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This khutbah was given on Dec. 18, 2015.

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I've chosen to give myself a difficult task in this club by and talk about something that's clearly politically incorrect. And I want to start by a couple of comments that all Muslims, including myself should be very clear on and we should remind ourselves of repeatedly. We're not sorry for being Muslim. And we don't apologize for anything that Allah has revealed in his book, or that has been instructed in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We don't have to owe any anyone else an explanation. We don't have to be embarrassed or ashamed that your book says this, this and this, how can you believe that? Your Prophet said this, this and that? How can you believe

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that? How can you agree with that? There are people that constantly try to put us in this position. And we feel like we have to defend ourselves and sometimes we don't know the answer. And sometimes we hear things being said about our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or things being quoted from the Quran, and somebody will ask you, this sounds pretty barbaric. This sounds pretty violent. This sounds pretty inhumane or unjust. How can you be okay with that you people actually believe this stuff. You guys think this is okay. And at first, when you hear it, you're like, Well, you know, technically we're No, we're not okay with it. And you take a step back and it's okay to say I don't

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understand any better, but it's not okay to say well, that's what it says I disagree. Because we don't disagree. Everything in this book, everything Allah has revealed is not only something that we believe in, even if we're uncomfortable, first of all, there's no room for discomfort. So Malaya, Juna fuseli him Hara Jemima cordite, you know, that used to be so boring. They don't they don't have any room for any discomfort in their chests left, after whatever decisions you've made. This is what who we are in Islam. This is what makes us Muslim. Not only do we not have discomfort, but we're happy before Allah for everything he revealed. It is not a source of discomfort for us. It is a

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source of joy for me, Valley, California, for who who hire me manage my own because of the Quran, they should be overjoyed. Every eye of the Quran is part of my Iman and part of your faith. Every eye of the Quran should bring me joy, I should be happy to believe in it. I should be proud to believe in it, I should have confidence in it. And it's a problem when you and I start thinking there are some things we should be worried about. They say, Allah says in the Quran, how am I going to explain this to someone else? Oh, man, if I'm a non Muslim, ask me I'm in trouble. You know, and we take a back foot. This is actually a point of shame for myself and for you that we don't know

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what the last book says. And when we don't understand what the last book says, We don't make an effort to explain it. That's the first thing I wanted to bring to your attention before we deal with the subject matter itself. The second thing I want to bring to your attention is this is the book not just of guidance, but a fitrah. Allah revealed this book for the benefit of humanity. And as a matter of fact, even jinn can benefit as far as ally is concerned. And when he's revealed this book, he knows exactly who he sent it to. He sent it to the creation he made himself, Allah. Allah doesn't even know who he created. Allah will not give you and me instructions without knowing who we are

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first. And he knows us better than we know ourselves. You know, when someone gives you instructions, and you can say, Well, if they understood my situation, they would give different instructions. Sometimes your boss can ask you to do something. And you can say, Well, you know what, right now I have these other other things I have to do. You don't understand those if I wish he understood my situation, and then gave me these instructions. Maybe his mind would change, maybe there's some room for negotiation. Nobody knows what you're going through what your life is like, what your situation is, like what your capabilities are like better than Allah. And Allah is the one who gave you and me

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these instructions. So he knows exactly who he's talking to. And what he needs to say. This is perfect for all human beings is also a part of my mind, as part of my faith. And for me to think that Allah will say something that is not for my own benefit. This is also it goes against my own faith. Allah will never tell me or you anything, unless that is beneficial for us. This book is an act of mercy from Allah. It's an act of Rama from Allah. This is why he says, Man, Oh Allah Quran, of all the names of Allah associated with teaching the Quran. You know, he could have just said Aziz Quran, the authority talked to Quran so that you take the Quran as an authority. No, but he

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described himself as the teacher who is

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excessively overwhelmingly merciful and loving and caring. He's the one who taught the Quran. So when he teaches that he's teaching it out of love, out of care, out of mercy. So even if at face value, you see something and you find it harsh, actually even in that there is a mercy for you. And so with that in mind, what I want to share with you is that the rulings of Allah, the governance of Allah, the commands of Allah, when we don't understand them, we might think they're harsh, but when you actually understand them, and you should not try to understand them, because you want to explain them to someone else. You should understand them for yourself. That is the wrong reason to learn

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something. So what I want to share with you is not so you have something good to say to your non Muslim coworker. We don't owe them an explanation. First, we owe ourselves an explanation because we owe ourselves the obligation to understand the book of a lot better

