they saying we are a big bunch that can take revenge if we need to. We can defend ourselves. So you will jump over you will lose the war. The entire gathering shall be dispersed and they'll be showing their backs. There'll be showing backs they'll be running off. So they have the same mentality in other places in court on that the brothers of us have had early on in the story. Then he says this is my path I call to it. Use of Elisa in prison was told when nobody's there to listen. This is the father This is the path of my father and that legacy. He declares it and other prophets are being told to declare it. This is my

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It's interesting that he there said, I have left the religion of people who don't believe in Allah. And Allah was told the convener camellia de, I'm leaving the religion of people who don't believe in Allah.

00:25:13--> 00:25:51

And he's calling on the legacy of his father. He says, I follow the legacy of my father, the prophet SAW someone said, I, whoever follows me and I'm not from those who are emotionally keen, and then he calls him back to the previous prophet. So what I'm trying to get to get at is the continuity. There is actually a continuity and the Quran has strategically superimposed the struggles of use of honey, saddam and the hopelessness that was felt on many occasions, with the struggles of Rasulullah, saw Selim. But to me, the most important lesson is as follows. You see, at the end of the story that they learned their lesson, yeah, they were humbled, and they learned their lesson, right? And look

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at the end, now you'll appreciate something else at the end. He says, Look, I'm gonna feed him a little Bob in their story. And one of the ways you can read in their story is the story of the brothers of Yusuf. There's a powerful lesson for those who have sound minds. In other words, you can be messed up because they were messed up. But you can still redeem yourself, if you have a sound mind. It's not too late for you.

00:26:17--> 00:26:47

This is not made up speech. This is confirming what is right ahead of you. And it's explaining everything and it's a guidance and it is a loving act of a loving act of mercy and care for people who want to believe why and like that, after an entire passage 103 to 110 of how stubborn disbelievers are. Allah then says, By the way, if you contemplate their story, not every story of the nation that has people that rebelled against the less profits has to end in destruction.

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And these words are not made up, you can still find home. So after that stern warning, most of them won't believe most of them still commit schicke messengers almost lost hope in our aid came and our punishment will not be taken away from disbelievers. At the end of all of that, by the way, there's still hope for you. If you can learn from the story. You could be like the story of Noah, and the story of Somalia and the story of shame. You can be like the story of Messiah and you know, you can be like the pharaohs. You can be like the nation of loot, you can do that you have that choice. Or you can be like the brothers of use of who can come back and find themselves who can be humbled up

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to you. It's up to you. So well, I can just dhikala de vida de voto silica, Alicia Rama, Lee Coleman, you know. So that's, in a nutshell, the logic of the placement of this passage. Now I want to talk to you just about this passage alone and the structure of it. Okay, so what I'm going to show you on the screen now

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is something I put together to help you visualize this because it's a lot of texts. So from one to three to 110. So actually, let's go fullscreen on it.

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So the first thing is what my accident nurse and I made the Arabic really small because I'll say it but you know for most of you, you know you're gonna follow along the English. So I've put some summarized notes there. It's not a complete translation. Well, my fellow nurse, he will know how to study what meaning most people no matter how badly you want, how much zeal you have for it, they will not become believers. What matters alohomora human, you're not asking to be paid.

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In huella vikhroli lighly me alameen wa em and I attend for some Allah T will have the moon Ali ha, Oman hamari Boone, how many miraculous signs are there that they ignore in the skies? In the earth, even though the reminders for everybody, they're just ignoring the revelation and the skies and the earth and the signs that surround them? So Allah is saying this, they're surrounded by reminders, and they are completely immersed in ignoring the reminders. That's the comment that's being made here. In 104105, then most of them even when they believe they still do what, they still come in check.

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And then, I mean, to hamartia tominaga Bella, are they feeling safe, that an overwhelming punishment from Allah will not come at them? Why do they have this false sense of security? So I talked to you about that. So these are the once again, let's look at it 12345 elements that are in the first part of this passage, okay. But now, I told you that this is up to 107. But I told you this passage is up to 110. Right? So I'm going to show you something that kind of helps us build the architectural view of this passage a little bit. So the first item I mentioned to you was most people no matter how hard you try will not believe.

