Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2021 – Qur’anic Expression #12

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The use of priceless gems by Sir completion or Dr. Father is discussed, as it is common among Islam's culture. The concept of "stress" is used to describe people who have a desire to be neutral or doubtful, and the "stress" meaning-the idea of being neutral or doubtful" is used to describe people who have a desire to be neutral or doubtful. The segment also discusses the concept of goodness and how it relates to one's behavior, using examples such as a man being "good enough" to make friends and become friends, as opposed to being "good enough" to receive something.
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So we lost a lot more obviously learn how to only use our fishbane Selam Aleykum. Everyone, we're continuing to learn some priceless gems from the observations made by Dr. Father, Sally has an array in his book a tabula qurani. Those of you that haven't caught an episode of this before, he wrote a book that is about a beautiful, unique, really divine Way of Allah expressing himself in the Quran. And he talks about phrases, just small phrases that Allah uses that are so unique, and so telling. And what I want to do for you today is kind of lay the groundwork for one of the comparisons he makes in the story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. So before we go to the Arabic and show you the screen, I

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just want to kind of lay this the scene for you. So Ibrahim Ali said, you know, he did a demonstration to his people about how the sun in the moon and the star don't make sense to be worshiped. Right? So and when he did that demonstration, obviously, some people when they read that they think that what's going on is that he's he first thought that the sun or the you know, the moon or the sun or the star are God. But then when the morning came, he realized they're gone. So he said all that they can't be God. And then he's like, oh, the sun must be at how they talk about, it's bigger. That must be it because it's so brilliant. And then by this time sunset came, he's like,

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that can't be it. Right? But that doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense because every mother son is one of the most intelligent human beings that ever lived on earth. And it's not like he had to wait until sunset to all of a sudden shockingly realize that the sun was setting. You understand? He was he was demonstrating to people how ridiculous it was. That's something that disappears like that. Something that isn't a constant like that to you is an eternal, never changing constant God. Right. And he was demonstrating Oh my god, it said, what are we gonna do now? I guess that's not God. It's it's more demonstration than him going through his religious journey. So

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that's, that's that's him demonstrating. Right and this is actually daigaku Jonah Athena. Hi, I'm Rahim. This was a way of making a case. This was a way of demonstrating the truth about something and the falsehood about something that was uniquely given to Ibrahima, a salon so if you compare

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the way he preaches is different from other prophets no other Prophet was given license to break idols to make a point.

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Oh, no. This time I will plug in I don't know why he keeps unplugging the laptop oh you forget because we move this laptop around hold on us really like you're like or do you think yeah take this laptop and

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you're gonna find the power supply before quick before the laptop booms before boy before boy is

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what it is plugged in

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plug in to go away yeah when I

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saw it saw my guys and this like he looks so Islamic. He looks like so religious right now that this thing was like this like full Ramadan zone. Anyway, what was I saying something about Islam or something? Oh.

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So bring him on. Islam has a way of preaching and making your case to his people. That was you cannot compare it to any other prophet Really? Right. So other prophets, like the prophets, I said, I'm also had idols in Mecca, but to show that the idols are not gods, Allah didn't inspire him to go break all the idols and then put the X in the big ones, as it said, the big one did it, even though he's following the religion of Abraham release, and there were other, you know, new holiday Salaam, his time had idols to what Dunn's who are Yahoo to NASA, even the name of the idols are mentioned in sort of ignore, right? But he wasn't given that way of making the case. Also, this almost sarcastic

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demonstrated way of demonstrating how, you know, pointless ship is in worshipping the sun in the moon. This was not given to other nations, right. So Ibrahim Ali Salaam is unique in the way that he made a case.

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And so he,

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you know, expresses that when he says silca Pooja tuna artina ha, Ibrahim. So tell guys, the Mata that Jonah is the cover art, he now has a reinforcement and this is actually kind of a if the sauce on the puja because it's being referred to again. So that was our way of making a case that we exclusively gave to Ebrahim are they set up? So that's a side point. Anyway. So he

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is also unique, what we don't know what they don't.

