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Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai


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The interview with Dr. McKenna discusses his skepticism and hesitation in writing about Islam, as well as his journey from doubt to conviction and his skepticism and hesitation in various media. He also touches on the " sightless" and " sightless" in various media, and the "light of the soul" and he's "has no bottom" lifestyles. The importance of contemplation and light in writing and being confident in one's abilities is also discussed, along with the "light of the beast" and "light of the beast" as examples of how people can learn to use materials in their writing. The host also discusses the "light of the beast" and the "light of the beast" as examples of how people can learn to use materials in their writing. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a Latin American book.

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And we're live. Alrighty musculo salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah Iwasaki, ah, nine guys, this is the conclusion of his, his introduction to this book. And he has written something so beautiful that I don't think I'm going to break it up. I'm going to try to finish the whole thing today. And I really pray to Allah subhanaw taala that I am able to do justice to his incredible composition and the beauty of the feelings that he's trying to communicate.

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But do the same in Hazel era Josie he for Cana Giovanni or Josie Hinojosa. It's been it's been the client has been studied, it has been studied from the point of view of what makes it miraculous, so amazing that it can't be human. And the ways in which the point the perspectives from which its miracle has been studied cannot be limited to account. Well, if it will still be here with our beauty is it divine and miraculous in its style and the way it expresses itself? Who if he or she really he or he is it in the way that it legislates it gives laws and jurisprudence? You know, regulations and fee why allegedly he God but hayati and Metallica to accompany words wedge of

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hustler? Or is it in the healing and the cures that he gives for different dimensions of life? That in the most perfect and most beautiful way, um, who if he but he and his alma mater, Malia Kwame?

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Is it in the way that it informs us about past nations and nations that were dispersed. And really, they have no other historical record. And unless telling us about nations that we couldn't have possibly known about from other sources. I'm Luffy, buddy, he unless I've got Oh, and by the way, that nations that have long gone, he's referring to a book that he's written is a footnote in here, this is a problem here, we'll look at Avalon award Mohammedan, mina shakeela, clean, it's actually his own journey, because he was agnostic, and he wasn't sure if there's a God. And he wasn't sure that that the Prophet is the problem. He's a prophet, and the Quran is the word of God. So he did

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his own investigation.

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Bear in mind, he was, you know, brought up in Iraq and Iraq, at some point had a very strong secular element also, in the last century. And communism was actually, you know, a very common, you know, running ideology in the region. And so it hasn't, it has a complex history at all.

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And, you know, we think that nowadays, people are becoming more modern, and they're losing their asylum, a generation or two ago, in places like Iraq and other places in the world that Muslims were westernizing way more.

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And, you know, the sentiments against people that were turning towards the sun were very strong. So he's actually part of that generation. So he writes about that he writes about how he wasn't actually interested in Islam at all at first and he, it bothered him like why why do people believe he didn't think anybody is actually a believer, they're all just pretending. Like he was that skeptical. And then when he finally found reason to believe he wrote a book called the prophethood, of Muhammad, from doubt, to conviction, meaning his journey from being doubtful, to being convinced, he wrote a book about that journey.

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And inshallah, when we get there, we're actually going to read his book together to like, how is this person who's skeptical and agnostic,

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making this journey himself, it's a pretty powerful journey, and then goes on to become one of the most incredible scholars of the powerful language of the Quran, and describes it in a way that, you know, other books talk about here and there, but the way he systematically talks about it is, it's pretty incredible. It's what he's done.

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May Allah preserve him and protect him, he was in charge when the war happened in Iraq. And then when the war was over, and things settle down a little bit about that he was so he's so dedicated to furthering education in this country. He went back to bed. So I was I was planning on meeting him in Chapa, Georgia, but he was gone by then. And he's now backing that up. And I was talking about his student who I know Dr. McKenna, who found out from somebody through somebody that I was talking about him. So he called me last time you talked about me? I was like, Yeah, well.

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There's like, yeah, I'll call him. I'm gonna go see him soon. I was like,

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I love you. I hate you. Like

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I actually asked him to show him a link of our class. Maybe he'll get happy that you know, some scrubs in America.

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Kinda I think you do. You're on people like that. Like, people get weird around me like oh my god.