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When we do that first and naturally it will come from our heart that we will want to share this goodness with others. You know, if you if the only reason you want to learn about Islam is public relations, there's a problem. There's not the reason you should want to learn about Islam, just so you can make your less embarrassing conversation with your non Muslim friends. That's not the reason. So now coming to this, Allah azzawajal revealed, governance laws, commandments that directly appeal to the nature of the human being because Allah knows who he created and who he is giving instructions to. So when we understand the lust commands, the idea in the Quran is actually they

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resonate, they There's something inside you a conscience inside you that Allah created this fitrah inside you that Allah put when you understand the commands of Allah, forget about discomfort, you're like that makes complete sense that so why is that so beautiful? And if we haven't arrived at that yet, maybe we haven't thought about it enough about the outcome of Allah, the rulings the governance of the law. And on the other hand, maybe our hearts aren't pure enough yet, realize that we don't give us both of those things and understanding of the book of Allah and purity in our hearts. So one of the most politically incorrect places in the Quran is about the the one who the male or the

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female who committed adultery that you should whip them you know, finally do que la hedeman humor me at agenda lash them or whip them 100 times. So the Quran says that y'all got a whip, the people who committed adultery 100 times? What kind of barbaric law is that?

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And then we stick it up under the wall, you know, in modern times, things are different. It's okay, it's not the same type of thing. This is a timeless Book of Allah. So let's understand what Allah says first, before you worry about explaining it to somebody else. Even Ashura, him Allah commenting on the words zania to was it in the beginning of this ayah suggests that because the isn't the noun is used, that this is actually talking about people who repeatedly do this all the time. It's talking about prostitutes. It's talking about people who are in the illegal sexual industry, first and foremost, and there's plenty of historical there's not something that just came out plenty of

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classical scholarship dealing with what is the context of this ayah? What is it talking about in this was a serious problem in the city of Medina, before the Prophet move there, so a lot more solemn. And now the Prophet has moved there. And the problem continues. And so the Quran is going to comment on a problem that's going on in this city. And it was so threatening. Here's the part that's important. Everybody here, I think has heard that the act of adultery or the act of illegal intimate relations between a man and a woman will not be punishable until you have four witnesses, you may have heard this before, that you have to have four witnesses. Now, any common sensical human being

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will know that nobody does something like that with four witnesses around. Nobody does that with four witnesses around. The only way you can do something like that with four witnesses around is if you're out in public, what is called in modern law, a public display of indecency. In modern law, in many countries, they have laws about public displays of decency, as a matter of fact, if something like this was happening on the street, Texas laws are there to arrest those people and punish them. If something like that was happening on an airplane, there are laws for a few years in jail. So this is not just something new in Islam, you know, or that was brought in to someone no one else has it.

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Virtually every civilized nation in the world has laws dealing with public display of indecency, they have them, and no Quran has them too. Because the Quran is preparing a new civilization, a civilization of believers. And this is a very serious crime. Because if that kind of shamelessness is happening openly in the street, where even four people can walk by and see it, then there are going to be children, young people, they're going to be innocent people that that haven't been exposed to that kind of corrupt images. And this is going to damage them psychologically. It's going to undermine something that is so important to the core of a family, it's going to mess people's

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minds up. When you when you make something that should remain private, and you make it public, then it corrupts people. It messes them up. Now let's take a step back and understand something. We're living at a time with what forget four witnesses, you can have 4 million witnesses because the pornography industry and the filth industry sells itself with billions and billions of dollars, internet marketers, you know, internet marketers that can sell anything from like bamboo sticks to towels, you know, the most successful internet product and internet during the pornography industry. They're the leaders in marketing. When you go to marketing seminars, internet marketing seminars,

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the guys at the top of the industry that are making the most bang for the buck, are the ones that are selling zinna online. They're the ones so this is completely public now. And when it is that public, can you imagine the damage that it does to the minds of people that are exposed to it, the damage that it's already done, how many children are messed up? How many young adults are messed up how many marriages are getting destroyed? Because of these images floating in the public? How almost impossible it's become to not be exposed to some of that filter.

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No matter how hard you try, because there's so much money pumped into making sure that you'll see something like it.

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And so the Quran comes along and says this is a very serious problem with very serious ramifications, people will become twisted and you know, confused, and they're going to become, they're going to commit crimes that won't even make sense. How many kinds of disgusting crimes are committed in the United States, even against children, even against violent sexual crimes? How many are reported every other minute?

