Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Yusuf #25

Nouman Ali Khan
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Sure, okay,

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Solomonic what

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are all the wilhemina shaitana Raji all at feather alikhan Allah de Lune nanny fee? what are called urawa to one FC he has stout sama a Lamia file.

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Morrow hola yo Shannon Allah wa coonan mina Slav Ed Robbie shocky Southern it were Silly me he looked at me lasagna Khalid hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah Allah Allah He was happy Ah man, Am I bad everyone Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today, I try to cover some lessons from Ayah number 32 of Salut Yusuf. And just to catch everybody up, those of you that have been following along from the beginning, we're at the point now, where the women have made this scene around Yusuf Ali Salaam, he's highly uncomfortable, and they're calling him a gracious Angel. And I talked about what you know what that implies last time. And it is at this point that the wife

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of the minister whose name has not been mentioned in the Quran gets emboldened when I tried to show you is that she was trying to get something on them. And now she does, she's proven her point to them, because basically, it's almost as if they're she's trying to say, well, you blame me for having seduced him or tried to seduce him. And I live with him. And you couldn't handle 10 minutes with the guy and look at look at how crazy all you women are going right? So she's now made her point that she's actually if you think I'm the one to blame, you're the one I'm in a in a twisted way, I'm in a morally higher position than you all are now. Right? So she's got this sense of

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superiority now, which means now she can speak her mind freely. And this is actually about that speaking her mind freely. As if now that, you know I have something you had dirt on me now I have dirt on you, which means we have a gentlemen's agreement or in this case a ladies agreement and therefore we can speak freely now we don't have to hide behind pretense. We don't have to say things that we think may be used against us outside now everybody can speak without a filter. Right so she's now going to speak unfiltered what she thinks and what's you know, what she feels and what she wants. So she says for the alikhan Allah de la to nanny fee This is where we begin so she said that

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is and good night here the Laguna for those of you that are Arabic students and want to know, typically the Arabic word for that is the liquor, the liquor, but the caf in Delica the cup part is actually a pronoun meaning if I'm pointing at this wall, and I want one man's attention the Arabic pronoun the attached pronoun for one male his car so if I say that and I say talica that guy refers to me trying to get one man's attention to look at that car so generally speaking that Scott if I was talking to one woman and I pointed at this wall, I can say that lucky because the key would refer to a female whose attention I'm getting while I pointed this wall, okay, if you have you know,

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Larissa which I'm saying for example, tikka Tikka is that for the feminine so if you pointed a tree tilaka Shara but if he's if he's talking to Adam and Eve our parents are doing how was Salam ala Hema, and he's telling you about that tree? Yeah, he says still Kuma Mashallah till Kuma, so the tail part is pointing at the tree. The Kumar part is saying both of you pay attention, that's the tree I'm talking about. Okay, so it's a two part word. Now the only con is the word that's used here. The valley part really the valley really is the pointer the alarm is little bird to four distance, and then the calf or the couldna part is you literally means you women. So it's that

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comma, ladies exclamation mark.

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That ladies is what you know, for example of somebody on stage and you say that ladies and gentlemen was the president of the university or something like that right? The sentences that was the president but you stopped that and you address the audience to whom you were saying that to you throw them in and then you go on that's kind of embedded in Arabic language so you have here that he couldn't answer as a standard thing that ladies so that's that's already included there. You You women under the loom Tony fee. Now the word that could refer to two things, I'll start with one concept and that is that that is referring to use of Elisa. Okay, so that men ladies is the one that

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you are blaming me about under the long term nanny fee. The ones that you blame me about the ones that you were making comments about me and putting me to shame llama can mean all of those things, blame to put to shame to embarrass etc. Right? So the ones you were casting blame on me about was him, by the way. So they are now put on the spot. Now the benefit of saying it like that is Oh, so you were blaming me but look at you.

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That's the same

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By the way, so that you can level up to any fee. Now if when I translated that way, I translated it as a sentence so that a valid value couldn't apart is the what's called a mucked about the subject of the sentence. And under the long tone, any fee would be the predicate of the sentence. And that would mean in English translation, that is the that is the one you blamed me about. So there's an is there, you can look at this as muscle suffer to

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that one that you blamed me about. And there's, you look at it that way, that one that you blamed me about is the same one you're going crazy over. But you didn't have to say that part. It's almost as if that's a rhetorically understood thing, or he, in fact, is the one that you blame me about. So there's two ways grammatically to look at that it's a subtle difference between those two, but the other, meaning what valleca could refer to, and this brings me to something I didn't talk about yesterday, is their comment, they said that he's pierce through the veils of our heart with love, remember that, like that she's in basically, she's in love with him, right. And in a previous

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session, I talked to you when we address this, when we talked about Yusuf Ali Salaam and his brothers, that they think they have a very twisted definition of love.