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If I saw Dr. Seibel I did like

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Anyway, um, Luffy if mighty he I must say Apollo. Is the Quran then? Or is it miraculous in the way it tells us about things that are going to happen? Um, who are fi ma parola human hacker, a pioneer in Laconia, especially for NASA alum, mother daddy this moment, or is it in the way that it decisively told

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about real scientific realities or realities in the universe that people are going to discover over time only bit bit by bit at a time um who are female well there are who mean a lot either what also they are via T, alpha t be otherwise in kulu be a wonderful C or is it in? Is it in the way that it laid down principles of nurturing ourselves bettering ourselves and to recognizing what's going on inside of ourselves by giving

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by giving healing and by giving ointment for kind of like a like a medication for what what lies inside the hearts and deep inside our souls? Um, who if you might check out a human suit on it? Or is it miraculous in the way that it described the principles and the patterns of history? When hope and of creation were female, that kind of human Also, do you manage demand, or what he wanted mentioned about the principles of understanding society like social principles will add carbohydrate II and more and more, I will equally Garnica? Or is it in all of these things that it's miraculous What is your overall focus? And in things way above that two are far far above and beyond of wakita?

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Bulava. 10 is in a book of linguistics. I'm keto domain isn't a book of literature. uncuttable tissue isn't a book of law. I'm kidding. This isn't a book of economics. And keytab ottavia theme is a book of education and development. And kitakata definition a book of history anchieta which the man is in a sociology book anchieta boosey asotin Is it a political science book? Um keytab or is it a book of beliefs um, who are kulu Danica Danica is it all of those things and above and beyond that to

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What a strange unique thing is this this matter with this book? Like what a strange thing this book is? Yahoo ID boom we're using the literary the one that's you know, the Shakespearean if you will, right, that person reads a lot of literature and poetry finds it miraculous. We all know how we you want to do that. And the linguist finds it miraculous well, Yahoo arrabal kanoon watashi de

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morenci and people that have studied law, and you know judges, and people that have studied constitutions find it miraculous. Well, you have all who come out with a facade emerges and scholars of economics find that miraculous. Well, y'all heard what a Buddha marches on and educators and trainers find it miraculous, where you've all heard about enough see what money you'd have if there was nothing left cmod isn't. And the scholars of psychology, and people that are related to the study of the self, they find it miraculous. Well, you're all over them out when HDMI emerges and the scholars of sociology and society

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find it miraculous. We are all Muslims who don't want us and reformers find it miraculous.

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Well, Yahoo could do Ross you can hear me more than anybody who gets deep in their science of deep in their study of knowledge finds it miraculous, like I kashia follow home. laquisha Follow homeboy homeopaths many of you will do here yahzee on behalf or catch up alongside

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work in a profession of homeopathy would you hit your jersey min Bihar and Bihari Lysa Hassan that what appeared to them what they discovered, as they were exploring different kinds of its miracles is they came across oceans that have no shore so he's describing the Quran is an ocean that you never reach the end it's endless oceans. Well ha Sophie loujen Lisa hopper and they have they took dives into waves and into into waters that have no bottom but couldn't do the other we look to attend Karima and every one of them comes back with precious pearls. Well, actually nothing or jewelry that is well organized. Well, Dottie at Simpson muttahida in utter fool hustle and what

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remains behind our treasures that cannot be limited. Now unlimited treasures. In other words, you say anybody who studies the Quran is like somebody who dives into the ocean. Right? Each one of them and they go so deep inside. And when they get to the bottom, they find a pearl. And they come up with a pearl Look what I found from the ocean. And somebody else goes and said, Look, this very treasure I found from the ocean, right? And when they came and found us from the ocean, can they say everything that's at the bottom of the ocean? I already found it.

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They found this little one thing and they're so amazed by a change in their whole life. Right? It's priceless treasure he say people will dive in and keep coming out with pearls. And the ocean remains with limitless treasure. Well let me a little while the June Baku news on loyalty epsa and the one the ones who enter in have not truly entered in it. Actually, nobody's really did taken a dive in it the way that it can actually be encompass. And it's the treasures nobody has the power to actually get ahold of all of them. Well, I'm tempted the illegal ad and hands can never grasp enough of it. What definitely

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Yeah without that now and the world will come to an end with the bronze wonders won't wear your black Oulu jallianwala tabla and everything new in the world is going to become old and the Quran won't see him in addition Allah, my Allah with Allah tala, he lent me a favor to SNA. In it, there are such wonders of the creativity of Allah, that if you even began to discover it, you would never know how was it created with such How would How is it made with such creativity? Well, that's the but the beaker intp, whatever Can I mean k in Bihar on line of the end, there's going you're going to get hit, you're going to get overwhelmed with an all that won't come to an end. You're just going