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These are things that happen when you get exposed to this kind of filth over and over again, and it becomes normalized, you know, so the steps in and says, No, if someone does this in public, then you have to punish them. And this public this now let's talk about this punishment, they're not killed. They're like they're whipped. And they're ripped 100 times. And when they're whipped 100 times a lot. So what I've done is I just whip them and that's it.

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The fuqaha the scholars of this Deen the Sahaba themselves, they would have exhaustive discussion on how to deal with these people. By the way, this is not the only time that talks about punishing people like this. There are ayat that came to force you to know much before slaughter Noora Surah Nisa,

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and in Surah Nisa, well, there's only

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the two of them there was sometimes they were Muslim, some guy became Muslim. in Medina, he became Muslim, and some girl became Muslim. But before they became Muslim, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. And they had no concept of marriage. They don't know anything, because they're not Muslim. And now all of a sudden, they become Muslim. But just because they took Shahada does not mean that they become super spiritual people overnight. They're human beings, they're developing, like Allah says himself that

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you're going to develop little by little by little. So Allah even describes this scenario where even Muslims in the beginning in Medina life, even Muslims may have committed such an act, some young young man got tempted, and he did something out of wedlock. He's not even married yet. And he did something with a girl. What do you do with them? The IRS came down which were later been sued by these, by many, by the opinion of many scholars, what was the punishment for them? Well let any at any hamming code the two of them that have done that mistake among you for Azuma, then cause them pain. And I didn't say how it caused them pain, it just has caused them pain. So the Sahaba would

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have a debate, ignore bustle the Allahu takahama would say other side would come and say, maybe what Allah means is you should yell at them. How could you do this? You'd be ashamed of yourself. And that means cause them pain. Others have always say we should take a stick and hit the bottom of their feet. Like 10 times cause them pain. Nobody thought about whipping them and cutting them and hanging them upside down. And Stoney. No, no, no, no, none of that yet. They're just young people who made a mistake. Take it easy. There just became this mistake happened. They need to be reprimanded. And by the way, this isn't caught on for into balaclava and Houma. And if they both

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made Toba and they said, we'll never gonna do it again. Or maybe they even get married now. Leave them alone. Don't make a bigger deal out of it leave on Houma, ignore them, leave them alone in the law, Karnataka Hema, Allah himself has always been someone who accepts Nova, let them move on with their life, they made a big mistake, yes, but let them move on with their life. don't expose them more. You've already done what you could.

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And later on when the punishment came, it came and by the way, even then the four witnesses was necessary By the way, even then the four witnesses was necessary.

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And so later on, when this commandment, it got tougher, if something happens now there better be whipping. They better be waved. Well, how are they whipped? You imagine some big, you know, leather thing and they just, you know, and and the guy is bleeding. And he's the 100 times by the 10th time he's already dead? No, no, no, hold on a second.

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The FDA would discuss this. They would say never whip them in front or in you know, a hot day, or an extremely cold day because the skin will be extra sensitive. Don't whip them out in the blazing sun because that's that's not punishment ally intense for them. When the guy raises his hand, his armpit shouldn't show so you shouldn't go like this. Like, you know, we think when you're going to punish the guy we should get is like a pro wrestler or somebody who's going to win he whips is going to be like, you know, serious?

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No, no, that's not the point. As a matter of fact, it's more ceremonial than anything else. In Islamic history, the this punishment has been executed. Okay, by the way, Islam spread across continents, you know that hundreds of millions of people have been Muslim throughout the last 14 1500 years. And this is recorded to have happened maybe three or four times.

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There was not an occasion where this would even be executed. That's Islamic history, across the across the continents. And if it did happen, make sure their armpit doesn't even show

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and they hit and if it if it hits any part of the body that can be lethal. Don't hit there. And if one part is getting injured, don't hit there again. And don't hit on the face and don't hit on sense.

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parts is all this exhaustive instruction. But that's actually not my hope. My hope is not about explaining this punishment to you. The point is Allah decided that public display of indecency is a major crime because it damages society. So it should be punished. And the principle here, the principle is that anything and there are different kinds of sins. But if you do a kind of sin that damages society, then you should be punished in this world.

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There are sins you and I do that only damage us, the only damage us and we will answer to a law in judgment day. You don't get punished for them over here in this world, there is no hard to for you here in this world, because the damage is limited to yourself, maybe your family, something like that. But when you do a crime that hurts others that damages others that damages society, then there are social punishments in Islam.