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Their very twisted, you know, corrupted definition of love. And that's a that's a different, you know, corruption, contamination of the actual definition of love. And these women in this environment, they have their own twisted definition of love. Now, generally speaking, people use the word love very casually, very openly, right? So we can say something like a man, I love those new sneakers, or I love this movie, or I love that match, or I love this or love that. So we can use the word hope in very generic terms to and I do believe that they're throwing it out in that way. Okay. But it also gives us an insight into how these sacred notions like, you know what jalapeno commodity

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and what Amala says between spouses a lot, put love intense love, right, and now they've got a different color, you know, infatuation or being attracted to someone or wanting to possess someone is their concept of love. Right, or it's just purely physical in nature, that that's love. And their definition of Love has no consideration of for the well being or the dignity or you know, the the spiritual integrity of the one that they love.

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Because what you love is just a thing to use for yourself. So love in these. So far the theme that ties wherever love has come up, is it seen by certain people as something that makes them feel better, and it actually even is harmful to the one that they love. So use of brothers are you know, are they love, apparently, their dad, and they want his love. But that love is making them do twisted things. And it has nothing to do with something better for their dad, it's really about them feeling better about themselves. The same way with her. Even if you do consider this some twisted form of love. genuine love makes you want to be good to the one that you are loving. If I love my

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child, I want the best for them. If I love my parents, I want the best for them. I love my spouse, I want to honor my spouse, I want to protect my spouse, I want to take care of my spouse, I want to be loving to my smell all of those things. Because part of my love isn't just what makes me feel good. Actually, if you genuinely love someone, you feel good when they feel good. You feel good when they're happy. That's what that's what makes you happy. But that's not the kind of love they're talking about. Right? So they have their own. And why am I going into this tangent discussion about love? Because the valley girl could in a sense refer to that twisted love that they refer to that

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love that you blame me about well, what is this that I see when you y'all fall in love with him too, didn't you? You're loving him just as much actually more than I did. So she's using that same twisted definition back at them. So it could be that the word that refers to use of he is the one that you blame me about? Or that behavior is the thing that you blame me about? How about your behavior, that love that made me do crazy things? How about your loving, it's making you do crazy things. So for the licola, the long term nanny fee, okay, now, up until this part of the ayah what's become clear, it's become clear that she now has something to criticize them with. She's got them on

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the spot. She's now in this, you know, got gotcha moment. She's got the gotcha moment. Now that she's got that gotcha moment. Now she can speak without filter, because what are you going to do about it? You're going to go and tell everybody because I'm going to confirm the rumor for you right now. You may have heard I fell in love with him. Or I tried to seduce him and you talked about all that stuff. So you know, let's just the cats out of the bag. Let's just call a spade a spade. Now I can speak freely. This is not going to be a press release outside. If somebody asked her outside she'd say it's a lie. She said I don't know what you're talking about. These are rumors is filthy.

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But inside this room, since

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She's got them where she wants them. She can actually speak her mind and they can't do anything about it. So what you learn now is part of the corruption that Ally's describing is not just political, but it's actually a social reality. Some people they present the are a certain way among a certain group. Like Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah la vida Hello Elijah, Tina him in America in America, mustachioed when they're with you, they say we're with you. When they we believe to when they're when they're hanging out with their own devils. They say, No, we're just kidding. There's two different realities, right, depending on the circle, you show your true colors. Now she feels

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safe enough to show her true colors when it comes to this situation. Right. And so what does she do? She says, well, Akala T one FC. In fact, I did try to seduce him. That absolutely did happen. And I love actually means to take an oath. Like, I swear. It's like I swear. I'm telling you actually, yep, that did in fact happen for real. Yes, it did. I did try to seduce and he's poor man standing there under his salon with these ladies going crazy. And she goes ladies, can you come down a second? That's the one you were bleeding me about? And by the way? Yeah, I did try to sudo some That's a fact. Welcome to our to NFC. She is emboldened enough to just say that and at this point

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like I where I left you guys off yesterday, use of Elisa Lam is just an object to them that they're talking about. And he's not a person to them at this point. He's just, you know, something to use to make a point. Yep, I did want to show write it. I wanted to do some first start some amazing work.