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So he's also unique in that he said something that only you only really find no Quran being said, in that same exact way by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and that is that you know a time came I've been talking about this Incidentally, yesterday.

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A time came where Allah gave the prophecy some license to no longer call them my people

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to just simply say, God if you don't, right, and this concept is called Bora Bora means I have nothing to do with you. I disconnect myself from you. That concept is called Bara. Okay? When you're connected to someone and you're loyal to them, that's alajuela and voila when you disconnect somebody and say I have nothing to do with you I disassociate myself that's called Bara. So they say that like in summary, political sciences, is like a Walla Walla Bara loyalty and disconnection Who are we loyal to? Who are we disconnected with? Right? But anyway, so Abraham, are they so I'm actually declared his BA, from his people eventually in Navarra Omen COVID, metabolome. And Daniela

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that's coming to, but there are two times where he says I have nothing to do with the shift that you people do. I am buddy I have brought up from the shift that you people do, right. And so now we can we can look at the idea.

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Or there are two ions so one of them is from sauna, an arm. So the sixth surah and this is the top Arabic is item number 78. So

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I'll write here 678.

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And this one, the second one is actually zakharov. Which Jawad is 43. Is it? Am I not mistake? Am I mistaken? I believe it's 43. Yeah. 4327.

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Okay, 4327. So, one last thing before we dive into the comparison, because it's a really cool comparison. So in a standard, the kind of thing you'll learn in Arabic linguistics is the concept of stress.

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One stressor

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or no stressor?

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One stressor

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or two or more stressors. Okay. Now, let me tell you what this means in Simple English. So no stressor is I want no, I ate ice cream.

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I didn't stress it at all. I just said I eat ice cream. Okay, one stressor is one law he is.

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Okay, I swear to God, I eat ice cream. Okay, two or more stressors is one llahi

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I am telling you bro.

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I so a I scream

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for real?

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I know. I know. Like, oh, stressing I guess Yes. It's all stressing. Why did you give me new stressing? Val Wallah, dude. ombre overweight. Let me hold on. Let me write it out. Bro. Willa, dude. Dude, like, whoa.

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Row. I devoured

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that, that I screamed, okay. All right. That's that's plenty of stressors, right? There's even a row in there with a high in it. Okay. Very good. So now in Arabic, in Bulava studies, we see that if it's one stressor, it's called calamity die. And that means you're talking to somebody who is neutral.

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Neutral audience. Neutral audience means this person is just you know, you just came in, I have no emotions towards your eating of ice cream. And you come in today and say, by the way, sad, it was like, well, cool. I don't I don't really care. Right? I have no, there was no emotional response from me. So you didn't have to get so passionate about your eating of the ice cream. You just said I ate ice cream. There was no stressor, right?

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When you add one stressor, no sorry, neutral audience is about with no stressors, I put it in the wrong place. With no stressor. That's a neutral audience. Okay. When you have one stressor, you have a doubtful,

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doubtful or unsure audience.

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So, you kind of look like you got some vanilla coming out of your side of your mouth. And I'm thinking either, you know, you're you're you've got the rabies, or you're foaming at the mouth or UV, I'm not sure what's going on. As you're like, No, well, I eat ice cream. So you add you added one stress. Yeah, but the stress was there to reinforce what I was thinking because I could have been thinking a couple of things. Should you should we put you in a mental asylum, or should we wipe the screen from your face?

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I'm not sure which one so you you made it. You made my uncertainty clear. And you said no, no, no, it was ice cream. Okay. Okay, so that is when you add one stressor. Yeah. So with zero stressors, what kind of audience? Do you have Mario?

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For zero stressors neutral and you have one stressor, you have a doubtful audience. When you have two or more stressors, then you have a and what's a confrontational? Audience? You know what a confrontation is? Yeah. So yeah. No ice cream. You ice cream Get out of here. You don't know nothing about you can't even smell ice cream.

