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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the proper way to drink tea and the three types of tea. They recommend keeping the tea in hot boiling water for 10 minutes to get the perfect taste and suggest adding milk and sugar to the tea bag and boiling it in the kettle. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning to make a property and finding the best time to do so while boiling hot tea with milk and sugar. They emphasize the need to learn to make a property and find the best time to do so.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Just a few minutes ago, we had a very interesting conversation with the expert, none other than Dr. Decker, himself, Salam Alikum. Practice

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delivery. So you said, you guys don't know how to drink tea.

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How to make tea. If you don't know how to make tea, then you don't know how to drink tea. So basically, in sha Allah is going to teach me the proper way of making the abt mild tea and what there are three types of tea right? My normal and strong ANISONG Bismillah

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that this video will be made on the request of

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and you know, this thing has to be more than 200 people and none of them knew about this methodology of how to make proper strong tea. So because of that, he said, Let's make a video which I was reluctant but I cannot refute shame homophobe, just like

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thank you so much. And now we're in the kitchen here. Here's the kitchen. We put some water right? And now would you like to put the tea in a glass or mug?

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Mug mug, okay, and here is a tea bag. The English breakfast right?

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Excuse me. Normally people when they want strong tea they put to the factory D bag and yet it doesn't turn out to be strong and it's not actually about how many tea bags or the metrology and the technique of how to make tea

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using tea bags. So it is the methodology of of making strong tea with one tea bag and the correct technique. One single Tea bag here

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and you said I shouldn't add sugar

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they add the water on the back and immediately be triggered and wait and then fade when getting strong. The right method and the scientific method is that when you put the teabag when you say scientific method is really scientific or scientific. So how did you learn that? What natural Avila first aloo Allen secret secrete good animals so

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it's so interesting when I visited one of the tea a tea farm or the t th state so that I'm

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sorry Lanka, no, it was in Kerala, Canada, Kerala, Kerala Kerala the main head of the whole lot the state told me that how you tasty I have not gone to that detail what is the matter of tasting tea and the specialized taster Then he said to me the property is that we should put it in hot boiling plain water without adding anything the moment you add milk to it or sugar to it then the tea is not absorbed from the debate. So the best material is to put a tea bag and put hot plain boiling water if you want lighty you keep it for one minute if you want normal tea you keep it for two minutes if you want strong ticket bid for three minutes this is the right technique even if we treat you back

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and you add hot boiling water and milk and sugar immediately even after you add milk and keep it for 10 minutes or so it will not get through we're not giving you that concentration well water has been boiling okay so I'm going to stay back

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in a glass and the glass yeah we can we can make it in a glass it is a smaller glass is better here

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Allah like the English should because the

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stronger unfortunately

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Can we take a smaller glass

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Okay, now this border to do

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that we'll do

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it okay. It is a spoon

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you can see how it getting the word

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you said word count two minutes right before finding two minutes already you can turn the 15 seconds

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can you imagine I'm having that tool that kill himself. making tea. Masha Allah, Masha, Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Sometimes I say lucky your wife mashallah

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they also cook at home No, my wife mashallah but he never put anyone requirement not a minimum traveling outside that I make my own breakfast for myself

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so that is one minute past.

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Normally when people should see

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minutes they don't realize how long is three minutes or when I say that okay you know you're having a bathroom if you proceed to the proper shampoo medicated shampoo is is is taking effect on your on your scalp three minutes if they do it without the stopwatch or without looking at the watch for them one route becomes as a matter of fact most of us do that we just apply the shampoo or body wash and we wash it off immediately after which would really take into doing the Coronavirus oh yeah What's your thinking that the debriefing is ineffective

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during the time I told my son secret just two and a half minutes so normally when I told this to this time

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40 seconds to three minutes although

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you're not used to it

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people don't make it for me I say you watch you time it from your watch which are the second hand or a mobile head people that say wow

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this is really

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strong I said not possible I'm gonna challenge that when he said it was not his assumption 40 seconds and steamers Yeah, so I hope your timing I'm not timing it. No, I'm counting on you by believe it's already two minutes

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two minutes and you know whether the stall or not once you add the milk who comes in from the color with the strong one. Okay

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so what about those who actually entered the tea bag and boil it in the kettle that's your head also you will make a new party there also if again if you put if you boil it and then put them later it removes from if you put the water and the sugar and the meat together and boil it it takes longer time to make it stronger and the taste is different how long how long because I know the the Pakistanis when they make the tea it's really heavy video and everything

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so the boiling with the Yes, but if you add a bit later it's better if you add in cold water, milk and sugar and then boil it not be that strong. I remember one synaptic half in the States

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I used to drink this dude bhakti and it was off for three days. I was unable to sleep

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it was very very strong.

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Imagine you eat dal honey now once the materials and you can add trigger and you can add

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the milk or the milk powder

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I have the old habits okay

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I only have less than half a packet packet

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I'm not sure

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and then you come over here

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sorry Oh no no no I don't have you only take one

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but this is an experiment that's okay

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Mirza saying I use honey I wish we have honey

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you confident that color from the color can go new that the digital never tested. Okay, let me let me test it but I'm sure it's really hard now to make that of course one disadvantage of it is when you keep for three minutes is hot but not boiling hot which I like yeah, one day they don't want to wait a minute you like it boiling it should burn your lips so that

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this is like my mother not extremely hot. So one day that went into making the surgery then you have to put in the microwave to make it hot.

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So you see that they're really particular yes I'm very particular. It's okay for me but when I was very hot then I can have my mom late and have a sip of tea that again it says for a long time if it's not sufficient to bring it together, Masha Allah, masha Allah you will see that from the choleric kingdom to know that it is just dropped and the condition is met. I will test

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for the trigger

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and then depending on if I'm more milk to make it less Celestron fed movement

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mismatch Bismillah limozeen.

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So this is this is when the tea with milk one tea bag stayed in the water in the hot water in the boiling water for three minutes. Boiling water boiling. opposed boiling. That's right. That's right. Yeah, the water had already boiled and we inserted the teabag Dr. Decker did it for three minutes without adding sugar and milk. After three minutes we added the two

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packets of sugar and one packet. Why you don't remove the BATNA

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and how to remove it another technique that if you want to see to it that is squeeze all the immunity you do like that isn't the end of the technique.

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I see without again and then you can

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limit me try Bismillah

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in the strong online this is beautiful

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this is beautiful. I'm drinking tea that is made by Dr. Zakir Masha Allah says Allah Hi Ron Kathira guys would you like some? Would you like some Masha Allah

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thank you so much I have learned

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I've learned a very important lesson today. How to make a property to make it concentrated. Brothers and sisters in sha Allah is you another time or spending some quality time. You can say the best time ever. With my dear brother Dr. Zakka See you later.