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You know, this, this root letter or this map, which is generally in the figurative sense use for protection. So you know, Mandela, Dr. similkameen, Allah, Who is going to be the one that protects you from Allah. This is why I don't seem to be heavily la hegemon hold on to Allah's rope for protection. Right. So at Islam is to hold on to something for dear life to protect yourself.

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The idea behind some of the original imagery behind this might actually has to do with blood stains, or animals get urine stains or other kinds of stains, and the fluid dries up on their skin and becomes hardened. Like if a blood stain became hardened, or an oil stain became hardened, and it won't come off. So it becomes a layer on top of a layer. And they become stuck on top kind of like a shield. Right? So it started getting used for something that can't be penetrated can't be broken. And it shields so from it got the you know, came the idea of something that prevents attack from happening and shields. So that's the idea. The figurative idea of protection from a smile actually

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comes from that. Okay, so now he's saying for start summer, so he and the stiff eyelid pattern here is for bovada he held on for dear life, he stood his ground, he just held on and shielded himself, you know, to sRGB still hold on and stay in place. Right? So she says I tried to seduce him, but he held his ground. He held his ground. This is actually pretty profound. This is her words, right? She that he held his ground, and he protected himself. This is her from her, even her corrupt mind. She understands what he was doing, protecting himself. Even in the heart of hearts when she spoke the truth. She didn't come up with some other story of well, he was he wasn't interested or he was

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interested. But you know, you don't you guys don't really know what he was about. She doesn't have to make an alibi and explain anything. She's gonna come right out and say just like he's protecting himself from all of you right now. And he's not interested. And you're calling him not even regular guy. He's an angel. Well, guess what he held on and protected himself from me. That's what he did too. But the idea of holding your ground like the I think the English expression can also be digging in your heels like you stand your ground, right? You don't budge from your position, you hold on tight. Ironically, if you look at the scene in the scene, he didn't physically hold his ground he

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ran. Right. He fled the scene. And her description is he held on tight. He held on tight. She doesn't mean literally he held on tight. She means figuratively, he held on tight to his faith. He held on tight to his morals, his principles he held on tight to his self control. But physically speaking, did he hold on tight or did he run? He ran on this this is kind of a contradiction in words, right? So instead of her even saying and a lot of recording, he ran off. He's basically describing he held on tight. Now why is that important? Because perhaps a lesson in this for all of us is that when you find yourself in a situation that can compromise your integrity.

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Then don't be self righteous and think to yourself, I should stay here and hold on tight. I have a man strong enough that I can handle it. No sometimes running for your life away from that.

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That situation is holding on tight.

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So you would think that you're doing the brave thing by staying in the fitness situation? No, you're doing the brave thing by running that's holding your ground. So what looks to the world, like fleeing is being described as holding your ground. And that's actually one of the ways in which the Quran through the words of people, they don't even realize it like this foreshadowing, right? Through the words of people and that recorded in the Quran, Allah teaches us some pretty interesting realities. And one of them is, the spiritual way of looking at something can be the opposite of what the physical eyes see. The physical eyes see someone running. And from a spiritual point of view,

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his running is actually him holding his ground. And that happens when it comes to matters of the not just in this situation in in many walks of life. Here you are walking away from something and people are saying, What are you scared?

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What do you can't handle it? What are you just going to walk away. And people are like putting you in a position where there are other reasons why it looks like you're being cowardly, or you're not standing your ground. And you know, that you're you're taking the stance that you're taking, or you're leaving the scene, or you're walking away from it, because you are holding on to your theme. They can't understand that because they don't see the world in that light. They only see it in a social sense. They'll say get real, be realistic, be practical, because in their mind, being practical means please people or please yourself, in their mind, being practical has nothing to do

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with pleasing Allah. Everybody else is part of their equation. allies that part of the equation, Allah is not part of the equation. The other remarkable thing here before I go to even the more drastic things that she says

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is that, you know, Yusuf Alayhi Salam was alone. And the first fear he had was a loss judgment. First unless protection from this, that Allah has been good to me, how can I be disloyal to him? He's concerned about the judgment of Allah. And then we're gonna be so the reference to a law is like three times over my other law. In the hood, I'll be slms wire, Lola, Robert hanabi, three times over. There's a reference to a lot a lot in that situation in that private situation. So his primary concern is how will Alessi me in this state? What is the law one for me in this state? That's the use of point of view.