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to just constantly be just overwhelmed with how incredible the Quran is, when mythical danika duck boo, another roofie. And the key to all of that, is contemplating it and taking a good look at it. These are words coming from someone who didn't believe in God, who didn't believe what I was the word of Allah. Like, and nobody was forcing and he wasn't in a society where he was religion was forced on him. He came to the Quran on his own intellectual spiritual journey. And he gets to a point where he describes the Quran in these elaborate ways and you and I are like yeah, okay, I've heard the frogs pretty awesome but I don't really get it. And he says yeah, cuz you don't have the

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key. You describe all this amazing stuff. And what is he said if that was allocated abou another fee, the key to all of that is contemplating it. And taking a good look inside it. So what's what are we missing? Not the karate isn't missing anything. We're missing contemplation. We're missing a good good book. It's a good look inside. For Naccache and minute Adam what could you please Dan grant it a little bit of your contemplation. One another fee. When whenever you're NACA, you're not coming Asahi mala Mia could mean kababayan it will start giving you some of its secrets that you could never have imagined in know who you'll take out of the alpha maturity. It will give you

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multiple times of whatever you will get into having kitayama home in Nevada man in the home in Nevada Fie with a gun Berra, who has a BA in Abby really deserve it. This book no doubt grants the one who takes a look in it and can't contemplates it it grants that person treasures without any limit. Well, if the Allahu Allah human of Buffy and a level open from Allah Himself will open up on that person from his subtle loving gestures my agenda was words that the kind of the kind of grants Allah will start giving you blessings a level start giving you that cannot be described by logical Lee I have the his sub part of his sapkota Robbie Ha. Then don't waste this.

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This profitable business deal. It's a pretty good deal spending time with Declan we're in LA and if you don't profit from it, until Allah He was alone and then I swear to God, you're just missing out.

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You're bankrupting yourself, the doctor and several colita Allah have you begun to realize now the secret behind the word of Allah? The what he said? If I lay it at the barudan Khurana Allah polluted don't they then contemplate the Quran? Or is it that hearts have their own locks on them? Um, no motor number Oh, who the 40 had fallen?

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And I mean, they should know that had they only contemplated it that the locks on the hearts would have been opened. When I'm I cannot see you in the feeder and whatever was what had become rebellious inside the heart. Would it become soft again? Well, Okita masabi who do have been newly buried and lamps would have been lit that have been away from light for so long. Look at how beautiful like people who spent the blog spend time with their hearts are like a lamp that has not had light for a long time it's gotten rusty and he said if you just gave this quote on some contemplation lamps that haven't seen light for for ages would get lit up again What was she called

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guru burn lamb you start to LA happy my mother no yes yes go to LA happy my mother neuro

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and pathways trails would have been lit up that light has not seen for a long time light has not fallen on those pathways for a long time. With a high yet new full soul ma after or La Jolla new fuson ma only five of ladadika Hayato Oh my arafat sorry Camila, Danica hair

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and souls and people in you know, the inner selves would have come back to life would have been given life in a way that they would realize they didn't really have life before. Well, I would love you send me Hilah who neuron didn't Allah call it light for call? What Angelina Alaykum neuroml Bina so Teresa and we have sent down to you a light that makes things clear

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Well um you send me Hilah horahan then Allah name it, the soul the spirit, the Quran itself through kundalika ohana illega homina Medina and that is how we have inspired you with a ruler from our commando Quran is also described as La Quinta de Mesquita, bouillon EMA, Allah says, Yeah, you had no clue. No, you didn't. You had no idea what the book is. And what what do you mind is what faith is? Well, I can jog now, who knows? Maybe, however, we made it into a light that we guide with Michelle, whoever we want. I mean, everybody, not from our slaves. But in Nicola Daddy, you know, silahkan Mr. Freeman, no doubt, you truly guide people to a straight path for 101101. So it is a

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rule that is the spirit itself and the spirit itself. And light. Well, how about the valley cache? Is there anything after that you could want while Camilla O'Shea? Is there anything before that that was worth it. Later, shadowy corners? If only my feelings people could understand them? I lie later NASA for who? Isn't it people? Are they just not getting it? That's that's his last slide. And later NASA of kahun? Are people just not gonna get it? What what are they missing out on? That's his introduction to this incredible book. Hello, Tyler, we're gonna come here, I'm not going to read the book, I'm just going to give you examples of the kinds of things he's talking about in the book. But

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I thought it was just a really beautiful, beautiful introduction that people should know about. There's a lot of there's one good Islamic literature that,

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you know, books and materials that I discovered in, you know, orzo, and in Arabic, and, you know, my desire is also to learn Farsi and get exposure to materials in Farsi.

