Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Al-Kahf 65b (Urdu)

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript describes three news stories involving a company called Oracle and a boogeyman. The companies are mentioned, including a film about a boogeyman and a TV show. The companies also include a mention of a boogeyman and a TV show.
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Okay By the mid team by thinking in your abdomen about Dena Athena who Ramadan, Mina and Dina, alumna Camilla deniability, Jesus is 30 may either have to watch the Batman geologic hedge or your back office omnipage comatose Ahmedabad jayegi belly bath hamari bondo mistake panda do Shibata squeak up the remedy hospital appear salamati these three bad news company up near half because I know Mr. Koch Sokaiya is in South Korea is just CFO. He teaches at doornkop bandana on parameter. Now Oracle Ala Moana is the team about sunjai scheme which provides an Easter tip you could find in our sandwiches here Haskell sector, belly butter Yak is puri puri fisica Seok we have a context

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Yakubu salius language sikhnet era we've got maxidas spooler suffered mehak evoke his Jaco seeking to obviously take a sentence give us a motor to Sarah car or SATA context I was can him settle

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