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The minister's wife when nobody else was there, all she could worry about was her desire. That's all that she saw. She those words didn't matter. The plea didn't matter uses dignity, nothing else mattered. She was her own God at that point. All she worship was was her own desire. She's only going to submit to that. When the minister's wife caught when the husband caught her at the door.

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Now, there's still a fear of Allah knows fear, who fear of people, fear of the husband's judgment, fear of reputation. If there is fear, it's fear of everything else except to accept Allah. Now out of fear to get over that anxiety and that fear of people, she sets up this entire scene. Now she's incredibly incriminated, those people. Now those women that could have destroyed her marriage or destroyed his political career, all of them have been silenced. So now the fear of people is gone again. Yeah. So when what I'm trying to say is when she was inside that room, there was no fear of people. If anything, there should have been fear of Allah. But that wasn't there. When she got

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caught outside, there was now fear of people. But now that she's put those people in a corner, again, there is no fear of people that the fear of people has gone. Well, if the fear of people is gone, you should still have fear of who you should still have fear of Allah. But notice now that there's the fear of people is gone. She says about him, he protected himself, even though nobody was watching.

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I tried to seduce him and he tried, he held his ground in this state and even before he's, he's the same, he just tries to protect himself. In other words, he doesn't care about what people think he doesn't even care about what his owners think, what his employers think, what the authorities he doesn't care, he just only cares about whether he's protecting himself by by not violating a less command. That's it. That's all he cares about. That's all he's concerned with. But I'm not like that. Now, I don't have fear of people anymore. She does. He does. She no longer has fear of people. She can speak her mind. So what is she gonna say? Look at her, let him have Alma Maru. And if he

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doesn't do whatever I tell him to.

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If he doesn't do whatever I tell him to lie use gentlemen. He will apps I swear to it. And I'm telling you, and I'm telling you, he will be thrown in jail for sure.

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I will, when I'm in a Saturday, and absolutely he's going to be from he's going to join the ranks of those that are humiliated. He's going to be among the humiliated, the world those that are made insignificant he that these two things are going to happen.

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If he doesn't do whatever I tell him to do, who's the ultimate authority? Now again? She is, there is no one above her. And if you don't obey her, then there's only 10 there's punishment.

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You know, the idea that there's someone worthy of obedience. And if you don't do what I say there shall be punishment. What does that sound like? What does that sound like? That sounds like someone taking a position where they want to be they want to have someone submit to them, isn't it? And the only one worthy for us to submit to is allows origin. You see our item Anna tada Ilaha, who have you seen someone who takes their desires and turns them into their God?

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Her need is to actually in a sense, in the sense of obedience at this point, it seems her needs to be worshipped. Her fear of people is gone. And there's the gathering of women right there. And she has no shame commanding what she come at it with, you would think she would have some shame asking for what she's asking for. She doesn't care. They're all listening. Yusuf Ali Salaam is right there. And by the way, she's not addressing him, she doesn't tell turn to him and say, if you don't do what I say, I will throw you in jail, and I will make you humiliated. No, she's objectifying him and talking to them and saying, and if he doesn't do whatever I want him to whatever I tell him to, he's

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gonna get thrown in jail, and he'll be from those humiliated. The first thing to note before we dive into the language of desire, the remarkable thing is the defiance man, the defiance, once a couple of I article, the husband said to her first off, we need them back, even though it was superficial, seek forgiveness for your sin.

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And this, this looks like she's sorry for what happened before? No, this looks like she just wanted to prove her point to some women. No, she's still burnt, about the rejection that Yusuf Alayhi Salam delivered to her.

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She's still in her head, you're gonna walk, you think you get to reject me, you think because you turn me away, people are going to talk about me, and I'm going to let that go.