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Allah is not interested in torturing you for everything you do. That's not this religion. You've got it confused with something else. Now, if you understand that, the real crux of my hubbub very little time left in this football, but what I wanted to get to is this is how many whips 100.

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Then Allah mentions another crime that is almost just as bad.

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Almost just as bad. Because that crime, you should get whipped at times, at times now, practically, if somebody is being hit 100 times, and somebody else is being hit How many? At times, you can't even tell the difference? You can't I mean, who's gonna sit there and count? It's humiliating either way. It's embarrassing either way. And by the way, I didn't mention the ending of the previous IRA when the whipping is happening, unless as well yes, had a double motto if I mean, first of all, let me hemara photography de la, don't become compassionate when you're punishing them. In other words, even the people punishing them, even the one raising the whip, feels bad and says I don't want to do

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this. And Allah says, I know you don't want to do it, but still you have to do it. Allah is not telling him to be harsh. Allah is telling him I acknowledge the love for you have for your sinful Muslim brother. We are learning in this ayah that people even the people who committed such a terrible sin in public, even then the Muslim has so much love for the fellow Muslim that he can't even get himself to punish without having Rama and lockfile compassion and mercy in his heart for the one he's punishing. You're not. Some people think I want to establish ADR, which means I always want to whip somebody, you know, I just want to hit them real good, because that means you comment

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on it, dude, what Quran are you reading?

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A lot as I was describing to you that you already have rah, rah, you have compassion and hold it back. But because you have to do a difficult thing. You have to use your fellow believer. And then after he says that, he says a group of mean should watch it. Not just any believers and what mean means mature believers, people with you know, rasa hoonah for me when he man, people who are deeply rooted in their faith, he doesn't just say Allah Zina amanu He says, I mean, so mature believers should watch the punishment happening.

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Mature believers worshippers spiritually mature people, older people, wiser people they're watching the punishment Why? Why should they watch they should bring young people to watch Hey, don't do this. See what's gonna happen to you.

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Allah didn't say that Allah said being bring them up. Many other scholars commented The reason they should bring them is as they are being punished, the momineen will be making for the ones that are being punished because they are not dead yet they are still alive. And if Allah condemned them to Hellfire, that Allah did not want them to breathe anymore, so long as they are breathing in this world, the room for delta is open. And so they're paying the price for their sin in this world. They could use the drought. Yeah, like give them something give them Toba except adobo let them move on with their life Unitas with them in a good place. That's the job of those who are watching the job

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of those who are watching because not as they see that that's what you get.

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That's not their job.

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This is called on

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and so 100 lashes, but what crime is there that you get 80 lashes for? I get shaken when I read this one line, Arlene, I get shaken. When Athena Yoda, moon and masana.

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Those I'll translate badly first, those who accuse decent women,

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those who accuse decent women, that's not the best translation that gives you some idea of what the is talking about.

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Now, let me tell you the language of our users. Allah says those who throw something your Muna those who throw something in the direction of women that are protected by family more sinad means women inside a camp inside a fort. Allah describes families as a kind of protection. So whether they are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, they're almost not. They're almost not. And all of those women that are in a family, those who throw anything in their direction now what in the world does that mean? The Quran

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As I was describing the Arabic part of my job, but the most eloquent to perfect speech, Allah could have just said a Latina yet the moon almost cannot be Xena, those who accuse women of having committed adultery. Although

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it's clear, he didn't say that. Eliza, which is very precise. People are not going to a woman and saying she's done adultery. They're saying that woman I'm not sure. I think I saw her with this other guy the other day.

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I don't know what they're talking about that much.

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that much. You're not saying to people, when they say those terrible things, before they say them to say I'm not saying anything.

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you know,

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and then as soon as you say, I'm not saying anything,

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that means you're gonna say the worst possible thing.

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You know, and I wish you weren't saying anything, but you are.

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And when people do that people make a kind of passing comment those two I don't know something's going on dog Makhachkala, chakra chakra, something I saw, I think I saw some text messages. I think I was, you know, she was she was on the phone. And she was smiling on what's that about? You know, why are they standing so close to each other? Why is this happening? Why? Just these comments, just these comments. This is enough to fall under your moon.

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Because a lot of left a language open. You didn't accuse them explicitly. You just threw something in that direction. And the rest is left to shape on and your imagination. Because when you say I'm not saying anything, but those two, I don't know, then the next person is going to say, I don't know what I've I don't know what you heard. You know what I heard?

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Those two, I think they're wrong.

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And then it gets worse and worse and worse and worse. And people are talking and everybody's saying I'm not saying anything. And everybody's saying don't tell anyone. And everybody's talking and everybody's saying to everybody else don't tell anyone.

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And you know what happens then? the dignity of an entire family is destroyed. That the the chairs the purity of a woman who you have no evidence against is destroyed. No, but I did see them in the mall.

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Really. So my lamb yet to be urbanity Shahada. If you make such an accusation, and you did not produce four witnesses. They didn't come forward with four witnesses. And then the *a How would describe you not four witnesses that they both? they all saw them in the movie theater together? Are they all saw them in the mall together? Are they all saw them driving in the same direction? Are they also known in if they haven't seen them commit the ultimate sin with their own eyes? If they haven't seen that, then whip them at times.

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understand the seriousness of talking about people's dignity, especially the Muslim woman's dignity, the seriousness of it, that Allah put it right next to people who commit Zina in public.

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And I want to end with this, I want you to think about this. When I'm not talking about people who commit adultery in public. By the end of it isn't a lot opening the door of forgiveness for them.

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Am I saying about them? That they should be punished but then there should be they should you I you already feel compassion for them, the meaning should overlook them. So they can make the offer them that's the implication. But when it came to the people who accuse the people who throw accusations who throw slanderous, scandalous comments, or say no, no, no, they don't even say something, they ask something that's even better. I'm not saying I'm just asking, do you think something's going on?

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Just that much. Even a question is throwing something. And when you do this much, what is the lies I would just say about these people, not only the whipping, but he says Well, I took Balu Shahada and

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don't ever accept their testimony.

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Don't ever be nice to these people again, Oh, my goodness. This sounds worse. And then on top of that, well, una eco hooven Farsi coup. And those are the ones that are ultimately corrupt.

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They are the, Allah didn't even say that about me.

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He didn't even say like, when he says, like, these people, the question is, why are they being whipped? And that's the last thing Why are they being whipped? Because when you talk about people in this way, then you are also damaging society. Remember, I told you a lot only punishes in this world when you do things that damage society that damage other people. When you damage the dignity of a Muslim, a Muslim male or Muslim female when you damage their dignity. This is a punishable crime in this world, not only in the next.

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This is a very serious matter there is the tech the kromm, you know that the nobility, the dignity of a Muslim there's something very big to Allah.

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Lawmakers they saw something and said, well, the law is de

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minimis. A law alone owns dignity and it's given to them and it's for the profit and the believers. This is something Allah gave to the Muslim you cannot and I cannot take away what Allah gave. This is something Allah gave, and we have to protect it. And we have to one of the most damaging things we can do is with our tongues. When you have an assumption, just remember the word of alleged and evoke a theorem in one knee in the back of the knee. So

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stay away from making assumptions. Some assumptions can become very grave sin, very serious and stay away from making assumptions give benefit of the doubt. You know, those two they're holding hands they're walking over there are they must be married? They must be brother and sister.

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No, no, but I don't think

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leave it

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go the other way. So far.

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That's not your business. Ministry, Islam and Marie kumala and he part of the beauty of Islam of a person they leave alone what's not their business? ain't your business. Don't talk about

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me, Larissa will protect our tongues, protect our hearts, protect ourselves from each other's harm. Allah make us of those who are careful in speaking about the dignity of others. May Allah azza wa jal may not make use of those who make excuses and hide behind excuses. Eliza will give us the ability to see our mistakes for what they are and seek His forgiveness and the forgiveness of others when we may have spoken about malaria wanting to protect the dignity of all of the Muslims, especially the women of this own mummy allows us to protect the dignity of our mothers or wives or daughters or sisters. May Allah azza wa jal protect the dignity of our entire family the dignity of

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our entire family and realize that we can help us raise a generation that is much closer to Allah than we've been able to been barakallahu li walakum feel for added Hakeem when a fire anyway er combine it with the kill Hakeem

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hamdu lillahi Wa Wa salatu salam ala Dino Safa, Susana, follow him. hatami Nabina Muhammad Al amin, what Allah Allah He was lucky he married a long time he came by the

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Ministry of Energy in Oklahoma. eketahuna lunarlon. Debbie, you Yeah, Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam, Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Camila Majid Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al Ameen in Majid by the law when I hit my como la de la in the La Jolla movie. When he talked about Vienna and in fashion he will mooncup well as a crew Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah let us know aka Salah insalata kana, me Nikita makuta