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You know, like, like, you know,

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not just Rumi, but actually, the Farsi and Farsi that I've been wanting to access.

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So just a cup of tea. Yeah. We just never read them. Yeah, well, I want to be able to access that material. And, you know, there's, there's such incredible heritage that we have even contemporary works that are so beautiful, that one of my goals for you guys, as I teach you in Arabic, is to actually expose you to these amazing thinkers, and these people in their work so that you can benefit from their lifetime of effort. Right, and they can, they've been spending so many more years than we could ever do with the blog. And here's the here's the pinnacle, is what they accomplished with their work, they put it in books, right? And now we get to take advantage of their years. So

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what I can read over a couple of months, is this person studied for 20 years. So it's kind of cheating almost because they took 20 years to do it. And now they just we just get it you know, and it would be a tragedy if we don't take advantage of it. Right so that's that's really why I wanted to kind of share some of these books with you and expose you to some of this and for those of you who don't know any Arabic And

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those of you who feel like you don't know where to start just get started you got to start somewhere and once you get started you don't know how a level keep lining that path and make things easier and easier and easier. I mean, did you guys think we could be having these kinds of I could give you an assignment on social marathon and tell you I'd be able to Medallia and Maddie like when we started our gym done that yeah cuz we didn't even exist you guys you know that world existed? Where you could tell me what what um what you know what

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is our motto and it will cover macadam is or what is this? This is anyway like, we these things were alien to you. Right? And now they're starting to Allah because Allah is hoping when you have the intention, yeah Allah Okay, so I've keeps telling us that the Quran is the most priceless treasures in existence in the world. Anything you want in this life is valued less the Quran is valued more anything like clothes, house, family, have all of that is number two. Allah's word is number one. Like, how do you know Allah loves you? Okay, I know Allah loves me because I'm healthy. I know Allah loves him because I have a family. I know Allah loves you because I have a home. I know Allah loves

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you because I have clothes. I know love loves me because I'm getting an education. I know a lot mostly because of this, this this this this this right? I live in a safe environment I live I there's a war going on around me. I know a lot of people might think all these things are the reason the Lord loves me. What does the law say?

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That Allah His greatest love and mercy is that he talked upon. So I know Allah loves me because he gave me the Quran. Actually, that's the number one answer, and then everything else about your life clinical exam. So when I realized that, and then because of that reason, I just want to experience a mouse love. And that's why I want to study and that's why I want to take some time to contemplate, then you watch, you might even think you're the dumbest person on earth. Like you kept telling me you're not good at school. You remember that? You kept telling me you're not going to school. Do you know how many people write to me about both of you and say how smart you are? And they're, they wish

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they were smart. How many people say Wow, he must be a genius at school. I was like, No, they can't tell.

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Mi eight school. You know why he tell you something in school because, and maybe I used to feel that way. I used to think I was horrible at school and horrible, like, horrible.

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And for some reason, when I decided to study the product for the right reasons, I became better at school.

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And Allah just opened my brain to things that I did not know I could ever

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I could never imagine. Like I was the I was the healer, the weird, shy, quiet kid that never talks. Yeah. But even when kids talk to him, like,

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What do you say, and

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I was a kid.

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I didn't talk, I was introverted. I was nervous. I was not well spoken. I, I actually thought my greatest weakness was ability, my ability to speak or express myself, I would have nervousness if the teacher asked me a question.

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Right? Where did I get this like, stupid amount of confidence from?

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Like, it's ridiculous, the kind of confidence I have now. I don't, it's not because I'm gonna take a confidence course. I'm gonna watch videos and getting confident. It wasn't any of that. It was just when Allah opens up your heart. And Allah removes things from your heart that were that were burdening you, he does that with Allah, I cannot tell you there's there's no other special sauce in my life that other than God, there's no and it it's like, I can't even recognize what person that was, from what you know, there are things in my personality that completely disappeared, completely, completely disappeared. And I only attribute that to the bot. And I'm telling you for each of each

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of you, whatever it is that you think you have as a weakness, you watch inside of you, Allah just make that disappear, like, like steam evaporated. It's going to be like that when you give on time. So make the intention and it'll happen. It'll happen. It'll happen in ways that is going to be so wonderful and so unique for you. So I pray that for all of you. Let's enjoy the rest of this book. And for the rest of the book alone you welcome somebody to remember us and I will do the rest