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The speaker discusses the use of a book called Surah qualms in Islam, which describes the structure of the dream of Islam. The book describes the use of the word "use of" and how it can lead to negative outcomes. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of using the word "use of" in the context of graduation and graduation plans.

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I want to tell you about the use of a little bit today.

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The best story, right the best bar none. In fact, when someone wants to learn about Islam and they like it we have a Quran. We said okay, here's a copy of the Quran the translation, and I always recommend they read through the use of. That's my number one recommendation for them read Surah Yusuf because it is so just exquisite Subhanallah there's so many lessons in it. And as someone who is looking for the truth, this is an excellent entry point for them.

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Through the use of has checked this out Subhanallah the amazing nature of it. It starts with Surah of usable Islam's dream in Neeraj a to AHA Shara cow acaba Yes, he tells us that that I saw in the dream 11 stars the sun in the moon making such that to them Okay, all right, the dream then it is the plot of the brothers against use of if they want to kill him or throw him in the well then the throwing him in the in the well then it is the use of Assam is rescued and then the Minister, the Minister who rescues him, or he purchases him afterwards, his wife tries to seduce him. Yes. Then, a similar attempt is made by the Egyptian ladies who come and see him and they say this is Maha

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Bashara. This is not a human, this is an angel, right? They are blown away by useable Islamic beauty Allahu Akbar, okay, then usable Islam is imprisoned

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unjustly, then finally, the king sees a dream. And then now you notice I'm using my hand just for a reason. The King's dream is interpreted, then useful, Islam is released from prison, then the confession of the ladies, then the confession of the wife of the Aziz. Then the brothers learn their lesson that their plan failed. And then finally,

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the dream fulfilled. Allahu Akbar. This is the structure of use of Surah Yusuf, it's so exquisite, it's so amazing. Subhanallah This is how Allah Smartlist speaks in the Quran. This is his speech. This is the miraculous speech of Allah subhanaw taala once I am in this, which is always which is actually when I'm the is that I'm always just blown away by at the very end, when usually Sam says what God's gonna be my Lord was kind to me. After everything is done, he is now the Minister is parents are united jacobellis. Some site is back, everything is good. Family is finally reunited everyone is now on good terms. What does use of an Islam say? He says What could the asana be in

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Accra journeymen a surgeon is number 100. Allah subhanaw taala was kind to me when he removed me from prison.

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Well, Jah become middle but we and he brought you all here from the desert minbar the UNECE Allah shape on obey Neva is what the Afters shape one had come between me and my brothers. Allahu Akbar. This is like you know, subhanAllah this is the idea that you should like write down and you know, you people put stuff on their desk, right as a reminder, this is the aisle by we should put as a reminder for ourselves. Use of SLM suffered a lifetime of trauma, lifetime kidnapped as a child removed from his parents thrown in a well to die sold into slavery, imprisoned wrongfully. This is a lifetime of trauma. People go through a little bit of trauma, and then they suffer for the rest of

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their lives. He suffered a lifetime of trauma. And yet look at how he is not even complaining about his situation. He's not even saying How come all these years were I lost of my life? How can this happen to me? Why to me, Will Allah nothing, he says because my lord was good to me. Allahu Akbar, my lord was good at good to me when he took me out of prison. It was Cython who came between me and my brothers. He doesn't even blame his brothers. His brothers betrayed him. The ones when your family betrays you, those who love you betray you, it hurts even more. He doesn't even blame them. This is the manners of the prophets. This is the high station where the prophet hood resides in

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terms of etiquette, in terms of forgiveness, in terms of graciousness. And this is for us the example in our lives to emulate this is the person when he finally conquered Makkah. He said the same thing that usual Assam Salah three VALIC Museum is our fundamental DACA go, you are all free. I'm not going to punish anybody. I'm going to say exactly what you said. This is the example we ask Allah to allow us to be of those who forgive those who are look who don't complain about the tests that we have in life and then we know Allah will bring us to the end. Successful inventories is up with animal salami and parmesan cheese.