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Now I'll show you the end of this passage. The bottom of this passage had died in the state of Serbia, Sulu, while one new and new home called the coup de booja humanness Luna Fujiyama Nasha, Ola euro to Botswana and in common with the mean, if most of them will not believe. When a prophet hears that what will what will happen to that Prophet, he might become hopeless, right. And if most of them will not believe that most of them are deserving of what

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Look at the ending until messengers almost lost hope.

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And they were convinced that they've been lied to our aid came to them. So no matter how hard you try, they're not going to believe but you know what, that doesn't matter, they're still going to be destroyed. They're not going to win. The your will, allies will will will win over them. And our punishment will not be taken away from them. So they're, they're adamant, you know, refusal to believe at the end will be met with a less decisive punishment. You want to be decisive about disbelieving? Well, then Allah is decisive about punishing. So that's the opening and the closing of this passage. Now, we talked about these two that's the decisive them decisively disbelieving and

00:30:44--> 00:30:58

alleged decisively punishment punishing Eventually, the second item was, you're not asking to be paid, what matters alohomora he, manager and working backwards, Allah says, And the final home is better for those who have Taqwa.

00:31:00--> 00:31:39

In other words, Allah the messenger is not looking for payment in this life from anyone. The messenger is looking for payment for from the era. And the messenger wants you not to have any earnings in this life. When it comes to costing you the earnings of the next life, the messengers trying to save you from destruction in this life, and save and give you allow you to enter the final home by Allah's mercy in the next life. So this is actually about where your motivations are. Because we run after compensation human beings, right. So on the one hand, you messengers aren't asking for worldly compensation. And then the law says By the way, believers and people who have

00:31:39--> 00:31:42

Taqwa they have an accurate compensation That's way better when

00:31:44--> 00:31:54

you live in a taco. So the two contrasting compensations have been talked about. So once again, but the first the top and the bottom, and the second and the second from the bottom.

00:31:55--> 00:32:34

Then you've got this third portion, which is it is a reminder, and they ignore it, whether it comes from Revelation, or it comes from the skies, or it comes from the earth, they are constantly in a state of ignoring reminders. And on the flip side, Allah says, it's not just the reminders, how many messengers have we sent before, and when people ignore their reminders what happened to them, these ruins? Right, these ruins came at them. So this is the consequence of ignoring those reminders. And in fact, another way of looking at it is, those are the reminders of the earth. As they travel, they see that they see the revolution that come from the sky, and look at what happened to this earth

00:32:34--> 00:33:16

over here. And by the way, those nations were destroyed many times by punishment that came from the skies. Right. So the consequence of their ignoring that has been seen throughout history that's been contrast in between 104105 and then all the way and the at the end and in 109. So now we've compared three components. And now we move on to the fourth. Most of them will not believe except they commit shift when you walk through umbrella in lava homebush recon, and on the flip side, tell them this is my way I call to Allah with clear insight I and whoever follows me and I declare a less perfection and I am not one to commit shift. Most people even when they believe will come in shake, I won't.

00:33:17--> 00:33:32

Actually in Makkah, this is important to know and sorta Lanka, Buddha and other places in the Quran. Allah describes that if you ask the crush, these people who have idols around the Kaaba, whether inside the home and halaqa somehow it was

00:33:34--> 00:33:41

no law. If you were to ask them who created the skies in the earth, they will absolutely say a lot.

00:33:43--> 00:33:46

We don't wish deikun will say, Allah,

00:33:47--> 00:33:55

over and over again, if you ask them this question this question this question, they will absolutely say Allah. In other words, they say Allah and they still do.

00:33:56--> 00:34:19

So unless saying, then it's not just that you believe in a lion, they believe in Allah. The difference is you believe in Allah without doing any shift in him. And he shared with him. And so that distinction has been made. Most of them believe don't believe except they do share also, you declare that I am not from those who do shake. So now four elements have been compared to four elements?

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

And finally, are they feeling safe? That, that an overarching punishment will not show up? Like it showed up to previous nations? And on top of that, on the flip side, are they feeling safe, that judgment itself will not show up and all of a sudden, so two kinds of senses of security. You see a lot of talks about two kinds of or actually three kinds of punishment in the Koran, the destruction of nations, the day of judgment, and then hellfire. There's three destruction of nature nations now, then judgment day then finally hellfire. Those are the three main components of punishment Allah talks about in the Quran. Now, Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

The two main ones, the even Hellfire is actually you can consider it the the final chapter of the Day of Judgment. Right? Because once somebody is being punished on day on judgment day, that means that's where they're headed. So if you think of it this way, you can think of it as a law describes punishment in this life and in the next life for nations. So if you notice in the half in the first half of the ayah, are they feeling safe from punishment in this life? And on top of that, are they feeling safe from the punishment in the next life?