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I'm going to make you pay. And I'll make you pay in the worst ways. And now I'm going to get a little bit grammatical with you and show you how bad her sense of vengeance and her sense to see him humiliated and sensitive. If she wanted one thing from him now she wants a lot more from him now, before it was one thing, but now is going to be way more now. So here's the grammatical part. For ela, in a sense, if you say in for Allah in Arabic, which means if he did, if he did,

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and then you say in your file, if he does, rhetorically, they're actually equivalent in Arabic. The only difference is when you use the past tense, then that refers to produce a singular event. So for example, in a color as opposed to India, okay, in a color means if he ate or if he eats, but it's referring to one meal. If he ate that one time, in yockel actually means if he eats meaning, lunch, breakfast dinner today, tomorrow day after continuous action, so I'll move on to analyst MRR the present tense, alludes to continuity, while the past tense alludes to something like a singular event. I'll give you an example of that in the Quran, even without the internet without the

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You find use of Islam. Actually, this is a good example. You should probably some saw the dream, right? And he saw the dream that 11 stars the sun and the moon. You remember from the beginning, he sounds right to use the past tense I saw. I saw Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam sees the dream that he's slaughtering his son. You remember that dream? Allah says when he describes his dreams to his son in the rfl Menominee era film anomic era. I see. He doesn't say I saw he says, I see. So Yusuf Ali some sees a dream. But he says I saw and Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam sees a dream but he says I see. Now why is that? Well, because he sees it continuously. He didn't see it one time he kept seeing it.

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So the continuity of it is captured inside the present tense. A really interesting case of this, I believe is

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I'm don't quote me on this either insulted by that is one of the two I think it's

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my job, but I could be completely wrong. I'll double check.

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So Allah talks about killing. Yeah, and the laws behind killing. And there are two kinds of deaths, wrongful deaths. There is, you know, accidental, you accidentally killed somebody. Right? So you invited somebody over to your apartment and you live on the 30th floor and you're having a barbecue in the balcony. They're like, hey, haven't seen you in a while and you pat them on the back and oh, you know, that was accidental. Yeah, you didn't mean to kill them, but that happened. So woman katella mean and haha and whoever killed a believer by mistake the khattala is past tense. Yeah. But then, if two weeks later, another one of your friends. Oh, off the balcony.

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Then the cops are gonna be like, you got a pet pet your friends on the balcony problem. I don't think that then they'll start questioning whether the first one was also a what? A mistake so they'll start an investigation or reinvestigate the previous scene, right? So Allah says, woman, young woman and with me then same ayat, he says, Whoever kills a believer on purpose, so when it was by mistake, he said, killed. And when it's on purpose, he says, kills. Now, again, I'm illustrating the past and present difference. Killed would mean if something did something so heinous did happen, it can only happen once. By mistake, you can only kill somebody how many times once. But if you kill

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somebody on purpose, then there's another possibility you've done it before. And there's definitely a possibility you'll do it again, and that's captured in the present tense. So what I'm getting at coming back to this is the past tense can allude to something that happens a single time. And the present tense alludes to something that happens continuously, the lumea file in lumea file as opposed to a lie of theirs to actually later the i O, we're going to do tomorrow in sha Allah says a lot of fluff and Nika do not lump us live in a lot of sleep. So in lamea, file in this ayah is actually past tense. So the language is pretty crafty in that sense. Why? Because she's saying, If

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he doesn't, if he doesn't do the see the one thing, even if I asked him any one thing to do,

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now, the other subtlety, so that he's talking about one act, whatever act it may be, we're not going to spell that out. You can imagine it's that original act. But she's going beyond that, as you will see, you see that now for Arabic students, there's a concept in Arabic called allied. So what we say is my Moodle Hu B by mu B and I'll go get a little bit technical, but inshallah it will make sense at the end. So when you say, Amara in Arabic to command, then there are two objects of the verb, who do you come in? And what do you command them to do? Okay, so two objects of the verb to details are added to that action. So if I say I commanded you, or I instructed you, then you have to say I

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instructed you to read. So now there are two objects one object is you. And the other object is the reading, which comes after a thought or two in English, and Arabic, it comes after about so not tuca. If I say to my son, you know, America is sadati. I instructed you to pray that whatever I instructed you to comes after a bar, okay. Now, some scholars here said, the Moodle who the who in Moodle, who the domain is actually there, because you don't sometimes need the bar, you can do it without the bar. So the translation then would be if he doesn't do

