Souls of the Sacred Land #02 – Mending Hearts after Uhud

Nouman Ali Khan


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So this video is about an experience that my friends and I had in Medina when we got there we met a remarkable individual brother Solomon who was kind enough to actually give us a personal tour of Medina as someone who has been raised there and spent a lifetime there, just really honored to have the harvest company and enjoy his insights as we traveled. And we ended up at the foot of the mountain of Ohio, particularly the place where the profit slice and um, had to escape from the onslaught after he was nearly killed. And it just I couldn't help myself. But remember the ayat from Sudan, Ron, that we're talking about this incredible incident and when those Ayat came, and how the

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archers that left, their position must have felt when they were hearing these ayat, and those are the Sahaba they have so much guilt on them, the body of hands out of the law, there's they're seeing it as their fault that when they see those will stand on the members of the lesson. Three facial injuries according to one narration, you know, the helmet piercing into his jaw, and other side of the jaw, can you if you have a dental problem, you sound the same

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your face changes, they're hard to look at. They're looking at the the injured face of their heavy sitting in the hood, and then either gonna come about them. Can you imagine the like, yeah, later equal to travel if only I was dirt, right? I like I was gonna do like, this is a moment where somebody can say to themselves, I am doing nothing I do after this will be any good. Look at what I did. Look at what I caused. There's no hope for me. After that, who's going to commit a bigger mistake than hurting the profit sighs I'm in a way that he's never been hurt before the Sahaba that are that all their wives and children that are crying from a special mercy from Allah that you are

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leaning towards them? Well, I couldn't afford volleyball. Albina for whom and how they can if you have been harsh, and you had been tough hearted, they would have run away from you. Maybe they wouldn't run away from you because they don't believe in you. They want to run away out of shame. Can't even faze him, then forbid how they find him. So pardon them with love, lovingly forgive them. Let's not freak out and ask Allah to forgive them. Or Shabbat him. To me, this is the part that kills me. He says, okay, forgiving us enough, he says, and in the next time, take care opinions.

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Shabbat is the Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gets opinion from Allah and of all the people who should take opinion or take the opinion of him but no, take the opinion of those who you could have been harsh towards. Make them feel included and you have the right to you have the right to never listen to them again. You have a right to say Don't show me your face. It reminds me of you have a right to say. You can be triggered by just seeing them. Allah says no consult them in opinion. Why? Because he says less teaching us how do you how does a person we know Allah forgives? How do you know if a human being is forgiven? When they include you in their life the way they used?

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And they need that he Allah knows they need that this was this became about them. This should have been about Allah's messenger. Allah started instructing his little zoo trusting Him to show at home can somebody

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get take care of him? Yeah. And then when he after that when you make a decision trust him Allah and there are free apps now free apps you can download good idea if I don't constantly connect the words of Allah to the pain of my nebi salah.

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I don't know.

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Just sounds extraordinary expensive.

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Because this cannot be paid for with money it was already paid for with something that don't work. The whole world isn't worth what this was paid for.