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I know. I'm trying to make a point. Yeah, you think chewy dies? This guy thinks he ate some ice cream guys. And you know what? Now this person needs to be put in a place you like, bro? Like, dude, Bro, I devoured that ice cream. In other words, you are confronting this person who disagrees? Who doesn't believe that you eat ice cream? Okay, so two or more stress stresses are for a confrontational if that makes sense. Yeah. Okay. Now this was all in Islamic education right now. If you didn't realize it, it was very Islamic. So the next time you read it, you will learn that Yeah, so you know, but next time you're reading like SoTL enamour like something Why am I thinking about

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ice cream? Why is that happening to me because you're getting a quality education from stuff

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anyway, so let's look at this fella Mara Sham Saba z cotton. Cada Hazara Bihar Akbar when he saw the sun come out in full glory he said this is my master this is greater. This is in this demonstration remember from Fullerton when it's set, meaning the sun settled its settings and sank. God called me in the body only matters you go and my nation certainly I am cut off I have nothing I am absorbed. I am disconnected from whatever associations with God you make. Okay, so now I'll translate this last part. He said my nation. I don't know where that was there. Hi there. I am disconnected

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from the associations

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to Allah. You make Okay, from the shirt you do. But here he said in the what is in the children?

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Yes, certainly.

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Certainly. I am disconnected. This is so the from the associations you make. So what does that tell you?

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Is this no stressor? Is this one stressor? Or is this two or more stressors? Where's the two?

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Sir? Well, I find me one first. Certainly. Certainly. Do you see any other? I don't see any other stressor.

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It's just one. Right. And that's in the word? Certainly. Okay. Then what it's called I Brahim moody. I be here when Ibrahim Ali Salaam said to his father well call me he and his nation in any certainly is different from in me. You see that in me? Yeah. It's in many. So it's a little bit different. But still mean certainly I borrow mimar taboo.

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Little bit somebody on minmatar balloon. It is barah alma mater. And it is now. So Sir 10 Oh, yeah. Why am I spelling it that weird? Because it's not in ni. It's what? nanny? It's more. It's more phonetic. Right? And then he says, I am now humming.

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This, us so ch this associated? And I'll explain that in a second. From what ever you worship.

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Do you see multiple stressors? First of all, even the certainly is a little more stressed. Because it's not just in me it is in early. Then let me talk to you about this associated. This is called a hyperbole. And you won't remember that. So I'm just telling you things that you won't remember right now but that's okay. What I will tell you about out tell you about it anyway, because I love talking and you know, when you guys space out into like Mars, then I feel good. I feel good. I'm like, just keep talking. You're spacing out. So I'm going to I'm going to do it again. I'm going to geek out with you right now. Okay, get ready.

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Get ready to zone out. So pay attention to anything that I'm about to say to you. Got about you? Yeah, forget everything I'm saying. Okay, because I've already done

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what do you think I've been doing for the last time? I'm kidding. Okay. Okay, so how about this?

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Um, he

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is a person

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who does? does good.

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is a good person.

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person who does good. There's a good person. But then there's a person

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who does so much good. They do so much good that they say this person

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is goodness itself walking around.

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This is your your hype yours, you're going over the top to describe the person not just as good, but what your definition of the definition. They're like the dictionary definition of goodness, bro. Goodness is here.

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Right? Yeah, you got it? Yeah. Or this person is so knowledgeable. That it's like this guy's like knowledge walking around.

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Yo, man, I met knowledge the other day.

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So not knowledgeable. Okay, a normal person who has knowledge knowledgeable, a person so knowledgeable that you feel like whenever you even think of them, you're like, man, when I think this person, I just think of knowledge. Like, this person is like knowledge walking around, right? Or this person is wisdom walking around. Or this person is so angry all the time. That dude is anger itself. You get it? Yeah. So this is what's happening here. The word Bara actually does not mean disassociated. It actually means I am dis Association itself.

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I am so disconnected from the shake you do that I am this association itself walking around, from whatever you worship, from whatever you worship. And notice also here, instead of saying from the associations, you make shirk, he use the word worship.

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You know, this is even more stress. Why? Because he's saying, you guys try to explain to me how your religion makes sense. And no, no, no, it's not share tickets. This is I don't want to hear whatever it is you worship. I am so cut off from it. It's far more aggressive language. So it's two or more stressors here, right? What are two or more stressors tell you?

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Who's the audience? Remember, zero stress is neutral. One stress is doubtful. And two or more stressors are?

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No Yeah. Yeah, it's against. You ain't no no ice cream. Remember that guy? So this is confrontational.

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Okay, the audience This is a confrontational audience.

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Right? And this one would one this is this connection is what a doubtful audience.

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So what are we learning? We're learning when he was demonstrating how absurd worshipping the sun and the moon and Jupiter are.

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Then people weren't sure what he's getting at. People were one doubtful. What are you trying to say? And he with one stressor, let them know what he's getting at. You people are doing shit, and I have nothing to do with it. That's what I if you weren't confused about what I'm trying to say, here it is one stressor.

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But by the time this message kept on coming from him, his own father and his people became so aggressive. And so anti Ibrahim Ali Salaam and what he was saying that he had to respond to their confrontational. What do you mean when God shows some respect? This is your father's religion. This is how you disrespect your father, your whole family. Do you have any respect for the people you live with? You know how many people you're insulting. You're making the family look bad, he's getting yelled at people are confronting him. People are challenging him. And instead of getting backed down, he doubles down and says it with far more stress. What if all Ebrahim will be a B he

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will call me he in any one stressor, Bara on to stressor. Because the normal would have been buddy on mym taboo and from whatever you worship, another third stressor. So in doing that, he's he's actually showing his absolute commitment. He's never going to budge. You know, people can say something. And then when people get aggressive in their face, they're like, maybe I should back down. Maybe I should delete my post

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on Twitter, right? Because people are getting offended by what I said.

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Right, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said something when people were in aren't sure what he's getting at? As people got offended? You expect him to what? Back down? Does this look like he's backing down? No, no, it looks like he's stressing it even harder. Oh, you want to come hard at me? Well, I have the truth, I'll come harder back to you. This is the confidence of Ibrahim on a sitcom. This is why, you know, the paying attention to the details of the Arabic language in the fraud is so important. It teaches us so much about the prophets and how things escalated with them. And you can tell just from the language in the context, how things used to be, you know, here where he was demonstrating to

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things have escalated by the time we read about it in sort of zakharov you know, and another slot will come and that's going to be muddy. So now where things have escalated to the far extreme. So it's gonna escalate even more than that, but this this shows you how things are, you know, progressing in the Quran. And these are the unfortunate things that are just completely lost in translation. We don't even realize that's happening. Right? So that's a really remarkable thing that how Allah azza wa jal showed us

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the difference between those two things and how actually, one more comment here that the more I said, somebody that is, you know, that somebody that

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is so much has so much knowledge there, they learn so much that they're just knowledge walking around. You know what that means that they are? They are you when you think of them, you think of them as someone who's constantly learning. Right? Yeah. Or someone who's always patient, patient, patient patient, they're just patients walking around. So the fact that he's calling himself Bara, me, but he, he's actually saying everything I do, says one thing, I got nothing to do with you people like it's not just Oh, if you ask me, I have nothing to do with you. I am nothing to do with you ness walking around.

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I everything I do disconnects from you. Right so it's a very aggressive, very, you know, outright form of his expression to his people. And that's captured in the remarkable courage of Ibrahim Ali Salaam in the way Allah describes it. So with that, inshallah will conclude today's example. And may Allah azza wa jal make us have the confidence of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, that when people are in doubt, we're able to make things that make our convictions clear. And when people are hateful towards us, confrontational towards us about what we believe when we know something to be right that we stand by what is right because we have the word of Allah with us, Monica llahi Welcome again.

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Whenever any what year Camilla It was a Kentucky some guys remember, do your best and the Lord will do the rest of you guys tomorrow.

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Shall I shall have green sauce for

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