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even if it's well four into one act, if he did, if he wouldn't do whatever, I command him, whatever I come at, know him, the word him isn't there, whatever I come in, if he doesn't do whatever I command, that's their interpretation. Now, I would argue, and I discussed this with him from an ethical point of view, that that there should be a be here expected. What a Lamia file. Maru v Mamoru. b. So the V would be whatever I command him to do. The to do part would be B. That's called it because the word MA in ma Moodle and the E in V are referring to the same thing. Okay, so now in Arabic, you say moku? what I said. But there's a high in addition. So sometimes when Arabs learn

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English, they say what I said it,

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right? Why do they add to it because in Arabic, it is normal. So they bring the English and say what I said it, you know, what I think it, you know, so that's because that's a normal thing in Arabic Now, when that additional pronoun is mentioned, and sometimes it is not mentioned, it does make a subtle difference. And this is something I learned from Manya Napa when Dr. Foul father son has summarized book, I think it's a remarkable observation about that. If it is mentioned, if b here is mentioned, then it restricts the meaning to whatever one thing that she's commanding him to do.

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But if you want to open the scope of the Act to whatever commands, it's not going to be one command, it's going to be a plethora of commands, and it can be related to her related to one of these women related to anything else. She wants to know. Oh, you thought that this was bad that I asked you to do this one thing, wait till I tell you to do what I tell you to do now.

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She's going to open it up and make it so much worse for him. And how much worse even beyond words, is because the B he isn't even there. The B he isn't even there. So it's as if the scope of it has been opened up, as if she's saying and if he doesn't do whatever I tell him to do. And then the armory is in the present tense and I just gave you a little bit of a spiel about past tense is a singular event and present tense is a

00:30:00 --> 00:30:20

Continuous thing, if she was only referring to the time where she said, Hey tallac in the bedroom, then she would say whatever I told him, whatever I told him because the instructions still stands. She's saying if he doesn't do whatever I command have not commanded, whatever I command him to do.

00:30:22 --> 00:30:58

And what that means is that she's going to come up with new commands, new instructions, and she's going to make his life a living * continuously. she plans on using him and humiliating him over and over and over again, because she's got this vendetta How dare he put me down? I'll show him what happens when you put me down or you wanted to preserve your dignity, huh? You wanted to hold on and do Is there some for Star sama he held on so tight and protected himself? Okay. We'll see about your protection. Now we're learning something else. Allah says in the Quran is spirou wasabi. Wasabi to have server and compete in southern

00:31:00 --> 00:31:37

compete compete against two. If you are persevering to do the right, the evil side will persevere to do the wrong if they see you what take one more step towards the right. They'll take three more steps towards the wrong and show you how much more committed to wrong they are. She didn't stop at one wrong. She's like, oh, oh, you you want to bring it? Let's bring it. She's rolled up her sleeves. And she's like, I don't have fear of people anymore. So I can show my true colors. You just messed with the wrong, you know, wrong woman. I know. I'll give you a video game reference. Some of you can like a stuff. It'll live it. Those of you who don't like video game references, you can you

00:31:37 --> 00:31:54

know completely just put it on mute and do the car while I explain this to you. When you have bosses in a video game. Sometimes it looks like a regular boss. But as soon as you destroy him kill him, he transforms into this monster. And you're like, Where'd that come from? He's like five times the size. His health bar is way bigger. And you're like,

00:31:56 --> 00:32:36

and that's exactly what this is. I know that sounds crazy, but it's not that crazy. There are some people you would think that they do something wrong. And they got caught in the act and they would stop No, that's just that you just got me started. I'm just getting started. Now they're gonna show the the real colors and this entire scheme part of it was to put them down. But a huge part of it, it seems. Because the word she used for them. there's so little that's what you blame me for? I'm done with y'all. But now my attention turned to my real target. Because as much as I blame you Who does she blame more? Him? I did it I did try to seduce him he didn't hold himself back. He did

00:32:37 --> 00:33:17

secure himself his style saw some of our students in the seat of his star summer he tried his best to keep disobeying me as part of the implication of his thought sama whoa he defied me if he doesn't do whatever what and you're fine also I didn't even pay attention to your fried amela in Arabic is to do for Allah is to do but I mean is to do something with thought. I mean let's do something with Amazon but fear really is something you don't even think about it you do it like I'm breathing right now is a fear is a fear. She used the word Yes. As if you better not even think about it and do what I tell you to do. I need absolute submission and you don't question and you don't analyze and you

00:33:17 --> 00:33:50

don't stop and you don't hesitate you better just do whatever I want. And if he doesn't do whatever I want him to now we get to this next part la use gentlemen, lamb is for I swear on my life. He is absolutely going to jail jail deal. Yes. Just shenana there's a noon tequila at the end, that noon shut that TNC use gently use genuine that's the normal. They use gentle, actually use genuine itself as normal. He will be thrown in jail. He will be jailed. Then you say law use general I swear to it. He'll be jailed.