00:35:31--> 00:36:13

Meaning judgment day when they're resurrected? are they feeling secure? So in that sense, and I'll show you the Arabic Now, and I've color coded for those of you that are familiar with Arabic. So you can kind of see how everything is converging. Omar axon seawell Ohara stubbie momineen is tied to Hatta in the state of Sabah, Sulu one no and the Hong Kong coup de booja. Una for new Giovanni Nasha. Willa dubis, una COVID muslimeen. Wilma, alumina, human agile is about Azure in this life, and you don't you don't need that from them for this demo, because the only agenda we want is the pleasure of align the era. So contrasting from that, from the bottom up, what are the key hyrulean

00:36:13--> 00:36:40

Lena taco of Allah Taki known in the third item, it is nothing but a reminder. And so there's too much two components to the message, there's a reminder and the one who's delivering the reminder. And so there's the reminder, and then there's the messengers who delivered it. So the gyla knew he lay him in camera. And then there's a reminder of the skies in the earth, which is nature, you can think of it as that. And then there's the reminder of history.

00:36:41--> 00:37:23

Right? And that's the ruins of the past. So all dimensions of the reminder, the message, the messenger himself is a reminder, you know, for the good fight in nama and Tomodachi You're nothing but someone who reminds so Quran is Vicar and Rasulullah is Mothercare and the sky is on with a kid and the earth ism with a kid and history ism with a kid all them with a carrot are combined in these two is on both sides. And then when most people corrupt their faith in Allah which ship you should declare when they do allow you to accelerate humbler in level homebush deikun know you declare a druid Allahu Allah vasila tiene wa and our minister Bonnie's was Subhana Allah, Allah and Amina

00:37:23--> 00:38:02

machine and finally in the middle is the false sense of safety, either false sense of safety that Allah will not get you in this life, or the false sense of safety, that Allah will not question you on Judgement Day. or adapt to homosassa to bottom, or homeless Sharon. So this is the sort of final component to my discussion on the last passage of the soul, I want to give credit to one of my dear students and who's actually Mashallah surpassing me in many ways in the study of structural coherence in the Quran, Munir who I had a certain view of this passage, which is far more complex. And he gave me this breakdown suggested if I consider this in alternatively, and he asked me not to

00:38:02--> 00:38:06

mention him by name, which is why I'm mentioning him by name, you can put the camera back on me.

00:38:07--> 00:38:48

But now what I'm going to do my plan this week, inshallah is to actually do the most exciting part, which is the story itself, how is the story organized, and it is mind blowing. So hopefully, I can, I think I want to do that whole structural view of the story in one sitting, because I just want you to see the whole thing in one go. And I think you'll really, really enjoy that. So that's my plan for tomorrow, inshallah, I hope to put a really clean presentation for it together. So you can make sense of it easily and make reference to it later on. And I'll also refer you to some other people and whose work I've taken advantage of, to put that presentation together and cello. So we'll talk

00:38:48--> 00:39:26

about that tomorrow. And then when this coherence piece of the work on sort of the use of is done, the final piece arguably will be the this surah and its connections to the prophets, life similarities, and specific incidents in the prophets life and says specific elements in the prophets life later them and how it's tied to the solar. So that'll be the final series of discussions we're going to have before we wrap up the surah. And then I have things to talk to you guys about about which Sula, we're going to take on next, inshallah So, but we're a little bit of waste from that. Hopefully, tomorrow, you guys will join me. For those of you that are have you know, friends and

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family that aren't watching nowadays, I would request that you somehow invite them to join me tomorrow. I'll try to start my session tomorrow at 8pm my time. So about whatever time it is for you in the world right now. 90 minutes before right now, tomorrow is when I'm going to start my session it will probably be an hour or less. But I think even younger audiences everybody will enjoy it won't be complicated. They won't be Arabic and that in tomorrow's session, the whole thing will be in English. And I won't even make too many Arabic references because to understand the order and the sequence of the story you don't really

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

That much need the Arabic references, you know really much of that you just need to understand that and you can those of you that are versed in Arabic and hamdulillah globally, then you can see that for yourselves in the story inshallah Allah so I'm excited for that tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you then barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato