Dont be stingy with authentic Islamic Knowledge Allah has given you!

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And I want to share with you here a very beautiful story that I've heard before about an old man that lives in the Arab land in Saudi Arabia and old men.

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And he wants attended a masjid old man living next to the masjid. He always praises five daily prayers at this masjid. And one time the Imam was sharing a hadith with the congregation after the prayer, and he shared with them a hadith and the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kelim attorney Haviv attorney Alan Lee said there are two phrases that are very light on the tongue appeal attorney Filmmuseum they are very heavy on the skill heavy and has entered on the skill Habib attorney elopement and two phrases that are most beloved to the Most Merciful Allah solution. What are these two phrases that Allah loves and they are heavy in the skill and light on the tongue Subhan Allah

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who are behind the Subhan Allah Hill.

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This is what the Imam shared with the congregation. This old man, it was the very first time he ever heard this hadith in his life. So he went to the Imam excited and happy and he said to him Allahu Akbar, share, please repeat this hadith for me. I want to memorize it before I leave the Masjid Al Imam began to repeat this hadith polymetallic of Eternia Allah listen and he repeated this hadith 5678 10 times until this old man memorize the Hadith. Then this old man, he would not see anyone except that he will say to him come, I just want one minute from your time. I want to teach you something. Did you know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are two words two

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phrases that are light on the tongue heavy on the scale, beloved to Allah azza wa jal Subhanallah, Hamlet Subhan. Allah he lovely, and he will go from one person to another in the masjid, in the shopping malls in the supermarket, at school, wherever he is in the taxi, in the bus anywhere he went, he will see two people give me one minute of your time, I want to share with you a beautiful Hadith and he'll tell them this hadith. He spread knowledge. Look at this, he just had one Hadith that I'm sure all of us know.

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Allahu Akbar. And then, at the end of his life, when he was dying,

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they took him to the hospital, even on his hospital bed, the nurse would come he would say to her nurse, give me one minute, I want to tell you have a hadith. And he would see the Hadith. And the doctor would come and he would tell him the Hadith. And if these people did not understand Arabic, he would get a translator to translate the Hadith for these people. And he died. Allahu Akbar. Imagine what kind of beneficial knowledge this person left and how much has on earth he is earning in his grave right now. For every single person who he taught this hadith and they continue to see Subhan Allah and obey humbly in their life. Now, every single person who says Subhan Allah who are

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behind the US Subhan, Allah Hill, Avi, that did not, did not know about this hadith. And this old man had taught them or reminded them, they earn her Senate and he earns her Senate. What a powerful, what a powerful concept. Do not be stingy with knowledge you have any piece of information you have, share it, spread it, with your family, with your friends. And make sure your family first because how can it be that your family are the closest to and you don't share anything with them? Share with your family, because they're your number one responsibility. And then share with the world share with people.

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Make a post share it on your social media use social media for that. This is what social media should be used for among the Muslim community.

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Not stupid things that people have, unfortunately, used social media for a little clip of you dancing. Are you making some kind of strange voice and having a voice over off some disbeliever that he's saying something whatever it is, voice at any voiceovers what for? What is this? How is this going to benefit you on the day of judgment

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of Allah I tell you people are sick and they are lost on social media. We ask Allah social, to give them the ability to make a Tober and to use their social media for that which will benefit them and benefit others. When Allah when you spread beneficial knowledge. You are benefiting yourself first before others because you are creating for yourself a source of hassle net when you die.

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You're investing for yourself so that when you die, anyone who benefits from the

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From from the beneficial knowledge that you spread anyone who benefits from it and applies it. You earn a Senate as you're alive and after your death.

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Make a create an account on social media and dedicate this account only for this project only to post beneficial knowledge nothing else, or to share or re upload whatever it is.

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Do good. Do good for yourself. You're benefiting yourself before others think of this. This is a project you're supposed to be working on for yourself. You're the one who will earn the revenue and the profits from it in this life and after your death. So don't be stingy on yourself, the one who has knowledge and doesn't share it. He is being stingy upon himself before he stingy upon the people. Whilst Allah azza wa jal to put Baraka in our work, we ask him Subhanahu wa Taala to accept from us all