00:33:51 --> 00:33:58

Then you say law use gentlemen. I swear to it. He'll be jailed and other mics are getting a mess.

00:34:00 --> 00:34:47

And then there'll be like us yeah, Nana, I swear to it, he will be jailed. There's two Nunes and she's gone nuts. She's made up her mind. Those are the only two options for him now. And she's sworn by it. She is swearing by he is going to do this or he will be thrown in jail. And then she says Well, I will I akuna mina socketing he'll be thrown in jail. And he will I swear to it again the lamb for Casa de la Wilkerson. He will absolutely be from those humiliated, he will join the ranks of the humiliated. Now here. Interestingly, the layer coonan is not layer coup Nana just like la use janin. So the first one was to Nunes, making a double the emphasis known tequila is called known for

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

Killa nunca FIFA. So here the expected verb if you keep the continuity would be loose shenana while I aku Nana Mina, sorry. Yeah, but there's a degree of emphasis.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

lowered. So the first one was high intensity, the second one is intensity, but not as high. And if you want to count the degrees of intensity, the first one had three degrees of intensity. And the second word he will be from the humiliated has two degrees of intensity. Where did I count to three, the lamb and the two Nunes, on Luciana, and hear the alarm and only one known layer coonan. Yes, only two degrees of intensity. So her intensity has dropped a little when she gets to the point where she says, and he will be from the humiliated. Oh, this is the kind of thing that if you're reading an English translation, you wouldn't know that her tone has dropped a little that hurt, the

00:35:36 --> 00:36:16

level of rage has dropped a little when she's saying this part. Now the question becomes why did she drop that tone? One answer that's been proposed is that naturally, she is more emphatic about him going to jail. And it's obvious that when he goes to jail, a result of being thrown in jail is that you will be humiliated. So she doesn't have to bang on that point as hard as the first point. Because that's the consequence, a more natural consequence of it. But there may be something else here and I'm more inclined towards this not not in rejection of the first view. But in addition to the first view, and that is that there are two things she sees that he will suffer from one being

00:36:16 --> 00:36:31

thrown in jail to being labeled someone humiliated. Yeah, two things. She's absolutely convinced that she has the power to throw him in jail. But she's not as confident about him being humiliated. She's hopeful about that one.

00:36:33 --> 00:37:13

He's sure but NIOSH or kind of intensity dropped a little bit, because he's been in some pretty humiliating situations, and he still stands dignified. So she's hoping that the throwing in jail is going to lead him to be humiliated. But even she's kind of like, I hope that works out though. Because she's not as confident about him being humiliated, and the lack of confidence in the drop of the intensity. When I akuna minal socketing. Now let's talk about the word self hating. It comes from Sahara, the Sahara yasuharu. That the sun there's no sun fire, listen to some stuff. I sell heroin. And suddenly, like, you get solid, solid means someone's small in value. So he'd actually

00:37:13 --> 00:37:57

mean small socket is someone small and value, someone's small in worth, someone's small as in you made me feel so small, even in English. You made me feel this this little, you know, what does that mean? You made me feel pathetic. You made me feel humiliated. You made me feel inferior. Right. And so she says he will be from those made small. The first literary observation I'd like you to make is when the women saw him one of the last a Barna who they declared him can be great. And by the end of this passage, she wants to make sure that he has made small so there's a contrast. That's That's interesting. But then how is the word Sahib used it or salted used in the Quran? Probably the most

00:37:57 --> 00:38:44

compelling case that I want to tell you about is when Allah was throwing out the devil from from his company after the incident of him not doing such unless I had felt Raja Naka mean, assaulted him. Get out, you are from Asahi, you're from the humiliated, you're from the ones made small and pathetic. The ones that are made powerless. She says to him, he will absolutely free from those that are small and value. Why is she saying that though? She's saying that because she felt small by his rejection. And this is her revenge as a matter of fact, jail, which she definitely knows she can pull off is not her goal. Her goal is wanting to make him feel humiliated, because she felt

00:38:45 --> 00:39:24

humiliated. She felt that she was too small before his character before him giving into her. She wasn't powerful enough, beautiful enough, seductive enough, attractive enough for him to give up what he has. He didn't give it up that made her feel what small. If I can't break you, then maybe jail jail? Well, let's see if that humbles you. And that makes you small and insignificant. Layer Guna Misaki. This is her vengefulness. It's not just that she wants justice. She wants him to feel some kind of suffering and she knows the most valuable thing to him is his dignity.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

his dignity comes from his loyalty to Allah. That's where his dignity comes from. And she's saying if I couldn't take that from you, maybe throwing you in jail will give you some kind of humiliation but then again, she's wrong. Because you can throw him in jail. And by in the eyes of the world that's humiliating. In the eyes of the world, someone being thrown in jail, being handcuffed being dragged into a cellar, being dragged into a dungeon being thrown with a bunch of criminals, people saying you got convicted etc. This is you being humiliated in the eyes of people, but you suffer

00:40:00 --> 00:40:08

La salon was never concerned about the eyes of people. That was you, lady. That wasn't him. You can't ever make him sausage.

00:40:09 --> 00:40:25

people's words cannot make him valueless. People's labels cannot make him valueless, being in jail, and even if he was wrongly convicted, which he never was, but even if he was wrongly convicted of having committed whatever, he would still not be humiliated in the sight of Allah.

00:40:27 --> 00:41:08

Now we're just like before I told you, they have their twisted definition of love, Allah has the right definition of love. The Quran gives you a way of looking at something that the world sees one way you see it another way, you see it as running away, currencies as holding on and holding on digging in your heels, the same way, they see that as humiliation and ally knows that that is actually still him holding on to his dignity, which is, which is what's going to help us understand his next words, you know, people almost brush over his words, which is going to come tomorrow, prison is more beloved to me, and the kind of almost criticize what he just said, before we jump to

00:41:08 --> 00:41:49

criticizing the profound words of use of Rene salon, where he put more of a love for prison before he said, You have to understand the context in which all of this is being said, you know, and maybe we're doing an injustice to the remarkable wisdom and the profound loyalty of use of La Salaam to Allah to be put in that situation and jumping the gun and saying he said something he shouldn't have said, I actually even though I do respect that opinion, I highly disagree with that conclusion that use of Allison said something he shouldn't have said, Actually, it's a remarkable thing that he said, given the context, it's a profound thing that he said, and inshallah Allah will analyze what

00:41:49 --> 00:42:04

he said tomorrow. But as I leave you today, I want you to know that this is allows origins way of teaching us that there are people that may come in your life and mine and I pray, we don't become of them, whose obsession becomes to tear someone to rip someone apart,

00:42:05 --> 00:42:18

even though it will bring them no benefit. They just have this in them that they need to see someone shredded to pieces. If that person was destroyed or not destroyed, it will not increase or decrease their risk in any way.

00:42:19 --> 00:43:01

But they will they feel the need, something in them will be satisfied that I felt bad, and I made sure that I made them feel degraded or humiliated, and I want to do much worse to them than they ever did to me, that will make me feel satisfied. This is actually the this is how, like when when a lot, the Presence of Allah becomes completely absent in someone's mind. And they almost act godlike, they're going to deliver divine punishments, if you will, to change somebody to dictate somebody's fate. And to put the value on someone, I will make sure they're humiliated. This is actually a twisted way of thinking. It's a scary way of thinking but it's a real thing. I mentioned this in the

00:43:01 --> 00:43:27

Quran for a real reason. So, here, there you first you had love poisoned and it led to murder. And now it's love poisoned and it's leading to slander and humiliation, that attempt to slander and humiliate so these you know, toxic emotions what they can lead a person to do. What what they can justify to themselves, and then be proud of it.

00:43:28 --> 00:43:31

And then the gather their friends and say, This is what I'm going to do.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:57

And until it's to be so defiant about it. This is a pretty scary position to be in. You know, and so we allows you to protect us from that kind of vengeful nature allows you to protect all of our dignities and metalizer just give us a correct understanding of the Quran and take its light and bring it into our lives. barakallahu li walakum fille Khurana Hakeem when a fire anyway, he accompany it with the chemo Salaam Alaikum aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Part 32_ Scorned & Defiant

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